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Spacemon Vol. 2 - Chapter 5: The Storm Leviathan

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

After repairing their ship and stocking up on supplies on the Federation planet Delphyne, the crew of the UAS Helix recruited the skilled but sassy pilot Minerva Ljungström in preparation for traveling through an area of space controlled by Romanov radicalists in order to reach the location the star map on Vandia pointed them to! They have also decided to bring their stowaway, Alex, with them as she has proven to be a helpful addition to the team. Now the UAS Helix flies through warp space, having just escaped from a squadron of Romanov radicalist heavy cruisers…


Having narrowly escaped the clutches of the Romanov radicalists, the crew on the bridge breathe a sigh of relief as the purple and magenta light of warp space swirls around the Helix.

“You always have close calls like this?” Minerva asks her new employers.

“Uh… yeah,” Shane responds.

“Hey what’s all the commotion up here?” Alex asks, joining the others on the bridge.


“Oh, you know, just avoiding capture by Romanov radicalists,” Shane informs her.

“You mean you were in another space battle and didn’t tell me?!”

“Well it was less of a battle… and more just running away.”

“Aww… I wanted to see a battle up close…”

“So were you able to do anything with those balls?” Morgan asks Alex.

“Uh… sure…” says Alex, attempting to stifle a snicker.

“Oh, come on. You know what I meant,” Morgan reacts sternly.

Alex holds up a modified Pokeball and throws it down on the floor. Out pops… A table!


“You put that… inside a Pokeball?” Morgan asks.

“Mhm,” Alex answers, flashing a big grin. She catches the Pokeball as it bounces back to her.


“I think H will be impressed.”

“Wait... where did that come from?” Shane asks, turning his attention back to Morgan and Alex, having missed her releasing the table from the ball.


“Shane, it came out of the Pokeball,” Morgan tells him. “She can put things inside Pokeballs.”

“Well then…” says Shane, his jaw agape. “That’s… That’s impressive… That being said, this is the bridge and you might want to put that away.”


“Ok,” says Alex, still sporting a giant grin. She throws the ball at the table and “catches” it again.

“We really need to show this to H,” says Morgan.

“Yeah,” Shane agrees.

They lead Alex to the Pokeball workshop where H has been working since regaining consciousness. Morgan goes in first just to be safe. “H, we have something to show you.”


“Hm?” H grunts, still focusing on his work.

“I think it will make you like that Alex girl a lot more.”

“One shot,” H tells her, still quite furious with Alex for breaking into his cryo lab.


Alex steps into the room and throws the modified Pokeball again. The table pops out again, right in front of H. He just stands there staring, dumbfounded.

“I... Uh… wha… Welcome aboard!”

“I assume there will be no more problems from now on?” Morgan asks him.

“Hmm, for the moment,” he tells her. The cyborg then turns to Alex and says. “Just keep your hands off my stuff. You can mess around in here, but do not touch anything else. Especially the Genesect. Those are off limits for a reason.”


“Fine,” Alex tells him bluntly, as she continues to eye him suspiciously.

“Look, just don’t touch his stuff and you should be fine,” Morgan tells her.

“That doesn’t mean I have to like him.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Morgan agrees.

“It doesn’t mean any of us have to,” Shane chimes in, giving H an annoyed glance.


The Helix drops out of warp space in the middle of nowhere, in between systems on the far end of Sector 18. “Well it’s not the middle of a sun,” Minerva says. “That’s good. So where are we going now?”


“We need to scan the area to see if we can narrow down where we need to go,” Morgan tells her. She takes a seat at the scanners and searches for anything that might give them a clue.

“Hey, if you need to take a break after that, feel free,” Shane tells Minerva

“First day combat is not usually the way to get your average pilot to settle in. Fortunately for you, I’m not your average pilot.”


“Hey it wasn’t really combat,” Morgan tells her. “Nobody got shot.”

“It was melee combat in space. I normally charge extra for melee combat in space.


“Here. I think I got something,” Morgan speaks up. “The Astaranth System. It’s a slim chance, but this one is giving the most favorable readings.”

“Alright,” Minerva says. “Astaranth System it is.” She fires up the warp drive and takes the Helix back into warp space.


“What are we looking for out here anyway?” Alex asks.

“We’re looking for that Gilgamesh guy we asked you about,” Morgan tells her.

“And he’s here?”


“You don’t even know?”

“It’s the best we’ve got. We went to Vandia and we didn’t know if he was there but it gave us clues to where he might be.”


“It also gave us her…” H chimes in, looking at Alex.

“Hey!” Alex shouts at him. “You’re just a stupid… murderface!”

“Murderface, possibly. Murder is just something that must happen sometimes. Stupid, I am not. By pure definition, as we have already gone over.”


“You’re weird.”

“Which is why I am perfect.”

Alex just shakes her head and turns her attention back to the viewport. She stares out at the flowing streaks of blue and purple of warp space as the ship approaches the Astaranth System.


The Helix drops out of warp space a short while later in the Astaranth System, which only contains a handful of planets. The one closest to Astaranth, the brightly burning star at the center, is a molten mass of rock that is most certainly not the location they are looking for. The second is a stormy, inhospitable ocean world with only a scattering of islands. Much further away are a large gas giant and a small frozen rock.

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A quick scan reveals that the only life signs in the system are located on the ocean world, known as Messina. Minerva flies the Helix through the planet’s volatile atmosphere, breaking through the dark clouds, but staying well above the choppy waters below. Messina’s atmosphere is full of charged particles, resulting in constant lightning storms. A ship without shields would do well to avoid the planet. If that weren’t enough, the gravitational pull of the planet’s two moons, dubbed Scylla and Charybdis by space travelers, on the massive ocean results in unpredictable tidal currents and turbulent waves. Minerva spots an island large enough to fit the Helix and sets the ship down.

Original source image could not be fond

“Most of the life signs appear to be in some sort of underground cave network,” Morgan tells the crew. “If Gilgamesh were here, I bet that’s where he’d be. There seems to be an entrance connected underwater.”


“So there are air pockets down there?” Shane asks.

“Yes,” Morgan tells him. “We should be able to breathe in the caves.”

“How do we get to there?” Alex asks.

“I have a Gyarados,” Dmitri tells her.

“But how are we supposed to breathe underwater?”

“We do have an oxygenation solution in the med bay,” Morgan responds. “If we inject ourselves with it we should be able to survive underwater long enough to get to the cavern.”


After injecting themselves with the solution, the crew disembarks, then heads for the shore of the island. Dmitri releases his Gyarados into the ocean. The large water Pokemon dives down briefly before he rises up out of the waves, awaiting instruction from his trainer.

Original source image could not be found

“Ness, we need you you to give us a lift,” Dmitri tells his Gyarados before hopping onto his back. “Everyone get on.”


The rest of the team mounts up and Dmitri tells his Pokemon where they need to go.

“Hold on everyone,” he tells his companions before Ness dive down into the sea.

The Gyarados is a strong swimmer and it only takes him a few minutes to reach the underground cavern. However, the salty seas sting pretty harshly for the unprotected faces of the crew.


“Ow, my eyes!” Alex blurts out when they reach the surface inside the dark cavern.

Ness swims over to the nearby land and lets the crew dismount. Dmitri then recalls his Pokemon.


“I can’t see a damn thing,” Alex grumbles.

“I can see just fine,” H tells her.

“Yeah right,” Alex laughs at him, oblivious to the fact that he has fancy cybernetic eyes that allow him to see in the dark. “Lumiera, light the cave up!” she adds as she releases her Lampent.


The Pokemon’s ghostly blue flame illuminates the immediate area, reflecting off crystalline formations along the walls of the cave. A narrow tunnel extends from the water, deeper into the underground network of caverns.

“These crystal formations are fascinating,” H says as the crew walks down the tunnel. He touches one of them which causes electricity to start sparking out of it. It sends out a pulse and soon the nearby crystals follow suit, causing a chain reaction.


“H… What did you… do?” Shane asks.

“Don’t know,” H replies as water starts rising around them, up to their knees. “Don’t know!”


Suddenly a group of Tynamo and Chinchou start swimming down the tunnel towards them. They seem to be kind of freaked out. H jumps up and sticks his feet to the ceiling of the tunnel using a string shot grenade, so as to avoid going into augmentation shock again. Everyone sends out their Pokemon in preparation to defend themselves from the enraged Pokemon.

“Yvonne, use Future Sight!” Morgan commands her Espeon. The Pokemon focuses intently, summoning up a powerful blast of psychic energy to strike in the future.


“Wilhelm, Shadow Ball,” Dmitri instructs his Haunter, pointing at one of the Tynamo. The ghost Pokemon creates a ball of dark energy in his hands and lobs it at the Tynamo. It sends out blasts of electricity in response to the pain.

The group of angry Tynamo send out beams of electricity at Shane’s Klefki, Morgan’s Espeon, and Dmitri’s Haunter. The Haunter dodges out of the way, but both Espeon and Klefki are not as lucky.


“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon!” Shane instructs his Klefki. A blinding light shoots out of the small Pokemon and hits another of the Tynamo.

“#8! Hit those Chinchou with Icy Wind!” H shouts at his Snorunt. The Pokemon sends a cold blast at the two Chinchou but they don’t seem to be that injured. The attack does little more than enrage them further. They both start sending out beams from their antennae towards the Snorunt. “#8, quickly use Protect!” H tells his Pokemon. The Snorunt throws up an energy shield in front of himself and deflects the incoming attack.


“Anubis, hit that Chinchou with Force Palm!” Alex commands her Lucario. The Pokemon nods and then charges forward, slamming one of the Chinchou with his raised palm. The Chinchou goes flying backwards and crashes into the wall of the tunnel.

Image Credit - mastertobi

“Alright, let’s capture this thing,” Shane says. He grabs a Great Ball and chucks it at the Tynamo that Wilhelm hit with Shadow Ball. The Pokemon is caught with not so much as a struggle.

“This is how you catch a Pokemon!” H shouts as he pulls out his Pokeball cannon. He shoots a Great Ball at the Chinchou that Anubis knocked into the wall and captures it easily.


“I want to catch something too!” Alex shouts. She pulls out a Great Ball out of her bag and throws it at one of the Tynamo. The ball slams shut before the Pokemon even knows what happened.

The tunnel starts rumbling and the water starts rising. The remaining Pokemon seem to be even more agitated than before. The sole remaining Tynamo seems to be the most agitated as it swims back and forth. Suddenly Yvonne’s Future Sight attack blasts into it, and knocks it into the wall.


“Might as well catch it,” Morgan says to no one in particular. She throws a Pokeball at it and captures it.

“Wilhelm, Shadow Ball,” Dmitri instructs his Haunter. Wilhelm sends out another ball of dark energy at the remaining Chinchou.


“Great. Now it’s my turn!” Alex shouts. She pulls out another Great Ball and throws it at the Chinchou. The ball pulls the Pokemon inside, shakes a few times, then falls still. “Awesome! Two at once!”

Suddenly, even more water begins rushing up the tunnel. The water is well past waist level now and it’s getting even harder to resist it. The tunnel starts rumbling even more frequently as the water continues to rise. The crew recalls their Pokemon so that they aren’t washed away.


“I think something bad is coming,” Shane says to his crewmates as the crystals along the wall start sparking again.

“Let’s find out what it is!” Alex shouts. She stops resisting and lets the current pull her along. “Weeee!!” her voice echoes back to the rest of the crew as she floats away.


“Goddamn it…” Shane sighs. He stops resisting the current and allows the water to pull him after Alex. Seeing this, H cuts himself down and drops into the water. The current drags him after the others. Dmitri follows soon afterward. Morgan, however, tries to fight, but the current knocks her over and pulls her along with everyone else.

The walls of the tunnel start crumbling around them as the water continues to drag them. They start flowing toward a small opening at the end of the tunnel. Just before they slam into it, the hole opens up, allowing them to pass through. The current spits them out into a massive pool of water inside a gigantic open cavern which extends way up above their heads. Storm clouds swirl around near the top, pouring rain down into the giant pool of water below. Several large electric crystals protrude from the walls, some low enough for the crew climb up on.


While the crew tries to get their bearings, something massive starts glowing at the depths of the pool. A giant black creature with glowing bands of light lining its massive form. A leviathan rising from the deep, dark, bowels of Messina.

Original source image could not be found

“Hurry!” Morgan shouts. “We need to get out of the water!”

The crew quickly scatters to the edges of the cavern and they climb up on the electric crystals. Unfortunately for H, as soon as he touches one, his augmentations start shorting out. He quickly lets go before they shut down.


“Dmitri, I have an idea!” he shouts to his nearby Romanov companion who has climbed up onto the crystal. “Send out Metang!”

Dmitri throws out his Metang and directs it to get H. H climbs up on top of it and it floats back up to the crystal, allowing H to avoid getting hit with the electricity. The others, having climbed up on to crystals of their own, also send out their Pokemon.


The rain intensifies as the massive sea beast breaks the surface of the pool, surrounding itself in a veil of water.

“#6, use Mud-Slap!” H commands his Helioptile. The electric lizard launches mud at the giant creature. The Helioptile doesn’t appear to affect the leviathan, but he does succeed in obscuring its vision by getting mud in its eyes.


“Jean, use Thunder Wave and immobilize it!” Morgan shouts. Her Pikachu shoots out a burst of electricity at the sea monster, causing sparks to flow along its body.

“Maine, Flash Cannon!” Dmitri orders his Metang. While it can’t move very far with H on top of it, the Metang can still attack the leviathan from a distance. The Pokemon launches a brilliantly bright beam at the giant creature in the center of the chamber, lightly grazing its hide.


“S.P.I.K.E., use Leech Seed!” Shane instructs his Cacnea. The Cactus Pokemon fires a batch of seeds at the sea monster but they fall short and land in the water.

“Alright, Ebony, use Assurance and hit that thing hard!” Alex shouts from her perch on a crystal immediately in front of the leviathan. Her Umbreon leaps into the air and slams down on the creature, dealing a pretty heavy blow, then rebounds off of it, back onto the crystal.


H then starts charging up electricity in his arm again, preparing to blast the giant beast with all his might. His eyes start glowing and his body starts sparking off electricity as he prepares his attack.


“#6! Mud-Slap it again!” H shouts as he continues to charge. His Helioptile launches another blast of mud at the beast, further obfuscating its vision.

“Jean, Electro Ball!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The electric mouse charges up a ball of electricity and flings it at the sea beast, but it goes flying off into the wall, causing some rocks to fall down into the pool.


Sensing the buildup of electricity, the monster turns to face H. It lets out a mighty roar as a giant bolt of lightning strikes down from the clouds and crashes down upon H. The blast instantly knocks out Maine and #6, and sends H into a massive augmentation shock. He falls forwards and lands in the cold water, his unconscious body floating in the waves.

Dmitri quickly recalls his fainted Metang and sends out his Haunter. “Wilhelm, Shadow Ball!” he instructs him. The ghostly being launches a blast of shadowy energy at the leviathan and lands a direct hit. The beast looks to be wearing down a bit.


“S.P.I.K.E., use Leech Seed again!” Shane shouts. This time the Cacnea lands the seeds on the giant creature, allowing him to start draining energy from it.

“Ebony, you know what to do!” Alex shouts to her Pokemon. “Hit it with Assurance again!” The Umbreon once again leaps at the leviathan and lands another hit.


“Jean, Volt Tackle it!” Morgan commands. Her Pikachu starts sprinting, charging up electricity as he goes. Jean leaps into the air, and slams into the sea monster. There is a loud crash as the Pokemon makes contact. The creature lets out another roar, then sends a massive blast of water from the pool into the Pikachu. It collides at such force that it sends Jean flying into the wall, knocking him out. Morgan, who had managed to protect herself with an energy shield, recalls her injured Pokemon.


“Ebony, use Assurance again!” Alex commands her Pokemon. The Umbreon lands one more hit but this time it doesn’t seem to be as hurt from the attack.

Before anyone can do anything else, the beast rears its head and dives down, deep into the depths of the pool, granting the crew a temporary respite. However, they get the feeling that the leviathan will soon return.


Thinking quickly, Dmitri decides to use his fishing rod to attempt to reel H into safety. In the meantime, the others take time to catch a breath and switch out their Pokemon.

Dmitri throws out the line and it lands on H, but it slides off. As it starts to sink, the line suddenly pulls taught; something has been hooked. Whatever it is, it’s massive and putting up a fight.


Suddenly, a Wailord breaches the surface, flying several feet above the surface of the water. Before anyone has even a moment to react, the leviathan flies out of the water at incredible speed, swallowing the Wailord whole! The force of the leviathan pulls Dmitri into the water as the rod is ripped from his hands.


Dmitri swims over to H, then starts pulling him towards the edge of the pool so he can get him out, in the meantime he commands his Haunter to attack the leviathan. “Wilhelm, Shadow Ball!” The Haunter lobs another ball of dark energy at the beast, which appears to weaken it even further.

The massive sea creature sets its sights on the Umbreon who had been slowly whittling away at it and decides to take her out. It roars as it summons a lightning bolt strikes down from the clouds, landing squarely in the middle of the crystal Alex and Ebony are standing on. Not again!


The thought races through Alex’s mind as volts of electricity course through her and her Pokemon. When the sparks dissipate, both of them look quite worn down.

“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon!” “Frederic, use Absorb!” Shane and Morgan command their Pokemon. Both Shane’s Klefki and Morgan’s Grovyle launch their attacks, but the leviathan doesn’t seem that bothered.


“Ebony! Use Assurance!” Alex manages to shout, still recovering from the hit she took. Her Umbreon leaps at the leviathan once more, but, due to her injuries, goes flying past it and lands in the water. “Good job girl, that’s enough for now!” Alex says as she recalls her Pokemon. “It’s your turn now Okuma!” She throws out another Pokeball, releasing her Joltik to carry on the fight.

“Wilhelm, help me up!” Dmitri commands his Pokemon. The Haunter helps pull his trainer, who is holding onto the cliff edge, up but Dmitri loses grip on H in the process. The unconscious cyborg falls into the water and starts to sink.


The chamber starts to cool off as a blue light starts to glow in the beast’s mouth. A massive torrent of snow and ice blast out of its gaping jaws, but the attack blows up in its face. The water surrounding the leviathan freezes over, trapping it in place.

Yes,” Shane says, feeling a rush from this stroke of luck. “K.E.Y.S., hit it with Fairy Wind while it’s trapped!” His Klefki sends a blast of wind at the frozen leviathan which can do nothing to avoid the attack. Shane then recalls his Pokemon and sends out his Clefable.


“Okuma, use Electroweb!” Alex commands her Joltik. The furry little electric bug shoots out an electrified web at the trapped beast, covering over the top of the creature. Sparks fly out of the web, further wearing down the leviathan.


“Wilhelm, Confuse Ray!” Dmitri instructs his Haunter. Beams of flashing light fly out of the ghost’s eyes and strike the creature. It’s eyes start darting around in confusion but it can’t do much in its current state.

“Okuma, now use String Shot!” The bug launches even more webbing at the leviathan, trapping it even further in a shell of ice and webbing.


“R.A.G.E., use Dazzling Gleam!” Shane instructs his Clefable. It sends out a brilliant light that further damages the beast. It looks very worn out at this point.

“Just go down already!” Morgan shouts as she blasts the creature with psychic energy.


“Night, night,” Dmitri says, using his psychic powers to put the leviathan to sleep. “And now for the capture.” He pulls a Great Ball out and throws it at the creature. The ball shakes violently for several seconds before the leviathan pops out.

“Now it’s all mine!” Alex declares as she pulls out a modified Great Ball. “I made this thing just for a time like this!” One of the first tricks she had learned was tinkering with the casing of a Pokeball to improve its effectiveness and it had paid off several times before. Today is going to be her lucky day; she can feel it. Alex lobs the ball as hard as she can. It flies through the air and strikes the leviathan dead on, pulling it inside. The ball shakes a couple times before falling still on the ice.


“WOOOOOOOOOO!!” Alex shouts at the top of her lungs, throwing her hands up in the air in victory. She jumps down onto the ice and claims her prize. “Oh my God, that was AWESOME!” she exclaims in an almost sing-songy fashion. “Did you guys see that!? I Caught that thing!”

“Yes. Very good,” Shane tells her, sounding a bit disappointed that he didn’t get the chance to catch it. “But someone really needs to get H out of there.”


“Ness, Get H out of the water!” Dmitri shouts, throwing out his Gyarados. He jumps on his back and rides the Pokemon down to pick up H. “I’ll take him back to the ship, you guys go find Gilgamesh,” Dmitri tells his comrades upon returning to the surface. “Ness found a way back to the open water from down there.”

With the leviathan captured, the electricity pulsing through the crystals starts to dissipate. The cracks in the walls begin to seal themselves shut again and the water level lowers substantially. However, the way the crew came in has sealed itself as well. Just as it seems that the crew is trapped, a new tunnel opens on the other end of the chamber.


“I guess we’re going this way,” Shane says, leading Morgan and Alex into the tunnel.

After a few feet, the tunnel starts leading upward with what seems to be a staircase. It’s hard to tell if the steps are a natural formation or if someone created them. The trio spends several minutes ascending before the tunnel leads to a branching pathway. Daylight seems to be emanating from two of them, while the third remains dark.


“There was a surface entrance!?” Morgan shouts, clearly frustrated. “We could have entered through here?!”

“But then I wouldn’t have caught that sea monster!” Alex shouts. “It was totally worth it.”


“No use dwelling on it now,” Shane tells Morgan. “Now which way do we go?”

“This way!” Alex declares as she starts walking down the dark tunnel. “Clearly if this Gilgamesh guy was here he would have gone this way.” Morgan and Shane look at each other and shrug. Alex’s reasoning seems to be pretty sound so they follow her deeper into the caves.


After several minutes, the tunnel opens up into a large chamber. A bald man in black robes sits cross-legged at the far end of the chamber, looking up at what appears to be a large stone door carved into the rock face. Glowing runes shimmer along the door’s surface. The runes start to dim and the glow fades away. The man, who had been sitting quite still, shows a noticeable reaction. He does not appear to have expected this.

“Hey!” Alex yells across the chamber, as she walks further in. Morgan just shakes her head and follows. She had wanted to spend at least a few minutes observing Gilgamesh to see what he was doing. Gilgamesh turns around and sees the trio who have just entered the room. He silently nods at them and stands up as they approach.


“Hey. We were looking for you,” Morgan tells him as they reach conversing distance.

“Oh?” Gilgamesh asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Well, you came here because of the inscription on Vandia right?” Morgan asks.

“Yes,” Gilgamesh tells her. “And it appears that you followed my trail.”

“Yeah… well there are some things we wanted to ask you… and we were hoping to maybe get a badge while we were here.”


“I see… So you’re looking for a gym challenge then?”

“Not at this exact moment, but yes.”

“So what is this thing?” Alex blurts out, pointing at the massive door behind Gilgamesh.


“Until now it has been sealed… but it would appear that the mysterious force that protects this place has been removed… I assume that you may have… had something to do with that. The legends speak of an ancient and powerful Pokemon; the Storm Leviathan they call it.”

“Umm… I… may… have caught it,” Alex tells him.

“I see…”

“Aren’t you gonna open it?” Alex asks.

“I will… in time.”

“Can that time be now?” Shane asks.

“Let us see if you are worthy first,” he says and starts walking toward the exit. “Come.”


Shane walks up to the door and pushes against it with all his might. He grunts and groans, but nothing seems to happen.

“You’re an idiot,” Alex tells him, turning and leaving the room to follow Gilgamesh. Shane gives up and follows Morgan and Alex as they go after Gilgamesh.


Session Notes: I caught a Primal Kyogre. I caught a Primal Kyogre~ It’s Shiny and type-shifted Water/Electric! We all wanted it but I caught it! Good thing I have a class that allows me to improve my Pokeballs. And good thing I decided to modify some Great Balls before we came to this planet!


The whole encounter was completely unplanned too! When we entered the underwater cave network H’s player rolled a nat 0 on the roll for wild Pokemon and since we were in such a thematically appropriate location… Shiny Primal Water/Electric Kyogre! What a battle it was! Paralyzed, frozen, confused, stuck, and asleep. Five status conditions. Five! That’s how you catch a legendary folks.

H’s player did all the silly things this time around! When I revealed the Pokeball that could store non-living matter, he legitimately like walked away from the table. He had H trying to do that for months but he never succeeded because as a player he didn’t think it was possible in this system. Everyone else knew it was in the book for the system! It’s in the sci-fi expansion specifically, as a Jailbreaker, a class that lets you modify Pokeballs, I was able to make it happen!


And of course he caused the Kyogre encounter with that low roll! And you know what he did? He elected to go into major augmentation shock! DragonStorm was willing to let him just take a bit of damage from the crystals so he wouldn’t die but he said no. And then he decided that he fell into the water even after DragonStorm said he could have just fallen onto the ground! How silly is that!?

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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