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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix traveled to the coordinates that I provided to H and Meta and located his base. Upon boarding the station, they discovered that I was conducting research on the forces of Space, Time, and Entropy. After a fierce battle with I, the crew was unable to prevent the cyborg from escaping once again, but not before he revealed that he was holding Alex’s father, Dr. Robert Hawthorne, on the station, studying him to better understand Darkrai. Deep within the wing of the station dedicated to the study of Entropy, Alex finally found her long lost father… but it was not a happy reunion. Dmitri used his influence over Darkrai’s aura to lift the effects it had placed upon Hawthorne, but Alex soon discovered that her father’s greatest fear was her. After Alex pleaded with him to come with her, Hawthorne ultimately killed himself with his daughter’s own plasma knife right in front of her. Despite their best efforts, the crew was not able to save the man, leaving Alex completely devastated. Moving on to the Time wing, the crew finally located the Eye of Aether, a powerful artifact granting control of time. Using the Eye, Morgan gazed across Time, discovering a potential clue that could help them defeat the Mewtwos. After returning to the ship, Alex attempted to take her own life, but she was stopped by Naomi, who begged her to not leave her alone. Realizing that the people she cared about still needed her, Alex dedicated herself to saving them, even going so far as to resolve her differences with H.

“You’re sure of this?” Shane asks. He, Morgan, Dmitri, and H stand gathered around the holotable in the Helix’s situation room.

“Absolutely,” Morgan answers. “The Eye showed me these coordinates. There’s something important on this planet.” She points to the hologram of a large gas giant hovering above the table. “I saw a man frozen in ice.”


“And what is so important about this man?” H asks.

“I don’t know,” Morgan tells him. “But when I asked the Eye to show me the most successful attempt Humans made fighting the Mewtwos in the past, this is what it showed me.”

“I say we go check it out,” Dmitri speaks up.

“I agree,” Morgan tells the others.

“These coordinates are in Genevan space,” Shane says. “But they’re also in a remote system in the sector with the least Romanov presence and, with my warp powers, we shouldn’t encounter any problems. I say we go.”


“Well, that settles it,” H announces. “What do we know about this planet anyway?”

“It’s called Jötunheimr,” Morgan informs the others. “It’s a gas giant with a small, icy moon. It’s not inhabited, but there’s a small research station there funded by New Sweden. Hopefully, the scientists there can tell us more about the vision I had.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Shane tells her. “I’ll head to the bridge and jump us there now.”


“I think we should let Minerva fly for now,” Morgan responds. “At least until we get out of warp space. I think we could all use some rest… and I think Alex still needs more time to recover.”

“Very well,” H says with a sigh. “I’ll be in my lab until then.”

Several hours later, the Helix drops out of warp space near Jötunheimr in Sector 11. Minerva flies the ship to the small icy rock orbiting the large, icy blue gas giant and sets it down near the only structure.


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“Well, the atmosphere’s breathable,” Minerva observes, glancing over the console. “But it’s kind of cold out.” She points at the temperature reading of -10 °C. “So, have fun freezing your butts off.”

“We won’t be outside very long,” Morgan tells her. “I hope.” She then turns to her crewmates. “I’ll go get Alex,” she tells them. “We’ll meet you at the airlock.”


While the others head for the airlock, Morgan stops by Alex’s room. “Alex, we’ve arrived,” she calls out as she knocks on the door. “Alex, are you in there?”

“Yeah,” she hears the girl respond through the door. It sounds as if she just woke up.

“Can I come in?” Morgan asks.

“Uh, sure,” Alex answers.

Morgan activates the door console and the door slides open. She steps into the room and sees Alex lying in her bed, snuggled up next to Naomi, whose arm is wrapped around her. Morgan can’t help but smile a bit, knowing that Alex has someone like her looking out for her.


“We’re, uh, getting ready to head out,” Morgan informs Alex. “I thought you might want to join us.”

“Sure,” Alex tells her. She sits herself up, then slides her feet into her boots and quickly buckles them up.

“It’s kind of cold out, so you might want to bring a jacket or something,” Morgan tells the girl.


“I… uh, don’t have one,” Alex answers as she stands up.

“You can take mine,” Naomi tells her. She hops up from the bed, then grabs her faux leather jacket and drapes it over Alex’s shoulders. Holding onto the collar, she pulls Alex in close. Foreheads nearly touching, Naomi gazes into Alex’s big brown eyes. “Please, be safe,” she tells her before kissing her softly on the lips.

“I will,” Alex tells her as she wraps her arms around her. “I promise.” After a few moments, Alex breaks from the embrace and follows Morgan out the door, sliding her arms into the jacket’s sleeves.


As they walk toward the airlock, Morgan places her hand on Alex’s shoulder. “Are you alright?” she asks. “We haven’t had a chance to talk since… well, you know…”

“I’m fine,” Alex tells her, flashing her a smile. However, Morgan can tell that it’s an empty one; looking into the girl’s eyes that were once full of hope, she now only sees deep wells of sadness.

“Are you sure?” Morgan asks.

Suddenly, she can see Alex’s expression change. Morgan sees a fierce determination in the girl’s face that she has never seen before. “I’m okay now,” Alex tells her. “I promise you. I’m with you guys one-hundred percent.”


The cold air bites at the Helix crew as they step off the ship. Eager to get out of the cold, they hurry toward the nearby structure, passing by a group of Gigaliths and Boldores with blue crystals of ice jutting out from their bodies instead of the usual rock crystal formations.

Morgan knocks on the door of the structure, and it slides open a short while later, revealing a man with a short, but full beard. “Visitors?” he asks, sounding a bit confused. The crew notes a heavy Swedish accent in his speech. “Come in. Come in,” he beckons them. “You must be freezing.”


“Thank you,” Morgan tells him as she and her crewmates step into the warm air.

“So, who are you anyway?” the man asks.

“Just travelers,” Dmitri answers.

“I see… Well, my name is Jens. Dr. Jens Björler,” the man introduces himself. He then glances over at a nearby woman. “And this is my colleague, Dr…”


“Olivia Löfgren,” the woman finishes, walking up to the new arrivals. She extends her arm and meets Morgan with a firm handshake. “Jens, why don’t you go make our guests some hot chocolate?”

“Oh, sure, that’s probably a good idea,” the man tells her before hurrying off.

“Here, have a seat,” Dr. Löfgren tells the Helix crew, motioning to a nearby table. “We don’t get many visitors out here,” she continues as as she sits down with them. “What brings you this far out?”


“We heard there was an artifact that might be on this planet,” Morgan answers. “What are you all researching here?”

“We’re researching Jötunheimr,” Dr. Löfgren tells her. She glances out the window at the icy blue gas giant. “There is a small site down there.”

“Oh,” Morgan responds, a bit surprised. “Really? Have you found anything?”

“Well, it’s not exactly the friendliest workplace environment,” Dr. Löfgren explains. “So, we’ve been doing remote surveys from here, where it’s warm.”


“And not poisonous,” Morgan adds.

“Actually, Jötunheimr has a breathable atmosphere, surprisingly,” Dr. Löfgren informs her.

“Well, I’m sure it’s not the healthiest stuff to breathe,” Morgan replies.

“The gasses are the least of your worries,” the doctor tells her. “You see, the site we found is on the second moon.” She points out at Jötunheimr.


“There’s a moon down there?” Morgan asks.

“Yes,” Dr. Löfgren answers. “We determined that, long ago, two moons orbited this world. However, an asteroid collision knocked it down into Jötunheimr’s atmosphere, and it has been there ever since.”

“Is there any way to get down there?” Morgan asks her.

“Oh, we have a shuttle,” the doctor explains “We usually just use it to transport equipment, but occasionally we’ll go down there. I hate going down there…”


“Is there any chance you could let us down there to take a look?” Morgan asks.

“I don’t see why you would want to go down there, but sure,” Dr. Löfgren tells her. “Do you have anything to handle the extreme conditions?”

“We have a space suit on our ship,” Dmitri answers.

“Well, that’s a good start,” Dr. Löfgren replies. “We have four cold suits here that you could borrow.”


“How much?” Morgan asks.

“What do you mean, ‘how much?’”

“I mean, do you want us to pay you to rent them?”

“Well, yes, we would need them back,” the doctor tells her. “We would be kind of screwed without them… How much are you offering?”


“I don’t know,” Morgan tells her. “Like 0ne-thousand credits for each suit?”

“Okay,” Dr. Löfgren agrees.

After they finish their hot chocolate, Dr. Löfgren shows the crew the shuttle and provides them with the cold-resistant suits. It takes about another hour for the researchers to plot the correct course for the shuttle’s autopilot, but once they finish, the crew sets out.


One shuttle ride spent in silence later, the crew touches down on Jötunheimr’s second moon. The harsh, icy winds of the gas giant pelt the moon with snow and hail. Through the blizzard, they can see a mountain a short ways away.

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“That must be where we need to go,” Morgan says over the comms.

The crew heads off toward the mountain, slowly pressing on through the powerful gusts of chilling wind. As they draw near, they come across a group of Cryogonals. “I could use one of those,” Morgan tells her crewmates.


As they approach the Pokemon, the ground begins to rumble and an icy Steelix bursts out from the snow. It lets out a powerful roar before swallowing one of the Cryogonals whole. Then, the giant Pokemon turns to face the crew. They reach for their Pokeballs and send out their own Pokemon prepared to fight the massive beast.

In response to the appearance of so many Pokemon, one of the remaining Cryogonals casts out a protective aura around itself and its friend for protection. However, it does little to stop the pester ball H fires out of his Pokeball cannon. The ball detonates in a fiery explosion, setting the two Cryogonals and the Steelix on fire. In retaliation, the other Cryogonal fires off a beam of cold energy in a random direction, nearly hitting Morgan’s Charizard.


“Anubis, use Swords Dance!” Alex commands her Lucario. As the Pokemon builds up power, Alex run up to the Steelix and starts waving her arms to get its attention. “Hey!” she shouts at it. As it moves to attack, the girl tauntingly blows a kiss at it, causing it to trip up.

As the Cryogonals move in to attack again, Dmitri casts out a burst of energy, dazing one of them. “Blaise, use Flame Burst!” Morgan then commands her Charizard, directing the Pokemon after the dazed Cryogonal. Blaise exhales a ball of fire at the icy Pokemon, knocking it down into the snow. Morgan immediately follows up by throwing a Pokeball, successfully capturing the Cryogonal.


“Roman, Blaze Kick!” Dmitri orders his Blaziken. The Blaze Pokemon leaps at the remaining Cryogonal, striking it directly in the face with a flaming talon and cracking its icy form. While it survives the hit, the Cryogonal passes out a few moments later due to its burns.

Picking itself back up, the Steelix rushes at Alex’s Lucario and bites him with its icy fangs. Anubis raises his arms and manages to block to brunt of the attack.

“Now, #1, use Hammer Arm!” H commands his recently evolved Rhyperior. The Drill Pokemon charges at the Steelix and smashes it with his powerful arms, taking it down.


“Hey, I was trying to catch that,” Dmitri grumbles.

“Well, if it went down that easily, it probably wasn’t worth catching anyway,” H retorts. “Now, let us move on!”

The crew continues toward the mountain, and come across a Glalie and a Froslass. After wasting several Pokeballs failing to capture the Pokemon, they accidentally knock them out. Deciding to cut their losses, the crew hurries along toward the mountain, ignoring any other Pokemon they come across.


Eventually, the Helix crew arrives at the mountain and begins climbing a path up. A short while later, they come across a flat plateau scattered with the ruins of what appears to be some sort of temple.

“I don’t recognize this architecture at all,” Morgan comments as they move further into the ruins. “It’s not like the other ruins we’ve seen.”


“Well, whatever this place was, it seems they had pretty advanced tech,” H responds. He points over at what appears to be a functional stasis pod a short way away. “That definitely wasn’t in any of the other ruins.”

They move closer to the pod, passing through some pillars holding up a roof over their heads. Drawing even nearer, they can see two large, icy statues flanking the pod. “This place seems very old,” Dmitri observes. “Older than anywhere we’ve been.”

“But it seems familiar too,” Shane tells him. “Maybe it’s from a previous cycle?”


“Possibly,” Morgan agrees. “But, wherever we are, this is the place the Eye showed me.” She walks toward the stasis pod. “This is the man I saw.”

Alex walks up behind Morgan and looks at the pod. Through the layers of ice and snow she can see the outline of a Human, but she also sees something else. “I think there’s a Pokemon in there too,” she says.

“Fascinating,” H comments. “Let’s find a way to open this pod.”

Shane walks up to the pod, but as he steps forward a pedestal springs up out of the snow. A glowing red jewel sits atop it. “That’s weird,” he says. He reaches out and touches the jewel, and it turns blue in response. Dmitri walks up to it and touches it as well, causing it to become red again. Then, Morgan touches it, and it changes to blue once more. Finally, H touches it and it becomes red.


“H, just leave it blue,” Morgan tells him. “Let’s see what it does.” She touches the jewel once more and it changes to blue.

“Well, nothing seems to be happening,” H grumbles.

“Just wait a minute,” Morgan tells him.

“Hey, guys, were the statues that close before?” Dmitri suddenly asks.

“I don’t really remember,” Shane tells him.

“I think Dmitri might be onto something,” Morgan chimes in.

“Let’s see here,” H says to himself. He touches the jewel several times, causing it to blip back and forth between red and blue, then looks back at the statues. He repeats this process several more times before the ground begins to rumble.


Suddenly, the two statues fires off beams of ice at Shane, who happens to be standing closest to them. He instinctively teleports himself to safety, causing the beams to kick up a burst of snow. The statues step forward in unison. H quickly touches the jewel once more, causing it to turn blue, then darts away from the statues and releases his Treveant.

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Alex hops back from the stasis pod and throws a Pokeball as hard as she can at the statue on the right. The ball lets out a burst of electricity as it collides, then the girl’s Chandelure springs out. “Lumiera, use Minimize!” Alex commands the Pokemon as she catches her ball. Looking at the statues, Alex realizes they look eerily similar to the one the crew encountered on Prague over a month ago.


Dmitri throws out his Blaziken, then sends a ghostly wisp of flame in the direction of the ice-statue on the right. Unfortunately, a stray chunk of hail blows into it, causing it to disperse.

“#4, use Growth!” H commands. His ghostly tree Pokemon grows in size as it builds up power.

The glowing dots on the faces of the statues flash in a pattern as they acquire targets. They lock onto Dmitri’s Blaziken and Alex’s Chandelure, then fire off beams of ice that chew right through the Pokemon despite the obvious type-resistance.


What?!” Alex cries out in dismay.

“The jewel!” Shane shouts. “It must be affecting them somehow! We need to make it red again!” He then throws out his Klefki behind one of the pillars, hoping it will remain unseen.


“Roman, use Slash!” Dmitri commands. His Blaziken charges at the statue on the right and swipes at it with his sharp claw. As he jumps back, a large gust of wind blows a torrent of hail at the Pokemon, knocking him out.

Morgan runs forward and sends out her Pikachu, then, using her new influence over Time, gives herself a few extra seconds to charge up psionic energy. “Jean, use Slam!” The Pikachu sprints at the statue the crew has been focusing on, then launches himself at it. “Now, use Electro Ball!” As Jean springs back off the statue, it fires off a massive ball of lightning at it, delivering a pretty mighty blow.


“Enough of this nonsense!” H shouts. He fires off a shot from his Pokeball cannon at the jewel causing it to shift back to red.

“Lumiera, use Inferno!” Alex commands her Chandelure. The ghostly chandelier unleashes a torrent of flames at the statue nearest to her, but a large gust of icy wind blows them away from the target. Alex utters a Sinai curse under her breath. She runs up the ice-statue and blows a kiss at it. The thing’s eye-lights flash in bizarre pattern as it tries unsuccessfully to compute the girl’s actions, and stumbles into a nearby pillar.

Seizing the opportunity, Dmitri recalls his fainted Blaziken and releases his Gyarados. He then tries to cast out his aura to deactivate one of the ice statues, but fails. In response, the statue launches a giant ball of lightning at Dmitri’s Gyarados. Luckily, the shot goes wide. Dmitri immediately blasts the statue with his aura again, screwing with its targeting system. “Ness, use Iron Tail on the other one!” he commands his Pokemon. The Gyarados lifts his tail and slams it into the other ice statue, breaking off a chunk of its frozen form.


“K.E.Y.S., use Thunder Wave!” Shane commands his Klefki as he points at the statue Dmitri had just dazed. The Key Ring Pokemon fires off a bolt of electricity at the icy automaton, further incapacitating it as his trainer drops into warp space to prepare an attack.

“Jean, use Volt Tackle!” Morgan commands her Pikachu. The electric mouse sprints at one of the ice statues and slams into it, discharging volts of lighting as he makes contact.


Meanwhile, Alex runs up to the other one and attempts to distract it and draw it away from the others. When this fails, she decides to have her Pokemon attack. “Lumiera, use Inferno!” the girl shouts. Her ghostly companion unleashes a tide of flames at the icy statue, but they seem to just bend around it, melting all the surrounding ice and snow instead.

“#4, use Growth!” H commands. His Trevenant continues to build up more power, while H does the same, storing up electricity to unleash a powerful attack.


The statues continue advancing toward the retreating crew, locking on and preparing to fire off another salvo of attacks. One’s face-lights start flashing chaotically, still seeming to malfunction. The other, however, fires off a giant blast of ice and snow, hitting Morgan’s Pikachu and Dmitri’s Gyarados, trapping both Pokemon in a solid chunk of ice.

Morgan immediately recalls her Pokemon, then sends out her Charizard and unleashes a burst of fire from her flamethrower. The statue she was targeting steps through the flames unhindered. Shane then reappears behind it and attempts to strike at it with his marked hand. Despite its size, the icy construction easily dodges out of the way.


The crew and their Pokemon continue trading blows with the automatons, slowly whittling one down while trying to keep the other out of their hair so they can focus on one at a time. The icy beings take down several of their Pokemon and don’t seem to show any signs of slowing down.

“By the divine power of fate!” H declares as he steps forward toward the statues. “You shall be defeated!” Sparks fly out in all directions as he focuses volts upon volts of electricity into his Pokeball cannon. He fires off a pester ball, which leaves a streak of lightning behind it as it flies through the air. It detonates in a fiery explosion, which then erupts into a massive blast of electricity. As the automaton fractures into a thousand pieces, it fires off one last beam of ice, which slices through a pillar, causing it to fall on top of H.

“You’re next!” Alex shouts tauntingly at the remaining ice statue, waving her finger at it. The automaton’s face-lights flash red in response. “Lumiera, Inferno!” The girl’s Chandelure releases a massive surge of flames at the ice being, burning right through its defenses. Dmitri immediately follows up the attack with a blast of psionic energy, halting the statue’s advance.


“Blaise, use Flame Burst!” Morgan commands. Her Charizard flies in and spits out a ball of fire at the icy automaton, doing a real number on it.

The statue’s eye lights flash rapidly, and it focuses in on Blaise. The air around the automaton begins to rapidly drop in temperature as it summons a giant sphere of cold energy. Time seems to stand still as it lobs the sphere at the Charizard. “No!” Alex cries in dismay, recognizing the lethality of the attack. She refuses to let anyone’s Pokemon die if there’s anything she can do to stop it from happening. “Lumiera, intercept it!” she cries out.


Alex’s Chandelure moves to take the hit, but it’s clear she won’t make it in time. Thinking quickly, Shane uses his command over Space to swap Lumiera’s and Blaise’s positions. The sphere collides with the Chandelure, completely encasing her in ice. Alex can see her flames go out. Then, the mass of ice explodes, leaving behind shards of ice and frozen chunks of Lumiera.

She’s a ghost, she’ll be fine, Alex tells herself as she recalls her shattered Chandelure into her Pokeball. She has to be.


“Gigan, Steel Wing!” Dmitri commands his Scizor. The metallic bug flies at the icy construction to strike, but it swats her away.

“K.E.Y.S., use Flash Cannon!” Shane shouts to his Klefki. K.E.Y.S. begins to glow, then fires off a beam of light into the statue’s back.

Seeing an opening, H fires off a shot from his cannon at the automaton, putting a crack in its icy armor. “Someone hit the jewel!” the cyborg shouts. “I have a plan!”


“Got it!” Alex responds. She releases Leviathan behind her as she runs toward the jewel. She places her hand on it, causing it to change back to blue, then turns to command her Pokemon. “Leviathan, use Thunder!” A giant bolt of lightning descends from the sky, striking the automaton on the top of its head.

“Now, #4, Wood Hammer!” H shouts. His Trevenant rumbles over to the icy statue, boughs raised high. The ghostly tree slams them down at the automaton, but fails to make contact.

“So much for that plan,” Shane remarks.

“Let’s try a new plan!” Dmitri shouts. He pulls out a Pokeball and throws it at the giant icy creature. The ball makes contact and pulls it inside, then falls to the ground. It shakes three times before the automaton breaks free.


“Just a bit more damage should do it,” Morgan says to her crewmates. “Blaise, Dragon Rage!” Her Charizard flies over to the statue and spits out a ball of blue flame at it. However, the statue extinguishes the flame with a swipe of its massive arm, an arm it then brings down on Blaise, smashing him into the ground.

“Gigan, False Swipe!” Dmitri commands his Scizor. Gigan flies in and strikes the icy construction with one of her claws, further whittling it down.

In sequence, Morgan, Shane, and Alex all attempt captures of their own, but the automaton refuses to stay in a ball. H then loads a timer ball into his cannon and fires it at the ice statue, putting another crack in its frozen body. It pulls the automaton inside, but, just as before, it breaks out.


As it emerges once more, the ice statue locks onto Leviathan and launches a giant ball of electricity at it. With the jewel blue, the attack could have done a real number on the giant Pokemon but, luckily, the shot goes wide.

Once more, Morgan and Shane attempt to capture the automaton, but it breaks free of their Pokeballs yet again. “Clearly fate has dictated that we’re not supposed to capture this thing!” H declares. “Let us destroy it!” Out from his lab coat he pulls a sledge hammer. He hefts it up high and charges at the automaton.

“No, H!” Shane shouts. He quickly calls upon his power, and swaps positions with H, causing him to instead smash a pillar to pieces.


Seeing an opening, Alex takes a step toward the icy statue. She slaps a case that will increase her chances of a successful capture on one of her custom Pokeballs, then throws it with all her might. The ball pulls the statue inside and falls into the snow. It shakes once… twice… three times… then falls still.

As Alex walks over to claim her prize, the others, with the exception of H, watch her with impressed looks on their faces. For the second time, the young girl has captured a rare and extremely powerful Pokemon.

H, on the other hand, is not particularly impressed and returns to examining the strange jewel. He pokes it several times, changing it from red to blue and back until it starts sinking back into the ground. The hatch it emerged from shuts, pinching H’s finger. Annoyed the cyborg slices off his own finger, and welds over the wound.


Alex moves across the battlefield, picking up the scattered scraps of the crew’s broken Pokeballs and shoving them into her bag. When she’s finished, the girl walks up to Morgan and holds out her new capture. “Here, you can have this,” she tells her.

“Oh, uh, thank you,” Morgan replies, sounding quite surprised. She grabs the ball out of Alex’s hand, then pulls another one out. “Here,” she says. “You can have this Cryogonal I caught earlier instead.”

“No, you don’t have to give me anything,” Alex protests.

“I want you to have it,” Morgan tells her. “You’ll probably take better care of it than I will anyway.”


“Alright,” Alex agrees. She flashes Morgan a brief smile, then takes the ball out of her hand. “I’ll make sure it has a happy home.”

“Okay, let’s figure out how to open this thing,” Shane says, directing everyone’s attention back to the stasis pod. “This technology is like nothing I’ve seen before,” he continues. “I think it’s older than I am.”

“So, how does it work?” Alex asks. She walks up and examines the control panel on the pod. “There aren’t even any buttons,” the girl grumbles. “Just weird symbols.”


“We could just smash it open,” H suggests hefting up his sledge hammer.

“No, H,” Morgan tells him. “That could kill him.” She eyes the man inside the pod again.

“Let’s see here,” Shane says to himself. He reaches out and places his hand on the panel. The symbols begin to glow in response to his touch. “Uh, yeah. Let’s say that was intentional.”


The stasis pod begins to heat up, and the snow and ice covering it melts away. Inside, the frozen green stasis fluid melts into liquid form. A rush of heat bursts forth from the pod as the front slides open and the fluid spills out into the snow, causing it to instantly dissolve into clouds of steam.

Through the steam, the crew can see the silhouettes of a tall man with a small Pokemon floating beside him. Slowly, the figure steps forward, revealing a dark-skinned, hairless man followed by a cute pink Pokemon with a long tail and blue eyes. Something seems very familiar about it. The man’s eyelids open and he gazes upon the people before him with his purple eyes.

“So, what did we need this guy for again?” H asks.

“The Eye didn’t exactly say, but I assume it’s that,” Morgan answers, pointing at the man’s Pokemon companion.


“Alright, so kill the hobo, get the Pokemon,” H replies. “Got it.”

No!” Morgan shouts at him.

“If they were frozen together, they’re probably both important,” Dmitri chimes in.


The man closes his eyes and holds his hand out. Morgan can feel his mind touching her own; she can feel him absorbing language from her.

H steps forward, then grabs the man’s hand and steers it into a handshake. The man gives him a confused look for a moment, before his expression turns serious once more. “It has begun, then?” he asks.

“Yes, it has,” Shane answers.

The man turns his eyes skyward, and pensively gazes up at the stars and falling snow. Morgan immediately recognizes this image from her vision. After several seconds he looks back at the crew. “I see.”


“Can you help us?” Morgan asks.

“Do you think you are the first to come here and ask for my help?” he returns with a question.

“No,” Shane answers. “But we hope to be the last.”

The man looks back at his stasis pod, then at his Pokemon, and, finally, back to the crew. He seems to be deep in thought.


“Not much hope involved,” H tells Shane. “Keep in mind, we are dealing with Time now. If you’re hoping for something, that means you think it could fail, which means there will be an alternate timeline in which it does fail. We will succeed, because I will become the most perfect being in the Universe.”

“Shut up, H,” Shane tells him.

The man looks at H dismissively for a moment, then address the crew. “What makes you think that I can help you? What makes me think that you can be saved?”


“The Eye told us that we needed your help,” Morgan answers. “That you were the only person who had any success fighting the Mewtwos.”

The man sits down in a meditative position, and gazes up at Morgan. “The Eye shows us only what we will see,” he tells her. “You are wrong. I do not fight the Gods.”

“Who… are you?” Alex asks.

“I am Adám.” He raises his hand, and his Pokemon floats to him. “Who are you?

Session Notes: Whew! This was a challenging chapter to write up. The first chapter for this session was a breeze to write, but this one just took a lot out of me. Writing up long combat scenes is draining. I cut out a large chunk of the middle of that Regice fight and it still went on for quite a while. I’m happy with how it all turned out though.


The first few scenes here had a lot of details that were added in later, or were scenes that didn’t happen in-game at all. The scene in the situation room originally had no dialogue and was just DragonStorm giving us a little background on where we were going, so I just synthesized it into character dialogue. And with the next scene, I felt like there needed to be some interaction with Alex after her horrible experience. Morgan and Alex are pretty close so I felt like it was kind of needed. Plus I used it to show off how Alex is both broken inside and more determined than ever. And more adorable interactions between Alex and Naomi are always welcome! Moving on to the scientists. The dialogue was there, but I gave the characters names and descriptions. I think it came together quite nicely.

The ice planet idea was pretty interesting. Ignoring the fact that a gas giant is super unlikely to have breathable atmosphere, and the gravity on a moon inside one would be super weird, the place was interesting. We were going to capture that ice-type steelix, but H’s player thought it would be a good idea to use a really powerful double super-effective move when it wasn’t at full health… I glossed over it here, but we spent a really long time trying to catch the Froslass and Glalie and somehow they jumped from too much HP to catch to fainted stupidly fast.

Then there was the boss fight, which had some weird elements to it. The whole inverse battle thing felt really shoehorned in there and didn’t make a whole lot of sense narratively if you ask me. The Regices were hard to take down and the fight went on a long time, so long that I cut a big chunk out here as I mentioned earlier. Plus they had Sheer Cold… more on that later. We threw a ton of Pokeballs and I once again proved that custom Pokeball are the best. I wonder why literally no one has ever asked Alex to make them some. Ultimately, I chose to give it away to help balance the party. Morgan generally had the lowest levels and Alex likes her the best, so she’s the one who got it.


But that Sheer Cold… DragonStorm has been running OHKO moves as having a chance to kill so it makes them all the more lethal. It hasn’t come up enough for us to determine if it’s truly balanced, but it is what it is. The Regice used it on Morgan’s Charizard and the dice determined it would be a lethal hit. We were having none of that, so, thanks to DragonStorm’s homebrew rule that ghost-type Pokemon can’t die, I decided to have my Chandelure intercept it. Unfortunately, I rolled all 1s on the intercept check. Luckily, Shane could use his brand to swap their positions. But, because of my roll, DragonStorm decided to inflict consequences upon my Pokemon that we will see in the next chapter. Personally, I felt, given the context, that it wasn’t fair, but you can only disagree with the GM so much since they are the one in charge after all.

There’s some other behind-the-scenes stuff I don’t want to get into, so now we will move on to our new friend, Adám and his Mew. Shit’s getting all biblical up in here. It was an unexpected thing, and we’ll see where it goes next chapter. Additionally, be sure to check out the final part of Seeing Red before you read the next chapter.

Post-Chapter Challenge: So, we had a pretty intense boss battle this session. For the challenge this time, how about you design your own? Design a trainer or pick a Pokemon or some combination of the two, then build an encounter! What sort of minions does your boss use? How does your boss fight? What are its patterns? What moves does it use? What’s the environment like and how does it affect the fight? What sort of interesting mechanics are at play during the battle, if any?


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!