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Welcome to another relaxing installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The UAS Helix just barely escaped the grasp of Captain Heilovic of the Romanov Supremacy! Returning to the warp gate in Sector 18 from the ocean world of Messina, the Helix once again faced the Supremacist ships protecting the gate, this time including the RSS Envy, commanded by Heilovic. The Romanov captain has shown an interested in the Helix and her crew and sought to learn their secrets for himself. Narrowly escaping from Heilovic’s grasp, the Helix now flies through warp space on a course for “anywhere but here.”


“Let’s try not to do that again,” Shane says to the crew, still gathered on the bridge.

“Yeah,” Minerva responds, still visibly shaken up by the encounter with the Romanov Supremacy. “I’m a pilot. Ship vs ship, that’s fine, but I can’t outfly people who are inside the ship.”

“But no one actually made it inside the ship,” Dmitri points out.

“But they could have,” Minerva replies. “So how about no on-board combat on this ship ever?”


“That sounds like a good idea,” Alex agrees.

“When I am on board, there will be no problem with on-board combat,” H announces. “Unless there is.”


“That sounds really reassuring,” Minerva tells him sarcastically. “Thanks.”

“So, why don’t we, like… stop going to places where people are trying to kill us?” Alex asks.


“That sounds like a great idea,” Shane agrees. “Let’s go with that plan.”

“But that means we will have to stop going to places with people,” H responds. “Because there will always be people trying to kill us.”


“Who the hell are you people that there’s always someone trying to kill you?” Alex asks.

“Let me reiterate,” Shane tells her. “There’s a lot you two don’t know about us.”


“Well… then maybe you should start sharing,” Alex replies.

“Yeah, you know, usually I’ll just take the credits and ‘your business is your business,’” Minerva agrees. “But I’ve seen you do some pretty weird shit, to say the least.”


“Well as you can see,” H starts explaining. “I am attempting to become the most perfect being in the universe and bring Humanity to a new age of enlightenment, and as such I have to attempt many new things, I find new technologies and experience new things to bring myself to perfection, and, as such, people are opposed to that perfection, people who wish to go against my amazing spiritual enlightenment through the power of Wailords and I believe that through this power I shall grow to gain control over the universe and that is why people oppose me, for they are afraid of what I might become.”

“H, you do realize that no one actually believes you right?” Shane asks him.

“But that is exactly why I can do it! One does not actually need to be believed to be accomplished.”



“Uh… does anybody besides Inspector Gizmo here have an answer that actually makes sense?” Alex asks, giving H a strange look.


“Okay, let me try to begin in a more understandable fashion,” Shane tells her. “Have you heard of the Red Suns?” Shane asks.

“I can’t say that I have,” Minerva replies.

“The who?” Alex asks.

“They’re a group of mercenaries,” Shane informs them.

“Well, with a name like the Red Suns, that’s not surprising,” Minerva jokes.

“We helped one of their top leaders clear his name and rejoin the group,” Shane continues. “His name is Arlon Jett and he’s kind of a badass… But enough about him.”


“The Red Suns aren’t that important,” H interrupts. “What is important is that we met a weird, strange man-mime-Pokemon-thing who goes by Mr. Silver for whatever reason, but he has a lot of information which proved useful to us.”

“He basically has his hand in everything,” Shane elaborates, attempting to regain control of the conversation. “And even he’s not that important in the grand scheme of things. The Romanov Supremacy, which is the group we just encountered-”


“Yeah, I noticed,” Minerva interrupts. “Captain Friendly was very keen to let us know whose side he’s on.”


“We have a lot of evidence to suggest that they are, or at least were, attempting to create an army of Genesect,” Shane continues.

Great. What’s a Genesect?”

“This,” Shane tells her, showing the two new members of the crew a chunk of the Genesect data on his Pokedex.


“They’re making an army of murder machines?” Alex asks.

“Yes. That’s what we tried to stop them from doing before you two came on board. So… basically, we’re the good guys.”


“Never heard that one before,” Minerva tells him.

“My offer still stands,” Shane continues. “If at any point you don’t want to continue piloting for us, you don’t have to.”


“Well, it seems like the money’s still good,” Minerva replies. “And, as long as we don’t have another boarding incident, I think I’ll stick around. You’re certainly the most interesting clients I’ve had the pleasure of ferrying around the Galaxy.”

“Trust me, as long as we’re on board you have no reason to fear any actual hand-to-hand combat,” Shane reassures her.



The Helix drops out of warp space into Sector 19 in the Outer Rim, a boring stretch of space with a few systems containing uninhabited planets and Romanov military installations. The ship’s proximity sensors go off almost immediately upon exiting the gate; a sole ship is detected moving toward the Helix.


Minerva, still on edge after the encounter with Heilovic, calls the crew up to the bridge. “Guys, I’m picking up a ship here. Might be trouble.”


Shane, Dmitri, and H head up to the bridge to investigate, and recognize the familiar signature of the UAS Corsair, the Alliance-make heavy frigate owned by the Red Suns.

“Looks like Outer Rim mercenaries or pirates,” Minerva informs them. “How do you wanna handle this boss?”


“Yeah, this would be the Red Suns,” Shane tells her calmly

“Oh, those Red Suns?” Minerva asks.


“That’s quite a coincidence. Well, it seems like they do know you since they’re hailing us and their weapons are not charged. Huh.”


Shane accepts the call and the familiar face of Arlon Jett appears on the viewscreen. “Well, if it isn’t the UAS Helix,” he says to them. “Fancy meeting you here. What brings you lot all the way out here?”

“We kind of had a run in with the Romanov Supremacy,” Shane tells him.

“Not a very nice bunch, are they?” Arlon replies. “I hate those bastards. They make getting around in Romanov space a bloody nightmare.”


“Hey, so Minerva, remember that guy we talked about?” H suddenly chimes in. “This is him.”

“Mr. Badass?” Minerva asks.

“Oh, so I’m known as Mr. Badass now?”

“Well, that’s kind of how I explained it,” Shane tells him.

“Well, I’m flattered, mate,” Arlon says with a laugh. He then turns his attention to Minerva. “So, you’re the new pilot then, luv? I take it you’ve had quite an interesting time with this lot then.”


“Interesting is one word you could use, yes.”

“Oh, I like her already,” Arlon says. “But enough small talk. Since you’re here, I could use your help with something.”


“Oh?” Shane asks.

“Remember that Alliance scientist I mentioned to you? Dr. Armstrong?”


“Well, as you know, Mr. Silver hired the Red Suns, as well as several of his other agents to capture him and, if that proves impossible, to kill him. My initial plan was to covertly capture him to keep him so that I could learn what he knows and to keep him out of Mr. Silver’s hands.” He folds his arms, the expression on his face turning quite serious. “Unfortunately, I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Armstrong has proven to be a hard man to track down… until now. He’s scheduled to speak at Belaviure University on Parisia at the end of the week. This would be the perfect opportunity to grab him, but we’re not the only ones after him. If the Red Suns were seen taking him, it would put us all in danger of being discovered since I have no intention of turning him over to Mr. Silver.” He pauses for a moment, looking at something off screen. “So, you can see why this is a problem.”


“Yeah,” Shane responds. “So, I take it you want us to capture him?”

“Exactly. My hands are tied here, but Mr. Silver isn’t watching you as closely. If you capture Armstrong, Silver will likely suspect that you have your own reasons for doing so.”


“Wait… What’s this presentation going to be on?” H suddenly asks.

“Well, I assume it’ll be on theoretical biology,” Arlon tells him. “You know, the field he specializes in.”


“...That doctor? Wait… We’ve been searching for that Dr. Armstrong and no one has bothered to tell me that we are going after him?!

“I gave you this information weeks ago, mate,” Arlon tells him. “How in the bloody hell could you not know?”


“Yes. But I figured you were giving me useless information as you normally do because people give useless information,” H replies.

“You know this guy?” Shane asks.

“Yes,” H tells him. “This is the guy who made me who I am, essentially. A good friend of mine from back at the lab before it… well, kind of… vanished. I know he played some role of importance in me becoming who I am.” His expression turns to one of confusion as he continues. “I thought he went missing with the lab… It should have all been destroyed… Armstrong was probably the best man I knew… since my childhood… he was like a father to me… How in the world…? He should… he was gone… How can Armstrong even exist? He should be dead as with everyone in the lab who vanished all those years ago.”


“You survived somehow,” Dmitri points out.

“Well, yes, because I’m the chosen one. But Armstrong… he should not be alive.”

“Well, he is very much alive, mate,” Arlon tells him.

“Well, you should have told me sooner!”

“I-” Arlon starts but he finds himself at a loss for words. He just shakes his head in bewilderment.


“He’s always like this isn’t he?” Minerva asks.

“Yeah…” Shane says with a sigh. “Anyway, Arlon, we will definitely take care of Armstrong, but in return, do you know anything about the Mirrored Temples?”


“Sorry mate, can’t say that I do,” Arlon tells him. “But if I find anything out I’ll be sure to send it your way.”

“Thanks. That would be really helpful.”

“No problem. Good luck with Armstrong. Take care of yourselves.”

“You too.”

“Cheers.” Arlon ends the calls and the crew of the Helix watch as the Corsair flies off into space.


Shane turns to the rest of the crew gathered on the bridge and makes a decision. “Arlon seems to be really focused on finding this guy. I think the Mirrored Temple can wait.”

“Well if it’s been sitting there for ninety-two-million years, I’m sure it can sit there just a little bit longer,” Minerva agrees. She turns the ship back toward the gate and sets a course for the core Genevan sector.


Realizing he has not seen Morgan for several hours, Shane becomes worried and looks around the ship for her. Not finding her around any of her usual spots, Shane checks her room. He knocks and hears no response. He does notice the door is unlocked, so he opens it and sees Morgan lying on her bed facing the wall, her back to the door.


“Morgan are you okay?” Shane asks her.

No response. She appears to be attempting to pretend that she is sleeping, but it is quite obvious to Shane that she is wide awake.


“Morgan, I know you’re awake.”


“You don’t have to be afraid of… whatever it is that you’re afraid of,” Shane reassures her.


“But…” Morgan says, still staring at the wall. “What if I’m afraid of… me? I killed all those people… And the ones who didn’t die… They’re ruined...”

“They were trying to do the same to us,” Shane tells her. “It was self-defense.”

“Not them. Only the captain. But I couldn’t… because you were on that ship.”

“I was trying to get H off of that ship.”

“Why does something like that gate hack even exist? How could I do something like that? It felt good… when I watched the ship burn.”


“I guess power kinda gets to your head after a while… But, seriously, are you okay?”

“I’ll be okay… Please… just tell everyone I was asleep.”

“Alright,” Shane agrees, empathizing with the pain this memory must give Morgan. “I did want to let you know since you weren’t on the bridge, but we crossed paths with Arlon.”


“I see… What did he say?”

“He found out more information on Armstrong. He wants us to prevent him from being captured or killed by Mr. Silver’s men.”


“I’m guessing this is urgent then.”

“Yeah… We’re actually headed into Genevan space right now to try and find him.”

“Genevan space…? Where?”

“Parisia. Armstrong is giving a talk there on Friday.”

“I can’t go there.”

“You… don’t have to… You can stay on the ship if you want.”

“As long as I can stay here, that’s fine. I can’t help you.”


Sensing Morgan needs some more alone time, Shane exits the room. As he makes his way back to his own room, Shane notices Alex stumbling around in the corridor, seemingly a bit tipsy from the sheer amount of time that the ship has been in warp space recently.


“Hey… are you okay? Is the Warp a bit too much? It’s always rough for first timers.”

“Huh?” Alex asks, seeming a bit delirious.

“I think you should go sit down. You’re looking a bit… wobbly.”

“I’m not wobbly… You’re wobbly,” Alex responds.

“Here,” says Shane, grabbing her to keep her from falling over. “Why don’t we go sit down somewhere?”


“Okay…” says Alex. “I’m gonna stop standing up now.” Her knees give out and she slumps into a sitting position on the floor.

“Close enough,” Shane tells her. He props her up against the wall. “Just… stay here until we get out of warp space.”


The Helix drops out of warp space in the Europa System, the heart of the Geneva Confederacy. Unlike the other nations, the Confederacy built the warp gate for their primary sector right in their capital system. The Europa system is quite the unique star system, boasting a plethora of habitable worlds. The passengers of the European life ship that left Earth had tried their best to preserve their cultural identities and, as such, this system had proved perfect for their needs. The member states of the Confederacy were each provided with a world of their own.


“So, we’ve arrived in the Europa System,” Minerva announces over the comms. “Where to now?”

The crew gathers on the bridge to figure out what to do next.

“We still have three days until Armstrong’s talk, so we probably don’t need to go to Parisia just yet,” says Shane.


“Since we’re here, we may as well pick up some supplies,” Dmitri suggests. “We need some more Pokeballs, and if we’re going to be in any more combat situations we should get some armor or something.”

“And I want to pick up a small warp drive to mess around with, like Gilgamesh suggested,” Shane adds. “Morgan, you know this place the best of any of us. Where do you suggest we go to find this stuff?”


“It’s all hardware and technology related, so the best place to look would be München,” Morgan informs them. “They produce top of the line Pokeball and space technology there. It orbits the same planet as Parisia so it makes the most sense.”

“Sounds good,” says Shane. “Minerva-”

“Already setting a course,” the pilot interrupts.

After a brief flight across the system, the Helix arrives at Gaia, the gas giant home to a large portion of the population of the Europa System. The planet’s many habitable moons serve as the capital worlds for a large majority of the Genevan states.

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“Wow,” Alex gasps as she stares out the viewport at Gaia. The giant’s brilliant orange rings standing out against the swirls of blue and white gases. “It’s so beautiful.”


Minerva brings the ship down to München and docks in the moon’s major spaceport and economic hub. The crew then heads out into the city to browse the storefronts for supplies.

“Have fun on your little shopping trip,” Minerva says over the comms as they disembark from the Helix.


Wandering along the streets, the crew comes across a variety of stores. The buildings are lined with vehicle dealerships, hardware shops, personal equipment stores, and Pokeball boutiques.

“Oh my God, they have, like, every Pokeball ever! And in custom colors! The craftsmanship is amazing!” Alex darts from one shop window to the next, eyes wide with wonder, marveling at all the wonderful technology. “Ahhh!!” she suddenly squeals, causing the others to run over. “That’s a gold-plated Premier Luxury Ball! It’s so shiny! I need it!”


“It’s just a Luxury Ball,” Morgan tells her. “You can get a regular one for cheaper and it would do the same thing.”

“But it wouldn’t be as classy!” Alex whines.

“It’s really expensive. Do you even have that kind of money?” Morgan asks.

“Right,” Alex sighs. A frown temporarily appears on her face. Her eyes soon light up again when she spots another store window. “Hey, look, Timer Balls!” She runs off once again.


“Hey, slow down!” Morgan shouts after her.

“I can take care of myself!” Alex shouts back. “I’ll meet you back at the ship later!”

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Morgan just sighs and follows the others as they continue shopping.

“I’m going to go see if I can find somewhere I can buy some combat armor,” Dmitri tells his crewmates. “I want to be prepared for the next time we encounter the Supremacy.”


“Sounds like a good plan,” Shane tells him. “I’ll go look for a warp drive. Morgan, is there anywhere around here where I can find one?”

“I’ve really only been here a few times,” Morgan tells him. “But it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.”


The two keep walking along and eventually come across a shop specializing in warp drives. Entering the store, they see all kinds of warp drives for varying makes and models of ships. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, Shane decides to ask one of the employees.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for small warp drive.”

“Sure thing,” the man tells him, a hint of a German accent in his voice. “Vere you looking for anything in particular?”


“What’s the smallest warp drive you have?”

“That vould be this one here,” the man tells him, leading him over to a nearby shelf. “It is designed for small, compact bucket class ships. It is not the most powerful drive, but for its size it certainly gets the job done.”


“This will do nicely,” Shane tells him. “I’ll take it.”

“Alright, that vill run you twelve-thousand credits. And ve can deliver it right to your ship.”


After spending several hours exploring the streets and geeking out over all the fancy Genevan tech, Alex decides to spend her money on TMs. She had been consistently getting knocked out of battles since she met Helix crew. All her Pokemon had been knocked out when they fought Gilgamesh, and Anubis nearly died in the battle against Heilovic. Alex’s Pokemon were with her through all the years she was alone; they are like family to her. She can’t stand the thought of losing a single one. She had come to the realization that she needs to start training harder and teaching her Pokemon better moves; their lives depend on it.


“I need Focus Blast, and Flamethrower, and Thunderbolt, and-”

“Slow down kid,” the shopkeeper tells her. “You need gym badges before we can sell you high level moves like that.”


“I have a gym badge!” Alex declares, showing off the Warp Badge she received from Gilgamesh.

“The Warp Badge, huh?” the shopkeeper asks, stroking his goatee. “Don’t see too many of those. But you’ll need more than one if you want something like Focus Blast.” He then points to a selection of TMs. “These are the ones you can get with one.”


“Okay… Um… I’ll take that one, and that one,” Alex decides, selecting a few TMs that she thinks will be useful.

“Sure thing kid.”

Satisfied with her purchases, Alex makes her way back to the Helix, finding most of the others have already returned. They appear to be discussing what to do next.


“Is there anything else we need to do while we’re here?” Shane asks, “Or should we just head for Parisia now?”

“I would like to Wonder Trade before we leave,” says Dmitri.

“I as well,” H agrees.

“Sounds like a good idea,” says Shane.

Alex follows the crew as they disembark once more, this time headed for München’s Wonder Trade center. “Where are we going?” the girl asks.


“To the Wonder Trade center,” Dmitri tells her.

“Wonder Trade? What’s that?”

“It’s where you trade away one of your Pokemon and get a random one in return,” Morgan explains.


“Why would anyone want to do that?” Alex asks. “I can’t even imagine trading any of my Pokemon… Especially for something random! They’re the only family I have…”

“Well, not everyone is as attached to the Pokemon they catch,” Morgan tells her.

“But why would you catch something you don’t want?”

“So I can trade for something I do want,” says Dmitri.

“That just seems cruel…”

They arrive at the Wonder Trade center which has a few people milling about, making trades. Dmitri walks up to one of the machines and places the Pokeball containing the Qwilfish he received from Wonder Trading on Delphyne inside. It is warped away by the machine, and a new Pokeball appears in its place. Dmitri picks it up and releases it. A Noibat pops out and starts flapping around the room.


“Hmm. I think I will keep this,” he says. “See. I now have something I want.”

“But what about the other Pokemon?” Alex asks.

“I’m sure it’ll find a nice home,” Shane reassures her.

Morgan goes next and trades in the Tynamo she caught on Messina and receives a Bellsprout, which she also decides to keep, figuring it will be a good support Pokemon for her team. H goes next and trades away his Chinchou, also from Messina, and ends up with a Buizel, which he promptly names #9. Shane goes last and trades the Tynamo he also caught on Messina and receives an Amaura.


“Oh my God, it’s so cute!” Alex exclaims. “I want one!”

“Well, I plan on keeping this one,” Shane tells her. “You’re welcome to try trading for one here.”


“No way! I’ll just have to catch my own!”

“Good luck with that.”

Satisfied with their Wonder Trade results, the crew returns to the Helix and prepares to leave the moon.


Session Notes: Well this certainly was a long chapter for a session that started off with a whole lot of nothing. We barely went over our usual length and we got like almost nothing done and went on ton of tangents yet somehow the write-up proved to be one of the longest yet. Some really big things happened toward the end but we’ll get to that in the next couple of chapters.


Arlon Jett makes his first Volume 2 appearance! And he’s… British? Yes, you may be wondering about that. The truth is that he’s always been British but I wasn’t really able to do the accent during RP. Now that he’s not my PC I’m going to start attempting the accent for his few appearances, and will definitely be writing it here (and when I go back to rewrite Volume 1 with the current writing quality I’ve been going with for Volume 2). Being from the Geneva Confederacy, which is essentially Space Europe, I felt it appropriate to give him an accent. He certainly has more of an attitude now and I love it.

His purpose here was to present the party with a tough choice. Do we go to the Mirrored Temple, which is the thing both the players and their characters want to do first, or this time-sensitive thing which is super important. Ultimately we decided to go after Armstrong.


Meanwhile on the UAS Socially Awkward… (No seriously, most of our characters don’t know how to fit in normal Human society), Shmorgan is totally going to happen! Too bad they’re both too awkward to realize it just yet, no matter how bad their players want it to happen. But this ship will take flight soon enough.

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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