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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

After fleeing the destruction of Harmonia, the crew of the UAS Helix linked up with Hondo and Rodriguez, as well as the entirety of the Red Suns’ fleet. Arlon presented the crew with the fully decrypted data stolen from Mr. Silver, giving a name to their foe: Mewtwo. The assembled team then planned their next move. The Helix will fly behind enemy lines to assault I’s base while the Red Suns will prepare to strike against the Mewtwos.

The UAS Helix drops out of warp space at the coordinates in Sector 9 in Genevan space of the supposed location of I’s base. A large space station clearly not of Genevan design is the only object in this stretch of space. The station dwarfs the Helix, its three massive wings stretching out from the central column for over a kilometer in each direction.

“That thing is freaking huge,” Alex gasps, fully aware of its exact size.

“Well, they don’t seem to have noticed us,” Meta observes. “I can hack in so we can dock.”


“Do it,” Morgan tells her.

“Aim for that wing there,” Meta instructs Minerva, pointing her toward the nearest wing to the Helix. As Minerva brings the ship in, Meta whips out her Pokedex and begins breaking into the station’s systems.

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“Door’s opening,” the hacker informs the crew. “And I’ve managed to disable their weapons for about… thirty seconds! I suggest you board now so we can get the hell out of here.”

Morgan, H, Dmitri, Shane, and Alex run through the airlock and onto the station, right into a group of guards. “Hey!” one shouts as they throw out their Pokemon and raise their laser rifles.

Faced with a Vespiquen, a Lumineon, a Sharpedo, and a Spinda, the Helix crew reach for their own Pokeballs. As the battle commences, a lone Genesect moves in to assist the guards.


“Behold perfection!” H declares as he releases his Floatzel. “#9, use Rain Dance!” The cyborg magnetizes himself to the ceiling as his Pokemon summons up a rain storm. He then fires off a blast of electricity at the Sharpedo, instantly taking it down.

“Alright Dozer, you’re up,” Alex says as she releases her Venusaur. “Use Growth!” The Pokemon builds up power as he and his trainer move in.


Assessing the battlefield, the Genesect locks onto Dmitri’s Blaziken and fires off a giant blast of water. Surprisingly, the Blaziken stays standing.

“Vespiquen, Defend Order!” one of the guards commands. The Vespiquen flies forward and surrounds itself with a living shield.

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“Lumineon, use Water Gun!” another guard directs his Pokemon after Morgan’s Pikachu. The fish Pokemon floats forward and shoots off a burst of water at the electric mouse, barely hurting him at all.

“Roman, Overheat!” Dmitri commands his own Pokemon. The Blaziken moves in and unleashes a blast of fire at both the Lumineon and the Genesect. While the Lumineon is unfazed, the fires burn through the Genesect’s armor.


“C.A.L.I., finish it off with Psycho Cut!” Shane shouts. His Inkay floats in and lashes out at the Genesect with a psychic blast, taking it down. Shane then drops himself into warp space as he prepares to attack.

“Spinda, Dizzy Punch!” a third guard commands. His Pokemon charges at Shane’s Inkay and punches it, knocking her back a bit. The guards then fire off a volley of shots at the Warp Pokemon, further whittling her down.

“#9, your job is done!” H shouts. “Baton Pass!” the cyborg recalls his Floatzel, who passes her strength onto his next Pokemon “#4, it is your time!” He releases his Trevenant, then launches a pester ball at the Spinda. It explodes in a cloud of noxious gas, injuring and poisoning the Pokemon and the guard commanding it.


“Jean, use Electro Ball! Take out that Lumineon!” Morgan commands her Pikachu. The swift electric Pokemon sprints up, leaps into the air, and launches a massive ball of electrical energy at the Neon Pokemon. The ball envelopes the Lumineon, and slams it into a wall. The fried fish falls to the floor, dead.

Alex gasps in shock, but in the heat of the moment she fights to remain focused on the battle. She runs forward and attempts to distract the other guards, but she fails to get the image of the dead Pokemon out of her mind.


“Roman, Blaze Kick!” Dmitri commands his Blaziken. “Take out the Vespiquen!” The Blaze Pokemon charges at the Vespiquen, then leaps into the air, foot raised to strike. A fiery explosion erupts outwards as Roman’s talon makes contact, but the Vespiquen miraculously survives. Dmitri then raises a hand, and directs the flames back at the Vespiquen before the rain puts them out, inflicting a burn upon it. Desperate, the Beehive Pokemon attempts to swipe at Roman, but is unable to land a hit on the Blaziken. Morgan then runs over and unleashes a torrent of flames from her flamethrower and finishes it off.

Without her trainer to command her, Shane’s Inkay targets the Spinda. She floats over to the Spinda and bashes into it, knocking it down to the floor. “Dizzy Punch again!” the Spinda’s trainer commands. The Pokemon picks itself back up and strikes the Inkay again, nearly bringing her down.


“Dozer, use Sunny Day!” Alex shouts to her Venusaur. The Pokemon begins to glow as he starts releasing solar energy. The rain dissipates as a ball of condensed energy rises out from Dozer’s flower.

Shane reappears amidst the guards and strikes one with his marked hand. Startled, the guards all point their rifles at Shane and open fire. Thinking quickly, Shane teleports himself out of harm’s way. “Aha!” one of the guards shouts, spotting Shane’s new location. He fires off a shot, hitting Shane right in the shoulder.


“Jean, take him out!” Morgan shouts, pointing at the guard who shot Shane. “Volt Tackle!” Her Pikachu sprints across the room at lightning speed and slams right into the guard. The man grunts in pain as he collides with the wall. He spits up blood as he stumbles to his feet.

“#4, use Horn Leech! Take down the Spinda!” H commands his Trevenant. The ghostly tree rumbles up to the Spinda and swipes at it with one of his massive boughs, impaling the Pokemon.


Alex tries to push the horrifying image of the bleeding Spinda out of her mind and focus on the fight. The girl runs at the guards, and leaps into the air. She strikes one in the face with her foot, then springs off. Alex slams down on top of the guard just behind with both feet, knocking him to the ground as she flips back into the air. Upon landing back on the floor, she quickly recalls her Venusaur and sends out her Lucario instead. “Anubis, use Power-Up Punch!” the girl commands her newly released Pokemon. As the guard picks himself back up, Anubis charges at him, and punches him squarely in the chest. There is an audible crack as the man’s ribs break. He falls the floor once more, unconscious.

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“Roman, High-Jump Kick!” Dmitri commands, directing his Blaziken after one of the others. Roman runs over and jumps up. With a powerful leg, he strikes the man in the head with his talon and snaps his neck.


“C.A.L.I., use Psycho Cut!” Shane shouts to his Inkay. As the guard Morgan’s Pikachu had previously injured stumbles back toward the fight, the Inkay blasts him with psychic energy, breaking his neck. Shane then runs up to the sole remaining guard, glitching out as he prepares a random attack. The station begins rumbling as he unleashes a quake, hitting everything nearby. C.A.L.I. begins to glow as she absorbs the hit. She flips upside down as her form shifts and enlarges into that of a Malamar. Everything else is not so lucky; the man is knocked out cold, and Morgan’s Pikachu and Alex’s Lucario are left badly injured.

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“Be more careful!” Alex berates Shane as she runs over to her Pokemon. “You could have really hurt Anubis!”


“I’m sorry,” Shane tells her. “I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“Well, then don’t do it again!” Alex turns away and pulls a super potion out of her bag. She sprays her Lucario with it, then recalls him. “It’s bad enough you killed those other Pokemon...”

“Let’s just… keep moving,” Morgan suggests to her crewmates.

The crew gathers their wits, then they make their way across the small hangar to the door opposite from where they entered. They step out into a massive chamber spanning almost the entire length of the wing. Rows upon rows of warp drives line the walls. There are hundreds of the machines. While many have various psychic Pokemon inside them, the vast majority just sit there, running, much like the drive in the warp lab back on the Helix.


“Now this is a warp lab if I ever did see one,” Shane says, almost in disbelief. This place puts his own lab to shame. “Let’s see what I’s working on…” He walks up to the nearest terminal and begins sifting through the data. As Shane downloads the data to his Pokedex, the others move further into the chamber.

Looking out the nearby viewport, they can see the Helix performing evasive maneuvers as the ship dodges the fire from the station’s cannons. Suddenly, a small band of Genevan ships drop out of warp space and begin assaulting the station. Morgan spots one of the ships glowing in a very familiar way. “Turn the drives off!” she shouts.

The crew scrambles to shut the warp drives down, but there are just too many of them. “This isn’t getting us anywhere!” Shane shouts.


“There must be a way to shut them all down,” Morgan tells him. “Find a map or something.”

Shane jacks back into the terminal and begins searching through the systems. “There’s a power cable embedded in the floor,” he informs the others. “But that won’t do us any good. We can shut off the generator in the central control room. The door on the far end of the room.”

“Let’s go!” Morgan shouts as she begins running across the chamber. A bright purple flash appears from outside as another ship folds in half.


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The crew exits the chamber and begins moving through a network of hallways, following Shane’s map to the central control room. After several minutes, I steps out from around a corner, touting a floating object that appears to be some sort of stasis pod. He moves to the middle of the corridor and blocks their path.

“We have got to stop meeting like this,” he says tauntingly. “People will talk.”

H steps forward, hoping to negotiate with his fellow cyborg. “I don’t know what you’re doing and I don’t know why you’re working with the conspiracy, but we don’t have to be your enemy.”


“I do recall instructing you to come alone,” I tells him. “I take it this means you’ve declined my offer, then?”

“I’ve taken it to mean that you don’t trust me, and I don’t trust you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come to trust each other.”

“Look,” Shane cuts in. “Neither of us have attacked each other, this time. We could work things out.”


“Everyone here is more than happy to fight you,” H continues. “And I trust them. These are people that have proven time and time again that they get things done. I trust them more than someone I just met, regardless of appearance. If we can prove ourselves to you, and you to us, then we can all achieve our goals together.”

A faint smile appears on I’s face. “Oh, but I have a feeling our goals are…” He looks around at the group of individuals gathered before him. “Mutually exclusive.”

“Then it seems you have not learned to change your goals,” H tells him.

“And why would I… when they’re so fantastic?

“Because sometimes they can’t be accomplished without help.”

“Oh, but I do have help. Our mutual friend Mr. Silver has been very generous.” I spins around in a grandiose fashion, holding his arms out. While his back is turned, Shane drops himself into warp space in preparation to attack.


“Resources and knowledge pale in comparison to having people that can get things done.”

“Resources… people… what’s the difference?”

“Resources provide the means to an end goal,” H replies. “Worthy people provide options for an array of end goals. While you are planning for your endgame, we are planning for all of them.”


“Oh, but the two of us are very similar. I know exactly how you treat those you deem… unworthy,” I says with a sinister smile. “As for those you do respect, they are only weighing you down. In fact, the only real difference between us is that I don’t limit myself!”

“What limit could possibly be greater than the enlightenment of Humanity through the glory of augmentation?”

“How naive. You want to upgrade humanity? I am going to augment the Universe.

As I speaks the final word, his cloaked Rhyperior reappears behind H and moves to strike. H quickly dodges the attack, then releases his Altaria. The cyborg then grabs onto the giant rocky Pokemon. With considerable strength, the cyborg lifts the Rhyperior right off the ground.


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Seizing the opportunity, the others send out their own Pokemon. “Lumiera, use Minimize!” Alex shouts. Her ghostly Pokemon shrinks herself down and moves into attack range. The girl then makes a pouty face at the Rhyperior, distracting it and allowing H to get a better grip.

“Yvonne, use Future Sight!” Morgan commands her Espeon. Yvonne hangs back and prepares a future attack while the others move in.


“#7, use Safeguard!” H grunts out. His Altaria flies up above the fight and releases a protective aura around the team.

Dmitri fires a burst of energy off at the Rhyperior and sends it into a confused rage. He then turns to his Vibrava. “Biollante, Dragonbreath!” the Romanov commands, directing the Pokemon after I. The Vibrava flies over I and breathes out a burst of energy, but the attack seems to do little more than piss him off.


A cable running from a cybernetic pack on the cyborg’s back to the back of his head begins to glow, and his eyes soon follow. I lifts his hand and pushes back against the Vibrava with a powerful blast of psychic energy.

Shane drops out of warp space on top of the Rhyperior and strikes it with his marked hand. However, his attack just bounces off the rocky Pokemon’s reinforced hide. Shane jumps down to the floor and releases his Rotom. “B.O.L.T., use Ominous Wind!” he commands the Pokemon. B.O.L.T. flies over to the restrained Rhyperior and summons a blast of air, but the attack fails to connect.

Eyes glowing, I steps toward H and lifts his hand. As the hand rises, so does H. I wrenches H away from his Rhyperior, causing him to drop the Pokemon. “Omega, use Drill Run!” He commands his Pokemon as he charges up electricity. The Rhyperior charges at the floating H, dealing a heavy blow.


H struggles to break from I’s psychic grasp, but is unable to free himself. “Very impressive,” he says as he slowly rotates upside down. “But it will not be enough. By the power of fate, we shall be victorious!” Still hanging upside down, the cyborg loads up his cannon and fires it at I.

Seizing the opportunity, Alex sprints forward and tumbles across the battlefield, bouncing herself up into the air. She then slams down hard on I with her feet. Alex then springs off of the cyborg, lands on her hands, and flips back onto her feet. “Now use Hex, Lumiera!” the girl then commands her Chandelure. The fiery ghost unleashes a blast of energy, landing a powerful hit against the cyborg.


“Yvonne, use Sand-Attack!” Morgan instructs her Espeon. Her Pokemon runs up to I and kicks up a dust cloud into his eyes. However, due to his cybernetic eyes, his vision is not impaired in the slightest. Just then, Yvonne’s predicted attack materializes and strikes I’s Rhyperior, delivering the first significant hit against it.

Not paying Morgan or her Pokemon any mind, I turns to face Alex. He raises a hand and fires off a massive blast of lightning. Thinking quickly, Alex falls back onto her hands as the sparks fly over her. The cyborg does a double-take, but then a slight grin forms on his face. “You know, I thought I recognized you,” he says. “You’re Hawthorne’s daughter, aren’t you?”


“What do you know about him?!” Alex shouts as she points an accusatory finger at I.

“I know a lot, actually,” he answers. “He’s been most helpful in my research on Entropy and Darkrai.”

What are you talking about?!” Alex demands.

“I’m afraid he hasn’t been of as much use as of late, but he’s still around, somewhere… I think,” I tells her mockingly.


“What did you do?!” the girl shouts at him.

“I found him,” the cyborg answers. “I studied him.”


“Enough of this nonsense!” H interrupts. “#7, use Perish Song!” Shane quickly teleports himself away as H’s Altaria lets out a ear-splitting wail that shakes everyone down to the bone, leaving them dazed, ears ringing.

Dmitri follows up by blasting I with dark energy, continuing the onslaught. “Biollante, Bite him!” he then orders his Vibrava. Biollante flies at the cyborg and takes a bite out of the cyborg. I ignores the Vibrava and aims at H’s Altaria. Sparks fly as he unleashes a massive bolt of electricity, but #7’s protective aura softens the blow.

“B.O.L.T., use Confuse Ray!” Shane commands his Rotom. The electric ghost fires a ray of stunning energy at I’s Rhyperior, sending it back into confusion. Meanwhile, Morgan runs up to I and unleashes a rush of flames at him, further whittling him down.


I ignores Morgan, and fires another blast of psychic energy at H, knocking him out of the fight. “Well, that wasn’t so hard,” the cyborg says mockingly.

“Oh, really now?” Shane asks. “You still have us to deal with.”

“Yeah, but… it was personal. Omega, deal with them.” His Rhyperior, however, rages around in its confusion and trips over itself.


Seeing an opening, Alex runs at I, and flips forward. Springing off her hands, the girl launches herself at her cybernetic enemy. She clocks him on the head with her foot, then swings herself around onto his back. Alex then pulls out her plasma knife and holds it to the cyborg’s throat. “If you know something you have to tell me!” she screams at him.

I simply reaches up and throws the girl to the floor. His grin returns as he looks down at her. “I’ll tell him you dropped by.”

Alex picks herself up and stares I down with a fierce look in her eyes. “Tell me where he is!” she demands. I just continues to grin at her, to mock her. “Lumiera, use Inferno!” Alex commands her Pokemon as she points her finger at the cyborg. Her Chandelure unleashes a massive surge of flames at I, burning right through his defenses. I immediately surrounds himself with a psychic barrier to block against any further attacks.


“Alright Yvonne, use Future Sight again,” Morgan instructs her Espeon. Once the Pokemon launches her attack into the future, Morgan quickly recalls her and switches to her Charmeleon using the technique she learned from Alex. Meanwhile, H’s Altaria flies over to his trainer’s unconscious body and releases a veil of mist.

Dmitri switches out his own Pokemon as well, electing to have his Gengar continue the fight. “Wilhelm, Shadow Ball!” he commands the newly released Pokemon. “Take out that barrier!” The ghost Pokemon builds up a sphere of energy and lobs it at I, putting a giant hole in his barrier. The cyborg fires another blast of psychic energy back at the Gengar through the hole, dealing a nasty hit.


Meanwhile, Morgan falls back from the battle to recover from the Perish Song, while Shane moves in closer. “B.O.L.T., use Ominous Wind on that barrier!” he commands his Rotom. The electrical ghost fires off another burst of ghostly wind, further whittling down I’s defenses.

I fires off a blast of electricity through the giant opening, striking Morgan’s Charmeleon. “Omega, Earthquake,” he then commands his Rhyperior. The cyborg levitates himself off the ground as his Pokemon stomps down and rumbles the station, hitting everything around it. Morgan’s Charmeleon is taken down, and Dmitri is knocked off his feet.


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Alex, however, manages to jump at the last second, softening the blow. The girl still grunts in pain as she lands on her feet. “Lumiera, use Inferno!” she commands her Pokemon. The Chandelure blasts I with a torrent of flames, then Alex quickly recalls her. “Your turn, Leviathan!”

I moves in closer to his attackers and discharges a burst of lightning in all directions, hitting Dmitri, Morgan’s just-released Espeon, and Shane’s Rotom. As a being of pure electricity, the Rotom is unaffected and simply absorbs the energy into itself. However, it is not enough to keep it going. B.O.L.T. fires off a last ditch Confuse Ray before succumbing to the Perish Song. Shane quickly recalls the fainted Pokemon and sends out his Delphox.


Continuing his assault, I launches a blast of psychic energy at Leviathan. However, the attack seems to just deflect off the massive Pokemon. Immediately afterwards, another psychic blast materializes and strikes I, just as Morgan’s Espeon foresaw. Annoyed, the cyborg fires a large bolt of lightning at the Pokemon. Just before the bolt finds its mark, Leviathan lets out a mighty roar. The lightning curves as it redirects into the giant Pokemon, charging it up.

Before it too succumbs to the Perish Song, I’s Rhyperior charges at Leviathan and pierces through its hide with its drill. The durable Pokemon glares at the Rhyperior as it collapses before it. “Good job, Leviathan!” Alex shouts in encouragement as she joins Morgan on the edge of the battle to recuperate from the Perish Song.

“Wilhelm, Shadow Ball!” Dmitri commands. His Gengar lobs a ball of ghostly energy at I while his trainer also moves back and walks off the Perish Song.


“Leviathan, Blizzard!” Alex shouts across the battlefield. The giant Pokemon summons a blast of cold air and ice, and directs it toward I.

The cyborg stands firm as he is battered by the ice. “Well, this has certainly been fun,” he says. “But I’m afraid the time has come for me to depart.” I sprints across the room toward the stasis pod and hops onto it. One of his augmentations flashes, then a nearby airlock opens. The floating pod begins rocketing across the room toward the vacuum of space.


Thinking quickly, Shane teleports to the airlock and attempts to close it. Unfortunately, he is not fast enough. The airlock slides closed just after the pod exits the station. Through the viewport, Shane sees I climb inside the pod. “Minerva, I’s escaping the station in an escape pod!” Shane yells over the comms. “Shoot him down!”

As if to mock him, the pod warps away. “Well, I guess I don’t need to shoot him down then,” comes Minerva’s reply.

After reviving the unconscious H, the crew figures out their next move. “We should do something about that Rhyperior,” Morgan speaks up. “Otherwise it will just come back again.”


“What are you suggesting?” Shane asks.

“We should just kill it and be done with it,” Morgan answers.

No!” Alex protests.

“We killed Pokemon earlier,” H points out. “What’s one more?”

“It’s wrong!” Alex cries.

“But if we just leave it here, I is just going to come back for it and we’ll have to fight it again,” Morgan tells her.


“We can’t kill it,” Alex replies. “It’s not its fault. It doesn’t know any better… Please.”

“Oh, alright,” Morgan concedes. “But we will have to fight it again.”

“Thank you,” Alex tells her.

“I think we’d best keep moving,” Shane tells his crewmates. He then turns to Alex. “I mentioned your father was somewhere on this station.”


“Then we have to find him,” Alex tells him. “We have to.”

“He was looking for the Mirror, right?” Shane asks, more rhetorically than anything. “That means that he probably found Darkrai.”

“But when we found Darkrai, there was no sign of him,” Alex points out.

“That doesn’t mean he wasn’t captured by I,” Dmitri counters.

“This station has an entire wing devoted to Entropy,” Shane says as he pulls up the map on his Pokedex. “Entropy means Darkrai. If your father is here, that’s where he’ll be.”


“Then let’s go!” Alex shouts.

“First, we need to turn the weapons off,” Shane tells her. “The central control room is on the way anyway.”

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They make their way through several more corridors until they arrive at their destination. Shane jacks into the computer and begins searching for the controls for the weapons and warp drives. While he does this, Alex anxiously paces back and forth across the room.

While he is unable to completely disable the warp drives, Shane is able to greatly reduce the amount of power being sent to that wing. Satisfied, he exits the computer, but not before downloading data on everything I is working on at the station.

“Hey, Minerva, I’ve reduced the rate of fire on those warp drives at the very least,” Shane says over the comms.


“Well, at least I don’t need to worry about the ship being warped in half,” the pilot responds. “But there are still, you know, the guns.”

“Right, well there’s nothing we can do about that now. I’m pretty sure you can handle it.”

“Just… hurry up, will you?”

With their objective complete in the control room, the crew moves on. They spend several more minutes navigating hallways until they arrive at the door to the Entropy wing. Without hesitation, Alex opens the door and steps inside, with the crew close behind.


Immediately upon entering, they notice all the metal in the room seems rusted and decayed, despite all the technology appearing to be state-of-the-art. “This is weird,” Alex mumbles as they press onward.

They notice many dream machines, maps, notes, and archaeological artifacts and equipment lining the walls. Shane notes that the maps seem to be pointing to the locations of of Mirrored Temples across the Galaxy. To Alex, the equipment seems very familiar; it’s the same equipment she remembers seeing around her home growing up. As they move further in, the girl recognizes the exact machines that belonged to her father. She even spots the exact map that was plastered on the wall of her father’s study.

On the far side of the room, the crew moves through a door into another room, this one lined with observation cells. Alex leads the way, passing by many empty cells, and some with people and Pokemon inside them. As they move further in, they can hear the occasional scream or moan. They all seem to be experiencing various levels of Mirror exposure. Some mutter to themselves, one man bashes his head against the door, and some are just skeletons. The Pokemon seem less affected, but some seem to be starting to show early signs. One cell contains a rabid Glaceon that growls at them as they pass.


Image Credit - TheUncannyKen

“This place is fucked up…” Alex mutters to herself. She tries not to let it get to her and continues moving, checking every cell along the way.

At the far end of the room, Alex finds a cell with a man sitting in the corner, disheveled and hairy. He mutters unintelligibly to himself. Even through the mass of matted hair and the scraggly beard, Alex immediately recognizes her father. She walks up to the cell and places her hands on the glass. “Dad?” she asks, almost in a whisper.


The man shakes, but Alex is unsure if he’s responding to her at all. She bangs her hand on the glass, and her father quickly glances at her. His shaking and muttering intensifies. Alex opens the door and steps inside. “Dad?” she asks again as she slowly approaches.

“Nonononono,” the man mutters louder. “No no no. Not again. Not again. Why won’t these visions leave me be?” He averts his eyes as Alex kneels in front of him.

“Dad, it’s me,” Alex says faintly, reaching out to him.

He shrinks back from her. “Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me with those eyes! Haven’t you tortured me enough?!”


“Dad, it’s me. It’s Alex.” Tears begin to slowly drop from her eyes.

“No, stop it. Leave me alone!

Bored with this interaction, H activates the console on the outside of the cell. A video log begins to play, showing that I did little more than observe. He skips through, seeing long stretches of Dr. Hawthorne whimpering and screaming about being haunted by visions of his daughter.


Shane steps into the cell, and places a hand on Alex’s shoulder in an attempt to console her. Dmitri follows close behind, and raises his hand at Hawthorne, attempting to extend his aura. Alex immediately swats the Romanov’s hand away. “What are you doing?!” she shouts at him.

“I’m trying to lift Darkrai’s aura away,” Dmitri explains.

“Will that work?” Alex asks.

“I’m not sure, but it might help.”

“Please, if you think it will help, you have to try it,” Alex begs.

Dmitri lifts his hand once more and tries to push Darkrai’s influence away. Slowly, Hawthorne stops shaking and the muttering subsides. He looks up at Alex with a confused expression on his face. “Dad?” Alex asks again.


“They’re silent…” Hawthorne speak. “But I still see you.”

“I’m here,” Alex tells him. She places her hands on his arms.

“So, it’s really you then…” Her father barely looks her in the eye.

“Y-yes,” Alex stutters. “It’s me.”

Hawthorne quickly glances around, looking at everything and everyone, except for Alex. “Am… am I dead?” he asks.


“I’m pretty sure you’re not dead,” Shane answers.

Hawthorne looks right at Shane, acknowledging his presence. “So, if I’m not dead, then she’s really here. Oh, God, no...”

Slowly it dawns on Alex that her father’s deepest fear is her. Her childhood memories come flooding back: her father never having time for her, burying himself in his work, avoiding her, even. Even now, he seems frightened and avoids making eye contact.


“Why are you afraid?” the girl asks, eyes full of tears. “I came here to save you.”

Leave,” Hawthorne tells her. “Don’t look at me with those eyes!

“Why would you want to stay like this?” Shane asks. “Tortured by your mind for eternity… Why would you want that?”


“Because, at least, I don’t have to face her,” the man answers, looking down at his feet. “I could never be a father. I couldn’t handle it.”

“But you can try now,” Alex tells him, fighting through the tears.

“No,” Hawthorne says, continuing to avoid eye contact with his daughter. “After all this time, I can’t face her.”


“Please,” Alex begs. “I’m right here.”

“Stop it!” her father shouts. “Stop it! After all this time, it’s too late. I can’t face her now...”

“But… I need you,” Alex tells him.

“I know… And that’s why I’m a failure…”

Hawthorne looks down, eyes closed as his daughter hugs him desperately. He cries pained and frightful tears. “It’s okay,” Alex tells him. She let’s go and looks at his face. Slowly, Hawthorne raises his head and, for the first time in Alex’s life, he looks her directly in the eye. With guilt-ridden, anguished look on his face, he tries to find the words, but no sound comes out. “We can try again now,” Alex pleads.


Hawthorne backs away, slowly shaking his head. Alex sees her plasma knife in his hands. “What are you doing?” Alex asks in dismay.

Her father looks at her, his eyes are fixated on her. “Alex… I’m sorry.” He activates the blade, then jabs it into his throat.

Robert Hawthorne’s body begins to fall to the floor, and Alex’s shrill, anguished scream seems to split the air itself.



Session Notes: Well, that happened. All throughout this campaign, DragonStorm has been talking about how instead of trying to flat out kill characters, he tries to break them, to find that pressure point, and destroy them with it narratively. Almost since I started playing Alex instead of Arlon, he had claimed that he found her pressure point and had the perfect plan to break her. This was the session it had finally happened. I haven’t prepared for RP for a character as much as I prepared for this event. Alex’s life goal of finding her father, of saving him, didn’t turn out how she wanted. She found him but… everything else went wrong. We actually went a little further than what’s here, but this was the perfect chapter end point. The remaining like five or ten minutes of this session will open up the next chapter which will mostly be stuff from the following session. Additionally, Clarissa had to step out a bit early so she missed most of the stuff after the I battle. That’s why Morgan was not really saying much at the end. But, damn… poor Alex. I knew to expect something bad, but I can’t believe it never occurred to me that he would straight up kill himself like that, let alone with Alex’s own knife. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out Alex’s Origin Story (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).


Of course, there was a bunch of other fun stuff happening here. The fight with the guards was ridiculous. DragonStorm was using a random generator for the fight, and it just happened to throw a Genesect in there, which just worked. Of course, it was way lower level than the ones we fought at the end of Volume 1. He always played loose with the rules here, so shit just died, guards included. Once we got to mop up, he was just like “describe your kill.” I made sure to go non-lethal with mine, because that’s just how Alex rolls. Then there was the I fight. Somehow he went back and got his Rhyperior, but that’s not important. There was some fun RP in there. The exchange between I and H here was a bit different than what happened in-game because DragonStorm wanted to show off the difference between the two of them. What I really liked was the RP in the middle of combat. It was a nice way to break up combat, and set up for Alex’s father making his appearance.

Special thanks to The Other Guy and DragonStorm247 for helping out with the writing for this chapter!

Post-Chapter Challenge: So breaking characters is DragonStorm’s favorite thing. Now it’s your turn! So far we’ve seen Morgan and Alex break, but what about the others? Pick any character in Spacemon, they don’t even have to be a player character, and break them, ruin them emotionally, but don’t kill them. Who? How would you do it? How would it work? Be as sadistic as you want!


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!