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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix teamed up with Arlon Jett and the Red Suns to find a cyber-weapon planned to be used at the Galactic Governance Conference aboard the GCS Halcyon. During the first two days of the conference, the team discovered the weapon in the possession of Robert Heinkel, a Genevan councilor from New Germany, who also brought a powerful bomb on board. On the third day, the ship was boarded by Captain Lee Heilovic of the Romanov Supremacy and a squad of powerful Knight Commandos and it was revealed that he was in league with Heinkel. The Helix crew and the Red Suns engaged Heilovic and his men and were able to push them back. Resorting to “Plan B,” Heilovic retreated back to the RSS Envy and armed the bomb. The Helix crew and the Red Suns were unable to stop the bomb from going off and were forced to escape from the Halcyon on the UAS Corsair with the cyber-weapon. Before fleeing, the Corsar disabled the Envy’s engines, leaving Heilovic to fall victim to the bomb along with the Halcyon and the Federation Third Fleet.


Silence falls over the bridge of the UAS Corsair. The crew of the Helix and the remaining Red Suns seem unsure of what to do.

Finally, Morgan decides that someone needs to do something. “Do you mind if we contact our ship?” she asks the lieutenants.

“Go right ahead,” Petra tells her. The Romanov woman nods in the direction of the communications console and Morgan walks over to it. The communications crewman steps aside and allows her to call the Helix.


After a few seconds, Minerva’s face appears on the viewscreen. She calmly remains silent. Given the situation, the Helix’s pilot refrains from one of her typical quips. “Minerva?” Morgan asks.

“Mhm?” the pilot responds.

“We need you to come pick us up,” Morgan tells her.

“Alright. Send me your location. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Morgan transmits the Corsair’s coordinates to Minerva, then hangs up. As she turns away from the console, Morgan hears her Pokedex ring. She pulls it out, looks at it briefly, then puts it back in her pocket as she walks away.


Rena enters Arlon’s personal quarters to find him sitting silently on his bed, deep in thought. “Arlon, are you alright?” she asks him.


“I just wish there was more we could have done,” he replies, seeming to have calmed down a bit. “There must have been something we could have done differently.”

“We did everything zat we could,” Rena tells him. She walks up to him and places her hand comfortingly on his shoulder.


Arlon reaches up and places his hand on top of hers. “Sometimes I wonder if we’re doing the right thing. We’ve been chasing this goal for so bloody long but…”

“We ‘ave come too far to give up now. You know zat.”

“I know… I just can’t help but ask myself if I’ve been making the right decisions. We’re so close now, but how many lives have we put in danger to get here? I can’t help but feel like I’m becoming like him…”


“You are not Devlin Garth. Ze fact zat you are asking yourself zat question proves zat you are not ze same person. I think zat Lars would be proud of ze leader zat you ‘ave become.”

“Thanks,” Arlon tells her. He takes her hand in his own and pulls it close to his chest. “That really means a lot.”


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After several hours, the Helix drops out of warp space and hails the Corsair. Arlon joins the Helix crew and the rest of his team on the bridge as the two ships dock with each other. “Leaving so soon?” he asks his former crewmates.

“Not quite,” Morgan tells him. “We just thought it best we let our crew know we’re still alive.”


“Right then,” the Red Suns’ leader responds. “I’ll give you time to get settled in, but we do need to discuss our next plan of action.”

Arlon follows the Helix crew to the airlock where they are greeted by the men that Arlon sent to guard the their ship. “Glad to see you in one piece, boss,” Arlon’s lieutenant, Luke Anderson tells him. “I just wish I coulda been there.”


“There was nothing you could’ve done, mate,” Arlon replies as he taps him on the shoulder. “We were lucky to make it out of there alive.”

“Thanks for looking after the ship,” Morgan chimes in.

“Don’t mention it,” the Alliance mercenary tells her. “The boys and I were happy to look after her for ya. The security systems we installed are yours to keep.”


The Red Suns clear out of the way and allow the Helix crew to return to their ship.

Upon the crew’s return to the Helix, Armstrong and Bill provide them a detailed report on their research over the past few days. Before leaving for the conference, the crew had tasked the scientists with analyzing the Genesect samples they had collected after the battle of Solace Prime.


When he was analyzing the Genesect on his own, H had been unable to stimulate mitosis within the Genesect cells and it had completely halted his research. Armstrong and Bill’s combined analysis not only confirmed that Genesect cells do not go through mitosis, but it also revealed that they do not got through meiosis either. According to the scientists, Genesect cells completely lack any mechanisms for cellular division, although they do have remarkable mechanisms for the repair of existing cells. In short, these ancient life forms have no way of replicating themselves.

This information is quite puzzling to the crew of the Helix. It raises far more questions than it answers. How do Genesect reproduce? Where do they come from? The crew decides that they need to put more research into the ancient Pokemon, but for now they need to focus on the cyber-weapon and Mr. Silver.

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After meeting with Armstrong and Bill, Morgan and Shane meet up with Arlon in the ship’s mess area to discuss their next move.


“First things first,” Arlon says as he places the cyber-weapon on the table. “Let’s figure out how this bloody thing works. You’re the technology people, what do you make of it?”

Shane picks it up off the table and looks at it for a few minutes. “It looks like it can extract data somehow. I’ll know more if I can get inside and have a look.”


“Go ahead, mate,” Arlon tells him. Shane nods, then assumes digital form and jumps into the device.

Inside, Shane finds a masterwork of decryption technology. It seems to do the impossible. He moves down through the device and arrives in what seem to be the main decryption “room.” As he enters, Shane feels a very strange feeling flowing over him. Some sort of mechanism sits at the center of the room doing something. While he is unsure of exactly what is happening, Shane knows that he has never encountered something like this before.


Having seen enough, Shane pops back into the real world. “This… is some pretty advanced software,” he reports to the others. “I’m an AI and even I don’t know how it works. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I don’t think it’s entirely Human-made.”

“Like you?” Morgan asks.


“What have I missed?” Arlon asks.

“It’s… a long story,” Shane tells him. “Let’s just say that in our travels we’ve come across a lot of evidence of a very ancient and highly advanced civilization.”


“And that would explain why this device is so bloody powerful… Right then, we need to figure our next move. We should strike against Mr. Silver sooner rather than later.”

“So what do you suggest?” Morgan asks.

“I’ve got a couple ideas,” Arlon tells her. “Option A: you lot meet with Mr. Silver. While he’s occupied with you, my team and I will sneak to the ship’s mainframe and use the device to hack into his network there. This will divide Silver’s forces, but it will put a lot more heat on us than you. Or we go with Option B: we go in together and stab that bastard right in the bloody face with the device. Those Mr. Mimes he uses… they’re all networked together. This plan will focus all of Silver’s forces in one spot, but with our combined forces we might be able to hold them off a lot better.”


“I like Plan B,” Morgan tells him.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Arlon responds. “There’s just such a personal touch to it. That settles it then; plan B it is. Now we just need to plan to meet with him.”


“I still need to meet with him about that skull…” Morgan says.

“He still hasn’t told you about the bloody skull?”


“Well, at least now you have a reason to meet with him. Schedule a meeting with him and then let us know when and we will try to schedule one in the same timeframe.”


“Will do,” Shane responds.

“Oh, one last thing before I go.” Arlon reaches into his pocket and pulls out a dusk stone. “I bought it back when I was still part of your crew. I thought it might come in handy, but I never caught anything that required it to evolve. My team is set now, so I have no need for it. That girl, what was her name, Alex? She mentioned that she has a Lampent. Having it evolve might be useful for when we confront Mr. Silver.”


“I’ll give it to her,” Morgan tells him. She walks over to Arlon and takes the stone out of his hand.

“Right then, I’d best be off. I’ve got some unfinished business to take care of. Keep in touch.” Arlon departs from the Helix and soon the Corsair detaches and jumps away.


Morgan then contacts Mr. Silver. A comms officer appears on the view screen. “Yes?” he asks.

“We need to arrange a meeting with Mr. Silver,” Morgan tells him.

“State your business.”

“This is the UAS Helix. We’ve done business with Mr. Silver before.”

“And what business do you have to bring to him this time?”

“He promised he would provide information on an artifact I provided for him. He has not yet done so.”


“My employer typically does these things in his own time. What business have you to bring to him on this occasion?”

“We have another artifact for him,” Morgan answers, thinking quickly.

“Do you have visual verification?”

Morgan transmits video feed from the cargo hold of the Gardener Sphere.

“Very well, one moment please.”

The comms officer puts Morgan on hold and an uncomfortable silence falls over the bridge. Five minutes pass before the officer returns.


“Mr. Silver will see you,” the man tells her. “Please arrive at these coordinates at this time.” He transmits the location of a specific ship in the Outer Rim and a date and time exactly one week away, then hangs up.

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Morgan immediately sends this information along to the Corsair. Once that is done, she and Shane plot a course to explore some random planets to pass the time until the meeting with Mr. Silver. Shane then heads off to the warp lab while Morgan goes to look for Alex.

Morgan enters Alex’s room to find it almost completely dark. Alex sits on the floor, slumped up against the wall, clutching her Meowstic tightly. Her Lampent floats by her head, giving off the only light in the room. She hasn’t even bothered to change out of her formalwear from the conference. It’s clear to Morgan that something is troubling the girl.


“Alex, are you okay?” Morgan asks. Alex remains silent. “Arlon and the Red Suns left, but he asked me to give you this.” She holds out the dusk stone that Arlon gave her. Alex glances up at her but doesn’t say anything. Morgan walks over and sits down next to her. “Are you okay?” she asks again.

“I don’t know,” Alex replies.

“I know that… it’s hard… because a lot of people… We did what we could.”

“Loki and Lumiera could have died on that ship… I let them get taken away from me… If we hadn’t got them back when we did…”


“But we got both of them back. That’s what matters. We all watch out for each other. If any of your Pokemon get taken, we’ll be sure to get them back. I know you’d do the same for us.”

“Thanks,” Alex tells her.

Morgan holds out the dusk stone again. “I think you’re really going to need this.”


As Alex reaches out for the stone, her arm passes under the light from Lumiera. Morgan realizes that this is the first time she has seen the girl’s bare forearms as she always wears gloves to cover them up. She notices decorative Sinai writing tattooed on Alex’s right arm, which takes her by surprise.

“When did you get that?” Morgan asks.

“Oh, um… about two years ago,” Alex tells her nervously.

“What does it mean?”

“It’s a reminder…” Alex trails off.

“A reminder of what?”

“I lived in a Sinai monastery for a few years… One of the monks there took me in when I was starving and alone…” She looks back at the tattoo. “It’s something he always used to tell me. I had this done to remind me not to give up…”


“What do you mean?”

“I… It’s because I’ve given up before… You asked me once if I’ve ever done anything I regret...”


“What are you-?” Morgan asks, not sure what Alex means.

The girl holds out both of her arms to Morgan and turns them over. In the dim light Morgan can see a faded, but obviously self-inflicted, pair of scars, one on each of Alex’s wrists. “That’s not the only way I tried either…”


“I’m sorry,” Morgan tells her. “You know that we care about you a lot, right?”


“And we wouldn’t… we would… if you ever… if you ever want to talk to us about anything, it’s okay, alright?”



After leaving Alex’s room, Morgan goes to the warp lab and watches Shane practice with his warp abilities. He starts by creating two spheres of warp from the warp drive. Shane then drops into warp space and slowly drags a tendril of warp from one to the other, thereby connecting the two.


Back outside warp space, Shane tests the portal by throwing an empty Pokeball into one of the tiny warp spheres. The Pokeball travels through the connection and exits the other sphere, landing on the floor with a light clang. Shane attempts to repeat this test, trying to make a similar portal by extending a single sphere of warp into two, but finds the task too difficult with his current powers.

Finally, after a long silence, Morgan speaks up. “So… You don’t remember anything from before they found you, do you?” she asks Shane.


“No,” Shane tells her, only half paying attention as he continues to play around with the Warp. “No, I don’t.”

“So there might be someone out there… looking for you?”

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know… like a family or something.”

Shane just looks at her in confusion.

“I mean, they would be really worried about you, you know, but… it’s not like you could just go back. There are important things we have to do here.”


“Are you okay?” Shane asks, seeing the distress on Morgan’s face. The Warp fizzles out and dissipates as Shane turns his full attention to her.

“What if they don’t even care anymore? It’s not like they ever really cared.”

“This isn’t about me, is it?”

“I guess not.” Morgan pulls out her Pokedex and shows it to Shane. A video plays of a very distraught middle-aged woman who is crying and begging Morgan to come home. The time stamp on the video is only from several hours ago.


“It seems like she cares but… she didn’t really care when I was there,” Morgan continues. “It’s just that here I feel like you guys really need me. I’ve never felt like that before. Sometimes I think I should call her...”

“Wait, you haven’t?” Shane asks.

“It would just… make everything worse. If she knew where I was, I’d never hear the end of it.”


“But still, at the very least, it seems she would like to hear that you’re okay.”

“I think I’d rather just watch you for a while.”

“Morgan, if you don’t do it now, you’re probably gonna put it off for quite a while. I should know about procrastination. I’m in here all the damn time, yet it was only just now that I’ve been able to actually achieve something interesting with the Warp. Usually, I’m just here, staring at it and hoping for something to happen. You actually have to take the initiative and do it yourself.”


Morgan looks torn. She glances nervously back and forth between Shane and her Pokedex for a minute before responding. “I… I don’t know if I can call,” she says with a sigh. “But I’ll let her know I’m alive, at least.” She scurries out of the room before Shane can respond.

The first stop the Helix makes is the Outer Rim world of Ventos. Minerva sets the ship down in the rugged grasslands covering the planet and Morgan, Shane, H, and Alex set out to explore.

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They walk a good distance before coming to an old and twisted tree near a cave entrance. A Delphox sits calmly beneath the tree, gazing out into the rocky plains and a Charmander and a Drilbur lie relaxing inside the cave entrance. A Zigzagoon scampers past, searching the grass for food, catching Alex’s interest. She quickly releases her Meowstic and sends him after it.


“Loki, use Psybeam!” she instructs the Pokemon. The Meowstic blasts the Zigzagoon with a beam of psychic energy, dazing the Pokemon for a brief moment. The Zigzagoon runs around in confusion before locking onto Loki and firing a bunch of spines at him. Only one actually hits the Mesostic, and simply bounces off. “And now to catch it…” Alex pulls out a custom Pokeball she made on the way to the planet and throws it at the Zigzagoon. The ball immediately falls still when it hits the ground.


Seeing this, the Delphox stands up and looks like it’s planning to attack. “C.A.L.I., use Psybeam,” Shane instructs his Inkay in response. The Pokemon fires a beam of energy at the Delphox, but it goes wide and misses the target. The Delphox then throws up a protective screen around itself and the other wild Pokemon like some sort of guardian.

“Herman, use Razor Shell on that Drilbur,” Morgan commands her Dewott. Herman rushes the mole Pokemon and slashes at it with his shell, knocking it out.


“I was planning on catching that,” H tells her.

“Sorry,” Morgan responds unapologetically.

H just shrugs and turns his attention to the Delphox. “#1, use Stomp!” he commands his Pokemon. The Rhyhorn charges at the fox Pokemon and kicks it with his foot. H then follows up his Pokemon’s attack by firing an electric shock wave at the Delphox.


Shane then pulls out a Great Ball and throws it at the Delphox. The ball makes contact and pulls the Pokemon inside. It falls to the ground and begins to shake. Eventually it settles down and the Pokemon is caught. With the Delphox out of the way, Shane and Alex run over to collect their new captures.


“Loki, use Disarming Voice!” Alex commands her Meowstic after collecting the Pokemon she captured. Loki runs up the Charmander and screeches at it, doing a bit of damage to it. In response, the Charmander attempts to bite Loki with its fiery fangs, but the Meowstic quickly dodges out of the way.

“Herman, use Fury Cutter,” Morgan instructs her Dewott. The Pokemon slashes at the Charmander again and whittles it down a little further. Morgan then pulls out a Great Ball and throws it at the Pokemon while Shane recalls his Inkay and sends out his Amaura. The Charmander attempts to dodge out of the way of the incoming ball, but it makes contact with its tail and pulls it inside. The ball shakes a few times, then the Charmander busts out.


The crew continues to beat up on the Charmander, then Shane has his Amaura immobilize the Pokemon with Thunder Wave. Morgan then pulls out her last ball and throws it at the Pokemon. This time she is successful and captures the Charmander.

Deciding there is not much left to see on Ventos, the crew heads back to the Helix, then the ship heads off toward its next destination.


The next planet the Helix visits is the Federation world Märchenwald, an uninhabited planet known for its thick and mysterious forests. Minerva sets the ship down in a large clearing and the crew heads out into the dense woods for more exploration.

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After walking through the forest for a while, the crew hears a rustling sound. Alex runs ahead to check it out and finds herself in an open clearing. A Venusaur lies sleeping against a strange looking rock with a face carved into it in the center of the clearing. A Togetic frantically flaps around in the air. Alex pulls out a Pokeball and releases her Meowstic as the other start to catch up.


“Loki, use Psychic!” Alex instructs her Pokemon. The Meowstic fires a powerful blast of psychic energy a the Venusaur and wakes it up. The large Pokemon stands up and roars, looking quite angry. It charges at Loki, but the Meowstic dodges out of the way. Alex notices the face on the rock appears to shift to a frown. Seeing the Venusaur wake up, the Togetic begins flapping more frantically and attempts to put it back to sleep.


Sensing something off with this place, Morgan moves in and prepares to attack the Venusaur with her psychic abilities. “No!” Alex shouts as Morgan fires off a blast of energy. She quickly pulls out a Pokeball and throws it at the Venusaur. The ball pulls the Pokemon inside, saving it from the attack. It shakes a couple times, then falls still.

Suddenly, the rock starts glowing brightly and the Togetic starts getting even more frantic. The face on the rock shifts once again to a face of rage. “Guys, we should leave,” Morgan says to her crewmates. “That rock is alive!” A ghostly face rises up from the rock, revealing itself to be a Spiritomb.


“Loki, use Light Screen!” Alex shouts to her Meowstic in response. The Pokemon throws up a protective barrier around himself and the others.

Once again seeing the face, Morgan orders her new Charmander to attack. “Blaise, use Fire Fang!” The Charmander rushes at the Spiritomb and takes a nasty bite out of it, leaving the ghostly Pokemon dazed and burned.


The panicked Togetic looks at Loki and fires a ball of shadowy energy at the Meowstic, seemingly blaming the Pokemon for angering the Spiritomb. The attack makes contact, but Loki’s barrier dampens the damage.

“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon!” Shane commands his Klefki as he points at the Togetic. The Pokemon fires a blast of bright light at the Togetic and delivers a pretty nasty blow to the Pokemon. H then pulls out a Pokeball and loads it into his Pokeball cannon. He takes aim at the Togetic and fires. The ball slams into the Togetic and pulls it inside. The ball shakes only once before the Togetic bursts out of it. Shane then pulls out a Dusk Ball and throws it at the Spiritomb. Unfortunately, his throw goes wide and he completely misses the Pokemon.


“Loki, use Disarming Voice!” Alex commands her Meowstic. The Pokemon runs up to the panicked Togetic and screeches at it, but it doesn’t really seem to do anything.

“Blaise, use Toxic!” Morgan instructs her recently caught Charmander. The Pokemon spits a blast of toxic ooze at the Togetic and poisons it. The Togetic responds by firing a blast of rocks at the Charmander.


“#1, use Chip Away!” H commands his Pokemon. The Rhyhorn charges at the Togetic and slams into it, dealing a very powerful blow.

Shane and H both attempt their captures again and, this time, both of them are successful. The crewmembers run over to collect their new captures, then they all head back to the ship.


The final planet the Helix visits before their meeting with Mr. Silver is the heavily urban Federation world Nerva in the neighboring system to Märchenwald. Nerva is a cold, snowy marsh world but, despite the harsh climate, several large metropolises cover the planet’s surface. Minerva docks the ship in a spaceport in one such city and the crew heads out to do some shopping and look for more Pokemon.


The crew wanders through the city and eventually ends up in a marshy park where they can look for Pokemon. They wander through the park and eventually come across a Smoochum and a Snorunt playing with each other and a Quagsire relaxing in a nearby pond.

Alex quickly captures the Snorunt and then hangs back to watch the others battle the remaining Pokemon. The fight doesn’t last very long and Morgan easily captures the Smoochum while Shane knocks out the Quagsire.


After the battle the crew travels to the nearest shopping center. H buys some supplies for his lab and also purchases a shiny stone which he uses to evolve his newly caught Togetic into a Togekiss. Alex also buys a dawn stone off of Morgan and uses it to evolve her newly caught Snorunt into a Froslass.

The crew then stops by Nerva’s Wonder Trade Center. Morgan trades away her Grovyle and receives a Stunky. Dmitri trades away his Slugma and receives a Murkrow. H, with the assistance of Shane, trades away both his Beedrill and his Numel and receives a Bidoof and a Marill in return. Before heading back to the ship, the crew makes on last stop to look for a move tutor to teach some of their Pokemon some better moves. The move tutor, known as Diane Stone, impresses the crew with her skill, and they decide to hire her on full time aboard the Helix.


Once back aboard, the crew sets a course back to the Outer Rim.

To Mr. Silver.

Session Notes: Random-Roaming-Robot (Dmitri’s player) was at Anime Boston this weekend and wasn’t able to make it so we had another “filler” session. H’s player was also late this week so he missed out on some of the opening RP.


Obviously, the first thing we had to do was contact the Helix and let them know we’re still alive. After all that went down, I’m sure they were wondering what happened to us.

The scene between Arlon and Rena didn’t actually happen in game but it was something I felt I should add since it’s kind of important to giving him some character development even though he’s not really my character anymore. He and Rena are definitely a thing if that wasn’t obvious. It had actually come up once back in Volume 1. Random-Roaming-Robot had asked if they had history after the Garth interrogation in session 11 and I was just like “probably.”


H’s player arrived while we were studying the cyber-weapon and making a plan on how to use it. For you computer science people reading, DragonStorm basically said that the weapon essentially uses some ancient technology bullshit to make P=NP true and break all encryption, which I thought was kind of funny.

The real important RP this session, or at least I think so, were the scenes between Morgan and Alex, and Morgan and Shane. Both scenes gave us a good insight into Alex and Morgan’s backstories respectively. I’d mentioned several times that Alex has a pretty dark backstory. If it wasn’t obvious, yes, Alex hit rock bottom at some point and did attempt to take her own life. Obviously she’s still here but this may change the others’ perceptions of her. I’ve been waiting for most of the volume to reveal this detail but I didn’t find the right moment until now.


Now on to Pokemon catching! We just went to a bunch of randomly generated planets to fill out the session and catch some Pokemon and earn some EXP along the way! I’m glad to have caught some Pokemon within the level range of my main team. I don’t want to lose any Pokemon, but it’s good to know that in the event I do lose one I will have somthing I won’t need to train up. A funny thing happened on the second planet. How we usually do wild Pokemon searches is that we all roll a d20 and then whoever gets the highest gets to roll the d100 to determine what we find. I rolled the highest, but the other three each rolled a 6. Rolling 666 just before a fight with a Spiritomb just seems fitting.

Enough rambling from me. Next week, we reach the end of Volume 2! It’s gonna be a fun one and I look forward to sharing the tale with you! Also be sure to check out ClarissaGavin’s next installment of Meanwhile..., a supplementary series following her character, Morgan.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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