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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix tracked Gilgamesh to the stormy ocean world of Messina in the far reaches of the Outer Rim! Exploring the depths of an underground network of caverns, the crew ran across an ancient leviathan of a Pokemon. After a long battle with the crew, the beast was eventually caught by Alex. Proceeding further into the caves, the crew located Gilgamesh and now prepare to face him in a gym battle.


Gilgamesh leads Morgan, Shane, and Alex out of the tunnels and into a small and narrow canyon. Slivers of daylight flit through the jagged rocks above and reflect off of the electrical crystals embedded in its walls. The group travels in silence for a while before arriving in an open area in the canyon where Gilgamesh landed his meditation sphere.

Gilgamesh opens the sphere and motions the other three to board. The monk takes a seat on the floor in the center of the sphere and uses his strong psychic abilities to fly the sphere out of the canyon, off toward the Helix.

After Gilgamesh lands the sphere, Alex and Shane return to the Helix to heal their Pokemon in preparation for the coming battle. Morgan, however, stays behind. She has questions. Questions only Gilgamesh can answer.


“Something troubles you,” says Gilgamesh. His eyes close as he appears to take in the very universe. “You have seen more in these past few months than you have in your lifetime. Your eyes have been opened.”

Morgan relaxes a bit. It feels strange to her, but talking to Gilgamesh is somehow comforting. She has the feeling that, just by looking at her, he understands things she will never be able to vocalize. “I’ve been… troubled a lot recently.” It doesn’t seem quite the right word to describe everything she had experienced, but Morgan isn’t even sure there is an adequate word. “I feel… dread. I dread everything. Sometimes worse, never better. And I have seen things. Known things. Things I shouldn’t have. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

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“What you describe is not uncommon. When Man first ate of the Tree, he gained Knowledge. Of Good and Evil, of Will, but also of Power. He learned the power offered from the Tree of Life, and has hungered for its fruit ever since.” Gilgamesh turns to the viewport, watching the raging storm outside.


“It is the knowledge, the hunger, and the fear of this power that lead to the ruination of worlds just such as this,” he says, looking back to Morgan. “Like many others from my home, those who have gazed into its heart, you now see life and power clearly; you now know power. What you will do with this gift is up to you, and you alone.”

“But what’s wrong with me?!” Morgan cries. This is what she had been most afraid of; even as she was doing her own research, there had always come a point where she could no longer follow along, Sinai databases where it seemed everyone was speaking in tongues. And now Gilgamesh is doing it too! Morgan doesn’t want to hear any more mumbo-jumbo about ‘looking inward’ and ‘harnessing her power,’ all she wants to know is-


“How do I make it stop?!” She dimly realizes she is yelling, and a part of her is afraid that someone will hear. It is no match, however, for the much greater part now swelling with emotion.

“True knowledge cannot be destroyed nor forgotten. You cannot stop it, but you can control it.” He sits down where he stands, centering himself. “Knowledge can be a burden. If you fill yourself with doubts and questions of ‘what if,’ it will consume you.”


He pauses to reflect on the raging storm barraging the viewport.

“Or you can open yourself to the truth. Accept what you have seen and what has happened to you, and you will able to apply your knowledge. You already Know. Now you must Understand.”


Frustrated by the conversation she had with Gilgamesh, Morgan returns to the Helix. She heads to the med bay to make sure that MARIA saw to H’s injuries. She finds H on the table, hooked up to an IV, receiving medication. He appears to be regaining consciousness.


“What happened!?” H shouts, bolting upright. “Wait, where’s the thing!? Where did it go?! Wha- Where am I?” He looks around frantically and sees Morgan and Dmitri standing nearby.

“Relax,” Morgan tells him sternly. “You’re in the med bay.”

“What happened to the sea monster thing?”

“The new girl caught it,” Dmitri tells him.

“Come again?”

“The new girl caught it,” Morgan repeats.

“No… she didn’t,” H says incredulously.

“You were struck by lightning and fell into the water unconscious… I suppose that means you wouldn’t know… but she did,” Morgan tells him.


“Hmm,” says H. “I’m going to wake up now.” He then stands up and bashes his head into the table. “Ow. Aww… I’m not dreaming…” He is unable to fathom the fact that Alex actually did something that he considers “correct.”

“Maybe if you’re nice, she’ll let you see it,” Morgan continues.

“Wait… but she caught that…” H mumbles to himself, ignoring Morgan. “AH!” He suddenly blurts out. “Wonderful. It seems I actually did make a mistake. That’s intriguing. Now, where’s that leviathan?”


“Well,” says Morgan. “I don’t know where Alex went, but we found Gilgamesh.”

“You don’t know where she is on the ship?” H asks. He immediately jumps up and runs out of the room. He lets out a howl of pain as the IV rips out of his arm, leaving a small spattering of blood on the floor. He runs to the cryo lab only to find it sealed up tight.


“Hmm… Not here. That’s good,” H mumbles to himself. He searches the other labs for Alex, but finds no trace of her so he heads off to the other wing of the ship where the personal quarters are located.

While everyone had found some way to occupy themselves, Alex had been aimlessly wandering about the ship. She finds her way to the bridge and plops herself down in the co-pilot seat.


“Sup?” she asks Minerva.

“Not much,” the pilot answers, not even turning to look at the girl.

“You don’t say much, do you?” Alex asks her.

“I’ve never been one for small talk,” is all Minerva says, fiddling with the controls.


“There you are!” H shouts, as he finally arrives on the bridge, having searched everywhere else.

“What do you want Murderface?” Alex asks him as she spins herself around in the swivel chair.


“Did you catch that thing back there?”


“It seems I’ve been wrong about you. I… I made… a mistake. I’m… sorry,” H tells her. It seems pretty apparent that it was very difficult for him to admit that. “It seems fate has paired you with us for… some reason, and you have more skills than I gave you credit for, so… nice job.”


“Thanks… I guess?” Alex replies, feeling a bit confused by H’s words. If she had known the man better she would realize how odd an occurrence H actually apologizing for something is.

“But stay away from my stuff.”

“Well… you- you stay away from my stuff.”

“Really…? When can I see that leviathan? Fascinating research subject.”

“You’re not experimenting on him!”

“I’m not experimenting on it. I’m simply going to observe it… and poke it with a few tools… completely harmless.”



“You’re getting in the way of science. Fine. See you around,” H tells her before departing the bridge.


Shane sits in the empty room that is soon to be his warp lab, contemplating the mark given to him by Giratina. After quite some time, it suddenly dawns on him that there is a warp expert right here who can answer his questions.


Shane departs from the Helix and makes the brief trek through the storm to Gilgamesh’s meditation sphere. He enters the sphere to find the monk sitting on the floor in the center. Gilgamesh looks up as Shane approaches.

“So… As you can probably tell, I’ve had a pretty… interesting… time since we last talked,” Shane says to Gilgamesh, indicating the mark clearly showing on his arm. “And, given the new range of power to which I have access, I would like to learn how to better control it. Can you help me with that or... at least tell me what I can do to help myself?”


Gilgamesh looks to be preparing to give Shane some more of his spiritual bullshit, but Shane clarifies before he gets the chance to say anything.

“I mean like actively learning about the Warp. I’m talking about a warp lab, if that’s even possible.”


“Ah,” says Gilgamesh, glancing around the room. “Maybe something like this.”

Shane looks around the room as well and gets a feel for what Gilgamesh is suggesting. The thing that catches Shane’s eye is what appears to be a small warp drive in the center of the room. He gets the sense that it isn’t there so much as to fly the ship through warp space as it is to mess around with and gain a better understanding of the Warp.


“So what exactly is this stuff?” Shane asks.

“This is my sphere’s warp drive,” Gilgamesh tells him. “I meditate here and focus to move the ship”


Shane looks at the warp drive, then back to Gilgamesh, a look of confusion on his face. “You power the ship by yourself?”

“Yes, with my mind. It takes decades of dedicated practice and focus.”

“Right… Got it.” Shane responds, still feel quite confused. “Do you know where I could like… get one of these mini warp drive thingies?”


“Most likely from Sinai monks,” Gilgamesh tells him.

Shane appears to be pretty visibly shaken up at the mention of Sinai and Gilgamesh picks up on his distress. “Is there a problem?”


“Just… something from my past.”

“I understand.”

Shane stands there in awkward silence for a moment, considering whether or not he should return to the ship. It is at this moment that the rest of the crew enters the meditation sphere.


“Ugh. I hate the rain,” Alex complains as she sweeps away the wet hair matted against her face.

“That’s why you need to have amazing hair,” H tells her, flipping his hair, the spikes doing little more than wobbling in place.


“How is that supposed to help?” Alex asks.

“It doesn’t,” H tells her.

“Yeah. Amazing hair doesn’t do shit,” Alex grumbles as she wrings the water out of her ponytail.


Gilgamesh looks at the newcomers expectantly, sensing that they have many questions they wish to ask. Dmitri is the first to speak up.

“While we were lost in warp space… I’m not sure if it was warp madness… but I started to see visions of ruins and inscriptions. I made drawings of them. You know of these things, yes?”


“There are many ruins in this galaxy,” Gilgamesh tells him. “Do you still have these drawings?”

“No. But I did take pictures,” Dmitri tells him. He walks over to Gilgamesh and shows him the pictures that he took with his Pokedex.


The monk takes the Dex from Dmitri and begins to look through the pictures. Dmitri notices a minute reaction in Gilgamesh’s face but he can’t quite tell what it means. Gilgamesh strokes his beard as he looks at the writings Dmitri photographed for a few more seconds.

“I need to think on this further,” Gilgamesh tells Dmitri as he hands his Pokedex back.


“I have a question too!” Alex butts in.

“Oh?” Gilgamesh asks, looking over to the girl.

“Ever heard of something called ‘the Mirror?’” Alex asked him.

At the mention of this name, Gilgamesh looks very intently at her. “Where did you hear about that?”


“My father was looking for it before he disappeared,” Alex tells him, showing him the scraps of her father’s research that she had been able to find.

Gilgamesh takes a cursory glance at the notes on Alex’s Pokedex, then he begins pacing around the sphere. “It could be…” he mumbles to himself. “Hmm…” He then turns back to Alex. “In my travels I have seen references to the ancient civilization… This is not clear exactly, but, from what I have seen, it would appear that they worshiped or revered something… The symbol of a mirror.”


“Where is it now?” Alex asks.

“There are many of these… so called mirrored temples. Ruins with these sacred mirrors inside.” He pulls out a holoscroll which depicts a diagram of what one of these temples would have looked like. It is pyramidal in shape and has an ornate mirror housed in some sort of gyroscope contraption on the top.

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Alex glances as the scroll and then back to Gilgamesh. She notices a rather troubled look on his face. “What’s wrong?” she asks him.


“From what I have deciphered,” Gilgamesh tells her. “These Ancients… the followers of this Mirror… for a long time they devoted themselves to it… and then, one day, they waged war on the non-believers.” He turns and looks out the viewport, off into the stormy seas of Messina. “And they brought darkness and ruination upon their civilization. At least that is what I suspect happened as there are so few traces left behind. The texts the Sinai monks keep do not record this story.”

“Why not?” Alex asks.

“It is not a story that we carried with us from Earth and we did not initially see it when the life ships landed. It is something that only a few have learned about in their personal travels, and the Congregate has been… reluctant to listen. It is why I chose to leave the order. I find that I can… no longer sit with organized religion. I believe that everyone must find their own path.”


“Enough of this nonsense!” H suddenly shouts. “Let us engage in a Pokemon battle!”

“Very well,” says Gilgamesh. He leads the crew out of the meditation sphere, out into the open area between the ships.


The lightning cracks the sky, casting long shadows across the rocky shore as the six individuals stand out in the storm, the sound of the rain rattling off the hull of the Helix. The waves crash upon the rocks as Gilgamesh reaches for his Pokeballs.


“Let us see if you are worthy,” he says, casting out five Pokeballs at once. A Gardevoir, a Claydol, a Malamar, a Wobbuffet, and a Slowbro emerge and spread out across the battlefield as the crew of the Helix send out their own Pokemon.

Gilgamesh looks on in silence as his Pokemon move on their own accord, seeming to know exactly what to do. The Gardevoir moves gracefully across the battlefield, raising its arms. It charges up electricity and fires it in a beam at Dmitri’s Scyther. The beam strikes the Pokemon dead on, leaving her looking quite worn out.


“Gigan, charge that Gardevoir and hit it with X-Scissor!” Dmitri commands his Scyther. She flies across the field and swipes at the Gardevoir with her blades but the graceful Pokemon gracefully dodges out of the way.


“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon!” Shane orders his Klefki, pointing at the Gardevoir. The small metal Pokemon moves up as he charges up a brilliant light. He fires at the Gardevoir and hits it with a glancing blow.

“Hector, use Bite!” Morgan commands her Croconaw. He runs forward and clamps his jaws around his foe. It appears quite beat up but still stays standing.


The Malamar and the Claydol move across the field, and line themselves up for attacks. The Malamar’s eyes flash and Gigan slumps to the ground, asleep. The Claydol then fires a powerful beam of light. It blasts through Morgan’s Croconaw and also hits Alex’s Umbreon on the far side of the battlefield. Both Pokemon stay standing after the hit, but the Croconaw appears a bit weakened by the attack.

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“Ebony, use Feint Attack!” Alex commands her Pokemon, pointing at the injured Gardevoir. “Finish it off!” The Umbreon charges forward and slams into the Gardevoir, knocking it out of the fight.

The Slowbro hangs back and fires a beam of ice at the sleeping Scyther, taking her out of the fight. The Wobbuffet waddles forward and releases a protective aura around the rest of Gilgamesh’s team.


“#1, now it’s your turn!” H shouts. “Hit that Malamar hard with Rock Blast!” The Rhyhorn charges across the battlefield and launches a rock at the Malamar, but the squid Pokemon dodges out of the way at the last second.

“Hector, use Waterfall on the Claydol!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The reptilian creature charges at the giant clay pokemon and slams into it with a crash of water, dealing a pretty good chunk of damage.


“Go Harbinger! Bite that Slowbro!” Dmitri shouts as he releases his Absol. The Pokemon charges up to the Slowbro and sinks his teeth in. The Slowbro winces in pain from the bite, unable to make a move.

“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy Wind on the Malamar!” Shane orders his Pokemon. The Klefki send a blast of air at the squid, but it doesn’t appear to do anything other than annoy it. Ignoring K.E.Y.S., the Malamar charges forward and slams into Alex’s Umbreon with a superpowered attack, knocking her out.


“Damn it,” Alex mumbles as she recalls her Pokemon. “Okay Lumiera it’s your turn!” She throws out another Pokeball and her Lampent pops out. “Now use Hex on that Slowbro!” The Lampent fires a ghostly blast at the pink Pokemon, leaving it visibly shaken up.

“Now, #1, charge that Slowbro and finish it off!” H commands his Pokemon. The Rhyhorn runs at the Slowbro, but he misses and goes running past it.


“Hector, use Bite!” Morgan orders her Pokemon, pointing at the Slowbro. The Croconaw charges forward and sinks his teeth in, delivering a knock-out blow, but the thing is too dumb to realize it and stays standing.

“Harbinger, Bite the Claydol,” Dmitri commands his Pokemon. The Absol leaps at his target, but it’s surprisingly nimble and dodges out of the way.


“Lumiera, use Flame Burst!” Alex commands her Lampent. The ghostly lamp fires a jet of flame at the squid Pokemon and deals a bit of damage.

“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy Wind again!” Shane orders his Klefki. He sends another blast of air at the Malamar, but, once again, it does little more than irritate the squid. The Malamar continues to ignore K.E.Y.S., and instead charges up to Lumiera and slashes at her with its tentacles, taking down yet another of Alex’s Pokemon.


“Not again!” Alex shouts. “Diablo it’s up to you!” She throws out another Pokeball, this time releasing her Houndoom. “Use Bite!” The canine Pokemon bares his teeth and leaps at the Malamar, but it dodges out of the way.

The Claydol locks onto the newly sent out Houndoom and shoots up a blast of earth at it, dealing a pretty solid blow. The Slowbro is up next and shoots a pulse of water at #1, who had charged so far past it. The hit takes the Rhyhorn down just as the Slowbro succumbs to its own injuries and faints. H recalls his Pokemon and sends out his Swablu.


“Diablo, use Beat Up! Hit that Claydol!” Alex shouts. Her Houndoom runs up to the Claydol and encircles it along with Hector and Harbinger. The three Pokemon start wailing on it, but are unable to break through its defenses.

“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy Wind!” Shane commands his Klefki. He sends yet another blast of air at the Malamar and this time it lands the hit and deals some damage.


“#7, use Safeguard!” H orders his newly released Swablu. The small fluffy bird emits a protective aura around his allied Pokemon, much like the Wobbuffet did earlier.

Malamar rushes at Diablo with another superpowered attack and instantly knocks the Houndoom out, completely eliminating Alex from the battle. She makes a pouty face as she recalls her fainted Pokemon and looks on as the Claydol floats back and appears to be charging up for another attack.


“Harbinger, come back.” Dmitri says, recalling his Absol. “Go Wilhelm!” He throws out his Haunter, who hangs back out of range for now.

“K.E.Y.S., use Fairy Wind again!” Shane instructs his Klefki. The Pokemon sends another blast of air at the Malamar and it seems to finally be showing signs of weakening.


“Hector, use Ice Fang! Finish that Malamar off!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. The Croconaw launches himself at the Malamar, teeth coated in ice, but the slippery squid dodges out of the way yet again.


“Wilhelm, Shadow Ball,” Dmitri commands his Haunter as he points at the Malamar. The ghost Pokemon charges up a ball of dark energy and lobs it at the Malamar, finally taking it down.

The Claydol moves back in range and blasts Dmitri’s Haunter with Psychic energy. The ghostly being weathers the hit, but looks pretty drained.


“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon on Claydol!” Shane commands his Pokemon. The Klefki charges up another blast of light and fires it at Claydol.

“Wilhelm, follow up with Shadow Ball!” Dmitri tells his Pokemon. The Haunter throws another ball of dark energy, but the Claydol dodges out of the way.


“Hector, use Waterfall!” Morgan shouts. Her Croconaw charges at the Claydol, but it continues to avoid getting hit.

“#7, use Sing!” H commands his Pokemon. The Swablu chirps a soothing melody, but he fails to put Claydol to sleep.


The Claydol, which has been spinning around avoiding attacks, slows down and lines up a shot. It fires another powerful beam of energy and tears through Croconaw and Swablu. Both Pokemon go down and get recalled by their trainers.

“Your turn Yvonne,” Morgan says as she releases another Espeon.

“You as well, #4!” Shouts H as he throws a Pokeball to the far edge of the battlefield. His powerful Trevenant pops out and catches Alex’s eye.


“Oh my God, you have a Groot!!” she squeals in excitement. “That’s so cool!” She looks around and sees the others giving her a weird look, “Oh, come on! Y’know, from Galactic Vanguards? Only the best movie from last year!”

“We don’t have time for movies,” Morgan tells her.

“There’s always time for movies!”

“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon again!” Shane commands his Klefki, returning his focus to the battle. The Pokemon fires another blast of light at the Claydol, slowly whittling it down.


“Wilhelm, Night Shade!” Dmitri orders his Pokemon. The Haunter hits the Claydol with a blast of ghostly energy and continues the assault on the giant clay idol Pokemon.

“Yvonne, use Future Sight!” Morgan commands her Espeon. The Pokemon’s eyes glow, but nothing happens just yet.


The Claydol then fires another blast of Psychic energy at Wilhelm, taking the Haunter out of the fight. Dmitri then recalls his fallen Pokemon and sends his Absol back out.

“#4, use Growth!” H commands his giant ghost tree of a Pokemon. The Trevenant moves in closer to the fight as he increases in size.


“K.E.Y.S., use Metal Sound! Lower that Claydol’s defenses!” The Klefki makes a high pitched metallic sound that seems to shake the Claydol a bit.

Suddenly, Yvonne’s Future Sight attack appears and hits the Wobbuffet with Psychic energy. It takes the hit, but it reflects some damage back at the Espeon with a reflective coat that shimmers like a mirror.


“Harbinger, Bite,” Dmitri orders his Absol. The Pokemon runs up and bites the Claydol, but he just bounces off.

“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon!” Shane shouts. His Klefki charges up one more time and fires a blast of light at the Claydol, taking it down, leaving only the Wobbuffet.


“Alright #4, build up to maximum power and slam that Wobbuffet with all you’ve got!” H commands his Trevenant. The Wobbuffet, not being able to inflict direct attacks, can do nothing but look on as the ghostly tree continues to grow in size. Suddenly the Trevenant vanishes. He appears in the sky and drops down with a powerful Phantom Force attack, completely obliterating the Wobbuffet’s defenses.

“Oh my God, that was awesome!” Alex shouts. “It was all like grrrr! And then it went poof! And then it went all like BWWWAAAAAHHHH!!!!” She continues, making ridiculous sound effects and hand motions to demonstrate the final moments of the fight.


“Well done,” Gilgamesh tells the victorious Helix crew as he approaches. “You have proven yourselves worthy of the Warp Badge. I also believe you to be worthy to enter the door.” He then looks specifically at Shane. “It’s pull, by the way. You go on ahead, I must tend to my Pokemon.”

Session Notes: Damn this was a long session! We legitimately went for over eight hours straight! Right through the Superbowl because, really, what’s a sports? This session is probably going to be at least three chapters worth of posts. This one covered our fourth gym battle.


After doing some RP to get some leads to pursue for our characters’ various objectives it was time to fight Gilgamesh in a three hour combat encounter. It was such a punishing team, which DragonStorm built knowing H had a high level Trevenant, and H’s player refused to use it! And then all the low rolls! We missed so much, especially Shane and H. This was the first time I had to fudge the outcome of a battle for the writing because narratively speaking, what happened was so anticlimactic even if we did win. H’s player missed on all of Trevenant’s rolls for Phantom Force and had to just spam Feint Attack to win…. So I was just like fuck it, for the sake of narrative this hit.

Yay pop culture references! My character is a big movie person so she’s clearly seen every spoofy titled movie of things that exist in the real world. So yeah, Guardians of the Galaxy was a fucking good movie so that means Alex has seen the kick-ass Pokemon version starring a Trevenant and a genetically modified Zigzagoon.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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