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Spacemon Vol. 2 - Chapter 22: The Geneva Conspiracy, Pt. 2

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The Galactic Governance Conference Began! The crew of the UAS Helix boarded the GCS Halcyon, the location of the conference, along with Councilor Sophia Fontaine of the Genevan state of New France. After the opening ceremony, the crew met up with Arlon Jett and discussed their plan for locating the cyber-weapon they came to the conference to find. Once everyone was on the same page, the plan was put into action: Alex slipped past the guards into the ship’s personnel only area and was able to get Shane into the Halcyon’s computer systems.


Shane finds himself in a small room, a digital representation of the low-level utility box that Alex plugged him into. He is quickly able to get access to the cameras, power, communications, and other systems within the block, but nothing more. He starts doing a bit of snooping around, but, before he can find anything concrete, he hears the worried voice of Alex over the comms: “Guys, Lumiera still hasn’t come back yet. I had her lead the guards away but it’s been over fifteen minutes and she still hasn’t come back.”

“I’ll see if I can find anything on the cameras,” Shane tells her. He quickly scrolls the the security camera footage and locates Alex’s Lampent on the feed. Playing the clip, he sees the Pokemon being struck by a Thunder Wave and then being lead out of the block and out of Shane’s current range. “Your Lampent got captured and is being taken somewhere else. I’m gonna see if I can figure out where.”

“We need to rescue her!” the girl cries.

“We need to know where they took your Pokemon first,” Shane informs her. He heads over to the communications systems in the box and tries to figure out a way to get himself into a different part of the Ship’s systems.

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Shane identifies a data packet headed for the ship’s main security system and decides to hitch a ride. He’s pulled along the data stream, but, right before he can pass into the security system, the packet passes through a camera icon and gets diverted. Crap, Shane thinks as he is dragged off.


Shane is dumped out into a locked room within the main security system. He looks around the room to see a few viruses and various error messages floating around as well as a lone Porygon aimlessly wanders the room. He also notices three doors, one leading straight out, one leading up, and one down.

“Hello?” Shane asks over the Comms. “Can anybody hear me?” Silence. “Shit.” It seems as if he has been dumped into some sort of virus quarantine and his communication with his crewmates has been cut off.


Shane approaches the door leading off to the side and releases his Inkay, which he and H and modified to be able to survive in this digital environment. Together, they starting playing around with the door and are able to get it open. Looking out, Shane can see what appears to be the security mainframe but a firewall still blocks his escape.

As soon as the door opens, one of the viruses bolts straight for it and sets off the firewall. The door slams down on it, slicing a chunk off the virus as it’s vaporized by the firewall. A blob of now useless code lands at Shane’s feet. He shudders for a moment and then moves off to investigate the door in the ceiling.


Shane moves up to the ceiling door and touches it with his hand. The door reacts to his touch and slides open, revealing a room that looks quite similar to the one within the drive he had been brought aboard the ship in. A beam of light shines down into the room and starts scanning. It passes over the viruses, but, once it hits the Porygon, it starts pulling it up into the room above.

“Well,” Shane hears a voice echo in from the outside world. “Found another Porygon in the system.” The Pokemon is fully pulled into the room and the door slides shut. Shane reasons that the room is some sort of way to extract digital Pokemon from the system because incinerating them like viruses would be inhumane. He recalls his Inkay as he eyes the door on the floor suspiciously, thinking that it might be intended for viruses.


Shane looks around the room for something he can use to get out and his eyes fall on the two remaining viruses in the room. He walks up to them and briefly parses through their code. One seems to be a run-of-the-mill worm while the other appears to be some form of spyware. The latter catches his attention, so Shane decides to examine it further. It appears to be designed for monitoring and reporting and seems to be looking to find the ship’s navigation and communication systems. He gets the suspicion that its purpose is to send the ship’s location to someone.

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Looking at the viruses, a plan begins to hatch inside Shane’s mind. First, he hacks into the spyware and modifies it that it is no longer tracking the ship’s navigational data. He then pries the side door open again and instructs the worm to go through. The stealthy virus is able to pass through the firewall undetected. Shane then teleports himself across the firewall, swaps his position with the spyware, and then teleports across again. He proceeds away from the quarantine with the two viruses in tow, believing that they may be useful to the mission.

Alex paces impatiently back and forth in the crew’s room waiting for news about her Lampent from Shane. The others sit around the room with expressions of varying degrees of worry on their faces. It had been well over an hour since they had lost contact with Shane.


“We should have heard from him by now,” Alex says to her crewmates but the room remains silent. “What if something bad happened?”

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Morgan says reassuringly, although she is also concerned for Shane’s safety.


“Hey, guys, can you hear me?” Shane’s voice finally sounds over the comms.

“What the hell happened?” Morgan asks

“I may have made a few friends in the virus quarantine,” Shane explains. “But I’m out now and I’m in the security mainframe.”


“Did you find Lumiera yet!?” Alex asks him, sounding even more worried than before.

“I just got into the mainframe,” Shane tells her. “Give me a minute and I should be able to find it.” Several more minutes pass, but Shane soon provides Alex with his findings: “Alright, I’ve located your Lampent. It’s being held in the detention block, but it’s gonna be difficult to retrieve now. We should come back for it later.”


“No! We need to get her out right now!” Alex cries out.

“Okay, okay. Jeeze. But, like I said, the room is going to be hard to get to. I sent you guys the location.”


“Alright, let’s go!” Alex shouts as she runs for the door.

“Wait, you’re just going to get captured yourself,” Morgan warns her.

“But I need to save her!” Alex cries, tears starting to form under her eyes. “It’s my fault she’s stuck in there!”


“Just calm down. We can’t just rush in there. We need to come up with a plan.”

“We could just try asking for it,” Dmitri suggests.

“That’s it!” Alex exclaims. She quickly runs out of the room before anyone can stop her.


“Wait, where are you going?!” Morgan shouts after her, but it’s too late.

Alex runs down the hall to the security desk, working herself up as she approaches. She is already quite distressed over Lumiera’s capture so putting on a convincing show is quite easy. “My Lampent ran off,” she cries to the guard. “I don’t know what happened… I think she may have gotten in trouble, she hasn’t come back yet!” The guard looks at her with an annoyed face, like he really doesn’t want to have to deal with her. “Please, you have to find her!” Alex tells the guard as tears start rolling down her cheeks.


“I’ll put in a note to security, but no promises.”

Back in the computer system, Shane spots the email from the guard at the desk. He pulls it down and then marks it with priority before sending it on its way. A few minutes later, a reply comes back, and he lets it go on its way.


“Yeah, they have one in the detention block,” the guard at the desk informs Alex.

“Please, I need her back!”

“Fine,” the guard sighs. “I’ll see what I can do.”

A few hours later, a couple of guards come by the room with Lumiera. As soon as she sees the Lampent, Alex runs up and hugs her. “Lumiera! I was so worried about you! I’m so glad you’re safe.”

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“We’re gonna need you to keep this Lampent in its ball for the rest of the conference,” one of the guards tells her. “Ghost Pokemon can be a real problem for security.”


“Okay,” Alex replies, recalling Lumiera into her ball. “I’m so sorry. Thank you for bringing her back!”

“Just don’t let it happen again.” The guards turn and walk out of the room.

“Judging from the communications I intercepted, they’re gonna be watching you from now on,” Shane tells Alex over the comms. “Just try not to do anything illegal for the rest of the conference.”


“I’m sorry,” Alex apologizes to her crewmates.

“No, Alex, It’s okay. You did a good job.”

Over the course of the night, Shane looks through the ship’s cargo and security camera logs. Nothing really suspicious pops up on the list of cargo, so Shane focuses on the security cameras, specifically on any footage of the Genevan councilors on their list.


While he is not on the list, Councilor Winston Pennwood of the New Britain capitol world, Albion, catches Shane’s interest. In addition to various small, unidentified boxes, he is accompanied by none other than Arlon Jett and his two most trusted Red Suns lieutenants, Rena Bourdeaux and Kiril Zhukov. That must be how he got on board, Shane reasons. The boxes do appear a bit suspicious to him, so he makes a note to ask about them.

Most of the councilors on the list don’t really stand out as suspicious save for the councilors from New Sweden and New Germany. Councilor Anders Nilsson of New Sweden’s cargo is labeled with “Financial Equipment,” which strikes Shane as odd. Councilor Robert Heinkel of New Germany doesn’t have any cargo that stands out as immediately suspicious, but something about the man still bothers Shane, so he doesn’t rule him out.


When the others wake up, Shane reports his findings. With this new information, the crew decides to meet with Arlon to plan their next course of action. Once they are ready, they head over to Arlon’s room.

“So, what have you got for me?” Arlon asks them.

“We’ve managed to narrow down the list of suspects, but we need you to clarify a few things,” Morgan tells him.


“Alright, what do you want to know?”

“Councilor Pennwood. Shane noticed you with him on the security footage, but there were some suspicious boxes with him.”


“Pennwood’s clean. Let’s just say he owed me a favor and that’s how I got on board this ship.”

“That’s all I needed to know,” Morgan replies. “That just narrows our list down to Heinkel and Nilsson.”


“Not bad,” Arlon compliments the Helix crew. “That’ll make our jobs a lot easier.”

“If you could take a look at what they’ve got in the cargo hold, that would be a huge help,” Morgan tells him.


“Sure, I can do that.”

“Take Alex’s earpiece then, so we can stay in contact. She can’t really use hers anymore.”


“Might I ask why?”

“My Lampent was captured when I was sneaking Shane into the system,” Alex explains. “I was able to get them to let her out but… now they’re watching me.”


“Still, not bad kid,” Arlon compliments her. “Now about that earpiece.”

“Right,” says Alex. She pulls out her modified storage Pokeball, removes the earpiece from it and hands it to Arlon.


“Wait a second, did you just take that out of a bloody Pokeball?” Arlon asks.

“Mhm,” Alex replies.

“I didn’t even know that was possible. It would be damn useful for smuggling.”

“I made it myself,” Alex brags.

“Really? Well, that’s impressive,” Arlon tells her. He then turns toward the others. “Where’d you find this girl?”


“She snuck onto our ship and tried to blow us all up,” H tells him. Arlon simply raises an eyebrow at him.

“She didn’t try to blow us all up,” Morgan corrects him. “She wanted to come with us and we told her to stay on the planet.”


“We don’t know that. She broke into the secure cryolab and was messing around with the Genesect and-”

“Hey, I said I was sorry, okay!” Alex shouts at him. “You tried to kill me before you even asked what I was doing!”


“Wait,” Arlon says to H. “Let me get this straight, a girl with an incredible skill with Pokeballs snuck onto your ship and broke into your most secure facility with ease and your first instinct was to bloody kill her? Are you fucking mental? Wait, don’t bother. I don’t even know why I asked that bloody question. Of course you are.”

“She broke into a secure area full of highly dangerous and sensitive equipment. Yeah, security-wise, that is definitely my first reaction.”


“Well, this girl obviously has talent. I would have hired her on the spot.”

“I’m trying to change the Universe and I can’t do that with untrustworthy people breaking into my incredible useful, sensitive equipment.”


“You’re bloody impossible, mate, you know that? Anyway, I’ve got a cargo hold to investigate. Let me know if you find anything out.”

Arlon makes his way down to the cargo hold without much trouble, easily slipping past the few guards he encounters. Once in, he makes his way to Councilor Nilsson’s crates. “Alright, I’m going through Nilsson’s cargo now,” he says into the earpiece Alex gave him.

Image Credit - Brandon Nobbs

“You’re in the cargo hold already?” Shane’s voice asks in his ear. “I don’t see you.”


“I know how to avoid the cameras, mate,” Arlon replies.

“Right, so what’s in the Councilor’s cargo?”

“One box has some sort of credit mining machine in it, presumably for a later presentation. The other one’s empty. Find out if Nilsson is presenting. I’m gonna check out Heinkel’s cargo in the meantime.”


“Alright,” Shane replies a few minutes later. “He’s scheduled to give a presentation in about an hour. They moved whatever was in that box out for it.”

“He’s probably clean then,” Arlon says as he arrives at Heinkel’s crates.

“It must be Heinkel then,” Morgan’s voice suggests.

“We can’t say for sure,” Arlon tells her as he begins opening one of Heinkel’s crates. “We need to find some substantial evidence before we go after- what the bloody fuck?” He suddenly interrupts himself.


“What?” Morgan asks. “What is it?”

Image Credit - TurboSquid

A very suspicious, large metallic cylinder with a screen and several wires on it sits inside the box. “This,” says Arlon. He pulls out his Pokedex and snaps a picture. He then sends it to the Helix crew, as well as his own crew on the Halcyon.

“That… looks bad,” Alex comments. “Like, if this was a movie that would be the-”

“Bomb?” Morgan finishes.

“Shit,” Arlon responds. “I did not see this one coming. This means Heinkel more than likely has the device we’re looking for. It’s definitely not here though. I need you guys to find the councilor and keep him occupied while I search his room. Shane, wipe me off the camera footage. I’m about to alert the guards to this bomb.”


Arlon hides from sight and then makes a loud noise to attract the guards: “WOOPWOOPWOOP! Hey, look, it’s a bomb!” As the guards run over, Arlon quickly slips out of the cargo hold and makes his way to the hotel area of the ship.

“Is the councilor in his room?” Arlon asks when he arrives in the hotel area.

“No, Morgan and Dmitri are talking to him now,” Shane’s voice sounds in his ear.

“Alright, I’m entering the room now.” Arlon easily breaks into the room and spots a few suitcases. He quickly searches through them.


“Hurry up, the councilor is leaving,” Shane tells him urgently.

Arlon quickens his search and checks the last case. Inside, he finds a strange looking device with fancy technology on one end and a retractable liquid-metal blade on the other. “I’ve got it,” Arlon tells his allies.


“The councilor is en route to his room,” Shane warns him.

Arlon quickly seals up the councilor’s luggage and exits the room. He then walks down the hallway toward the exit, passing by Councilor Heinkel on the way out.


Day three rolls around and the members of the Helix crew begin their preparations for their presentation later in the day. Once they are ready, they make their way to the presentation hall to watch the other technology presentations. When they arrive, Councilor Finnegan of New Britain is wrapping up his presentation on cutting edge starship-grade weapons developed on his world, Dublin.


The next to present is Councilor Pennwood, who delivers a report on Romanov Supremacy weapons technology.

“Fighting against them is a bloody nightmare. The Supremacists are pulling all the tech stops. The most notable threat are their top of the line magnetic tractor beams. Tractor beam technology has existed for years, mostly used for mining, but the Supremacist tractor beams are capable of pulling in entire ships. They have also begun implementing tractor beams capable of embedding magnetic signatures into whatever passes through them. These ‘tracktor’ beams present a right bloody mess for our ships as the Supremacists are essentially able to track any ship that they have encountered in the past.”


Pennwood moves on to discuss the Supremacist broadsword class heavy cruisers, but Alex’s mind lingers on the tracking technology. She recalls how the Helix had been trapped within Heilovic’s tractor beam for a long time and begins to worry about the safety of her crewmates and Pokemon back on Parisia.

Image Credit - Siamon89

Once Pennwood wraps up, Councilor Fontaine takes to the podium and introduces Morgan, Dmitri, Alex, and H. She then steps aside and allows Morgan to speak: “We have developed an advanced method of cybernetic augmentation to the human body, opening a wide range of possibilities. Through a process of infusing cybernetics into human DNA we have been able to increase the number of augmentations the body can handle as well as the power that they can output. Additionally, we have removed the threat of augmentation shock through the development of an immunity to electricity. And now our gracious volunteer, Subject H, would like to speak with you about his experiences.”

Morgan steps back from the podium and allows H to step up. H briefly clears his throat and then dives right into his speech: “People of this ship, Today is the day that Humanity takes its next evolutionary step towards perfection. Throughout our recent history, we have prevented all forms of evolution from taking place in our society. Our reasons for this are beyond justified, but that does not change our genetic stagnation. We have grown complacent with our physical failings and focused on improving our mind, leaving our body the same as it has been for the past millennia. Today, I propose we use our minds to change that.”


He pauses momentarily to take a breath but then dives right back in.

“Many of you may be wondering why I look different from the average Human. But you would be wrong, for today I look more Human than anyone ever has in our entire history. Today you witness a man with cybernetic DNA, Part primal Human, part the brainchild of Humanity. Cybernetic DNA is the perfect marriage of our past heritage and present ideas. It is a marriage that leads to a bright and shining future. So join me, become one with this idea and spread it to the universe so that we may all join in this incredible union of evolutionary progress.”


“We would like a volunteer with an electric type Pokemon to please send it out and attempt to hit him,” Morgan tells the audience.

Someone in the crowd releases an Electabuzz which walks up to the stage and blasts H with sparks of electricity. H completely absorbs the hit and the crowd begins to gasp and cheer.


“And now for a show!” H exclaims. He then blasts out electricity at set intervals to essentially play a short musical piece and crowd bursts into applause.

Afterwards, the crew is then asked various questions about the applications of this technology. They spend the next several minutes fielding questions until the ship suddenly rocks and the power blips off for a second.


The crowd begins murmuring in confusion.

“Whats going on?”

“Are we being boarded?”

Did the Romanovs track the ship here? Alex nervously thinks. Wait… the ship’s not here. But how could they have…? The only other thing in the tractor beam was… She glances over at H standing by the podium and recalls that he had actually been stuck right to the tractor beam itself.


Alex is snapped out of her thoughts by a loud buzzing sound and looks over to see part of the wall being cut away. The panel is kicked in and a dozen warriors in red and black mechanized power armor wielding Aegislashes pour into the room and quickly dispatch the security forces in the room. Captain Heilovic steps into the room, flanked by two Bisharps. “Passengers of the GCS Halcyon,” he announces. His smooth, cold Romanov accent makes the words all the more menacing. “This political summit is now a military operation.”

Session Notes: Holy shit, that was an ending. Heilovic returns! DragonStorm warned us that Romanov Supremacy Knight Commandos were a thing… and now we have to fight them! The buildup to that moment was amazing. As soon as the ship rocked, we slowly came to the realization that H had been tagged with that magnetic tracking and not the Helix. My anticipation for next session is so high right now! Two days to go!


So a bunch of cool stuff happened in this chapter. First was Shane’s adventure in cyberspace, which was complete bullshit because that’s not how computers actually work but it was still cool nonetheless. But with this attack, we’re gonna need to get him out of there!

I got to do more stuff as Arlon, which was fun. I knew keeping his character sheet would come in handy! And I got to RP with myself. I’ve been sitting on that line about asking H if he’s “fucking mental” for trying to kill Alex for so long and I’m glad I finally got to use it! And then there was that bomb! Did not see that one coming. I wonder what Heinkel’s game was. I also wonder if we can use it against the Supremacists.


The good news is we got what we came for! Now let’s just hope we can make it out of this situation!

Post-Chapter Challenge: Romanov Knight Commandos! Damn have I been waiting to use these guys! Sporting a nice array of Steel attacks and superb Defense, they make for excellent Trainer Combatants. They’re Aegislashes are bred for Special Defense, and they can selectively block with these Pokemon such that they choose which one of the pair take the damage from any given attack. Scary stuff!


So if you were a Spacemon villain, what kind of minions would you design and employ? Are they Pokemon? Trainers? How would you outfit them? Remember that these are subordinates (you can’t ever let them be more powerful than you of course!) and you will have to be able to supply many of them, so try not to go with anything too expensive or rare like “an army of trainers each with six level 100 Arceuses.” :P

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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