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Spacemon Vol. 3 - Chapter 1: Arrival

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

Six months after their victory in the Battle of Solace Prime, the remaining crewmembers of the UAS Helix returned to action. For them, there were too many questions left unanswered. Deciding to seek out the psychic-type Outer Rim Gym Leader Gilgamesh, who had helped them before, the crew of the Helix tracked him to the backwater Sinai world Vandia on a tip from Arlon Jett, who had recently become the new leader of the Red Suns and dedicated himself to uncovering the machinations of Mr. Silver.


While they did not find Gilgamesh on Vandia, the crew met Alexandria Hawthorne, a teenage street orphan who had seen the Gym Leader visit the planet. Alex lead the crew of the Helix to the ruins Gilgamesh had visited and showed them a star map that likely pointed to the location he had traveled to next.

Upon leaving Vandia, the crew discovered that Alex had snuck aboard the ship. While they were hostile to her at first, they later welcomed her as part of the crew. Pursuing the lead from Vandia, the crew of the Helix tracked Gilgamesh to the Outer Rim world Messina where he shared with them information about the so-called Gardener of Eden and cryptic words about the origins of life. He also provided Alex with information about an artifact known as the Mirror which her father, a renowned archaeologist, had been searching for before his mysterious disappearance.

While returning from Messina, the Helix was attacked by the Romanov Supremacy, the Romanov separatist group responsible for the Genesect attack at Solace Prime. The commanding officer of the ship, Captain Lee Heilovic, proved to be a ruthless and cunning adversary and the crew only narrowly escaped.

In the following weeks, the crew of the UAS Helix rescued Dr. Louis Armstrong, the scientist responsible for creating H. It was also revealed that the project he was working on, which was mysteriously terminated, was funded by Mr. Silver. The crew then visited the planet where Alex’s father disappeared and discovered one of many Mirrors containing a terrifying power. The crew tracked this power to a mysterious planetoid in the galactic core and discovered the powerful Pokemon Darkrai. After a grueling mental battle, Darkrai branded Dmitri with its power.


After this, the crew of the Helix traveled to the location of the Gardener provided by Gilgamesh. Here, they discovered that Shane was once a powerful ancient AI that seeded the Galaxy with life, but had become badly damaged. His current form was created by a group of Sinai researchers who added onto the damaged Gardener AI with Human technology.

The crew of the Helix then teamed up with the Red Suns to infiltrate the Galactic Governance Conference aboard the GCS Halcyon to obtain a powerful cyber-weapon capable of hacking Mr. Silver’s entire operation. The conference was attacked by Heilovic and a squadron of Knight Commandos, who had tracked the Helix crew with a magnetic signature placed on H. In the resulting battle, the Halcyon and an entire Federation fleet were destroyed by a powerful bomb that had be smuggled onto the ship, but the crew of the Helix and the Red Suns managed to escape.


Together, they then confronted Mr. Silver, who revealed that he and Shane are powerful AIs created by a powerful ancient civilization. Their purpose is the bring about the next generation of this ancient civilization. Afterwards, the crew used the cyber-weapon to steal a vast amount of data which lead them to a remote facility. The Helix crew boarded and discovered that terrible experiments had been conducted to combine Humans and Pokemon into a being of terrible power; the first of the next generation.


Quiet, Human. From now on... I am the one who makes the rules.

The crew looks on in horror as the creature chokes the life out of H. The cyborg can do little more than gasp for air.


For Alex, the paralysis of fear breaks and her fight-or-flight response kicks in. She turns and bolts out of the room and across the adjacent laboratory. She’s not a moment too soon, for as soon as she passes through the doorway, the abomination lifts its other hand and seals it off with a wall of pure psychic energy.

Image Credit - Brian Mutschler (Although this image doesn’t appear to be uploaded anywhere anymore and the artist seems to have become inactive)

The creature immediately turns its attention to Dmitri and unleashes a blast of dark energy. The powerful attack sends the Romanov flying backward into the wall. Dmitri picks himself back up and staggers toward the doorway. He raises his hand and emits a small blast of ghostly energy, which just barely disrupts a section of the barrier. He runs through the hole into the lab.

Morgan quickly pulls out a Pokeball and releases her Charmander. “Blaise, use Smokescreen!” she commands. “Cover our exit!” The Pokemon breathes out a cloud of smoke, blocking the crew from the creature’s sight.


Ignoring the smoke, the creature flies forward at H. Just before collision, it teleports onto the other side of the barrier, dropping H to the floor. The abomination then launches a ball of aura energy at Blaise. Miraculously, the Charmander stays standing, if just barely.

Shane runs to H and teleports the two of them into the station’s living quarters as the creature moves in to kill Morgan’s Charmander. “What did you teleport me here for?!” H shouts at Shane. “I am the last person who needs saving here!” He immediately turns around and dashes back toward the battle at lightning speed.


Back in the lab, the creature unleashes a massive blast of psychic energy that flies past the injured Charmander and tears a hole in the wall. Alex feels herself being dragged backwards as the air inside the station is rapidly sucked out of the station. She lets out an ear-splitting scream as she comes dangerously close to the vacuum of space. H rounds the corner just in time to throw a sticky grenade at the hole. The mass of sticky string seals it shut.


Alex doesn’t even pause to catch her breath. She immediately starts running again and rounds the corner into the living quarters.

The abomination unleashes a blast of dark energy at Morgan’s Charmander, nearly killing it, then teleports through the wall to cut off its fleeing playthings. Alex stops short as the monster appears before her. It stares into her eyes with a look of pure hatred as it lifts her up and chokes her as it did H. Tears begin streaming down the girl’s face as she struggles to even breathe.


Your form is fragile,” the abomination’s voice echoes in Alex’s mind as it builds up another ball of aura energy. Thinking quickly, Shane uses his powers to swap positions with Alex, breaking the chokehold as the monster fires off its attack and absorbing the hit. Alex immediately picks herself up and runs out of the living quarters and into the tram room.


Morgan recalls her Charmander as she runs toward her companions and swaps out to her Pikachu. “Jean, Double Team!” she commands. Running alongside his trainer, the Pikachu becomes like a blur.


Locking onto the oncoming Pikachu, the horrifying creature fires off a massive blast of psychic energy down the hallway. Jean flies down the hallway and crashes into the bulkhead on the far side. Morgan quickly recalls her fainted Pokemon and releases her Pidgeot.

“Corrine, use Sand Attack!” Morgan commands her the bird Pokemon. The Pidgeot stirs up the dust and fragments of debris scattered across the floor with her powerful wings in an attempt to blind the abomination, but it merely deflects off of its barriers.

Image Credit - alanscampos

H charges full speed at the abomination in attempt to tackle it out of the way to allow his crewmates to escape, but the creature simply lifts the cyborg using its powerful psychic capabilities, rendering him unable to move. H attempts to break from its grasp by magnetizing himself to the wall, but he is unable to escape.


The creature then strikes H with a blast of psychic energy, flinging him into the living quarters. The cyborg sails through the air and collides with Shane, knocking him across the room. H continues on through the open door and smashes into the wall in the hallway.

Dmitri attempts to throw his own blast of energy at the abomination, but it merely deflects it with its barrier. It then locks eyes with the Romanov. “You are as pathetic as the rest.” The voice seems to echo within his own mind. The creature unleashes a blast of dark energy at Dmitri, knocking him unconscious.


Rushing to Dmitri’s aide, Shane releases his Klefki as he runs. “K.E.Y.S., use Astonish!” he commands the Pokemon, then he drops into the Warp in preparation to strike. The Klefki moves up on the abomination, which remains focused on Dmitri, and strikes it from behind, successfully stunning it. Morgan seizes the opportunity to run past.


The creature turns to face K.E.Y.S. and pulls electricity out of the air. “The forces of the Universe bend to me.” It unleashes the energy at the Klefki, sending volts of electricity coursing through his metal body. The Pokemon responds by firing back his own burst of electrical energy, temporarily stunning the monster.

“Get down!” H shouts from the far hallway. Morgan ducks as H readies his Pokeball cannon and fires it, launching his Trevenant’s Pokeball through the living quarters, right into the fray. The massive ghost tree covers Morgan and her Pidgeot as they make their escape.


“Drag Dmitri with us!” Morgan commands her Pokemon. Corrine grabs the unconscious Romanov with her large talons and begins pulling him along with her. The abomination ignores them and focuses on the new threat: #4. It fires off a blast of dark energy at the Trevenant, breaking through his ghostly bark.


Shane drops back into real space and lashes out at the abomination. The monster raises a hand and deflects the attack with its powerful psychic barriers. It then turns its attention back to Shane’s Klefki and unleashes another surge of electricity, knocking the Pokemon out and leaving it heavily injured.

“#4, use Horn Leech!” H commands. His Trevenant lunges at the abomination, but it teleports out of the way, right into the path of Morgan’s Pidgeot as she drags Dmitri’s unconscious body along the floor. The monster swipes at them with its tail as they pass, then it turns its attention back to Shane’s fainted Klefki and attempts to take him out. It lifts the Pokemon up in the air and crushes him with its psychic power. The abomination then casts the nearly dead Klefki aside. Shane immediately recalls his Pokemon and jumps back into the Warp.


The horrific monster then turns to #4, the only target within its range, and unleashes another massive blast of dark energy. In response, the Trevenant teleports itself down the hall, away from his assailant. H extends his mechanical third arm and recalls the Pokemon, then continues to run toward the tram where Morgan and Alex stand waiting. As he runs, H grabs Dmitri from Morgan’s Pidgeot and pulls him aboard the tram.


The abomination pursues the crew down the hallway and unleashes a blast of psychic energy at Corrine, taking the Pidgeot down. Then, it builds up another electric charge as it moves in for the kill. It fires at the Pokemon, but H dashes out of the tram and into the line of fire. His body harmlessly absorbs some of the electricity, but most of the energy explodes outwards, knocking out the lights.

“I have been gifted these tools!” H shouts at the monster. “You shall not break them while I am still alive! While I am still-”


Before H gets the chance to finish speaking, Shane reappears from the Warp and grabs H. “You will all break,” the monster’s voice follows.

Shane pulls H onto the tram as Morgan recalls her Pidgeot. “Close the door!” he shouts.


“The power’s out!” Morgan shouts back to him after the door refuses to cooperate. She pries open the panel of the console and takes a look. “One of the conduits shorted out! H, we need power!”

“What do you want me to do?” H asks, confused.

“Just zap the damn thing!” Shane tells him.

H fires a bolt of electricity into the open console. It sparks for a second, then the doors slide shut and the tram begins to move.


The abomination floats up behind the moving tram and lifts H up with its psychic powers. The tram continues to move forward, pressing H against the back window. “Your words are as empty as your future.” The voice resonates inside the mind of each member of the crew.

The tram passes through the warp gate and H slumps against the wall, free from the abomination’s grasp. It’s over.


Tension hangs heavy in the air of the small space station parked inside the massive Federation dreadnought. The stim-fueled marines watch the warp gate, ever vigilant, ever on edge. For the past hour now, the feeling of uneasiness has been growing.


Arlon checks his pistols for the sixth time since the tram returned with the surviving marines who had gone through the gate. By now, he knows they are in perfect working order. You can never be too sure, he thinks.

“Zey ‘ave been gone too long,” Rena breaks the silence. “We should ‘ave gone in zere with zem.”


“They can handle themselves,” Arlon reassures her. However, he is beginning to wonder if he might be wrong. He worries for the safety of his friends.

Suddenly, the gate begins to activate, snapping everyone to attention. The marines aim their rifles at the glowing Warp, prepared for whatever comes through. The tram emerges, revealing the Helix crew.


The doors slide open and Morgan runs out screaming “Shoot the gate! Shoot the gate!” She looks terrified. “Shoot the Goddamn gate!”

“What happened?” Commander Bryce asks her.

Shoot the gate!” she screams back at him.

“No, blow it up!” Alex yells.

“There’s no time to explain, just do it!” Shane adds.

“Alright,” the commander agrees. “Demolitions-”

Before Bryce can finish his orders, Kiril jumps up and releases all his Pokemon. “Target the gate!” he commands them. “Use Explosion!” The Gengar, the Weezing, and the two Electrodes quickly move to the gate and detonate themselves, heavily damaging it.


“That’s not good enough!” Morgan shouts.

“It seems excessive, but if you’re sure,” Bryce replies. He waves the demolitions squad over. “Get a medical team over here too!” he shouts to another group of marines.


“What the bloody hell happened in there?” Arlon asks. He had seen his old crewmates shaken up before, but not like this.

“Now that we’re safe,” Shane begins, but trails off for a moment as he gathers his thoughts. “The tram lead to a remote… laboratory. They were conducting horrific experiments there…”


Shane pulls out his Pokedex and begins to show the commander and the Red Suns the video files he downloaded. Alex immediately turns her head and moves away from the group.

“This is sickening indeed,” Bryce says after viewing the footage.

“The results of the experiments,” Shane continues, motioning to the final security clip of the Genesect and scientists destroying themselves.


“Here,” H interrupts, pulling out his Pokedex. “I recorded this with my eyes. It is most intriguing.” He plays the recorded footage of the crew’s encounter with the abomination.

“This is most troublesome,” Bryce comments.

“That’s a bloody understatement,” Arlon tells him.

“We barely made it out alive,” Shane explains. “And I fear there may be more…”

“Well, shit,” Arlon responds.

“This is a very grave and serious matter,” Bryce concludes. “Do you have anything else to give our analysts? Something to prepare us?”


“We can provide you with the data our Pokedexes recorded, but it isn’t much,” Shane tells him. “Beyond that, we can tell you what moves it appeared to be using. It looked like a Pokemon, but… it… wasn’t. You watched the recording, it could talk.”

“Do you have anything else? A tactical report, perhaps?”

“If you see one, fight it with a ship,” Morgan tells him. “Or run.”

“So, a ship will stop it then?”

“Maybe,” Morgan tells him.

“We’d better hope so,” says Arlon.

“Well, excellent work,” Bryce commends the Helix crew. “Especially returning my men like that. It must have been quite the ordeal; the Federation is forever in your debt. Is there anything we can do for you? Would you like us to refuel your ship?”


“That would be very helpful,” Shane tells him.

“Very well.”

“Where are you headed next?” Morgan asks the commander. While their respective crews had returned to their ships, Morgan and Arlon had joined Bryce on the bridge.

Image Credit - Jeff Yu

“We’re going to sit tight here for now and let our analysts do their work so that we can plan our next course of action,” Bryce explains. “But there is talk of linking up with the rest of the Federation fleet and hitting hard against the Romanovs.”


Suddenly, the bridge begins bustling with activity. One bridge officer runs up to the commander and shows him some data. “Something doesn’t seem right, go check again,” Bryce tells her.

“Yes, sir,” the officer responds before hurrying off.

“What’s the matter?” Morgan asks the commander.

“We’re getting strange warp signatures,” he explains. “It looks like someone’s jumping in.”


“Leave, now,” Morgan tells him without hesitation.

“What’s the make of the ship?” Arlon asks.

“The truth is, we’re not sure,” the commander responds. “The strength of the signal is very strong, but it doesn’t seem to match up with the size of the space distortion.”


“You need to leave now,” Morgan tells him.

“Now see here,” Bryce replies. “I take my orders from the Federation chain of command, you can’t just-”


“Listen, mate, when she tells you to do something, you’d better fucking do it,” Arlon interrupts. “She is uncannily right about these things. Without fail. She knows what she’s talking about. I suggest you listen.”

“Very well. I’ll send the word out to the rest of the fleet,” the commander agrees. “In the meantime-”


The sirens start blaring.

“Sir, we have contact!”

“Put it on screen.”

The abomination appears on the viewscreen, flying straight at the dreadnought.

“Back to the ships!” Arlon shouts.

The fleet opens fire as Morgan and Arlon rush back to the hangar.

“See you on the other side!” Arlon shouts to Morgan as they part ways.

Morgan nods and runs for the Helix. “Get us out of here!” she screams as she boards.


The entire dreadnought rumbles.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Minerva shouts. She fires up the engine and flies the ship toward the exit with the Corsair right behind.


As the Helix flies out of the hangar, the crew can see a streak of light pierce through the dreadnought, right through to the ship’s fusion core. A massive explosion tears the ship apart and the Helix and Corsair struggle to outrun the flames.

This is from EVE Online so I’m assuming image credit goes to CCP Games

The remaining Federation ships begin to open fire on each other, bent to the will of the abomination. It flies out of the explosion unharmed, and begins to toss ships at each other like playthings.

“We need to get out of here,” Shane says as he reaches for the console, his mark radiating with the powers of the warp. “I think I know I guy who can help.”


The Helix vanishes into the depths of the Warp, leaving behind the rapidly shrinking Federation fleet.

Session Notes: We’re back! It’s so damn good to be back playing this campaign and writing these chapters for you guys! Spacemon is back and better than ever! It was great to step away from playing this game for a while, but by the end of the summer we were all itching to get back. Things are a little different though, as we have moved from PTU 1.04 to 1.05, which makes everything better. We all had to update our character sheets a bit to accommodate some major system changes and I think they have way more potential now. I can’t speak for the others, but I feel like Alex’s 1.05 build is way closer to what I had envisioned her character being capable of than her 1.04 build and I’m eager to try it out.


Now let’s talk about that cliffhanger. Holy crap, that Mewtwo! So ridiculous. Instead of being this stupid level 200 unbeatable things, DragonStorm is running what is known as a boss template, to make the encounter more memorable and challenging than your average encounter without being super OP. It’s still really lethal, and we had to run. I am surprised no one died, not even the Pokemon. Although it was damn close. Shane’s Klefki was 1 HP away from death, and Morgan’s pidgeot would’ve been dead if H hadn’t intercepted it. Then we escaped, only to have it come after us and decimate the fleet.

Now it’s time to begin planning! Can you guess where Shane is taking us?

Also, if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out this mini-series written by the GM. It will have impact on future events in the campaign so it is totally worth the read.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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