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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

Having earned the Warp Badge from Gilgamesh, the crew of the UAS Helix opened the mysterious doors in the caverns below the surface of Messina. Inside they discovered the ruins of an ancient city. After sharing this with Gilgamesh, he told them of the existence of garden worlds, planets seeded with Humans and Pokemon by what he calls the Gardener of Eden, and provided them with the coordinates of its supposed location. Now the Helix returns to the warp gate in Sector 18 in order to continue their mission.


The Helix drops out of warp space near the warp gate, having made the short jump from the Astaranth system. A squadron of Romanov radicalist heavy cruisers, this time led by a destroyer, lie in wait for the returning frigate. For the crew of the Helix, this is not a surprise. The little warp stunt they pulled on the way in to avoid the radicalists had clearly caught their attention.

“We need to get through that warp gate now!” Dmitri shouts.

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“Uh, Boss? They’re hailing us,” Minerva tells him, nodding at the blinking light on the console. “Wanna answer it?”

Shane answers the call and a naval officer in full black and red dress uniform standing in front of a big black and red banner with a Honedge emblazoned on it appears on the view screen. “Hello. I am Captain Lee Heilovic of the Romanov Supremacy, commander of the RSS Envy.” he introduces himself, a thick Romanov accent quite prominent.


“We don’t want any trouble. We just want to leave.” Morgan replies. “We didn’t come here to bother you.”

“I have received interesting reports from my subordinates of your arrival through this gate and your, shall we say, entanglement with our forces.”


“We were actively trying to not engage,” Shane tells him.

“Oh, I do not blame you. But this warp capability is interesting. We would very much like to acquire it for the Supremacy.”


“I don’t think that’s possible,” Morgan tells him.

“May we board your ship?” the captain asks.

“No,” Morgan replies coldly.

It is at this moment that Shane raises his arm, the mark from Giratina glowing its brilliant shade of purple, and raises his middle finger at the Romanov captain.


“A pity,” Heilovic responds, not recognizing the significance of Shane’s mark. He turns to a subordinate off screen. “Engage the tractor beams.”

“Uh, guys… they wanna board the ship,” Minerva says, a nervous look in her eyes.

“Well, we’re not gonna let them board the ship, now are we?” Morgan asks rhetorically.


“Good! Because this is a big problem.” She tries to dodge out of the way of the tractor beam but the Helix is snared and starts getting pulled toward the Romanov destroyer. “Guys, we’re stuck in the tractor beam,” she says. “I don’t do tractor beams. I do not do tractor beams!”

“Then what did we hire you for!?” Morgan shouts at her.

“You hired me because I can avoid laser fire, and melee ships that ram people!”

“I think I can get us into the Warp without using a warp gate,” Shane tells her. “Can you get us back without using one?”


“I’ve never done free warp flying. No one ever has.”

“We have,” Dmitri tells her.

“Well, good for you!”

Shane focuses hard on trying to pull the Helix into warp space. The mark starts glowing brightly as the burning cold sensation pulses through his arm. Unfortunately, he is not able to enter warp space.


“I can’t move in a tractor beam guys. Do something!” Minerva shouts.

“We’re trying!” Morgan shouts back.

“This isn’t working!” Alex shouts. She turns to the computer she’s sitting at and tries to hack into the Destroyer’s systems remotely. She’s never attempted something like this before but she was always good with technology and computers so she knows she can do it. “I can’t find their tractor beam code, but I’m in their scanners!” Alex shouts. “They’re scanning our warp drive. And now they’re scanning their own ships,” she adds with a laugh, having redirected their scans.


“Keep trying to get control of the tractor beam,” Morgan tells her. “But we need to be prepared to fight them if they do board us.”

“I absolutely do not do hand-to-hand combat!” Minerva shouts.

“You don’t have to!” Morgan shouts back at her.

“Sir, there is problem with scanners!” a Romanov voice comes in over the comms.

“Oooh. Looks like I’m in their comms now!” Alex tells the crew. “Hey you! Romanov guy, tell them to turn the tractor beam off!” She then says to Dmitri.


“I cannot lie to save my life,” Dmitri tells her.

“Damn it. I’ll do it,” She says.

“Comrade, there is problem with tractor beam,” Alex says into the comms, trying her best to imitate the accent of Romanov characters she had seen in the movies. “We need to shut it off.”


“Who is speaking?” a voice asks. “What is name and rank?”

“Uh… Lieutenant Smirnoff?”

“What department?”


“One moment.”

There is no response after that.

“Well, it was worth a shot,” Alex says, looking over to her crewmates. “Okay… Um… I’ll try to get into the tractor beam again.” She continues to snoop around their systems, but she suddenly finds herself kicked out. “Damn it! They found me!”


“Morgan!” Dmitri shouts. “Should we try to use the Red Suns virus to weaponize the warp gate!?”

“What?” Minerva asks.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about us,” Shane tells her.

“Well, if it can get us out of this mess then do it!”

“What if you try flying straight at the tractor beam?” Alex asks.

“What… are you thinking?” Minerva asks her.

“Since it’s pulling us in, wouldn’t flying right at it like launch us out or something?”


“That’s not how it works! Believe me, I’ve tried.”

“What if we board their ship?”

“They’ve got thousands of soldiers on there,” H tells her.

You can board their ship. I’m staying here,” Minerva responds. “You know, where I don’t bleed to death!”


“Screw it, let’s do this!” H shouts. He rushes off the bridge and gets the space suit. He puts it on and then heads to the airlock. He exits the ship and dives toward the tractor beam. He lands on it but the magnetic pull of the beam latches onto his metal legs and traps him. He charges up some electricity and fires it at the tractor beam, disrupting it for second, allowing him to free his legs.

“Damn it, I’ll get him,” Shane tells his crewmates. He gets up and runs for the airlock. Ever since the battle with Gilgamesh, it felt like the powers granted by the mark had grown and the sense of terror he experienced from contemplating entering the vacuum of space had vanished.


Shane opens the airlock, then runs forward and leaps for the rapidly approaching airlock of the Romanov destroyer. He successfully lands and passes through the ray shields right into a contingent of Romanov Supremacy soldiers. He quickly uses his powers to switch places with H and finds himself in the space suit free floating outside the ship. He then teleports himself back to the destroyer. He sees the Romanov soldiers all lying on the floor, incapacitated from one of H’s electrical attacks. He looks up to see H latched onto the ceiling of the large room he finds himself in.

“You guys go help them!” Morgan tells Alex and Dmitri as the ships dock, the Helix having been pulled in by the tractor beam. “I’ll stay here and try to hack into the warp gate.” The pair runs for the airlock to join H and Shane on the Romanov ship.


“Let’s disable the tractor beam,” Dmitri suggests as they regroup. The four run for the door into the next room, but Captain Heilovic steps out, flanked by two mean looking Bisharps.

“I tried to be polite,” he says with a disappointed look on his face. “All I wanted was a look inside your ship. I might have even let you go, but you had to be so rude.”


Shane suddenly vanishes, the space suit dropping to the floor, as the others reach for their Pokeballs. The two Bisharps move forward, assuming a defensive position around the captain, their armor gleaming like iron.


“Anubis go! Use Bone Rush!” Alex shouts as she sends out her Lucario. The Pokemon charges forward as he creates a bone from his aura energy and brandishes it as he aims for one of the Bisharps. Unfortunately, the Bisharp proves to be a nimble foe and dodges out of the way. The floor tiles shatter as the bone slams into the ground.

“Wilhelm, Confuse Ray,” Dmitri instructs his Haunter as he releases him from its ball. The ghostly Pokemon’s eyes start flashing, causing the other Bisharp to enter a state of confusion. Dmitri then does the same and inflicts the same ailment upon the first Bisharp


Shane reappears behind Heilovic and slams him with his ghostly attack, leaving the Captain winded and wondering what happened. He then jumps away and sends out his Klefki.

“Personal warp suit?” Heilovic mutters to himself.


The two Bisharps step forward, snapping out of their confusion. The one on the right charges forward and slashes at Wilhelm, dealing a massive blow to the Haunter, leaving him visibly weakened. The other one starts focusing, preparing for a powerful attack. It throws a powerful punch at Anubis, knocking him back with massive force. The Lucario coughs up blood as he hits the ground.

Oh no!” Alex shouts in distress. “Hang in there Anubis...” Alex recalls her wounded Pokemon, with a worried expression that soon changes to one of anger. “Your turn Diablo! Use Ember!” Her Houndoom springs from his ball and spits a jet of fire at the Bisharp. The Pokemon’s armor is singed a bit, but it doesn’t seem too bothered by it.


“K.E.Y.S., use Metal Sound!” Shane orders his Klefki, pointing at the same Bisharp. The Klefki sends a burst of metallic sound at the Bisharp and it appears to be weakened.


“Go #5! Use your Flame Burst!” H shouts as he fires a Pokeball from his cannon at the Bisharp. His Numel pops out mid-fight, upside down. He shoots a blast of fire from his spout right before it hits the Bisharp, dealing a chunk of damage. The force from the blast slows the Pokemon’s descent and allows him to flip himself over and land on his feet.

The Bisharp swipes at K.E.Y.S., its metal claws shimmering in the light, and delivers a hefty blow. The other Bisharp moves up and slashes at Wilhelm again, taking the Haunter out of the fight.


“Diablo, use Ember again!” Alex shouts. Her Houndoom spits another blast of fire but this time the Bisharp dodges out of the way.

“Go Obsidius!” Dmitri shouts out, releasing his Slugma. “Flame Burst!” The magma slug spits a blast of fire at the other Bisharp and doesn’t do much more than singe its armor.


“This should break through their defenses!” H shouts as he fires a magma grenade from his Pokeball cannon, taking a big bite out of the Bisharp they’ve all be ganging up on.

“K.E.Y.S. come back. You’re up R.A.G.E.!” Shane shouts as he switches out his Klefki for his Clefable.


“Diablo, you too,” says Alex, recalling her own Pokemon. “Okuma it’s your turn!” She releases her Joltik further back from the Bisharp, out of range of its attacks.


Both Bisharps begin focusing, preparing to unleash another powerful round of attacks.

“Okuma use Thunder Wave! Paralyze that thing,” Alex commands her Pokemon. The Joltik blasts it with a bolt of electricity at the Bisharp. Sparks fly along its body and it seems to be slowed down quite a bit.


“Obsidius, Yawn,” Dmitri instructs his Pokemon. The Slugma yawns and the weakened Bisharp appears to be getting a bit drowsy.

“Now, R.A.G.E.! Use Dazzling Gleam!” Shane commands his Clefable. It bounds across the field to get in rage and unleashes a flash of brilliant light, striking the Bisharp and disrupting its focus. If that wasn’t enough, it falls asleep due to the Slugma’s influence. The other Bisharp however, was uninterrupted and slams Obsidius with its supercharged punch, knocking the Slugma out of the fight.


“Ness, you’re up!” Dmitri shouts as he recalls his fallen Slugma and sends out his Gyarados.

“Alright, my turn,” Shane says to himself. He starts glitching out and appears to shimmer like metal for a moment as he throws himself at the other Bisharp, slamming it with all his weight. However, it doesn’t seem to do much to the Pokemon. The Bisharp ignores Shane and charges at Ness, slashing at the giant Gyarados. However, it misses and goes flying past.


“R.A.G.E., use Wake-Up Slap!” Shane commands his Pokemon. The Clefable moves up to the sleeping Bisharp and slaps it back and forth as hard as it can. However, the Bisharp’s armor is so strong that it doesn’t even wake it up.

“Damn it! This isn’t working!” Shane yells to his allies. “Our Pokemon are going to die if we keep this up,” He then reaches for his commlink with the Helix. “Morgan how’s that warp gate hack coming? We’re in trouble here.”


“It’s all ready to go!” Morgan’s voice replies. “I’m firing it at one of their cruisers now!”

“Right. We’re on the way back!”

Shane, H, Dmitri, and Alex recall their Pokemon and start running away. H throws a string shot grenade at their attackers to keep them from following. H grabs the space suit off the floor as the run back toward their ship.


“Good job unsticking us guys!” Minerva greets them as they return to the bridge.

“Shoot at it or something!” Alex yells. H takes the gun controls and fires the plasma beam at the tractor beam.


The blast loosens the grip of the beam, allowing Minerva an opportunity to escape. She undocks from the destroyer and starts flying over it. The beam stays locked onto the ship but it’s behaving more like a loose rope tied to the ship. Minerva banks the Helix around the other side of the destroyer, breaking the beam’s grip by forcing it to travel through the giant ship.

As the Helix flies inverted past the Envy’s bridge, the crew sees Heilovic standing there with a cold look on his face. Dmitri uses his telepathic abilities to probe his mind and senses that the captain is planning his next move, as if they have caught his attention.


Shane and Alex flip the captain off as Minerva fires the engines to maximum and flies the Helix right at the warp gate. She powers up the warp drive and the gate slingshots the ship into warp space.

On the bridge of the RSS Envy, Captain Heilovic stands looking out the view port at the damaged Broadsword class heavy cruiser. The hull still gives off an irradiated glow as the last survivors are evacuated.


What power! he thinks. If it could be harnessed for the Supremacy...

“Was it successfully planted?” Heilovic asks the attending officer.

“Yes, sir.”


Session Notes: Well that was a fight. First time we’ve had to run away. Two level 100 Bisharps with stupidly high defenses. DragonStorm said he built them to defend against Physical attack… YET THEY HAD MAXIMUM SPECIAL EVASION!


Going back through the recording of the session I noticed a lot of flubs in the later hours of this motherload of a session. Especially in this fight. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say we all need to pay a little bit more attention during combat encounters.

I also noticed a tendency for us to shout over each other and talk at the same time ALL THE TIME, especially me, DragonStorm, and H’s player. But that’s to be expected in a TRPG campaign. Needless to say, my ears hurt after listening to eight hours of that :D


So shit went down. There’s a new faction in town: The Romanov Supremacy! If you’ve had a bit of trouble following along, basically after the huge battle at the end of Volume 1, a rogue faction of the Romanov Union seemed to be responsible and there was foreshadowing of the Romanov radicalists in the previous chapters. Apparently the news doesn’t realize or just isn’t reporting the fact that these radicalists seem to be a fully unified faction. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Heilovic again, as if that little scene at the end wasn’t obvious enough.

After the shit that just went down, I’m sure that there’s going to be some heavy RP at the beginning of next session. Minerva kinda freaked out, and Alex has been seeing some pretty weird shit since she joined up with these guys… Can’t wait for Sunday!


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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