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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The lead on the Gardener given to the crew of the Helix by Gilgamesh brought them to the Sinai research station where Shane was created. After several harsh battles, one of which left Alex badly injured, the lead Sinai scientist at the station, Dr. Jeremiah, revealed that the team here discovered the badly damaged remains of the Gardener. They salvaged what was left of the Gardener’s AI, added onto it, and created Shane.


A long silence fills the room as the revelation of Shane’s past sets in. Shane in particular seems to still be trying to process it. He looks over at the wrecked sphere for several more moments before finally speaking. “I don’t suppose you would mind if I take my home back, right?” he asks as he turns back to Jeremiah.

“I don’t have a choice, do I?” the scientist asks.

“No, not really.”

And with that, Shane and Dmitri walk over to the sphere and begin rolling it toward the door. Morgan goes over to Alex and offers to let the injured girl lean on her on the way back to the ship. Alex still seems to be rather cold toward Morgan, but she begrudgingly agrees.


The crew returns to the Helix with the sphere to see H walking off the ship into the docking bay. He walks right past them and briefly looks around. Finding nothing of interest to him, H turns to his crewmates. “What are you doing?” he asks. “What are we doing here? What is that thing?

Shane sighs. “It’s a long story… Remember that Gardener thing we were looking for?”


“What was it again?” H asks. “Something to do with creation or something-or-other, correct?”

“Only the source of all life as we know it,” Morgan tells him coldly.

“Ah. And what did you find with it?”

“Nothing,” Shane tells him. He points to the sphere. “This one, this iteration has been dead for a long time.”


“I guess that means it’s job is done,” H comments. “It’s purpose is complete. Life will continue on without it.”

“H, would you just shut up?” Morgan asks angrily.

“I’m just asking questions as always. Something you always seem to have a problem with,” H replies. “Moving on.”


“That’s not all the sphere was,” Shane tells H. “Before it died… the researchers on this station managed to salvage some of the electronic components and… that’s how they made me.”

With that, H bursts into uncontrollable laughter. “Ah, that explains so much! No wonder you’re the sappiest, soppiest robot I have ever met!” Shane clenches his fists and stares angrily at H. “That’s wonderful!” the cyborg continues, completely oblivious to Shane’s reaction. “This makes it more of a challenge, more of a reward! This is great! New powers, new things-”


“H, would you please shut up!?” Shane yells at him.

“I don’t get what is with you people. Talk. Don’t talk. Talk. Don’t talk. I will express myself as I have, and I will continue to do so!”


“Asshole,” Alex grunts.

H looks over at the girl leaning on Morgan and notices her injures. “Oh, what happened to you?” he asks uncaringly. “Try to steal someone else’s forbidden technology?”


“Fuck you,” is all Alex says in response.

“You see, all it would take is a little augmentation and those electrical burns wouldn’t hurt as much,” he tells her, tapping her forehead with his finger and creating a little spark. Alex stares him down with a look of complete hatred.


“Let’s just get out of here,” Morgan interjects while giving H a similar look. She turns toward the ship and starts leading Alex aboard. Shane and Dmitri follow behind them with the sphere.

Once Shane, Dmitri, and H secure the sphere in the cargo hold, Minerva detaches the ship from the research station and sets a course for the warp gate. Shane immediately departs from the cargo hold and heads or the warp lab, leaving H and Dmitri alone in the room.


“Dmitri, what did I miss?” H asks, still feeling confused by the previous exchange with his crewmates. “Wait, since when did you dye your hair?”

“We pursued the Mirror lead and went to the center of the Galaxy,” Dmitri explains. “We encountered a Pokemon called Darkrai there,” he continues. He pulls out his Pokedex and shows him the data he recorded on it. “Much like Shane’s mark from Giratina, I now have some kind of connection to Darkrai.”


“I have no idea what half of that means,” H replies. “So… now you can teleport too?”

“Not, exactly,” Dmitri informs him. “My connection to Darkrai is a bit different. Darkrai is a different Pokemon than Giratina and has different powers. It can pressure people with their fears, and I now have some sort of influence over its aura.”


“Creepy. So, hair’s a part of the package?”


“Huh, interesting. If I missed going to the center of the Galaxy, what else did I miss?”


“Well, before we came here, Morgan tried to kill your Trevenant and Shane’s Cofagrigus.”

“Come again?” H asks, a look of anger appearing on his face.

“Alex saved them,” Dmitri informs him. “Morgan was traumatized by what happened in the galactic core, I think. But Shane confessed his love to her and that snapped her out of it.”


“Emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions, agh. I wish everyone would start being more logical and not crazy. Did she even realize what she was doing? And of course now I owe Alex another favor about something-or-other. She keeps being right, and then she’s wrong, and then right, and then she’s wrong. I just can’t depend on the stupid girl. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have quite someone to talk to.”

Morgan brings Alex to the med bay and instructs her to sit on the table. She then tells MARIA to give the girl an injection to do away with the mild paralysis. Once MARIA does its job, Morgan gives Alex a quick look over. Lifting the girl’s top up slightly, Morgan takes a look at her side and sees it completely covered in bruises.

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“What did you do?” Morgan asks.

“I fell,” Alex replies coldly.

Morgan sighs.“You’re lucky you didn’t break anything. You could have been seriously hurt.” She looks at Alex expecting an answer, but the girl seems to be ignoring her. “I get the feeling this happens a lot… You can’t run off like that.”


“Why would you care?” Alex snaps at her.

“Because you’re a part of this crew, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

“But… but you tried to hurt those Pokemon.”

Morgan looks a bit hurt by this comment. “I’m sorry, okay. I- I… wasn’t thinking.” She walks over to Alex with an ice pack and places it on her injured arm.


Alex quickly swats her arm away. “Just leave me alone! I hate you!” she yells.

“You don’t mean that…”

“Yes I do!”

“We’re like family now, and we don’t hate each other.”

“But you’re a murderer! And a liar! I trusted you!”

“I didn’t murder anyone.”

“You tried to.”

“Haven’t you ever done anything you regret?” Morgan asks her.

This seems to strike a nerve. Alex stares down at her upturned arms for a moment, the faintest hint of tears appearing in her eyes. “Yes… but I… I didn’t try to hurt anyone...”


Morgan places her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Sometimes I get really angry and do really shitty things that I don’t mean. But I’m working on it. So, maybe we’re not as different as you think...”

Alex remains silent, but she seems to be contemplating Morgan’s words.

“I’m not going to hurt anyone on the ship anymore, not even the Pokemon,” Morgan continues.


“I’m sorry,” Alex says quietly. Morgan reaches over and pulls the girl into a gentle side-hug. “Ow,” Alex responds as Morgan makes contact with her bruises.

“Morgan!? Where are you!?” The silence is broken by the sound of H angrily shouting in the hallway. He bursts into the room a short while later with rage in his eyes and immediately starts berating Morgan. “How dare you try to attempt that!? How dare you mess with anything I have!? How dare you mess with something that is one of a kind, so specific, and so incredibly valuable to this crew!? You see, every single thing that happens with you, your emotions take control, you allow your anger to send you into a spiral of fiery fury and you wreak havoc on everything! You can’t let your emotions do that! You’re smart, that’s why you’re here, but you have emotions and you keep letting them take control of you and doing stupid things! Just quit it! You’re going to cause incredible amount of damage to yourself and everyone on this crew!”


“You don’t know what fury is,” Morgan responds, clenching her fists. It is evident she is having great difficulty restraining herself.

“I don’t care what fury is. I know that emotions have the power to be incredibly destructive. I don’t want to know what fury is, and I don’t think you do either. It will only cause problems. Stop doing it, or someone else will make you. You have to realize, I don’t care how much you fear or don’t want something, that Trevenant, or even that Cofagrigus thing! Pokemon are important! Pokemon are tools that allow us to achieve our goals and that is where they work. We work with them and they work with us. The Trevenant, and many of the Pokemon on this ship are one of a kind, irreplaceable tools and you would have the gall to destroy them!”


Morgan glares at H in anger, but she fights the urge to hurt him, or even say anything. Alex, however, seems quite angered by his words. “Pokemon aren’t tools!” she yells at the cyborg.

“Yes they are,” H replies matter of factly with a confused look. “We’re tools to Pokemon and Pokemon are tools to us. It’s a relationship we’ve had since the beginning of time.”


“Just go away!” Alex yells.

“My job is done anyway,” he replies. “Now stop messing with my stuff, all of you. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say that. Leave it alone!”


H turns and begins to walk out of the room. Alex stands up as he leaves and throws her ice pack at the back of his head as he walks away. It whizzes past H’s head and collides with the door frame.

“Whose side are you even on?” H asks angrily as he turns around. “I don’t understand what you’re doing!”


“Whose side are you on!?” Alex yells back.

“I am on my side, of course. I am on the side of advancing Humanity. I am on the side of making logical decisions. I am on the side of making sure we progress as a crew. But you just seem to do whatever it is you feel like you want to do that day. You go off and attempt to destroy my stuff, but at the same time you go off and somehow miraculously catch that leviathan, you somehow lead us to that Mirror, and you somehow manage to calm Morgan down from her rage out of everyone on this ship. I don’t get what is with you!”


“You don’t give a shit about anyone on this ship but yourself!” Alex screams at him.

“Of course not.”

“Then why are you even here!?”

“Because it is a ship. Fate has placed me here and if it wanted me elsewhere I’d move. Fate wants me here with everyone. Everyone here has a beneficial skill toward me.”


“But everyone here hates you! I hate you!”

“No one in history has ever made something happen without being hated. I’m fine with that. Just make sure you announce what you’re going to do before you go and do it. Don’t get lost and electrocuted again.”


“Get out!” Alex screams at H. “Get out! Get out!

H calmly turns and walks out of the room, leaving Alex staring angrily at the closed door. Morgan walks over to her and guides her back to the table, motioning for her to sit back down. She then picks up the ice pack and gives it back to her. “Try not to let him get to you,” Morgan tells Alex. “He... doesn’t understand.”


“Why do you even keep him around? He’s the worst.”

“He’s part of this crew and… he’s a person too, and he needs somewhere to stay.”

After seeing Alex to her room, Morgan goes to the warp lab to look for Shane. Upon entering, she sees the familiar sight of Shane playing with a small ball of warp, moving it about the room, expanding and contracting it. “Shane?”


Shane collapses the ball and shuts off the warp drive as he turns to face her.

“Thank you,” she responds, still nervous around the raw warp energy. “Are you okay?” she asks him.


“I’m fine,” Shane tells her, but Morgan gets the sense that that’s not the case. She can sense an anger, not just at Jeremiah, but also at himself.

“It doesn’t change who you are,” Morgan says comfortingly.

“I didn’t ask for any of this.”

“I would be angry too… But this doesn’t have to change anything.”

Shane wraps his arms around Morgan and pulls her into a hug, but remains silent.

“You’re your own person now,” Morgan tells him. “So, we’ll just have to work together to make sure things turn out alright. I’ll be here if you need anything.”


After the stressful past few weeks, the crew agrees that they need a well deserved break and decide to spend the next few weeks leading up the the Galactic Governance Conference exploring new planets instead of pursuing major leads.


The first stop on their mini-tour of the Galaxy is the Romanov world of Prague. Although the Romanov Union is not the most stable part of the Galaxy at the moment, this particular sector is firmly under Union control. The planet itself is a very mountainous one, and many of the larger cities are built into the sides of the mountains themselves.

Image Credit - dilekt

Minerva sets the Helix down near a small town up in the mountains and the crew sets out to explore the location. The town is mostly filled with farmers and miners, but when the crew asks around about interesting things to do, they are told a story of cave with some ancient ruins inside and decide to go check it out. After a bit of a journey deeper into the mountains, they come across the cave and head inside.

“Man, this place looks a lot like the ruins back home,” Alex comments as they go deeper in. Looking at the architecture and the writing on the walls, this place has a gives her a similar vibe as the ruins on Vandia.

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Shane looks at the writing and tries to make some sense of it, but it means nothing to him. “Hey, Alex, do you recognize any of this?” he asks.


“Mhm,” the girl responds. “It’s just like back on Vandia. It must be another city built by the Angels over ninety-two-million years ago.”

“Hmmm,” Shane reacts. He looks around, and gets the sense that this place is much older than even he himself is. “This place is really old,” he says aloud.


“How old?” H asks.

“Older than the Gardener, that’s for sure.”

“But I thought you were the high and mighty Gardener, bringing life to all that ever was. How can this be before you?”


“Well, he had to come from somewhere,” Alex points out. “Maybe the Angels made him.”

“Yeah, yeah, more of your silly stories about Angels,” H scoffs.

Alex ignores him and continues to walk onward into the cave. The others follow close behind as they make their way further in. As the light from the entrance begins to fade, it becomes harder to see, so Alex releases Lumiera. Her trusty Lampent companion lights up the tunnel with her pale blue light.


Eventually they come across what seems like some sort of town square with branching paths leading away. It appears as if these ruins were once some sort of town or city, but were buried over time once they had been abandoned. In the center of the square stands a tall stone statue of at least nine or ten feet in height.

“Oh, I know what this is!” Alex exclaims when they get closer to it. “The monks back home told stories about how the Angels would build golems to protect their cities from, like, aliens and robots and all that kind of stuff.”


“Aliens and robots?” Shane asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Well the monks never really said, but what else would they need to defend against?”



Shane moves on and starts heading down one of the other tunnels. The others are soon to follow but they end up not finding much of interest other than more smashed buildings. Once they hit a dead end, they head back and start checking out the other side tunnels, but, again, there isn’t much going on.


After several passes by the statue, Dmitri begins to feel an ominous shift in the Galaxy through his connection to Darkrai. He recalls the influence he felt from beyond the nightmarish Pokemon, and senses that something terrible is beginning to awaken.

Morgan sees the way Dmitri is looking at the statue and casts her gaze over it. As she does this, she is struck with another vision. She sees the town being ravaged as space debris and large, strange Pokemon similar to the statue rain down from the sky and start smashing the buildings. Waves of haggard people, emerging from the fallen wreckage, advance to join the chaos. For a brief moment she sees something shocking and horrifying looming in the distance, and it snaps her back to reality.

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As her vision clears, Morgan sees Alex walking up to it and reaching out to it. “Don’t do that!” Morgan shouts at her, but it’s too late. As Alex’s hand brushes against the statue, a strange noise starts emanating from it. Alex slowly backs away as the statue starts coming to life. A light appears on the statue’s “face” as the sound rings. The light goes out, then another sound rings out as a different light lights up. The sounds become more frequent as different lights start flashing in a pattern. The various stone bits making up the statue begin to shift and rotate and it takes a step forward.


Alex quickly releases her Lucario as she continues to back away. “Go Anubis! Use Focus Blast on that thing!” As he emerges from his ball, the Lucario builds up a large ball of aura energy and throws it at the advancing statue. The thing responds by firing a blast of electricity at its attacker, dealing a pretty nasty blow to Anubis. In the meantime, the others throw out their own Pokemon.


“Herman, use Razor Shell!” Morgan commands her Dewott. The Pokemon runs forward and slashes at the advancing statue creature. It doesn’t seem particularly bothered.

“#9, you know what you must do!” H shouts out. “Rain Dance!” The small Pokemon begins dancing about and summons a downpour inside the cavern.


“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon!” Shane instructs his Klefki. The little keyring Pokemon begins glowing a brilliant shade of white. He then fires a super powerful blast of light at the statue creature.


“Gigan, Steel Wing,” Dmitri commands his Scizor. She charges forward to strike but the large stone creature dodges out of the way surprisingly nimbly. Dmitri immediately follows up on his Pokemon’s failed attack by blasting the statue with a ray of energy that causes its eye-lights to begin flashing in an erratic pattern.

Shane perceives this pattern to be some kind of error message, or, at least, something similar. He seizes the opportunity to use his own powers to fire a beam at the creature and soften it up for more hits. “K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon again!” Shane commands his Pokemon. The Klefki fires another shot at the creature, whittling it down even further.


“Gigan, use False Swipe!” Dmitri commands his Scizor. She charges in for another hit and misses once again. Dmitri then raises his hand and puts the statue to sleep.

Seizing the opportunity, Morgan pulls out a Great Ball and throws it at the sleeping statue. The ball pulls the creature inside and begins shaking. It is unable to keep the statue-creature captive and breaks open.


“Toss me a ball and I’ll slap a case on it!” Alex shouts to no one in particular. Shane pulls out a Dusk Ball and tosses it to her. She pulls out one of her custom lock cases and quickly installs it on the ball. “Here!” she shouts at Shane as she tosses it back to him.


Shane catches the ball and then throws it at the statue-creature. Again, it is pulled inside, but it breaks out once again. Its lights flash on again in sequence, as if it has been rebooted, and it assesses the battlefield. It locks onto K.E.Y.S. and then swings its fist at the Pokemon. Its whole body spins around as the fist collides with the Klefki, sending it flying into the wall.

“Anubis, use Power-Up Punch!” Alex commands her Pokemon. The Lucario runs at the statue and punches it hard, dealing a slight bit of damage.


“K.E.Y.S., use Draining Kiss!” Shane commands his Klefki. The Pokemon moves himself off the wall and drains energy from the large stone creature.

“Now, hit it with Steel Wing!” Dmitri commands his Scyther. Gigan charges at the large creature and finally lands a blow on the target and takes it down. The lights on its face fade off, and the rocks composing its body collapse to the ground.


“So much for catching that thing,” H comments.

“It wasn’t likely anyway,” says Shane, putting away the Pokeball he had just pulled out.


“Yeah,” Morgan agrees. “Let’s get out of here.”

The next stop on their journey brings them to the Alliance farm world of Attica. They land in the planet’s spaceport and then take a shuttle out to the farmlands. The area the shuttle drops them off at seems to be one of the smaller farms in the area. They see a bunch of different Pokemon in fenced in enclosures such as Torchic, Miltank, and Mareep.

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“Oh my God, they’re so fluffy!” Alex shouts when she sees the Mareep. “I want one!”


Luckily for her, as the crew continues on, they come across what appears to be a Mareep that has somehow managed to escape. Alex walks up to it and offers it some food. The domesticated Pokemon eagerly accepts the food and offers no resistance when Alex hugs it. She pulls out a Pokeball and presses it against the Mareep and catches it with ease. In the meantime, Dmitri catches a Torchic that wanders past in a similar manner.

Eventually, the crew comes to a more densely packed farm. Alex doesn’t like the sight of all the Pokemon being crammed together, but knows she can’t really do anything about it. She’s seen documentaries on the horrible conditions of Alliance Pokemon farms and finds some comfort in the fact that this place does not seem as bad.


Here, they meet with this farm’s breeding expert Bill Wi. On a complete whim, they decide to hire him on as a genetics and breeding specialist for the ship’s crew given his apparent scientific background. The man seems quite interested in the proposition and the pay they offer sounds fantastic, so he decides to accept the offer.

The crew stays on the planet for another couple of days to allow him to get his affairs in order and move his gear onto the ship. Once he’s settled in, the crew provides him with some projects to work on, then the Helix departs from the planet.


Before heading to Parisia for the conference, the Helix makes one more stop on the Genevan planet Estra. Estra is an oceanic world with a hot, dry, arid climate. The areas not covered in water are sandy deserts and large salt flats where ancient oceans once existed. There is not much civilization on the planet other than some salt-mining operations.


The Helix lands in one of the salt flats and the crew heads off to explore. There is not much to see on the planet but they do end up finding a large collection of Pokemon fossils and Morgan manages to catch a Binacle when they move to the coastline.


Once they finish their business on Estra, the crew returns to the ship and Minerva sets a course for Parisia.

H enters the warp lab, looking for Shane. After several days of traveling, the realization that his rival is the Gardener has finally set in. “So, I’ve been thinking,” he says as soon as he enters the room. “Initially, it seemed laughably funny. You became, coincidentally, the creator of the Universe, but it works out so well.”


If H wasn’t so oblivious to anyone around him, he would notice Shane clenching his fists, as if angered by the cyborg’s words.

“I am here to become the enlightener of Humanity towards their next step in evolution to become the perfection that will begin throughout the Universe,” H continues. “You are the start, yet I am that which is to succeed you and-”


“You think I wanted all of this?” Shane asks him angrily as he turns to face him.

H sees a few tears streaming down Shane’s face and is taken aback. “It doesn’t matter if you wanted it or not. You are alive, and this is how life is portrayed. No one ever gets what they want, they make it. And that’s why I will make it, so that I surpass you. It is the perfect goal.”


“Get out,” Shane tells him coldly.

“It’s not that you should want it. Goodbye.”

“Get. Out.”

Session Notes: This was the single longest session of Spacemon yet. We went for nine hours and fifteen minutes straight, so it was essentially a double session. Normally I consider it a good day when I can cover the entire session with one chapter, but that’s completely impossible this week. But I managed to cover the entire first half of the session with this chapter so that’s got to count for something. I tried to minimize the filler and focus on the key parts, so that definitely helped minimize the length.


So things that happened. First up we have lots of RP to deal with. We had a lot to resolve, such as Shane dealing with finding out he was the Gardener, Morgan and Alex’s much needed conversation about how Morgan tried to kill Pokemon, and of course, H missing two sessions worth of stuff. While it was great to have H’s player back, this session made me realize how much our characters hate his. H is essentially the character most loved by the players and readers but most hated by the characters.

Once that was taken care of, we basically got to just go around and do shit before the conference because it was still a ways away and we needed to handle the time jump somehow. We basically got to pick 3 random planets to go. It just so happened that the first one ended up being just right for rolling a nat 0 while searching for Pokemon to end up with a kickass legendary fight which also served to give us more plot foreshadowing. And then we hired Bill. I had to condense that part down a bit, but basically this guy can breed Pokemon for us and reasearch stuff for us. I have a feeling he’s gonna come in handy.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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