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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix met up with Arlon Jett at the Galactic Governance Conference aboard the GCS Halcyon. Setting their plan in motion, Alex snuck Shane into the ship’s computer systems. With Shane acting as their inside man, the team was able to narrow down the list of potential suspects in possession of the cyber weapon they came to the conference to find, and eventually revealed Robert Heinkel, one of the councilors from New Germany, as the culprit. However, in the process of obtaining the cyber weapon, the team discovered that Heinkel brought a high tech bomb aboard the Halcyon. Before they had a chance to get to the bottom of the situation, the Halcyon was attacked and boarded by Captain Lee Heilovic of the Romanov Supremacy and a squad of his Knight Commandos in the middle of the Helix crew’s presentation on cybernetic augmentation.

“Passengers of the GCS Halcyon, this political summit is now a military operation.

The crowd falls silent at Heilovic’s words. They look on with awe and terror as the Romanov captain and his two Bisharps step forward while his Knight Commandos move to block the exits. Alex seizes the opportunity to quietly slip off the stage and blend into the crowd.


The crowd parts before Heilovic as he approaches Councilor Heinkel. The captain stops in front of the councilor and the two begin discussing something. Morgan hears Heilovic ask Heinkel something, but she can’t make out exactly what he says.

“Yes, I have it. Follow me,” she hears the councilor reply. Heinkel turns and leads Heilovic out of the presentation hall in the direction of the hotel area of the ship. A pair of Knight Commandos follow them out the door, then split off in the direction of the cargo hold.

“Morgan, Dmitri, I’ve got a plan,” H suddenly says to his crewmates. “Get next to me. Now.”


They move in close and H throws his arms around them. A third, robotic arm emerges from under H’s shirt holding two smoke bombs. H uses it to throw one up at the ceiling and one down at the floor beneath them. He then lifts his leg and fires it at the doorway. It magnetizes to the wall, then H retracts it, pulling himself and his crewmates across the room. They fly over the Commandos guarding the door and make a break for it.

Seeing her crewmates fly across the room, Alex breaks from the crowd and runs after them. As she reaches the door, one of the Commandos grabs her. However, Alex manages to slip out of his grasp. Landing back on her feet, she quickly runs out the door.

Arlon stands in the the cargo hold with his Red Suns crewmates, looking on as Kiril Zhukov, the team’s explosives expert, examines the bomb he discovered in Councilor Heinkel’s cargo.


“What is zat thing?” Rena Bourdeaux, the team’s Parisian sniper asks Kiril, looking over his shoulder.

“It’s a bloody bomb. We’ve already established this,” Arlon tells her.

“Not just any bomb,” the Romanov corrects him. “This is very sexy bomb. Very fancy.”


“We’re not here to admire this thing,” Arlon reminds him. “Get to the important part: How does it work and how do we disarm it?”

“Well, there is warp drive core inside,” Kiril answers. He steps back from the bomb, revealing the now exposed core. “It is appearing to be power source.”

“A warp drive core?” Rena asks. “Let me ‘ave a look.” Being quite knowledgeable on warp technology, she has a pretty good idea of what might happen should this bomb go off. “Zis bomb is very dangerous,” she explains after examining its inner workings. “If it goes off, ze warp reaction will be catastrophic. It will cause a chain reaction with ze ship’s warp drive.”


“The good news is that timer is not active,” Kiril explains.

Lovely,” Arlon replies. “How do we disarm it?”

“If we fiddle with it, zere is a ‘igh chance that we will destabilize ze warp drive,” Rena warns him.


“And that would make the damn thing go off…” Arlon trails off.

Suddenly the ship rumbles and the lights flicker for a moment.

Arlon immediately reaches for his earpiece. “What the bloody hell is going on up there!?” he shouts into the comms.


“The Supremacists are here!” Shane’s voice replies.

Shit. What’s the situation?” Arlon asks.

“The rest of the crew is trapped in the presentation hall by a squad of heavily armored soldiers. I’m only seeing twelve on the security feeds, plus Captain Heilovic.”


“Understood,” Arlon tells him. “We need to deal with this bomb first. Once it’s taken care of, we’ll be there as soon as we can. Sit tight.” He then turns to his own crew. “The Supremacists have boarded the ship,” Arlon tells them. “Our first priority is the bomb. We need to get this bloody thing off the ship.”

“Ze only exit I remember was where all the passengers boarded,” Rena tells him. “But zis ship is probably crawling with troops.”

“We could just kill them,” Kiril suggests.

“Zat could work,” Rena tells him.

“I like this plan,” Arlon agrees. “Rena, you and I will secure the hallway. Kiril, once it’s clear I’ll need you to move the bomb up.”


Arlon and Rena move toward the door, but before they can get close to the door, it opens and a pair of Knight Commandos step into the room, Aegislashes drawn.

“Hello there,” Arlon says to them. He reaches for a Pokeball and throws it out while his crewmates duck behind cover. He jumps back as his Nidoking emerges from his ball. The Commandos seem unfazed and simply step forward as their power armor’s shields blip online.


“Kaiser, use Thunderbolt!” Arlon commands his Pokemon while his crewmates throw out their own Pokemon. Sparks of electricity blast out from the Nidoking’s horn and fly toward one of the Commandos. The commando raises his blade and blocks the attack, the Aegislash absorbing the electricity.

“Sleva, Screech,” Kiril commands his own Pokemon. The Electrode rolls forward and blasts the Commandos with a burst of high pitched noise, but their shields seem to absorb it.

“Ordinateur, use Shadow Ball,” Rena instructs her Metagross. The large Pokemon hangs back and fires a ball of dark energy at one of the commandos. The bulky, armored soldier sidesteps the attack and moves forward with the other. He swings at Sleva, but the Electrode rolls out of the way, right into the oncoming attack from the other.


In response, both Arlon and Kiril reach for a second Pokeball and send out another Pokemon. Rena takes aim with her sniper rifle while Arlon’s Zweilous and Kiril’s second Electrode move up.

“Kaiser, use Earth Power!” Arlon commands his Nidoking. Kaiser steps forward and stomps his foot down, sending a blast up from the floor beneath one of the Commandos. The Commando steps back and blocks the blast with his blade.

“Prava, use Screech. Sleva, use Spark,” Kiril commands his Electrodes. Prava fires a blast of high pitched sound at the Commandos, whose shields again absorb it. Sleva begins sparking as it rolls at one of the Commandos, who steps out of the way, causing the Electrode to go flying off into one of the crates.


“Ordinateur, use Shadow Ball again,” Rena commands her Metagross again. It fires off another ball of energy at the Commando it tried to hit before and this time it’s lined up for a direct hit. The Commando raises his blade and blocks the attack but the Aegislash appears to take a bit of damage in the process.

“Now, Hydra, follow up with Dark Pulse!” Arlon commands his newly released Zweilous. The pokemon hangs back and launches a pulse of energy at the same Commando. The Knight again blocks the attack but this time the Aegislash appears unharmed.


The other Commando moves up and aims his Aegislash at Kiril’s Electrodes. A giant beam of energy flies out from the tip of the blade and blasts right through Sleva and Prava, taking both Pokemon down. The more damaged one is close behind and moves up and slices at Hydra with his blade, dealing a nasty blow to the Zweilous. He then follows up with a powerful punch, knocking the Pokemon out.

Arlon recalls his fallen Pokemon and pulls out another ball. “Cinder, you’re up next!” he shouts as he throws it onto the field. His Typhlosion roars as she emerges from her ball. In response, the other Commando runs up to her and throws a punch. The mechanical armor whirs as the fist collides with Cinder, knocking the Typhlosion back.

Rena fires her sniper rifle at the other Commando, covering Kiril as he recalls his Electrodes and sends out his Weezing. The Commando manages to dodge out of the way and the shot collides with the wall.


“Cinder, use Flamethrower!” Arlon commands his Pokemon. Cinder breathes out a massive stream of flames at the Commando the team has been focusing on. He raises his blade to intercept the attack, but it burns right through the Aegislash’s defenses, knocking the Pokemon out. “Now, hit him while he’s open! Kaiser, use Thunderbolt!” Arlon’s Nidoking fires another blast of electricity at the Commando and lands a direct hit. The Commando’s armor starts sparking and smoking, but he remains standing.

“Ordinateur, finish ‘im off with Psychic!” Rena instructs her Metagross. It hangs back and fires a massive blast of psychic energy and takes the Commando down.


“Otrava, Haze.” Kiril instructs his Weezing. A hazy mist begins emanating from the Pokemon, filling the room and causing the remaining Commando’s shields sputter out. Using the haze as cover, Arlon removes the incendiary cannon from his back and fires it at the Commando. The target blocks the fiery projectile with his blade and shield. The Aegislash takes minimal damage from the hit but it appears to be burned. The Commando then moves in for another hit on Cinder, hitting the Typhlosion with another powerful punch.

Kiril emerges from his cover and pulls out his flamethrower. He moves up and fires a short burst of flames at the Commando, but the armored soldier is able to dodge out of the way. Rena takes aim at the Commando with her sniper rifle, but has a hard time lining up a shot because of the constant movement.


“Cinder, use Flame Wheel! Kaiser use Ice Beam!” Arlon commands both of his Pokemon. Cinder rolls into a ball and charges forward as a rolling mass of flames. The Commando blocks with his arm and then quickly deflects the powerful blast of ice incoming from Kaiser with his blade, the Aegislash taking a pretty hefty blow in the process.

“Otrava, Gyro Ball,” Kiril instructs his Weezing. The Pokemon rushes at the Commando, but cannot land a significant blow through the armor.


“Ordinateur, use Shadow Ball,” Rena commands her own Pokemon. The Metagross launches yet another ball of shadowy energy at the Commando, but he dodges it once again. His Aegislash begins glowing, and a protective shield forms around it. He then throws another punch at Cinder and knocks the Typhlosion out.

Both Rena and Kiril fire their weapons at the Commando, but he continues to avoid taking significant hits. He dodges out of the way of Rena’s sniper fire and then deflects the burst of flames from Kiril’s flamethrower with his Aegislash, which remains unscathed from the hit. Fortunately, the flames deal a slight bit of damage to the Commando himself.

“We’ve got to get a hit on this guy!” Arlon shouts to his crewmates.

“I’m trying, Arlon!” Rena shouts back.


“We’ve got to hit him with all we’ve got! Kaiser, use Thunderbolt again!” The Nidoking launches another blast of electricity at the Commando, who once again deflects it with his Aegislash, which remains unharmed. “Goddamn it!” Arlon swears as he reaches for another Pokeball. He throws it out onto the field and his Krokorok emerges. “Caiman, use Crunch!” The Krokorok rushes at the Commando, but he throws up his shield and pushes him back.

“Otrava, use Haze again!” Kiril shouts to his Pokemon. The Weezing dowses the room in misty haze again, once again disrupting the Commando’s shields.


“Ordinateur, use Zen ‘eadbutt!” Rena commands her Metagross. It rushes forward and slams into the Commando, knocking him into a crate. He immediately gets back up and takes a swing at Caiman with his blade, dealing a nasty blow to the Krokorok.

“Keep hitting him!” Arlon orders his crewmates. Rena raises a hand in the air and uses her psionic abilities to distort the area around the battlefield while Arlon and Kiril each throw out another Pokemon.

“Prizrak, use Night Shade!” Kiril commands his newly released Gengar. Prizrak fires off a blast of energy at the Commando’s Aegislash, bypassing its defenses.


“Now for another Earth Power!” Arlon commands his Nidoking. “Hit him hard Kaiser!” The Nidoking takes another step forward and stomps down hard, blasting the Commando with a powerful shockwave. The commando throws up his shield and blocks the incoming attack.

“Now, Jiraiya, use Water Pulse!” Arlon commands his Greninja. The Pokemon leaps up onto a crate and fires a blast of water at the Commando, who once again deflects the hit. “Don’t hold anything back! Caiman, use Crunch again!” The badly injured Krokorok leaps at the Commando and sinks his teeth into the armor, dealing a nasty blow.

“Ordinateur, use Psychic!” Rena commands her Metagross. It fires another blast of psychic energy at the Commando, but completely misses, launching a bunch of crates across the room.


“Otrava, Gyro Ball again,” Kiril commands his Weezing. The Pokemon throws himself at the Commando again, but the Romanov soldier continues to be an evasive target and dodges out of the way.

Arlon pulls out his pistols and fires off a few rounds at the Commando, but he easily deflects them with his Aegislash. The Commando then rushes forward and throws a punch at Arlon’s Krokorok, but the Pokemon manages to dive out of the way. Rena then fires another shot from her sniper rifle and Kiril fires another burst with his flamethrower. The Commando absorbs the hits with his blade but the Aegislash seems to be a bit worn down from the focused fire.

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“Prizrak, Shadow Ball!” Kiril commands his Gengar. The ghostly Pokemon lobs a ball of shadowy energy at the Commando, but it goes flying off and explodes against the wall.

“Kaiser, Thunderbolt! Jiraiya, Water Shuriken! Caiman, Crunch!” Arlon barks out the orders one after another and his Pokemon oblige. The blast of electricity from the Nidoking and five shuriken from the Greninja barrage the Commando and knock him back. Then, the Krokorok goes in for another deadly bite with his sharp teeth, doing a number on the Commando.


“Ordinateur, use Zen ‘eadbutt!” Rena instructs her Metagross. The Pokemon crashes into the still staggering soldier and knocks him back even further. The Commando stomps down hard and stops himself from sliding. He then rushes forward and slashes at Kiril’s Gengar with his Aegislash. The armored Romanov takes the Pokemon down, but knocks his own Pokemon out in the process due to its burn.

“Otrava, finish him off. Sludge Bomb!” Kiril commands his Weezing. The Pokemon fires a poisonous ball of goo at the Commando and knocks him out.

Alex runs down the hallway and takes a hard turn around the corner, almost running right into her crewmates. She notices a relieved look on Morgan’s face upon seeing her.


“Alex, you made it. Good. I have a plan. It requires you specifically,” H tells her. “And also you,” he adds, turning to Dmitri. “We need to-”

Oh no!” Alex suddenly interrupts. “Loki’s Pokeball is missing!”

“What?” Morgan asks.

“The guard must have taken it when I- We need to go back now!”

Alex turns to run back to the presentation hall, but Morgan grabs her arm. “We can’t go back,” she tells the girl.


“But we can’t just leave him there! He needs me! We have to save him!”

“We can do that later, but right now we need to get away from here.”

“The best way to save him is to not save him right now,” H chimes in. “If we try it now, we’re screwed. You know that as well as I do.”


“Fine,” Alex agrees. “But if anything happens to him…”

“We won’t let that happen,” Morgan tells her.

“Arlon here,” the familiar voice sounds over the comms. “We ran into a bit of situation down here. These Supremacist bastards are hard to take down. We ran in with just two of them and it was almost too much. What’s the situation like up there? Tell me you’ve escaped.”


“Yeah, we made it out,” Morgan tells him. “We’re in the residential area.”

“That’s a relief,” Arlon replies.

“You’ll be happy to know that I’ve managed to help get communications online,” Shane informs everyone.


“Excellent work,” Arlon tells him. “I’ll call the Corsair. See if you can’t get a hold of the Federation.”

“Hold up,” Shane tells him. “I’ve got Heilovic on the security feed. He seems to be responding to someone on their comms. I don’t think he found what he was looking for. It would be a huge help if we could hear what they were saying.”

“We’ve got two unconscious Supremacists down here,” Arlon replies. “This will be no problem. Kiril, take this helmet. Let me know what they’re saying.”


There’s a brief moment of silence before Arlon speaks again. “Heilovic’s headed your way. Watch out.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” Shane tells him. “If you could get your team over to the residential area-”

“We’re already on our way.”

Session Notes: This week we return with the follow up to last week’s cliffhanger! Things got a bit weird on the timeline for the beginning of this session so I had to rearrange them for this chapter. For example, we RPed the escape after we did that combat encounter but I felt it was a good way to open things up.


You may have noticed that in this chapter, our characters didn’t actually do any of the fighting. Knowing this was going to be a hard session, Dragonstorm said that the Red Suns could give us a hand! I’m glad I hung onto Arlon’s sheet. I’ve been leveling him and his Pokemon up alongside Alex in case something happened to her and I needed a new character. As you can see, most of his main team evolved since the last time we saw him fight. He also has a Nidoking now. If you’re wondering, it was once on his team back before Volume 1 started and he lost it to the clutches of the Red Suns when he faked his own death.

I also took the time to build characters for both Rena and Kiril specifically for this session (plus now we have some backup characters in case something happens to our current characters). For the trainers, I just threw together some classes that seemed fitting for them, and then for the Pokemon, I went back to the chapters where we fought against them in Volume 1 and figured out what their movesets were (although I did have to fill in some moves for the ones I didn’t know) so that they would be as accurate as possible. You may recall that after we beat Kiril, we wonder traded his Pokemon away, yet somehow he has them back now. I’m not naming names here, but let’s say that a certain band of mercenaries may have hacked the Wonder Trade Network to get them back. Of course, there is no way I could have RPed all three of them plus Alex in one session so big thanks to The Other Guy (Shane’s player) for taking on the role of Rena and ClarissaGavin (Morgan’s player) for taking on the role of Kiril.

Running combat as the Red Suns was a very fun change of pace. Those Knight Commandos though… They were so hard to fight. They just did not want to die! It’s a good thing Arlon and Kiril have such high command skill rank and can have many Pokemon out at once. It was such a blast to just be fighting with three of Arlon’s Pokemon at once.


Next chapter we reach the conclusion of this epic four chapter arc. I hope you find the conclusion as fantastic as we did!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!