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Spacemon Vol. 3 - Chapter 15: Paramour

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Welcome to another romantic installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

At Adám’s suggestion, the crew of the UAS Helix took the first steps toward the redemption of Humanity by letting go of their power. Shane successfully returned the powers he had received to Giratina, while Morgan attempted to do the same with the powers she received from the Eye of Aether. She was unsuccessful and, instead, resolved to just not use her powers. Meanwhile, Alex chose to begin releasing her Pokemon from their Pokeballs, believing that it would serve to strengthen and showcase her bond with her Pokemon. Despite shooting for this potentially peaceful resolution to the conflict with the Mewtwos, the Helix crew also prepared for war. They traveled to the planet Kaploy in the Genesis Core System, the capital system of the Federation, and met with the war council and presented the designs for a warp bomb capable of taking down a Mewtwo in a similar fashion to the way that Arlon Jett was able to. After approving the funding of this project, Grand Admiral White sought the crew’s input on where to make their final stand.


Hushed whispers and murmurs fill the air as the admirals and their advisors watch the spinning hologram. “What, exactly, am I looking at here?” Grand Admiral White asks Shane as he eyes the projection curiously.

“The origin planet,” Shane answers. “Earth.”

The excited and surprised murmurs at the round table grow in volume. The faces of the admirals on the council remain stern.


“Well, that’s a stupid idea,” Alex blurts out.

“Why?” Shane asks. “It’s out of the way to avoid civilian casualties, it’s a fitting place to make our stand, and… there’s no gate to get there… You’re right. On second thought, let’s not do that.”


“Now, if you have any serious suggestions,” White replies.

“Well, there is one other logical place I can think of,” Shane tells him. “It’s by the gate in Sector 25.”



“We have a sort of base that we’ve acquired there. It’s remote, so we can avoid civilian casualties, but it’s still accessible via warp gate so we won’t be leaving the rest of the Galaxy defenseless. Finally, it also contains a very legendary artifact known as the Eye of Aether. According to legend, this artifact is said to solve any riddle, heal any wound, predict the future, and reveal the past. If you haven’t guessed by now, it controls Time.”


The council deliberates amongst themselves for a time, but eventually one of them speaks up. “You say this will not leave the Galaxy defenseless, but concentrating the vast majority of our forces in the Outer Rim does just that.”

“But, if it’s true that they have this Eye, that’s probably sufficient enough to draw the Mewtwos in,” an admiral on the opposite side of the bench counters. “Provided that we can successfully bait them with it.”


“I would definitely agree with that,” Shane chimes in. “Over the course of our travels, we’ve encountered a number of God-like entities, basic forces of the Universe. This is one of them. We can use its properties to automate the production of the warp bombs much faster than we could otherwise. We don’t know how much time we have, but this will give us more of it.”

“In that case, this greatly limits the locations where we can fight,” White concludes. “The Mewtwos will come for the Eye, and we need it in a location where we can produce these weapons.”


“I believe I have just the place in mind,” Shane says, with a slight grin.

“Your plan is bullshit, just like the last one,” White scoffs.

“How so?” Morgan asks.

“While I certainly agree that it would be hilarious to have the battle in Romanov territory, and make those bastards take all the damage, there’s no way they would agree to that,” the Grand Admiral explains. He then leans back in his chair, and takes a puff from his incredibly expensive cigar. “Especially when it’s us asking.”


“You could send us,” Dmitri suggests. “We, as a neutral third party, can negotiate with the Supremacy on behalf of the Federation. Plus I’m also Romanov, if that would help.”

“With all due respect,” one of the lesser Admirals replies, “I doubt the Supremacy would take too kindly to a member of the former Union.”


“Still, it’s better than nothing,” White says.

“If we’re going to use the Eye to produce these bombs, we’re going to need a factory, preferably close to the action,” one of the other admirals responds.


“Most certainly,” White agrees. He presses a few buttons and a map of Romanov space springs up on the holotable with several sets of coordinates. “These are all the old Union facilities that we’re familiar with. Surely we can find one that works.”

“We don’t know if any of them still exist,” another admiral points out. “It’s quite possible that the Supremacy decommissioned them in favor of their own facilities. We know for a fact that their tech is vastly superior to what the Union was capable of.”


“This is true,” White comments. “We need more information. We can’t make an informed decision until we can negotiate with the Romanovs.”

“Well, then enough with this bullshit,” Alex interrupts. “Who’s in charge of the Supremacy and how can we talk to them to make this happen?”


“Ah, right to the point I see,” White comments. “You’ve got spunk, kid. I like that.” The Grand Admiral presses a few buttons, and the image of the Romanov capital world springs into view. “At this point, the Supremacy has conquered Mir Zimoy and established their capital there. That’s where you’ll find their leader.”

“And his name is...?” Alex asks impatiently.

“Ivan Cenov. Supreme Admiral Ivan Cenov.”

“I see,” Shane comments. “Well then, we’ll head for Romanov space and try to set up a meeting with him.” He pauses for a moment, thinking things over. “Before we leave, though, I should probably mention that there’s another issue that we might face,” he finally says. “We’ve been following a certain individual who calls himself ‘I’. He’s another of Armstrong’s clones— like H, who just left.”


“You mean that weird guy?” one of the admirals at the round table asks.

“Yes,” Shane answers.

“There’s another one of them,” Dmitri adds.

“Except worse,” Alex finishes.

“Speaking of which,” Graves speaks up. “I’ve just received word that your friend knocked out the men we sent after him.”


“Goddamn it!” Shane shouts. He then lets out a disgruntled sigh and runs for the door.

“We’ll be back,” Morgan informs the admirals. “We really need to deal with this.” She too turns and heads after Shane.


“I should, uh, probably go help them,” Alex says, turning to Dmitri. “Uh, you stay here... I guess.” She quickly follows her crewmates out of the room, leaving the Romanov to stay with the admirals.

Out of breath, Shane, Morgan, and Alex arrive back at the Helix, then search the ship for H. They quickly find him wandering the hallways.

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“H, what the hell was that about?” Shane asks. “You knocked out a whole squad of marines on the way back here.”


The cyborg ignores him and the others and continues walking. Shane places a hand on H’s shoulder to get his attention, but his mechanical third arm extends and brushes the hand aside.

“Hey!” Alex shouts after him. “We’re talking to you here! You said we need to resolve our differences. That we need to work together. Just ignoring us doesn’t solve anything!”


H swiftly turns around and looks Alex in the eye. “I’m surprised you, of all people, actually understand that,” he tells the girl. “That was the whole point! We were working together!” He turns his gaze toward Shane and Morgan. “But those two… they just… they gave away every single advantage the we had! We had a chance, it doesn’t matter how small, but we could have stopped it and they go against all of their principles, go against everything to work with a guy who we just met who was frozen in an iceberg, who is quite literally the closest friend that we know that our enemies have! They go and agree with him despite having worked with me daily as the divine tools of fate! They’ve saved my life, I’ve saved their lives, and they threw it all away to work with a guy we met five minutes ago! I’m not speaking to these idiots.” H turns once more, and briskly walks away.

“So, you’re just gonna give up that easily?!” Alex shouts down the hallway.

“I’m not giving up, I’m just done with working with fools.”

“Yeah, well… you’re a fool!”

H ignores the comment and continues walking. Shane activates his warp glove and teleports himself into the cyborg’s path. “We’re still not completely useless, you know,” he tells him. “I’m still plenty capable without Giratina’s power, and Morgan, well, she still has her powers.”


“I just decided not to delve any further into something I don’t understand,” Morgan explains as she and Alex run to catch up.

H continues to ignore his crewmates and attempts to slip past Shane.

“I get it, you’re mad, but we still need to work together if we want to stop the Mewtwos,” Alex tells him.


H turns his attention back to the girl once more. “As I said, I tried. I seriously went for it. I know I’m not good with people, dealing with those who aren’t willing to look at enlightenment, but… I tried. We gave it our shot and everyone else just said ‘no.’”

“But we can still fight them,” Alex replies. “We’re all willing to do it.”

“I’m not going to work with people who are willing to give up so easily.”

“No one here is giving up but you,” Alex tells him, staring him down with a fierce look in her eyes.


“If you dare think I’m giving up, then you’re the one who’s a fool. There is no way that I’m giving up. I realize that, together, we could have all accomplished great things, but now working together is only going to weigh me down.”

“That’s a lie and you know it,” Alex replies.

“Come on, H,” Shane chimes in. “We’ve been working together so long. Why now?”

“Fine,” H responds. “Fine. If you all want so badly to work together, I need to know that you can at least do one thing. Get Adám to meet with me in the Pokeball workshop in ten minutes.”


“What for?” Alex asks.

“Think of it as a trust exercise,” H replies. “If you bring Adám to me as promised, I might trust you again.”


“We need to know that you’re not going to hurt him,” Morgan tells the cyborg.

“I solemnly swear that I will do no harm to Adám.”

“Alright,” Morgan agrees. “We’ll get him for you.”

Shane enters his former personal quarters, now belonging to Adám, closely followed by Morgan and Alex. The trio sits down on the floor across from the ancient man.


“Hello,” Adám greets his visitors.

“Hi,” Shane responds. After a momentary pause, he continues to speak. “So, at this point, you’ve probably noticed how nosey H can be.”


“I have noticed this, yes.”

“Despite his methods, he means well.” Shane sighs. “Very soon, we are going to be facing off with your Gods, and, in the face of such absolute destructive power, we need all the advantages we can get. Now, I’m not sure how much of this you know about from your cycle, but in this cycle we’ve found that all life is made up of DNA. It’s a cellular template for who, or what, an individual is. H has been trying to get a sample of yours so he can see what makes you and your Pokemon so special. Since you were the first, we believe that your specific DNA is a lot closer to the Mewtwos’. Studying it might give us the advantage we need.”


Adám gives Shane a skeptical look. “I sense your good intentions, but this type of thinking leads to premature ascension.”

“Making another Mewtwo is the last thing we want to do,” Alex tells him.

“Right,” Shane agrees. “We simply want samples for study, nothing more. Collecting them is completely non-invasive.”



“DNA can be collected from any of your cells.” Shane pulls out a couple small sample jars and some cotton swabs. “All you need to do is swab the inside of your cheek, and your Pokemon’s.”


Adám takes the swabs, looks at them for a moment, then back at Shane. “If it is as you say, and this is purely for knowledge, this is acceptable.” He swabs his cheek, and that of his Pokemon, then places the samples in the jars.

“Thank you,” Shane tells him. “Now, I assume this was all he was trying to get, but H did want to meet with you. He’s waiting down in one of the labs. We can accompany you if you’d like.”


“Very well.”

Shane, Morgan, and Alex walk Adám into the Pokeball workshop, where H stands waiting. The cyborg gives them a surprised look.


“Thank you. I’m shocked you actually did something.”

“Also, I got these,” Shane tells him, holding up the freshly collected DNA samples.


“What the-? Wow.” Again, H seems very surprised.

“That’s what happens when you ask nicely for things,” Alex quips.

“Hmm,” H responds. “Would you all mind leaving?” he then asks. “I’d just like to speak with Adám alone for a moment.”


“Is that okay with you, Adám?” Morgan asks, turning to the ancient man.

“Thus far, I see no reason why you would need to be here.”

“Well, if you say so,” Shane responds. He turns and walks out the door.

“We’ll just be outside,” Alex adds. She and Morgan follow Shane out, leaving Adám and his Pokemon alone in the room with H.


The cyborg gives Adám a cold look from across the room. “I do not know why they give you such faith and trust you so well after knowing you so little,” he says. “I do not know why, even after taking away what they had worked so hard for, they still trust you and still work with you. I do not know what you are here for and how you will be of any use to prevent the Universe from collapse. But, if you have strength, then show me, and, if you have strength, then we could use your help.”

H presses a button, and a spacesuit forms around him. He then presses a second button, and the wall behind him explodes. Pokeballs fly through the air as the atmosphere in the room is sucked out into the vacuum surrounding the small terrestrial moon the ship is docked on. Adám’s Pokemon springs into action, sealing the breach with a telekinetic barrier.


“What the hell are you doing?!” Shane shouts as he and the others run back into the room.

H ignores him and looks right at Adám. “Well done. Alright.”

“What is wrong with you?” Alex demands of the cyborg.

“I wanted to see if he had power,” H answers. “And, if he didn’t, good riddance.”


“I believe he was... testing me,” Adám concludes.

Alex looks at H and sighs. “You have the strangest way of making friends…”

“You do realize we have to fix this wall now, right?” Shane asks.

“I have the materials pre-aligned.”

Shane sighs. “You actually planned this really well…” He shakes his head slightly in disbelief, then holds out his hand. “So, after all that craziness, we good again?”


H grabs hold and gives Shane a firm handshake. “As good as we can be.”

“Alright, let’s get back to the meeting. They’re probably worried about us by now.”


The crew sets EHRB, the Helix’s repair bot, to work fixing the hole H made in the ship, then they depart and begin walking back to the meeting.

Twelve. Captain Emelia Beckett had just finished her twelfth cup of coffee today. She’d had a rough couple of decades, and with the recent Mewtwo threat, her caffeine intake had almost doubled. After the… consultants… left in such a rush, the Romanov they left behind had just been sitting there. Doing absolutely nothing.


Her eye twitches as he reaches for yet another candy bar from his pockets. She had counted about 20 so far. How did he even have that many? Where the hell did he put them all?

He takes a bite. She sits there, silently clenching her thirty-day chip from the Office of Anger Management. She had had just about enough of this bullcrap.


A single explosion is heard from outside. All around Emelia, the other officers break into a murmur, wondering if somehow their home base is under attack. He takes another bite. IS THIS GUY NOT FAZED BY ANYTHING? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

He finishes the candy bar. She leans back, relieved that it’s over. Her hands are still trembling, knuckles white. He drops the wrapper on the floor beside him, on top of all the others. Surely that’s the last of it. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out another candy bar.


MOTHERFUCKER!” She shouts, abruptly rising from her seat as the entire room turns to face her. The Romanov still seems not to care. Two of the marine guards escort her out of the room.

The rest of the Helix crew enters the council room, passing by a very agitated looking officer being escorted out of the room. Shane looks at the woman and shrugs before following his crewmates back to where Dmitri is standing.


“Sorry about that,” Shane addresses the room, stepping up next to Admiral Graves once more.

“We detected an explosion on your ship,” she informs them. “Is everything alright?”


“Well, it is now,” Shane tells her. “But we will need some help repairing the damage.”

“We’ll get someone on it.”

“Thanks.” Shane then turns back to the council. “As I was saying, we’ve been following a person who is another Armstrong clone, much like H here, and, similarly to H, he has augmented himself. I was wondering if we could borrow some EMP weapons, possibly to disable his-”


“That’s been taken care of,” H interrupts.

“What?” Shane asks, confused.


“Well, I guess that’s that,” Alex comments.

“Well, if there’s nothing left to discuss, we could use the repairs to our ship and we’ll be on our way to Romanov space,” Shane addresses the council.


“Good luck out there,” Grand Admiral White tells the crew.

“Thanks. I’m sure we’ll need it.”

The Helix flies through warp space en route to Sector 14 in Romanov space, the location of Mir Zimoy. Tension hangs in the air as the crew knows that this very well may be their final trip.


Shane sits in the warp lab, focused on working on his warp glove. Suddenly, he feels a hand on his shoulder and looks back to see Morgan standing behind him. “Hey, Morgan,” he greets her.


“Hey yourself.” She’s trying to smile, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. If anything, she looks tired.

“What’s up?” Shane asks as he continues to tinker with the glove.

Suddenly, Morgan grabs his wrist. “Have you ever thought about what happens after this?”


Shane hesitates for a moment. The thought hadn’t even crossed his mind. He sets down the glove and leans back a bit, hands trembling ever so slightly. “Not… really.”

“I’m not even sure we’re gonna live.” The smile returns, and, this time, it stretches a little further, as though she genuinely finds the prospect of their impending death funny.


“If we don’t, I sure as hell hope the next me does a better job.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“You know, in some sad, ironic way, it kind of is,” Shane says abruptly, turning to face Morgan again. A single tear slowly makes its way down his cheek. “I mean, I did create all life in this cycle, didn’t I?”


“We all make mistakes sometimes. I know I have, but at least you’re trying to make it right. After this, I… I was thinking of trying to make some things right too.”

Shane lifts an eyebrow, curious.

“You know,” Morgan says. “With my parents. But, if you’re not doing anything after all this, maybe you could come with me?”


“You know, I really like this ship,” Shane tells her, sighing. “It’s… Being alongside all of you guys is the only thing I knew after escaping…”

Morgan laughs nervously. “I’m not sure I can take anymore of H.”

“Yeah, same here, but… a dysfunctional family is still a family, right?”


“I guess all good things do have to come to an end, though,” Shane continues, his smile fading. “I haven’t really thought about what comes after this either.”


“Well, think about it, okay?” Morgan squeezes Shane’s shoulder a little tighter.

Shane stands up and pulls Morgan into a hug.

I may not have lived, but I don’t want to die.

Alex sits cross-legged on her bed, flipping through the pages of the Bible Raj had given her. The light of warp space spills in through the viewport, illuminating the room in a deep red glow. Hearing the door slide open, the girl looks up to see Naomi walking into the room.

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“Hey,” Alex greets her.

“Hey. Whatcha doin’?”

Alex flips her book around and hands it to Naomi. “I was just reading the old Bible stories. I was thinking… if Adám and Eve are real, and Cain and Abel were real… what else is real? Are all the stories true, or just some of them? And, if they are real, how are the actual events different from what’s in that book?”


“It’s all so crazy,” Naomi tells her as she looks through the book. “I didn’t believe any of it, but now that I’m here with you… all the things that have happened since then… It’s so unreal.”

Alex stands up and hugs Naomi. “At least we can look for the truth together.” As she breaks away, the Sinai girl’s hand comes to a stop on the religious icon hanging around Naomi’s neck. “I remember when I gave this to you,” Alex says, running her fingers over the necklace’s smooth metal surface. “That was the day I realized you were the one.”


Naomi places her hand atop Alex’s. “I almost threw it away, you know. After that night on the roof… I… I was just so mad. I wanted to hate you. I tried so hard to hate you after that night, but I couldn’t. So I tried to forget you, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t. Now that we’re together again, I can’t even imagine life without you.”

“I know how you feel,” Alex tells her. “After you left, I tried to move on and focus on finding my dad, but you were always there, in the back of my mind. There’s a chance we might not come back from where we’re going now, so I want you to know that I love you.”


“And I love you.” Naomi’s breathing grows heavier as she leans closer to Alex. “When I’m with you, I feel something I don’t feel with anyone else, and I never want to lose that feeling again.”

Naomi places her hands on Alex’s back and pulls her into a passionate kiss. Her emerald locks brush across Alex’s face as the two girls fall back onto the bed in a loving embrace.


From beyond the great door to the Genesect lab, the sound of science can be heard, along with an occasional grunt and moan.


“I’ve got to say, this is probably the best idea you’ve had yet,” Meta says, stifling a small giggle.

“Well, we aren’t finished yet!” H exclaims. Mechanical whirrs can be heard from within.


“Wait, you want me to grab what?”

“Yes, precisely. We haven’t found a use for it yet, but it may as well be useful.”


“It’s… sticky.”

Aaahhh, much better.”

“The shape is a bit weird.”

“The shape is perfect, what are you talking about?”

“I wasn’t expecting there to be so much… meat to it.”

The two lean against the wall, admiring their handiwork. In the center of the room is a cubic titanium frame interlaced with Genesect flesh. Various blinking lights flash around the surface, and it appears to have a poorly jerry-rigged weapons and propulsion system. In its core is an opening, inside which Heaty the Heat suit rests.


“Now, for the finishing touches.” H says, approaching the cube. He pulls out a pokeball from his back pocket and releases #11, his Bidoof, which he then gingerly places into the cockpit. He presses a button on the top and the machine whirrs to life. The Bidoof nibbles on a joystick and the cube begins to float, then it rockets out of the room, banging against the walls of the corridor, and just so happening to land in H’s other lab.

“It’s magnificent,” Meta breathes heavily as they follow it into the other room. “Improvised engineering at its finest!


Meta approaches the crashed cube and kneels down beside it. The Bidoof is defensively curled up into a ball, terrified of what just happened, but otherwise unharmed. “Now we just have to wait and see how it stacks up against… high powered… near unstoppable… death gods…” Meta turns to look H in the eyes. “So, uh, try not to die out there... okay?”

“Agreed,” H says as he turns to leave.

The cyborg takes a step out the door, but Meta grabs him by the collar and drags him back into the room. “Don’t forget, that wasn’t the only science project I had planned for this evening,” she says, a wicked smile emerging on her face.


The ship’s Pokegenetics specialist Bill Wi steps out of his lab and walks down the hallway. Tasked with analyzing the recently obtained swab of DNA from Adám’s Pokemon, he makes his way to H’s lab to share his preliminary results. He steps up to the closed door and presses his finger to the console.


The door opens, and he sees H naked, strapped down to the table with a dumb smile on his face, with Meta straddled over him, installing what appears to be some sort of cybernetic... appendage onto his featureless pelvic area.


“I’ve configured its settings so that it can integrate with your technorganic nervous system,” the hacker explains. “So you should be able to feel-” She suddenly looks up, having spotted Bill standing in the door.

No one speaks or moves for ten seconds.

Finally, the scientist steps back and presses the console, and the door closes.

Session Notes: And so it begins! The chapters for the final session! This session was the longest in Spacemon history, clocking in at about eleven-and-a-half hours long! This chapter only covers about the first two hours of that, so we could be looking at two or three more chapters from this session at the least.


Everything here was all RP, but it was some fun stuff. Between sessions, we all came to the conclusion that The Other Guy’s suggestion of making the final battle at Earth from the end of the previous session was a really stupid idea. Through RP at the beginning of the session, we formed a new plan involving enlisting the Romanovs’ aide in fighting the Mewtwos. A united Galaxy is the way to go. And, yup, the Romanov leader is freaking John Cena. It was a complete accent. I legitimately asked “and his name is?” without thinking, and The Other Guy just blurted out “JOHN CENA!” so we just rolled with it. All we did was add the “-ov” and change John to Ivan, which is apparently the Russian form of John.

Then there was H, who could have actually ended up fucking us all over. One draft of his crazy ass plan involved blowing the ship up, killing everyone on board. I think we all would have been super pissed at his player if that ended up happening, so it’s a damn good thing it didn’t. Even if the party somehow managed to survive, the deaths of the other people on the ship would make all the player characters hate H, especially Alex since H would be directly responsible for killing the love of her life. There was some good RP there too. I think it’s some of the best heat-of-the-moment RP that I’ve done in this campaign. I’m quite proud of “No one here is giving up but you.” I actually got to make a skill roll with that since it was such a fantastic thing to say narratively.


And finally we wrap up this chapter with all the romance scenes! Basically, this went down like Mass Effect, where all the final romance scenes happen as the ship flies to the endgame mission, and since the achievement in all three games for completing a romance is called “Paramour,” it made perfect sense as a title. All three were very different. First we had Morgan and Shane, who got shipped by their players back in Volume 2. Unfortunately, they really didn’t progress it at all in Volume 3. I think it would have been interesting to see how it could have developed over the volume, but at least we get this final scene here. Next up was Alex and Naomi. It was literally just like a little blip in-session with the assumption that I would write something for it during the write-up as a fitting final romance scene too tie up the series of scenes between them over the course of the volume. The opening of the scene was actually inspired by the image I included in the post in that spot. I found it during one of my many image searches for this series and knew I had to use it. Finally, the unexpected ship that so many people wanted to see happen. Welp, I guess that’s canon now. H’s player could care less, but DragonStorm pretty much became obsessed with this ship and asked if he could do something with it for the session. As I said, H’s player had no strong feelings one way or the other, so he gave it the green light. It was pretty funny, if a little risque, and the execution was solid. DragonStorm took some inspiration from one of the Iron Bull romance scenes from Dragon Age: Inquisition with it, and I think it turned out nicely. Aside from the walk-in scene that was all DragonStorm, The Other Guy whipped up the part where they were working on the cube to make the scene extra hilarious. That particular moment was just a brief description of the thing so we got to take some liberties. But yes, H literally built a giant, weaponized companion cube!

Special thanks to The Other Guy, ClarissaGavin, and DragonStorm247 for assisting with the writing for this chapter.


Post-Chapter Challenge: Previously, we had a challenge about literal ships, and we had a bit of discussion on today’s challenge topic, but since this chapter focused heavily on relationships, it’s time for a real shipping thread! As of this chapter, we’ve now seen four canonical couples form, but what other potential pairings exist out there? For today’s challenge, pick any two characters in the Spacemon universe and ship ‘em. Try to justify why it would work if you can.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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