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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The UAS Helix crashed on Vandia! While assessing the damage, the crew met a strange teenage girl named Alex who began following them around, much to their displeasure. However, she did happen to see Gilgamesh when he visited the planet. Posing as a tour guide, Alex led the the crew and several tourists around the ruins that Gilgamesh visited which gave them a good lead on where the monk was headed next. With their ship nearly fully repaired, the crew of the Helix prepare to depart Vandia to pursue Gilgamesh.


Alex follows the crew of the crashed ship back to the landing site where the ship is now ready to take off once again. It still seems to Alex like they are trying to get rid of her which is a bit of a problem for her. These people are her best chance to finally get some answers to her many questions.

“I want to go with you,” Alex tells the crew as they begin to board their ship.

“I don’t think we should take her with us,” the guy with the Romanov accent says to his crewmates.


“I don’t either,” the mean girl agrees,

“Sorry kid,” the blue-haired guy tells Alex. “You’re not coming with us.”

They turn and board the ship, leaving Alex behind.

“I am not staying on this planet,” Alex says to herself. She looks around for a way to sneak aboard the ship. She notices a broken section of the hull and manages to slip in, just sliding through the airlock before it closes.


Wandering around the ship, Alex finds her way to the bridge and notices everyone is there. Probably not the place to be just yet. Luckily for her, they don’t notice her and she is able to slip away again. She finds her way back to the labs and from there ends up by the personal crew quarters. Four of the doors are locked tight but the fifth is open and is pretty much empty.

The ship starts to rumble as it takes off and Alex gets knocked into the room. Regaining her balance, Alex sits down on the bed and holds on tight while the ship breaks out of the atmosphere. Once things settle down, she gets up and looks out the viewport.

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“Wow…” Alex says in wonder as she looks out into space. She reaches for a Pokeball on her belt and releases her Umbreon, who she then picks up off the ground and holds up to the view port. “Check it out Ebony, we’re in space!” The Umbreon reaches out and attempts to bat at the viewport with her paw. “Isn’t it cool?” Alex asks her Pokemon.


Suddenly the ship makes the jump to warp space and the Umbreon starts squirming, kind of freaked out by the strange sight. “Calm down girl, I think we jumped to warp space or whatever it’s called. It can’t hurt you in here. C’mon, let’s go check out the rest of the ship.” Alex and Ebony wander through the ship, passing through the shield room and the cafeteria before ending up back in the labs again.

“This door looks interesting,” Alex says to her Umbreon, referring to the secured door she saw when she was on the ship the first time. “Let’s see what’s going on in here.” She prys the keypad off the wall and is quickly able to hotwire the door to open as she is quite skilled with technology.


The door slides open and Alex steps inside. The room is pretty empty except for the back wall which is lined with cryotubes. Two of them contain what look like some kind of cybernetic insect Pokemon. “Woah, it’s like out of a movie or something” Alex says aloud. “What’s going on here?” She hacks into the computer nearby and starts perusing the data on these creatures. “Genesect, huh? These are like cyborg murder machines! Why do they have these here?”


Suddenly, Alex hears clanking footsteps outside the room. “Oh, shit.” She quickly recalls her Umbreon and looks for a place to hide. She squeezes behind the empty cryotube before realizing that it’s transparent and not actually hiding her. The guy Blue called H runs into the room and sees her and thinks she is inside the tube.

“Get out of there! What are you doing in there?!” He runs over to the console he starts opening the tube.


“H what are you doing? She’s behind the tube,” Blue says as he enters the room.

“She’s in my cryotube! She needs to get out of the cryotube!”

Blue reaches behind the tube and pulls Alex out. She tries to kick him to break free, but she is unable to land a blow. “Let go of me!” She shouts at him.


“Oh,” says H, realizing that Alex is, in fact, not inside the cryotube.

Alex grabs two Pokeballs off her belt and out pop her Umbreon and her Lampent, causing Blue to release her.


“No, no, no. Not in here. Not in here!” H shouts. “Move! Out! Now! Any form of damage the Genesect endure… There’s a reason this door is locked!”

Alex starts backing out of the room, keeping her Pokemon between her and them. The two follow her and with each step they take toward her she takes another step away. Eventually they end up in the cargo hold. Blue suddenly vanishes and reappears behind Alex.


“What the hell?” Alex asks in distress. She positions herself between her Pokemon with Lampent staring down Blue who has sent out a Kelfi and Umbreon looking at H who has sent out a Helioptile.

“Lumiera, Flame Burst!” Alex shouts, pointing at the Klefki. The Lampent launches a small jet of blue flame at the Klefki. The burst hits it dead on and knocks it out. “Hah,” Alex says, a smirk appearing on her face.


Just then the Romanov runs into the room and throws out a Pokeball. A Gyarados bursts out, its long form wrapping around some nearby crates.


“Go #6, use your Thundershock on the Lampent!” H commands his Helioptile. The Pokemon nods and charges up some electricity which it then blasts at the ghostly lamp.

“Ebony, use Faint Attack!” Alex commands her Umbreon. She charges into the Helioptile and the two bash into the side of a nearby crate.


H starts charging up some electricity in his arm to power up his next attack. Suspecting this, Alex runs up to him and confides a secret in him, one that deeply unsettles him. “The zombie Pokemon are coming. You should be afraid.” He is so disturbed that he grapples his feet to the ceiling and pulls himself up to escape and continue commanding his Pokemon from out of Alex’s reach.

“Quick, now use Flame Burst Lumiera!” Alex tells her Lampent. The ghostly lamp Pokemon sends another lick of flame, this time at the Helioptile which is just now getting up after being slammed into the crate, and takes it out of commission. A smug look crosses Alex’s face as she feels she is close to victory. It is quickly wiped away however, as Blue sends out a Clefable.


“R.A.G.E., use Dazzling Gleam on that Umbreon!” A brilliant blast of light flies out from the Clefable and crashes into Ebony. The Umbreon takes the hit but she looks worn down.

“Ness, Waterfall,” The Romanov instructs his Gyarados. The massive sea beast rears its head up in the air and then crashes its weight down on Lumiera, knocking the Lampent out of the fight.


“No!” Alex yells, now very distraught. One second it seemed like she was close to clinching victory and the next she was totally outnumbered! “Ebony, Faint Attack that monster!” She shouts, pointing at the massive Gyarados in front of her.

The Umbreon runs at the Gyarados and leaps into the air, crashing into the side of his head, knocking the giant Pokemon to the ground. The Gyarados picks itself back up and lets out a thunderously angry roar. It is clearly very pissed off.


But not as pissed off as H. Rage burns in his eyes as he sends a blast of electricity down from the ceiling, zapping Alex. Her body spasms as waves of electricity flow through her body. She falls to her knees, looking rather shaken from the attack.


“R.A.G.E., use Sing!” Shane commands his Clefable. The Clefable hums a soothing melody that puts Ebony to sleep. Defeated, Alex recalls her Pokemon. “How did I lose?”

Morgan sits on the bridge, quite focused on her work. Gilgamesh had clearly gone to Vandia and investigated the star map. If she can just decipher it she will be able to find Gilgamesh. She had been so intent on solving this puzzle that she hadn’t noticed that Shane or Dmitri had gone missing from the bridge. Her concentration is finally broken when she hears Dmitri’s voice over the comms.


“Morgan, you might want to come down to the cargo bay.”

“What? What do you want?” Morgan asks, quite annoyed by the interruption.

“Just get down here.”


Morgan makes her way down to the cargo hold and the site she sees when she gets there sends her over the edge. “How did she get in here!?”


“Do not know,” says H, charging up for another shot. “But she will not be here much longer!”

“H. Please don’t do that,” Morgan tells him.

“She’ll just be unconscious. She will feel nothing when jettisoned into space.”

A look of horror appears on Alex’s face and she reaches for her other Pokeballs and starts backing away.


“H,” Morgan says sternly. “It’s wrong to kill people no matter how much we may hate them.”

“But she broke into our stuff. And we killed the people who shot at us earlier. We’ve been killing a lot. It’s what we do whether we accept it or not. Now let’s knock her unconscious! I will not have my perfection disturbed!”


“No,” says Shane, teleporting himself between H and Alex, looking H right in the eye.



“Stop it H,” Morgan says coldly, sending out her Pikachu.

“As much as we wouldn’t like her on board,” says Shane. “She is now so… unfortunately, she’s staying.”


“And she will soon be off.”

“You remember how well that worked with me, don’t you?”

“Well yes, but you’re my rival and I refuse to have multiple rivals unless something else changes, but at the moment I only have one rival.”


And with that, H grapples back up to the ceiling and charges up another blast of electricity. Seeing this, Alex turns and runs at full speed but it is not enough.

“No!” Morgan yells at H as the lightning strikes Alex in the back. “Jean, Volt Tackle now!”


Alex lets out an excruciatingly pained scream of anguish before collapsing on the ground unconscious. Jean slams into H, his numerous cybernetic augmentations overloading and shutting down due to the volts of electricity now coursing through them. With his magnetic feet shut down, H falls from the ceiling and lands on his head and is knocked unconscious.

“Shane, Dmitri, restrain him,” Morgan instructs her crewmates. “I’ll take her to the medbay.”


Morgan quickly rushes Alex to the medbay where she is greeted by the new medical bot that she created. “Greetings master Morgan. How may I assist you?” it asks in its computerized voice.

“MARIA, access identity logs,” Morgan instructs as she lays Alex on the table. “Register new person. Name: Alex. Priority: 3. Assist. Administer sedatives, keep asleep as long as medically advisable.”


Once MARIA gets to work, Morgan decides it’s a good time to look through Alex’s things to see if she can find out anything about their new passenger. Looking through Alex’s bag, Morgan comes across various Pokeball parts, Pokeballs, potions, and a Pokedex.

Meanwhile in the lab, Dmitri and Shane have restrained H and secured him to a pole so that he can’t harm Alex. He starts coming to, and he looks angry.


“Where did she go?”

“None of your business,” Shane tells him coldly.

“Of course it’s my business. She messed with my business so I will mess with her business.”


Back in the medbay, Morgan begins searching through Alex’s Pokedex for additional information about her. The Dex is registered to an Alexandria Hawthorne, a sixteen year-old girl of mixed Genevan and Sinai parentage. Based on the files on the Pokedex, including bits of old news articles and Alex’s personal journal entries, Morgan pieces together that Alex is the daughter of Dr. Robert Hawthorne, a renowned Genevan archaeologist, one of the best in his field. He mysteriously vanished around twelve years ago. Morgan was only eight at the time, but, being from Geneva herself, she remembers it being a big deal in the news. It seems like Alex has been almost entirely on her own since then.

“That explains why this girl is so maladjusted,” Morgan says to herself. She now feels quite sorry for Alex.


Looking through a few more journal entries, Morgan discovers that Alex has been pursuing leads about her father’s disappearance. She recently discovered that he had been looking for something known as “the Mirror” at the time of his disappearance. This lead had convinced Alex that she needed to leave Vandia to find answers.

“That explains why she snuck onto the ship,” Morgan mumbles. She glances over at the girl, still lying unconscious on the table. They are going to have a very serious conversation when she wakes up.


Session Notes: Guys, why are you being so mean? Guys, I’m just trying to join the party. GUYS!


Goddamn they did not want to accept a new character. RP is getting in the way of the plot! The entire session was spent trying to join the party and technically I still haven’t joined it. Apparently the other characters are very resistant to bringing new people into the fold. Where’s Arlon Jett when you need him? I bet Shane wouldn’t have made it on the party without him! He would recognize and appreciate Alex’s resourcefulness and I don’t just say that because I play both characters.

All that aside, it was great to get back to this campaign! As I said in the last chapter, I think my new character will prove more interesting than my last. I really put in the effort to make her much more interesting and fun than Arlon was.


We experimented with recording the entire session to assist with writing these write-ups here. I think it really helped me to produce a tighter narrative. It’s starting to feel more like a story than just the transcription of a TRPG session. I’m hoping with more feedback from you guys I can continue to make these better reads!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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