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Spacemon Vol. 2 - Chapter 24: The Geneva Conspiracy, Pt. 4

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix teamed up with Arlon Jett and the Red Suns to find a cyber-weapon planned to be used at the Galactic Governance Conference aboard the GCS Halcyon. During the first two days of the conference, the team discovered the weapon in the possession of Robert Heinkel, a Genevan councilor from New Germany, who also brought a powerful bomb on board. On the third day, the ship was boarded by Captain Lee Heilovic of the Romanov Supremacy and a squad of powerful Knight Commandos and it was revealed that he was in league with Heinkel. The Helix crew and the Red Suns were engaged by Heilovic’s men but were able to avoid capture and begin planning for a counterattack.


“Here’s the plan,” H announces to his crewmates. “Dmitri, go to the spa area. Find any kind of alcohol and acupuncture needles and bring them back here. Alex, Morgan, you go to the med bay. Find any sleeping pills, knockout gas, sedatives, that sort of thing. As much as you can. And syringes. We need both of those. I’m going to be distracting people and, most importantly, I’m going to get my lab coat. I can’t deal with this without it. And Shane, you keep me updated about what the enemy is doing.”

“Alright,” Shane agrees. “I’m also gonna try to contact the Halberd.”

“Good idea,” Arlon tells him. “The Corsair is on its way but it’s just one ship.”


“Everyone know the plan?” H asks. “Good. Let’s go.”

Morgan and Alex arrive in the ship’s med bay and immediately begin collecting the supplies H sent them to find.


“Why do we need all this crap?” Alex asks anxiously, still worried about her missing Pokemon.

“H has a plan,” Morgan tells her. “I don’t know what it is, but at least we have one.”


“I hope it works…”

“I’ve got everything,” Dmitri sounds over the comms.

“Excellent,” H replies. “Meet up in the pool room. What’s the status of those sedatives?”


“We’ve got them,” Morgan tells him.

“Alright, I got through to the Halberd. Graves is sending the Third Fleet,” Shane tells his crewmates. “There’s not really much else I can do from in here, so I think it’s time I got out.”


“Shane can you get here?” Morgan asks. “I’m plugging your drive into one of the computers here in the med bay.” Morgan runs up to a computer and quickly plugs it in.

“I see it. I’m working my way to you,” Shane replies.

“Hurry up,” H tells him.

H rounds the corner in the hallway and arrives at the Helix crew’s room. As he approaches the room he begins casting off his uncomfortable clothing. Once inside, he tears open his suitcase and dons his lab coat.


“Much better,” he says to himself.

H then runs out of the room and starts heading for the pool room. He rounds a corner and runs right into Captain Heilovic and his Bisharps.


“Ah,” the captain says smugly. “Our invitation.”

“Invitation?” H asks. “Of course! I don’t know why you were invited. It must have been to see me. Thank you. Well, I appreciate you coming, although I am certain my colleagues do not appreciate you being here, so, if you could, please, just leave.”


“I don’t believe that’s going to happen,” Heilovic replies.

“Well then, may tonight’s entertainment truly begin,” H tells him. He then turns and runs at full speed in the other direction.


“You’re not going anywhere,” the captain says as he raises his hand.

H feels himself being magnetically pulled toward Heilovic, so he magnetizes his feet to the ground to keep himself in place. “I know you want me, but you aren’t getting me.” He reaches for a Pokeball and releases his Swablu.


Heilovic shakes his head. “The odds do not look to be in your favor.”

“Those things?” he asks in regard to the captain’s Bisharps. “Nah, not messing with them. I figure I’m gonna be here for a while so I figure I may as well have something to cuddle with.” He grabs his Pokemon and pulls him in close.


Heilovic lets out a short, cold laugh. “Would you like to take a little tour with me?”


“I guess,” H replies. “But I would like if you showed #7 here first.” He releases the Pokemon and launches it at Heilovic using his belly-pogo. “Use Sing!” The Swablu stops in front of the captain and lets out an unpleasantly high-pitched screech, knocking him out. Heilovic’s magnetic pull dissipates and H attempts to run. The captain’s Bisharps move in and slash at both H and his Pokemon, both delivering very nasty blows. #7 goes down, but H manages to keep himself up. He recalls his Pokemon, then bolts away at top speed.

H arrives at the pool room to find the rest of the Helix crew and the Red Suns waiting. “Glad you could make it, mate,” Arlon tells him. “Tell us about this little plan of yours.”


“Alright, here’s the plan,” H says to everyone. “We need to get as many of those Romanov Commandos in here as possible. We’ll split them up. Break some off into the other room where Shane can use his Inkay to put them to sleep and then use whatever sedatives we have here to take care of the rest.”

“We fought against these bastards already,” Arlon tells him. “There’s no way you’re getting through that armor to inject them with sedatives.”


“Alright, then we’ll just have to rely on the Inkay. As for the rest of them, we need to get them into the pool. Alex, we’ll need Leviathan for this part. We need to throw as much electricity as we can at these guys once they’re in the pool. Then, we freeze the whole thing over.”

“But not if one of them has Loki’s ball,” Alex tells him. “We need to get him back.”


“Right, right. We’ll keep an eye out for it.”

“Ironhide can take care of getting them in the pool,” Arlon chimes in. “An Aggron is one of the few Pokemon that can match strength and size with these guys.”


“Good,” H tells him. “Have it weaken the tiles by the edge of the pool as well.”

“Right,” says Arlon. He pulls out his Aggron’s ball and releases the Pokemon. “Ironhide, see if you can’t weaken the floor by the pool.” He points to the spot and the Aggron walks over and starts stomping on the ground, weakening the floor.


“So, are we ready to do this thing?” Shane asks.

“We need to get into their communications first,” says H.

“We’ve still got this helmet,” Arlon tells him. “If we can hack into it, we can get their communications on our own comms and have the advantage over them.


“Give it here,” Alex tells him. Arlon tosses the helmet to her and she begins hacking into it.

While they wait for Alex to break into the helmet, Arlon hears the familiar voice of Matt Suzuki, the Corsair’s pilot, over the Red Suns’ comms: “I heard you could use a hand. Mind if we crash the party?”


“It’s about time you showed up,” Arlon tells him.

“You didn’t think we were gonna let you have all the fun, didya?”

“We’ve got a situation here,” Arlon reminds him. “Petra, are you there?”

“I’m here,” Arlon’s lieutenant, Petra Azarov, replies.

“Good. There’s a bomb in the cargo hold. I need you to take a squad and secure it. Make sure these Supremacist bastards can’t get to it. We’re trying to lure them to us, so you shouldn’t hit too much resistance.”


“Understood,” the Romanov woman replies.

“Backup’s here,” Arlon announces to the rest of the team. “How’s that helmet coming?”


“Almost done,” Alex tells him. “Should be right about- there.”

Suddenly, the sound of the Supremacist radio chatter crackles over everyone’s comms.


“Nice work, kid,” Arlon tells her. “Let’s get this bloody plan rolling.”

“Oh, is Heilovic listening?!” H shouts across the Supremacists’ comm channel. “Or is he taking a little nap on duty!? Who wants to come finish the job that he started!? One that he’s incompetent of doing against the chosen savior of the universe! Come on down to the pool! Make sure to bring your floaties!”


“Oh, really?” the team hears Heilovic ask over the comms. The Supremacist chatter then falls silent.

From the doorway to the room opposite the hall from the pool room, Shane and Morgan watch as a squad of five Knight Commandos marches down the hall toward the pool room. Shane notices one of them has Alex’s missing Pokeball and relays the information over the comms.


“Got it,” Arlon replies. “I’ll make a move for it when I get the chance.”

The Commandos stop outside the door and begin powering up their shields.

“Come on in,” H says to them from the pool. “The water’s fine.”

After several more minutes of powering their shields up, the Commandos move into the room.


“NOW!” H shouts.

There’s a loud crash as Ironhide bursts through the wall with Arlon riding on his back. The massive Pokemon plows the metal slab of the wall into the Commandos and knocks two of them into the pool. The remaining three magnetize their feet to the floor and hoist the wall slab up and out of the way.


Having failed to split any of the Commandos off the main group, Shane and Morgan run into the room. “C.A.L.I., use Topsy-Turvy!” Shane commands his Pokemon. The Pokemon fires a strange blast of energy at one of the remaining Commandos, which causes his armor to short out, knocking him into the water.

Arlon spots Alex’s Pokeball on one of the remaining Commandos and leaps off of his Aggron’s back. He lands behind the Commando and nabs the ball off of him. “Hey, kid!” he shouts to Alex. “Catch!” He leaps out of the Commandos’ reach and tosses the ball to Alex.


The girl reaches out and catches the ball, then quickly places it on her belt. She then reaches for another and releases Leviathan. The mighty Pokemon fills the room with storm clouds and it begins to rain. “Use Thunder!” Alex shouts. Leviathan casts down a giant bolt of lightning and it strikes the water as H unleashes one of his own. The entire pool sparks and shorts out the Commandos’ armor.

H quickly jumps out of the water as Kiril pulls a frost cannon off his back. “Stand back!” the Romanov shouts as he takes aim. Once everyone is clear, he fires the cannon at the pool and the whole thing freezes over, leaving the Commandos and their Pokemon trapped.


The two remaining Commandos rush at Shane’s Inkay. One lands a punch, but the small Pokemon manages to avoid the second. Shane then vanishes from the room, dropping into warp space to prepare for an attack from behind, while Rena throws up a barrier to protect the team from the Commandos.

“Leviathan, use Water Spout!” Alex commands her giant Pokemon. Leviathan moves in close to the Commandos and fires off a massive blast of water, breaking through their tough defenses and dealing a nasty blow to both of them.


Shane’s Inkay fires a hypnotic beam at one of the Commandos, but he deflects it with his blade, causing the Aegislash to fall asleep instead of himself. The other Commando rushes at the Inkay and swipes at her with his blade, dealing a heavy blow to the Pokemon.

“Ironhide, use Iron Tail!” Arlon commands his Pokemon. The Aggron moves up to the Commandos and smashes one of them with his tail, sweeping him off his feet. Ironhide then slams his tail down on the downed Commando, knocking him out. Arlon then pulls out another Pokeball and releases his Greninja.


Shane drops out of warp space behind the remaining Commando and hits the Aegislash before the Romanov has a chance to block the attack.


“You’ve lost this one,” Arlon says to the Commando. “We’ve got you surrounded. Stand down.”

“You are not my commanding officer,” the Commando replies coldly. “You are not Romanov.” He then takes a swing at Shane, who happens to be the closest person to him, but he teleports out of the way.


“Wrong move, mate,” Arlon tells the Commando.

“C.A.L.I., use Topsy-Turvy!” Shane commands his Inkay. The Pokemon blasts the Commando with another wave of strange energy, shortening out his shields and weakening his armor plating.

Image Credit - ocaritna

“Jiraiya, finish him off!” Arlon orders his Greninja. “Water Shuriken!” The Greninja throws a bunch of watery projectiles at the Commando, four of which hit him dead on and knock him to the ground. The Commando tries to get back up, but Arlon places his foot on the Romanov’s back and pushes him back down. “You should’ve fucking surrendered, mate.” He kicks the man in the head and knocks him out.


“I am hearing on comm that Federation fleet is here,” Kiril announces to the group, being one of the few in the room to understand Romanov. “Heilovic is going to ‘Plan B.’ They are evacuating.”

“I don’t like the sound of that…” Arlon tells him.

“Arlon, we’ve got a problem,” Petra informs the Red Suns leader over the comms. “The timer on the bomb just activated.”


Shit. How much time is left?”

“Five minutes.”

“Arlon, if zat bomb goes off it will react with the warp drive of every ship in the Federation fleet,” Rena warns him. “We ‘ave to disarm it.”


“Goddamn it!” Arlon shouts, “Matt, hail the Federation fleet, warn them about the bomb, tell them to keep their distance.”

“Got it, boss,” the pilot responds.

“Petra, we’re on our way to you now. Everyone else, fall back to the Corsair! You’ve got five minutes!”


The team rushes back to the cargo bay, avoiding the panicking masses of conference-goers. Short of breath, they arrive at with four minutes left on the timer.


“We need to disarm this thing now!” Arlon shouts.

“It looks like this bomb is designed to create an unstable warp explosion,” Shane tells the group. “I’m going to focus on keeping the Warp stable and try to buy us some time.”


“Can we find a way to disconnect the warp core and get it out of here?” Arlon asks.

“There’s no way. If we try to disconnect something, it could cause the bomb to explode,” H tells him.


“We don’t have time for this,” Petra warns them. “We need to get out of here now.”

“We ‘ave to do something,” Rena tells her. “Ze ramifications of zis ship exploding…”


“It will not be so easy,” Kiril points out. “This is very advanced technology.”

“But wasn’t it the Red Suns who made that warp gate virus?” Shane asks.

“From what I understand, Garth acquired that virus from…” Arlon trails off.

“From who?” Shane asks.

“From Mr. Silver... The tech in this bomb feels too much like him. He has to be involved. When we get out of here, we need to take that son of a bitch down.”


“We need to deal with this bomb first,” Morgan tells him.

“Well, if you have any bloody ideas on how to disarm it, by all means!” Arlon shouts.


The room devolves into a shouting match of contradicting theories about disarming the bomb. All the while, the timer slowly ticks away. Alex stares at her friends as they shout angrily at everyone in the room. I have to do something, she thinks. But I don’t know anything about bombs… I only know about… Pokeballs…

She reaches into her bag and pulls out the ball she modified to store non-living matter. She looks at it for a moment and then tightens her grip around it. While the others argue, she walks up to the bomb and presses the ball up against it. Morgan notices her doing this, but she’s too late. “What are you-?”


The room falls silent as the bomb is pulled inside the ball.


The ball begins glowing.


Alex feels it getting warmer in her trembling hand.


Image Credit - wazzy88

The ball glows brighter and continues to increase in temperature, but the bomb appears to be secured inside the ball. Alex feels the ball painfully burning her hand, but she is too afraid to let go.

Shane snaps back to reality and grabs the ball out of the girl’s hand. He then jumps into the nearest computer he can find and throws the ball away before jumping back to the real world. “I left it inside the computer,” Shane tells the rest of the team. “I think that’s all we can do.”


“Right, let’s get out of here,” Arlon agrees. “Everyone fall back to the Corsair.”

The team runs as fast as they can to where the Red Suns’ frigate is docked and quickly climb aboard. “Matt, get us out of here!” Arlon shouts as he runs to the bridge.


“Already on it,” the pilot tells him.

“Sir, I’m getting some strange readings from the Halcyon’s warp drive,” one of the bridge crew tells Arlon as he arrives on the bridge. “It seems to be powering up.”


“You’ve got to be shitting me.”

“No, sir.”

“Can we hail them?” Shane asks as he arrives on the bridge.

“Go ahead,” Arlon tell him, opening a channel to the Halcyon.

“Hello, can anyone hear me?” Shane asks.

“This is the Halcyon. We’re in the midst of evacuations.”

“Is there any chance you could conduct evacuations without the power on?”

“That would turn off life support.”

“Right. Can you cut power to the just the warp drive, then?”

“We’ll try deactivating it.”

“Sir, the Supremacist ship is leaving,” Matt announces.

“Follow that bastard,” Arlon orders him.

Matt pursues the RSS Envy as the ship fires a volley of shots at the Halcyon, the nearest Federation ship, and the Corsair. Matt rolls the ship and avoids the incoming fire.


Arlon sits down at one of the gun controls and takes aim at the Envy. “All hands, man the guns,” he orders over the comms. “Take down that Romanov ship!” The Corsair fires a massive volley of laser fire at the Envy. Explosions detonate all along the Romanov destroyer, crippling the engines. “Burn in hell, you son of a bitch.”

Image Credit - Bowen Ellames

“The readings off the Halcyon’s warp drive are getting really weird,” the same crewman from before announces.

“Get us out of here!” Arlon orders Matt. The pilot fires up the warp drive and jumps away as another of the Envy’s engines explodes.


Several hours later, the Corsair drops out of warp space in the next system. Arlon stands on the bridge with his lieutenants and the Helix crew. He flips through the galactic news stations to see panicked reports and wild speculation about the incident. The region of space once occupied by the Halcyon is scattered with debris, bits of ships warped—glitched—together. No whole ships remain.

Original Image Credit - elreviae; giph-ified by The Other Guy

Shane watches silently in horror as the chaos unfolds on the screen. Similar glitches as those surrounding the wreckage now surround Shane, as tears stream down his face. He falls to his knees and asks, “What have I done?”


“If you ‘adn’t done what you did zen,” Rena comforts him. “Zere would almost certainly be nothing left.”

Arlon angrily punches the wall. “That still doesn’t change the fact that all those people died!” He storms off the bridge and kicks the door frame on the way out, his steel-toed boot clanking off the hard metal.


“What crawled up his ass?” Matt asks.

“You are such a-” Rena stops herself. “I ‘ad best see if ‘e is alright.” She walks off the bridge after Arlon, leaving the Helix crew on the bridge with the remaining lieutenants.


Increased communication chatter all across the galaxy: news stations, private messages, classified reports. On both sides, to little surprise. One such broadcast from behind the “Great” Firewall displays.


“В память о капитане Ли Халилович в PCC зависть , который отдал свою жизнь на службе своей славной нации , что она может столкнуться боги сильным и непокоренный.”

Well then.

Session Notes: Wow. What an ending to this two session arc. We got what we came for but the Halcyon was destroyed, a massive number of galactic leaders are now dead, and our heroes are very shaken up the the experience. The good news is that Heilovic is dead. He got what was coming to him. But we’re gonna be hungry for revenge.


Dealing with the bullshit that is the Knight Commando is much easier when we use our own bullshit. H’s player is such a good bullshit master! The pool was a huge help, plus Shane’s Inkay reversing the Commando’s combat stages with Topsy-Turvy was one of the most useful things. We got away with so much bullshit in that fight because we had burnt out DragonStorm in terms of combat by the end of this session (but that’s what you get for throwing such bullshit at us).

That bomb though. I thought we’d won when we put the damn thing in a Pokeball and then stuck it in cyberspace, but I guess I was too optimistic. At the very least, we managed to mitigate the damage by turning the warp bomb into a glitch bomb.


I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here as we draw near the end of Volume 2. We only have three or four sessions left.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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