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Spacemon Vol. 2 - Chapter 7: City of the Dead

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix earned the Warp Badge! Having tracked the wandering psychic gym leader Gilgamesh to the planet Messina, the crew were finally able to ask him their burning questions and face him in a gym battle. Morgan, Shane, Dmitri, and H earned their fourth gym badge while Alex earned her very first. With another victory under their belts, the crew prepares to enter the mysterious door in the caverns of Messina.


The crew of the UAS Helix stands in the door chamber once more, the room dimly lit by the sparking electrical crystals along the walls. The massive stone doors rise before them, making them feel small and insignificant in comparison.

“This feels like the part where the really ominous music would start playing,” Alex comments on the creepy atmosphere of the moment.

“Nonsense!” H exclaims as he approaches the doors. He and Shane each grab one of the doors and start pulling. The massive stone structures feel quite heavy but they seem to float open rather easily, as if carried by some sort of current.

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Once the doors swing open, the crew enters and soon find themselves in a massive open cavern that stretches on for miles, covered in rubble and crumbling buildings and towers. Rusted wreckage of a long forgotten city. Scattered across the ground lie skeletons of Humans and Pokemon alike.


“Woah,” Alex gasps. To her it feels like something out of an apocalyptic movie scene.

“These appear to be Human remains,” H says as he examines a nearby skeleton.

“Are you serious?” Alex asks him.

“I’ve seen enough bones. These are definitely human.”

“But how is that possible?”

“These bodies were definitely here before Humanity left Earth,” says Dmitri. “But they don’t seem to be nearly as old as the ninety-two-million year old ruins we found on Vandia…”


“That’s interesting,” Alex responds. “I thought all Humans came from Earth.”

“Apparently not,” H tells her. “Hmm… There seem to be a lot more of these crystal formations here.”

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“I don‘t think it is a coincidence,” says Dmitri, picking up a couple smaller crystals up off the ground and examining them. “These crystals don’t seem natural.” He moves them closer together and sparks start flying between them. He touches them together and they shatter in his hands, sending out an explosion of electricity and shards of crystal. Dmitri flails his arms around and shouts frantically at the sudden explosion in his hands.


“Well, that was a pretty dumb idea,” Alex tell him.

“I didn’t know they would blow up!”

“Hmm… interesting,” says H.

“We should move on,” Morgan tells her crewmates. “We need to find out what this place is.”


“Let’s go there!” Alex shouts, pointing at a large building in the center of the city. “That place looks important!”

“That’s actually a good idea,” Morgan agrees

The crew continues onward, moving deeper into the city, passing by more ruined buildings and skeletons. The buildings appear to have been battered by severe storms, the crumbling structures showing signs of water, wind, and lightning damage.


“Man… This place looks like Sharpedocane 6…” Alex mumbles to herself.

They eventually arrive at the large building. It seems to be some sort of capitol building, the seat of this civilization’s government. Entering the structure, they see a mess of collapsing floors and walls and ruined staircases. Murals on the walls depict what appears to be the planet, although missing the storms. They get a feeling that this planet wasn’t always a treacherously stormy world.

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“We should split up and explore this place,” Morgan suggests. They pair off into two groups of two while H goes off and does his own thing.


Shane and Dmitri find their way to what appears to be some sort of armory. The walls are lined with what seem to be weapons based on the electrical crystals; broken and intact swords and spears.

“Cool,” says Dmitri, picking up a rather large sword. He holds it up and gives it a few swings and then decides to take it with him.


Shane picks up a dagger and brushes it off. He notices it has some sort of inscription on it, but it is written in some script unlike any Human language he has seen before. He decides to take the dagger with him as well and then follows Dmitri out of the room.

Meanwhile, Alex and Morgan find their way to what seems like some sort of situation room. The skeletons of seemingly important government officials sit as they died, hunched over the table, deliberating over documents and technical schematics of some kind. Morgan uses her cybernetic eye to record video footage as she delicately examines whatever it is they were looking at, attempting not to touch anything for fear of damaging it. From what she can tell, it seems as if they were discussing the energy crystals and their uses as a power source but she can’t say for certain.


Alex pokes a skeleton, causing it to fall over a crumple into a pile of bones on the floor, kicking up a cloud of dust. “Oops…”

“Don’t do that!” Morgan berates her.


“This stuff is very delicate. Don’t fool around in here.”

Having explored as much as they can in the ruined building, they all meet up back at the entrance where they find H standing outside looking up at the top of the building. He places his foot on the wall and magnetises to the metal structure and begins climbing up.


“H, stop it!” Morgan shouts. “Do you want to bring the whole place down!?”

“By scaling the most structurally sound part of the building? I’d be more likely to bring the building down trying to navigate the mess of broken stairs inside.”


He continues to climb, moving quickly up the side of the building. As he moves up higher and higher there are increasingly more lightning rods and other anti-storm measures in place. It seems like the builders of this place progressively built up protective layers around the buildings as the planet gradually became more inhospitable.

Dmitri goes off to try and find either a museum or library to see if he can learn more about this city while Shane, Morgan, and Alex follow the network of electrical crystals to an open plaza area surrounding a large crystal formation. It appears to be some sort of power generation site.


“I don’t think this would be very safe to touch,” Morgan tells Shane, seeing him looking at it.

“It would be a good idea to take this back to the ship and analyze it though,” he replies.


As the two of them discuss a plan of action, Alex just wanders around kicking some rocks. She looks back over to the capitol building and sees H running down the side of it with his extendo-legs. He reaches the bottom quickly with his giant strides and leaps off the building with a flip, bouncing off the ground on his belly-pogo. Alex just stares in confusion at what she has witnessed.

H and Dmitri meet up with everyone at the plaza area and they share their findings. From what they have been able to piece together, this civilization relied on these energy crystals for power and, in their hunger for more power, inflicted irreversible consequences on the planet, fueling the massive storms that were a bi-product of the crystals. Eventually they created an apocalyptic storm that wiped them out.


Seeing all they needed to here, the crew loads up a bunch of energy crystal samples on H’s Rhyhorn and returns to the surface.

“Well that was a city,” Shane says to Gilgamesh when they return. “Like a… dead… city.”


“Interesting,” Gilgamesh replies.

“There were hundreds of Human bodies in there,” Morgan adds.

“Human? That’s interesting… How old was this city?”

“Our guess is only a few thousand years,” Dmitri tells him. “It died a lot more recently than the ruins on Vandia, but definitely before the life ships landed.”


“Hmm…” The look on his face gives the impression that this makes sense to him even though it doesn’t to the crew. Although it also seems to say that he kind of wishes that it didn’t. “It would appear that… Earth was not the only garden world.”

“Garden world?” Alex asks.

“Yes… the Garden of Eden. The Trees of Life and Knowledge… there was more than one.

Image Credit - Nolan N. Nasser (although this seems to be an alternate version of the one featured on his site)

“Multiple trees, multiple planets,” says H. “Wouldn’t that mean the decisions could be different? We could have intelligent Pokemon and intelligent Pokemon would solve my problems.”


“No,” Alex says bluntly. She had heard the stories many times as she grew up and knows that what H is suggesting is completely preposterous.

“Unlikely,” Gilgamesh tells H. “Humans are those that ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Pokemon are those that ate from the Tree of Life.”


“But that would mean Humans and Pokemon were one and the same at some point,” H replies.

“It would seem so.”

“Which means they can be combined once more!”

“I would doubt it. What existed before was neither Human nor Pokemon. With neither Knowledge or Power they were simply blank slates.”


“Alright… so what is a garden world anyway?”

“It would be a world that Humans and Pokemon grew up on together… Earth was not the only one.”


“Is this a garden world?” Dmitri asks.

“It would appear to be so,” Gilgamesh tells him, motioning his hand toward the massive storm brewing in the sky. “But it seems, more often than not, Humans find ways to destroy themselves. Earth was a rare… and lucky case.”


“Wait,” says Alex. “Wouldn’t this mean that the Angels were also Humans?”

“Perhaps. That much is… unclear… If what you have said about this city is true… then this world was… seeded… long after the time of the Angels. Were the Angels also Humans? I cannot say. What I do know is that this world seems to be from around the same time as Earth. The only difference between us and them is that we made it off. It would seem their hunger for Power was too great… and it consumed them.”


“Or we just got lucky,” says H.


“If these people didn’t make it off this world then why have we found ruins on other planets, including a star map that led us here?” Dmitri asks.


“My guess would be they were left by who or whatever seeded the gardens.”

“And that would be…?” Alex asks.

“The Gardener of Eden, of course.”

“Who the hell is the Gardener of Eden?!” Dmitri shouts.

“We do not know… but I recently acquired information that… may shed light.”

“What sort of information?”

“A location.”

“Why did you come here and not go there?” Morgan asks.

“Because... I am not sure I want to find out,” he answers in a troubled tone.

“Well, I know sure as hell that I do.”

“Very well… I will transmit the coordinates to you.”

“Alright,” says Dmitri. “Before we go, did you get anywhere with those drawings I asked about?”


“I am afraid that these are markings from one of the Mirrored Temples. I wish you all luck on your journey.”

The crew returns to the Helix and prepares to leave the planet. While they feel like they have made some progress, they also feel as if they now have more questions than ever before.


“Have fun in the creepy lightning cave?” Minerva asks as the crew slowly assembles on the bridge.

“We found lots of pretty rocks,” Dmitri jokes, referencing the electric crystals they had collected.


“Ooo. Rocks. You didn’t bring me any?”

Suddenly H walks past carrying a pile of the golden sparkling crystals.

“Oh… Those are, uh, definitely some pretty rocks you got there.”

“And they explode!” Alex adds.

“The perfect thing to store on a ship! I’m thinking next to the engines?”

“So, how about we get off this puddle now?” Dmitri suggests.

“I’d like nothing more. Where to, boss?”

Minerva fires up the engines and takes off. The Helix breaks through the thick cloud cover of Messina and back into the cold vacuum of space.


Session Notes: And thus we’ve reached the five and a half hour mark. Still got over two and a half hours to get through, but that’s for Chapter Eight. After that grueling gym battle we needed some nice, relaxing RP. Other Humans… That I did not see coming, but looking back it makes sense… kind of. I get that feeling a lot in this game. The clues are there but we don’t see them until after the shit goes down!


Now we’ve got more leads to chase! We’ve got the Mirrored Temple, the coordinates related to the Gardener of Eden, and we still have that Dr. Armstrong lead. The consensus amongst the players seems to be to go after the Mirrored Temple lead first.

The highlight for this chunk of the session was when Gilgamesh mentioned the “Gardener of Eden.” Dmitri’s player just blurted out “Who the hell is the Gardener of Eden!?” almost instantly and we all started cracking up. Listening to the recording for this part was painful due to how loud we were laughing. Good times.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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