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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The UAS Helix traveled to the planet Vandia in the Togan System in Sinai space looking for the gym leader Gilgamesh. On approach to the planet, the Helix was engaged by unknown hostiles. The crew successfully destroyed the enemy ship but crash-landed on the planet as a result of the battle. On the planet they met a strange teenaged street orphan named Alex who had seen Gilgamesh when he was on the planet. Posing as a tour guide, Alex led the crew and several tourists through the ruins Gilgamesh explored which provided them a strong lead on his location. Despite efforts to keep her out of their business, Alex managed to sneak aboard the Helix before it left Vandia. When Alex was discovered on the Helix, snooping around the cryo lab where the Genesect specimens were being stored, H, Shane, and Dmitri engaged her in a Pokemon battle. After Alex was defeated, an enraged H would have killed her if not for quick intervention from the rest of the crew. It has now been a few days since the incident and the wounded Alex still lies unconscious in the med bay…


“The Romanov Crisis continues! The conflict, ongoing for several months now, continues to escalate, expanding to Romanov territories in the Outer Rim! The radicalist group appears to be growing in power, fighting with new weapons and ships unfamiliar to Federation military analysts.”

The sounds of the news reports could be heard on the UAS Helix for the past few days now. Ever since the Battle of Solace Prime, the Romanov Union had been quite unstable. The radicalist faction responsible for the Genesect attack had been rapidly growing in strength and at this point the galactic superpower had broken out into civil war.

The Helix had been docked on the Federation metropolis world of Delphyne for several days as the crew was sorting out their business and preparing to travel to the location depicted on the star map on Vandia. While they had been attempting to pinpoint the exact coordinates of the location the star map was pointing to, so far they had only been able to narrow it down to Sector 18 in the Outer Rim. Unfortunately, getting there is shaping up to be a bit dicey.


“This just in! Romanov Union forces have been overrun by rebels in Outer Rim Sector 18! Several naval installations have been captured!”

The latest reports on the conflict indicated that fighting had broken out in Sector 18, a region of the Outer Rim bordering on Romanov space home to several large Romanov naval bases. The area the star map points to is on the far end of the sector, but in order to get there, the Helix needs to fly through an area of space now under the control of the Romanov radicalists.


Morgan stands in the med bay watching as MARIA tends to the injured Alex lying on the medical table, thinking over the star map and the Romanov Crisis. It has been a couple of days since H had tried to kill Alex, and, since that time, Morgan, Dmitri, and Shane, agreed that the girl would be allowed to stay on the ship with them. She had proven herself to be a skilled Pokemon trainer and quite knowledgeable when it comes to Pokeballs, not to mention the fact that she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. They had also tried to reason with H, but he could not be dissuaded from attempting to kill Alex so they had left him tied up in the lab.

“-In pain?” Alex hears Morgan ask as she begins to come to. MARIA looks up from Alex, who has just opened her eyes. “Highly probable,” the medical bot states. “Sensors indicate subject is regaining awareness. Life signs indicate the subjective experience of pain.”


“Can’t you give her any more pain medicine?” Morgan asks.

“That treatment is contraindicated. Further dosage of analgesics may interfere with assessment of neurological function. Do you wish to proceed?”


“No. That’s alright.”

Alex, of course, is way too out of it to know if she is experiencing pain, or to fully grasp the conversation Morgan is having with the medical bot. Still experiencing the residual effects of the pain meds and sedatives, the girl is not in a very coherent state of mind. After blinking a few times, Alex realizes that there is a scary robot hovering over her. She flails her arms around and tries to push the machine away from her.


“Hey stop it! It’s trying to help you,” Morgan tells Alex, trying to calm her down. MARIA moves back and the girl stops flailing around.

“Where am I?” Alex asks Morgan.

“In the med bay. Do you remember? H tried to… hit you with lightning.”

“He tried to kill me!” Alex shouts, recalling the terrifying moment, H running along the ceiling, lighting blasting out of his hands.


“Calm down. He isn’t here. We won’t let him hurt you,” Morgan reassures Alex. “Now hold on, let MARIA do its job first.”

“Please, follow the light with your eyes,” the medical bot instructs Alex as it approaches her again.


“Tests indicate no damage to neurological function,” the bot declares after assessing Alex. While she may be a bit loopy from the drugs, she has not suffered any irreversible brain trauma.

Alex attempts to get up, but, due to the drugs, she starts wobbling around, unable to balance. Morgan quickly grabs her to keep her from following over and sits her down on the table.


“Hey don’t get up yet,” Morgan tells her. “You’re still on some pretty serious meds.”

Before they can talk any further, there is a knock on the door. Morgan opens the door and sees Shane dragging an unconscious H with him.


“What the fuck!?” Morgan screams.

“Looks like we have someone else to attend to,” Shane tells her.

“Oh my God, I guess so…” Morgan sighs. “What the hell?”

“Alex, don’t freak out,” Morgan tells Alex as Shane starts dragging H into the med bay.


“No! Get him away from me!” Alex starts screaming. “He’s gonna kill me! He’s gonna kill me!”

She attempts to get up and run away but Morgan prevents her and pushes her back down to a sitting position. “He’s unconscious. It’s okay. He’s not going to wake up. It’s okay.”


“It looks like he tried to escape earlier and it didn’t work out,” Shane tells them.

“Okay. You get him on the table and I’ll get her out of here,” Morgan replies. She then helps Alex stand up and leads her to the crew quarters.


“This is going to be your room,” Morgan tells Alex as she brings her into Arlon’s old room and sits her down on the bed. “We’ve been talking about it and we decided you can probably stay on the ship once we deal with H.”


“Yes. You seem to be pretty skilled with Pokeballs and as long as there are a few rules we can settle first, you can stay on the ship.”


“Oh my God, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Alex squeals, still very much under the influence of the medication, and squeezes Morgan in a tight hug.

“Yes. Okay. You’re welcome. Just try to calm down,” Morgan tells her, trying to get her to let go. Alex relaxes her grip and Morgan is able to get her to sit down again. “Now like I said, we’re going to have to lay out some rules, but it’s not a conversation you’re in a state of mind to have right now so just… stay here for a while so I can go deal with H.”


Morgan returns to the med bay and has MARIA get H all patched up but doesn’t bother with pain meds because she feels he doesn’t deserve them. Morgan already didn’t like H and the fact that he tried to kill Alex even after she and Shane repeatedly told him to stand down had really pissed her off. On top of all that, H had put himself in this situation by trying to escape, so she really has no sympathy for him at all.

With most of the business on the ship taken care of, Morgan, Shane, and Dmitri head out into the sprawling cityscape of Delphyne to continue working towards their other objective on this planet. Not only had the Helix come to Delphyne for repairs and supplies, but also for a pilot. With Arlon gone, the crew is in desperate need of a good pilot. Shane had been doing well enough while they were traveling around at a leisurely pace, but if they are going to be flying through potentially hostile space they feel that they need someone with a bit more skill and finesse.

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A Federation world such as Delphyne is the perfect place to recruit a pilot. The Helix crew had already met with several potential candidates, but so far none had the exact qualifications they were looking for. Today the crew has three more to meet with and they are really hoping that one of them will work out. Returning once more to The Spacebar, the local cantina where they had been interviewing the pilots, they enter hoping for the best.


“I am Nikolai Alkaev,” the first candidate introduces himself. The large bearded Romanov man is quite an imposing figure, his face covered in scars. “I am mercenary. I have seen much combat.”

“Great…” says Shane, not feeling very impressed. “Can you fly a ship?”

“Yes. I am pilot. I have flown many ships. Romanov. Alliance. Genevan.”

“Right… Well we’re going to meet with a few others first and then get back to you,” Morgan tells him.


As the Mercenary walks away the three look at each other and shake their heads.

“Can we even trust this guy?” Shane asks.

“I don’t think so,” Dmitri tells him. “I mean, he just looks sketchy.”

“Yeah,” Shane agrees. “Let’s see if the next guy is any good.”

The next candidate looks a lot less menacing to say the least. An Alliance man of average build with his short blond hair neatly combed back. He extends his hand for a handshake as he approaches the Helix crew at their table.


“Flight Lieutenant David Matthews,” he introduces himself as he shakes hands with Dmitri.

“So you’re military?” Morgan asks.

“Former Alliance Navy. I retired after completing my tour of duty. I served aboard the UAS Stalwart, Alliance third fleet.”


“So you have strong knowledge of Alliance ships then?” Shane asks. “I assume flying an Alliance civilian frigate should be no problem for you.”

“Of course not. I have flown quite a few since I retired. If you hire me, I am sure I will prove myself to be an effective pilot and loyal employee.”


“Sounds good,” Morgan tells him. “But we do have one more person we would like to meet with first.”

“I understand,” Matthews tells her as he gets up from the table. “I wish you the best of luck in finding a pilot, even if you don’t hire me.”


“He seemed nice,” Dmitri observes as Matthews walks away.

“And he has naval pilot training,” Shane chimes in.

“He could be a good option,” says Morgan. “But this freelance pilot we’re meeting with is supposed to be really good.”


“So, I hear you need a pilot,” the third candidate says as she takes a seat at the table. The Genevan woman’s piercing blue eyes look at each of the crew as she appraises her potential employers. “The name’s Minerva Ljungström, and I do consider myself to be a damn good pilot. So the question isn’t really whether or not you want me to be your pilot, because you want me to be your pilot, but rather, do I want to work for you?”

The meeting goes on for quite a while as Minerva lays out a long list of requests and requirements. She has a medical condition and proceeds to grill the crew on whether or not their ship has the proper facilities to manage it and if they have the proper paperwork to carry the specific medication she requires, and so forth. She also lists off several other personal requirements. She seems rather high maintenance, but the crew decides that she is worth the investment and offer to hire her. However, she doesn’t seem that impressed.


“So why should I work for you?” she asks.

“Well, we’re heroes of the galaxy.” Dmitri says.

“And what’s that got to do with me? You saying I’m gonna be some big fancy hero then?”


“Well, sure,” Mogan tells her.

“Yeah we’re hunting down those responsible for the attack on Solace Prime,” Dmitri tells her.


“So it’s dangerous work then?” Minerva asks, sounding skeptical.

“Yeah, it can be dangerous,” Morgan tells her. “But we’ll pay you well and we’ll meet all your needs without asking questions. Isn’t that enough?”


“If you pilot for us, you’re going to have one really, really interesting adventure,” Shane tells her. “And you’re going to enjoy it.”

“I charge extra for dangerous work.”

“Hopefully it won’t be dangerous too often,” Shane reassures her.

“Look, we’re really just looking for someone to get us where we need to go,” Dmitri tells Minerva. “We’re going to be doing the bulk of the dangerous work.”


“Is this something illegal?”

“No,” Morgan tells her. “If you see us doing anything illegal you can leave.”

“Alright, now for the big question,” Minerva says. “Do you have Federation approval to have all the equipment and medication I need on your ship?”


“Yes,” Shane tells her, rather unconvincingly.

“Do you really have all the facilities I need?”

“We do have the facilities,” Morgan says. “We can give you a tour of the ship if you want.”


“Alright then,” Minerva agrees.

Morgan, Dmitri, and Shane bring Minerva back to the Helix and give her a tour, showing her their wide array of labs. She seems quite impressed with the facilities.


“Well then,” Minerva says, eyeing the security door to the cryo lab. “What are some of these?”

“One of our crew is a… very talented scientist,” Shane tells her. “And he stores his more… delicate samples in there.”


“I see,” Minerva says. “I’ll need my own specialized room of course. For my medical equipment and sleeping pod.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Shane tells her as he leads her to one of the Helix’s many unused rooms.


“This will do,” she tells Shane after looking over the room. “Alright, you’ve got yourself a deal.”

With Minerva on board to pilot the Helix, she begins to get all her equipment moved onto the ship and set up in her room. In the meantime, Dmitri heads out to try his luck on the Wonder Trade Network again and Morgan and Shane check up on H in the med bay.


H wakes up in a lot of pain to find Morgan glaring at him.

“You are such an idiot,” Morgan scolds him.

“Not exactly,” H grunts through the pain. “By definition I’m smart, which means I’m not an idiot.”


“I’m sorry, whose definition is that anyway?” Shane asks him.

“It’s the definition of being the chosen one.”

“Right… This bullshit again.”

“Now look,” Morgan tells H, getting back on track. “We’ve already decided that Alex gets to stay on the ship. You never know, she might even be helpful.”


“Wonderful…” H sighs, clearly frustrated with this decision.

“Also,” Shane tells him. “While you were out we fixed the ship and hired a pilot and we took your share out of your funds.”


“Great. More good news… I’m going back to sleep now.”

With H more or less taken care of, Morgan goes to the Pokeball workshop and collects various parts and brings them to Alex’s room. When she gets there, she finds Alex asleep on her bed, her arms around her Umbreon, who is snuggled up against her. Even Morgan can’t help but feel a little warm and fuzzy inside after seeing this sight. As much as she would like to let Alex rest, Morgan knows that it’s important that Alex prove her usefulness to H so that he stops trying to kill her.


“Alex, wake up,” she says, tapping the sleeping girl on the shoulder.

“Huh?” Alex says as she wakes. She sits up, and looks at Morgan. She looks a bit groggy, but it is clear that she is no longer loopy from the medication.


“I’ve brought you some Pokeball parts,” Morgan explains. “I know it sounds silly, but if you can show H what you can do with Pokeballs he might stop trying to kill you.”

“So I just need to make a super awesome Pokeball and he’ll leave me alone? Why did nobody tell me this sooner!?”


“Because you were unconscious.”

“Oh… Right.”

“Okay. I’ll leave you to work.”

Morgan then joins the rest of the crew at the bridge as the Helix begins to take off. Minerva gracefully brings the ship up and flies it off into space. A short flight to the gate later and the Helix is flung into warp space, en route to Sector 18.


When the Helix drops out of warp space in front of the Sector 18 gate, the ship is greeted by an array of red and black heavy cruisers mounted with high tech plasma rams on the front. Lines of superheated plasma run along the edge of each ship, giving the appearance of a giant sword. Those on the bridge recognize them as radicalist Romanov ships. The ships detect the Helix and begin turning, surprising quickly for heavy cruisers, toward it.


They seem to be moving to surround the ship, attempting to intimidate the crew. They appear to be lining up to prevent the Helix from jumping past them. They send a warning signal warning the frigate to head back through the gate.

Shane, seated in the co-pilot seat, turns to Minerva. “Remember when I said things would get interesting?” he asks her.


Minerva glances over at him and raises an eyebrow. Shane’s mark starts glowing and a burning cold runs up his arm as he briefly pulls the ship into warp space, then drops it back out on the other side of the blockade.

“What the hell did you just do?” Minerva asks, quite shocked at what she had just witnessed.


“I can explain later. For now just warp us out of here.”

“Uh. Your ship still thinks you’re in warp space.”

“What?” Shane asks. He checks the computer; it seems that his little stunt overheated the warp drive. “Damn. Forget warp for now, just go as fast as you can away from them.”


“Can do boss,” Minerva says as she cranks the engines to maximum and tries to put as much distance as she can between the Helix and the radicalist ships.

In the meantime, the radicalist ships start turning around. It took them a few seconds to figure out what happened but they are now quickly and gracefully turning to pursue the Helix.


Mogan, Dmitri, and Shane rush down to the warp drive to asses the situation. Dmitri’s Metang, which has been serving as the ship’s psychic navigator appears to be quite dazed, and the metal parts of the warp drive are glowing red.

“Get your Metang out of there,” Shane tells Dmitri. “I have an idea.”

Shane sends out his Bergmite while Dmitri recalls Metang.

“F.R.O.S.T., use Icy Wind to cool the warp drive down!” Shane instructs his Pokemon. The Bergmite sends a blast of cold wind at the drive and the metal pieces start to glow a duller color and a layer of frost forms over parts of it. Morgan then brushes the ice off to prevent lasting damage.


“Alright, let’s see if that worked,” says Shane. “Dmitri put another of your Pokemon in there.”

“Right. Houdini, we need you to be our psychic navigator,” Dmitri says as he sends out his Kadabra. The Pokemon enters the warp drive and starts powering it up.


“Whatever you did down there worked,” Minerva tells them over to comms. “Ten minutes till we can jump. Those ships are closing in fast though. It’s a good thing you hired me. A lesser pilot wouldn’t be able to evade them.”

Morgan, Shane, and Dmitri return to the bridge and see the radicalist ships have really closed the gap. Minerva delicately weaves the Helix around them to keep them from closing the ship in. They appear to be going in for a capture as opposed to blowing them up, which is good news for the Helix.


“Hell of a first day, huh?” Shane says to Minerva as she breaks away from their pursuers.

“Yeah. The ship’s ready to jump, where to boss?”

“Far side of the sector,” Morgan tells her. “Anywhere.”

“Anywhere it is!” Minerva says as the Helix launches into warp space. “If we come out on the other end in the middle of a sun, don’t blame me.”


Session Notes: This was an interesting session. DragonStorm, our GM, and Shane’s player were both participating in Global Game Jam so we legitimately played in the middle of the library where all the students in the university that were participating in Game Jam were working on their games. Shane’s player’s group had finished but DragonStorm’s group was still working on commits and merges in their version control when we started. He was running this session on like no sleep! In the next chapter, you will see what really happens when a sleep-deprived DragonStorm runs a session!


So you met our new pilot! My old character, Arlon Jett was the previous pilot but since he is no longer a part of the party, we needed a new one. DragonStorm generated for us three random NPCs of various piloting skill, hiring price, and personality. We eliminated the Romanov merc almost immediately, narrowing it down to the ex-Alliance Navy pilot or the sassy Genevan freelancer. We picked Minerva because we thought she would be better for RP. Also, she’s the best pilot of the bunch! Although not as good as Arlon, but it’s hard to beat a PC with an NPC.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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