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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix traveled to the planet Kaploy in the Genesis Core System, the capital system of the Federation, and met with the war council and presented the designs for a warp bomb capable of taking down a Mewtwo in a similar fashion to the way that Arlon Jett was able to. After approving the funding of this project, Grand Admiral White sought the crew’s input on where to make their final stand and, together, they formed a plan to enlist the aide of the Romanov Supremacy in fighting the Mewtwos. The Helix now flies through warp space, en route to the Romanov capital world Mir Zimoy to parlay with the Romanov Supreme Admiral, Ivan Cenov.

The Helix drops out of warp space in Sector 14, and is immediately met with a Romanov blockade. The Supremacist ships begin charging their weapons as they hail the Alliance-make frigate that just dropped on their doorstep.

“Want me to pick up?” Minerva asks.

“Go ahead,” Shane tells her.

The pilot presses the button on the console, and a Supremacist officer with a thin mustache appears on the viewscreen.


“Attention unauthorized vessel,” the Romanov man speaks. “By order of Romanov Supremacy, turn back or be fired upon.”

“We have come to parlay,” Morgan informs him.

“Why should we accept?”

“I assume by now you must have caught wind of the monstrosities ravaging the Galaxy,” Shane responds.


“Perhaps,” the Romanov officer replies, stroking his mustache. “You have news?”

“We are here on behalf of the Federation to broker an alliance in order to stop these abominations,” Shane replies. “As much as you don’t like the Federation, we need your help… and you need ours.”

“What makes you think we need your help?”

“Whether or not you choose to believe it, the entire Universe as we know it is coming to an end,” H tells him. “If you want to be able to conquer or rule anything or, in fact, have any form of a government whatsoever, it is in your best interest to suck it up and help us already. Otherwise, you’re all going to wind up dying anyway knowing that there was one simple thing you could have done to prevent your own death that you refused to do due to the fact that you were too stupid to lift a finger and believe a few people.”


“N- now look, I am just ship captain,” the Romanov responds, obviously taken aback. “I am not making calls here.”

“That’s why we need to speak to the person in charge,” Shane tells him. “We would like an audience with Supreme Admiral Ivan Cenov.”

“I am just ship captain,” the officer repeats.

“You have a chain of command, correct?” H asks.


“Follow it up,” H tells him. “We’d be happy to speak with whoever we need to in order to get to the top.”


“Uh… One moment.”

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The Romanov captain disconnects, presumably to speak with his commanding officer. Before long, the Helix receives a call from another Supremacist ship. Upon accepting, a Supremacist admiral with a neatly trimmed, but graying beard appears on the viewscreen. “This is Admiral Anatoly Kozlov of RSS Žadnost’,” he introduce himself. “I understand you wish to meet on Mir Zimoy?”


“That we do,” Shane responds.

“How do I know that this is not trap?” the admiral asks. “How do I know you are not Federation assassins? What can you offer us now to ensure good intentions?”

“Take our weapons,” H replies, sounding annoyed. “Bring us in in chains. Put guns to our heads. We don’t care. We just need to speak with him now. Whatever security measures you need to take, take them. But do it quickly.”


“You may notice that our weapons are not charged,” Shane adds. “They will remain that way.”

“You think this is enough?” Kozlov asks, unimpressed.

“I mean, if you want more, I’d be happy to give it to you,” Shane tells him. He takes on digital form and jumps into the computer, then transports himself to the Supremacist ship.


Once in their systems, Shane reemerges on the bridge with his hands on his head. “You can have me as a prisoner,” he says as Romanov soldiers close in around him.

The Supremacist admiral strokes his beard as he sizes Shane up. He then turns back to the viewscreen. “Tell you what. We make deal.”

“What kind of deal?” Alex asks, suspicious of the man’s intentions.

“You give us resources, money, and I maybe release your friend and get you meeting with Cenov, yes?”


“For some reason, I’m really not surprised that the entire Galaxy is on the brink of destruction and you guys want money,” Shane comments.

“Well, yes,” Kozlov responds. “Why wouldn’t you?”

“What good is money when you’re gonna be dead?!” Alex shouts. “No way, asshole! Why don’t you just go-”


“Let’s just give him the money,” Morgan interrupts. She places a hand on Alex’s shoulder and shoots her a warning glance, then turns back to the viewscreen. “How much do you want?”

Alex bites her lower lip and stands there seething with anger as the admiral strokes his beard in thought. “You give us one-hundred-thousand credits and we will let you go,” he finally says.

“What?!” Alex bursts out again, unable to contain herself. “One-hundred-thousand?! We don’t have that!”


“Trust me,” Shane says to the Romanovs around him. “I’m the richest person on that ship and even I don’t have that much.”

“Yes, but combined,” the admiral responds.

Shane just shakes his head. “Not even close.”

“Tell you what, then. All of your money. You transfer all of your credits to me, and I maybe make something happen, da?”


“We accept on one condition,” Shane tells him. “We transfer the credits after you arrange the meeting. Then, we would be deep in Romanov space and wouldn’t be able to get out until we transfer you the money, but we want what is due to us before we give you anything.”

“Then, you will not be released until then.”

“We accept.”

“Very well,” the admiral agrees. “And we will hold you as… contingency hostage.” He then turns to the soldiers and waves his hand toward the door as he issues an order in Romanov. Dmitri recognizes that he’s having Shane brought to the brig. The soldiers confiscate Shane’s warp glove, Pokeballs, Pokedex, and other gear, then escort him out of the room.


“Now, we shall bring you to Mir Zimoy,” the admiral says, turning back to the viewscreen. “Deactivate your warp drive and prepare for docking.”

Minerva presses a few buttons on the console, cutting off power to the warp drive as the large heavy destroyer commanding the blockade flies toward the Helix. The Romanov vessel activates its tractor beam, and pulls the smaller ship toward the large docking bay on its underbelly.

Once the destroyer locks in place, it begins powering up its warp drive, and it jumps away, bringing the Helix along with it.


“This is such a bad idea,” Alex grumbles. “I can’t believe we’re just letting him take all our money. It’s bullshit.”

“It’s the only way to make sure Shane is safe, though,” Morgan tells her. The crew sits around the bridge anxiously awaiting their arrival at the Romanov capital world.


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“Putting himself on that ship was foolish, though,” H points out.

“True,” Dmitri agrees. “If he didn’t do that, we may have been able to find a better way to handle this.”


“Well, it’s too late for that now,” Morgan responds.

“Yeah, well I’m not giving that asshole all my money,” Alex retorts. “We might need it.”

“Maybe you should have put it to good use as I have done,” H tells her. “What has already been used cannot be taken.”


“All you did was spend it on stupid shit,” Alex grumbles under her breath.

“Maybe there’s a way we can avoid giving the admiral all of our money,” Dmitri suggests.

“There has to be,” Alex tells him. “What if we, like, transfer our money somewhere else and just leave enough to make it convincing? Didn’t Meta have a bunch of extra Pokedexes somewhere?”


“You know, that’s not a bad idea,” Morgan compliments the girl. “I say we do it.”

“Yeah!” Alex cheers. “Fuck that guy!”

The Žadnost’ and the captured Helix drop out of warp space outside the Romanov capital system in the core of Sector 14. As the larger ship flies toward Mir Zimoy, Admiral Kozlov and a squad of soldiers escort the imprisoned Shane back to the Helix.


“I have arranged meeting,” the Romanov explains as he meets the Helix crew in the airlock. “You will meet Cenov in capital city. I have arranged for shuttle to bring us there.” He pauses for a moment as he looks around at the crew with greed in his eyes. “Now, the credits. Turn over your Pokedexes.”

The soldiers collect the Dexes from the crew, and hand them over to Kozlov. He looks through each one, and transfers the credits contained on them to his own account. It seems as if transferring off most of their credits has worked, but the Romanov admiral’s facial expression sours once he gets to H’s Pokedex.

“What is meaning of this?” Kozlov asks, turning the Dex around to reveal that it has zero credits stored on it


“He spent it all,” Alex tells him. “So you can’t have any of it, jackass,” she adds under her breath.

“She’s right,” Shane pitches in. “He constantly buys random shit we don’t need.”

“He literally owes us money,” Morgan adds.

“Any money not doing work is useless money,” H responds to his crewmates.

“Well said,” the admiral compliments the cyborg. “Well said. We then demand tribute from this one in… other form,” he addresses the others.


“You can have these,” H offers, holding up the various TMs he received from the Outer Rim gyms that he never bothered to use.

The admiral scoffs at H. “You look like man of technology, da? I would like look at your lab.”

“You would like enlightenment?” H asks enthusiastically. “Wonderful! I’ll show you everything!” He eagerly leads the admiral and several soldiers to his lab, and presents them with all of his augmentation data. The admiral accepts, and they return to the others.


“Pleasure doing business,” Kozlov tells the crew before turning back to the airlock. “Now, come,” he says, waving for the crew to follow. “I will bring you to shuttle.”

The Romanov Supremacy flag flaps in the wind as the shuttle sets down in the capital city on Mir Zimoy. A squad of Supremacist soldiers escorts Kozlov and the crew from the landing platform out to street level.


Outside, the streets are lined with crowds of people and the air roars with the thunderous sound of cheers and applause. In an extravagant show of force, rows upon rows of Supremacist soldiers and Bisharps march through the streets as sound of the Romanov national anthem blares out across the airwaves.

Kozlov and the contingent of soldiers escort the Helix crew alongside the parade, passing by legions of excited Romanov citizens who jeer at what they perceive as another batch of Federation prisoners. The members of the crew keep their eyes forward and try their best to push aside any fear they have.

Eventually, they deviate from the path of the parade, and the soldiers march the crew through the Hall of Comrades and bring them inside. They move through the grand chamber lined with statues of whom Dmitri recognizes as the Romanov leaders throughout history. As they move further in, Dmitri sees that every statue starting with the leader under whose leadership the Union joined the Federation is smashed and vandalized, save for a new statue of the leader of the Supremacy, Supreme Admiral Ivan Cenov.


They move up a flight of stairs, then down another corridor, and emerge onto an open platform overlooking the parade. Cenov fiercely addresses the crowd in his native tongue. The soldiers position the crew on the opposite end of the platform from a group of Genevan and Federation prisoners, each with a Knight Commando standing behind them.

Cenov’s speech intensifies and he raises his hand, rallying the crowd. Dmitri recognizes the call for execution. Cenov swiftly brings his hand down, and so too do the Knight Commandos bring down their weapons upon the prisoners, spilling their blood across the platform.

The crowd erupts into cheers as suborbital aircraft fly overhead, releasing fireworks. Cenov turns away and steps back from the railing as his elite guard close in around him. One of the crew’s guards motions to the Supreme Admiral and he waves for them to bring the crew.


The Romanovs lead the Helix crew back inside. After navigating through several long corridors and stairways, they eventually arrive at what appears to be some sort of interrogation room. Cenov motions for the crew to sit at the table.

While the members of the crew take their seats, the Supreme Admiral briefly speaks with Admiral Kozlov in a hushed tone. He then sits down across from them while Kozlov remains standing behind him. “So, I understand you have…” He pauses for a moment and looks back at Kozlov. “Information?” The admiral nods, and Cenov turns back to the Helix crew.


“You could say that,” Shane answers. “How much do you currently know about the Mewtwos?”

“Well, we know that they are incredibly powerful beings… And we know that they are damaging your Federation much more than they are us.”

“Yeah, well they’re coming for you next,” Alex retorts. “They won’t stop until we’re all dead.”


“We will see,” Cenov says confidently.

“You’re insane if you think you can beat them on your own,” Alex shoots back.

“And you think you could help?” the Supreme Admiral scoffs. He raises an eyebrow at the rag-tag band gathered before him. He seems quite incredulous.


“We’ve already convinced the entire Federation to lend us their support in defeating these Mewtwos,” Shane explains.

Good,” Cenov responds. “Let the Federation throw their ships at them. What do I care?”

“Because it’s not enough,” Dmitri tells him.

“Exactly,” Shane agrees. “Even if the entire Federation navy sacrificed itself, if Mewtwos survived, there would be nothing left of your nation either. As much as the Federation hates to do this, we need your help and, conversely, you need ours.”


“Hmm.” Cenov strokes his smooth, chiseled chin. “I’m listening. Go on.”

“I have developed a weapon which will, in theory, destroy a Mewtwo in a weakened state,” Shane explains. “However, it still takes a lot of firepower to get one into that weakened state. That is why we need all the ships we can get. Additionally, we require your factories to produce these weapons. But, even with those factories, we still won’t have enough time. We were hoping to bring an artifact known as the Eye of Aether-”

“Ah,” Cenov interrupts in recognition of the name. “So that was you.” He seems to regard the crew much more seriously. “I see. You want the glorious Romanov war machine.”


“Yes,” Alex replies bluntly.

“And the support of your fleets,” Dmitri adds.

“Demanding the blood of the sons of Romanov is tall order,” Cenov responds. “Especially from you. But we may be able to come to arrangement. You represent Federation on this matter, yes?”


Shane nods.

“Very well,” the Supreme Admiral continues. “Here are our terms: we want schematics for this weapon, and our fleets should be given priority.”

“The bombs will be equally distributed,” Shane interrupts.

“This is acceptable, so long as Federation does not receive more,” Cenov responds. “Additionally, we would like Eye itself.”


At this, Alex bursts out laughing. After a few moments, her expression then becomes very serious. “No,” she says harshly.

“While we represent the Federation on this matter, we are still a third party, and the Eye of Aether stays in our control,” Shane elaborates. “Neither you nor the Federation will get access to it when this is all over.”

“Very well,” Cenov agrees. “As long as it remains out of Federation control. Finally, we would like end to all hostilities from Federation, as well as concession of these territories.”


The Supreme Admiral slides his datapad across the table. Shane picks it up and looks it over. The list of territories include the entirety of the Genevan and Sinai sectors that directly bordered the original territory of the Romanov Union, as well as several systems on the fringes of Federation core space.

“These are awfully high demands,” Shane comments, placing the datapad back on the table.

“Those are our terms,” Cenov reitterates.

“We will have to talk to the Federation about this,” Shane replies.

“Of course.”

“There is a quantum entanglement communication device on our ship linked directly with the Federation war council,” Shane informs the Supreme Admiral. “If you don’t mind, could we continue our conversation there?”


“Very well,” Cenov replies. He then turns to the admiral standing behind him. “Admiral Kozlov, see to it that their ship is brought down to surface,” he commands. “Have it kept on lock-down until further notice.”

Kozlov salutes the Supreme Admiral, then exits the room.

“This is a tall order,” Grand Admiral White says gruffly, the metallic sound of his voice only amplified by the quantum entangler. He, along with the other members of the war council, had just been informed of Cenov’s terms by the Helix crew.


“We will accept nothing less,” Cenov responds, stepping closer to the holotable in the Helix’s situation room. “Otherwise, you are on your own in this war.”

“But if you don’t help, then we all die!” Alex protests. “You have the choice between being wiped out and not being wiped out here and you’re squabbling over who gets the upper hand in the end? Who cares when it’s between life and death?”

“You naive child,” Cenov dismisses her words.

You’re the one who’s naive,” the girl grumbles under her breath. “Warmongering asshole…”


“Regardless, these are my terms.” Cenov says, turning back to the holotable, and the Federation Council on the other end of the line.

Countless murmurs can be heard from the lesser admirals, most taken aback by the Supremacy leader’s very bold demand. White remains silent.

“I am busy man, Admiral. It is best for all of our sakes not to keep me waiting.”


“You must be mad,” White tells him. “If we accept, we would be giving up half the Galaxy.”

“From what I hear, is much better than alternative, da?”

“Perhaps,” White says, after taking a deep puff from his cigar. “But we have one further condition.”


“I’m listening,” Cenov responds.

“The final stand… We don’t want collateral damage in Federation territories. We only ask that the final battle takes place within your space. Our representatives you have there are experts on the matter. I’m sure that you could work with them to find a suitable location.”

“We would have to determine such a location before we agree to this,” the Supreme Admiral replies. He then turns to the Helix crew. “Where would you recommend? It would be… beneficial to have battle over Mir Zimoy as show of force, provided you could ensure Capital’s safety.”


“You have seen the news reports, correct?” Shane asks.

Cenov nods.

“Then, you’ve seen just one of these things tear a whole planet in half. We’re going up against dozens of them. If you want to see your capital destroyed…”


“Very well,” Cenov responds. “You do have plan, da?”

“Given the limited timeframe, it would be optimal to have the battle near where the bombs were being produced, so that we could arm as many ships as possible before the onslaught.”

“There is shipyard,” Cenov offers. He presses some buttons and the holotable zooms in to a less inhabited sector of Romanov space, near what used to be the fringes of the nation’s territory. “Out of way, fully functional. We could make bomb there, and-”


“The ensuing fight would cause minimal collateral damage,” Dmitri finishes.

Cenov glares over at Dmitri, furious that anyone dared to interrupt him, but slowly nods his head. “Da.”

“Then it is agreed,” White announces. “We will begin moving our fleets to this location at once.”


“Not so fast, Admiral,” Cenov tells him. “Bring ships to this gate,” he says very explicitly as the location of the gate flashes on the holotable. “Dozen at a time. Romanov Fleet will escort you to location. Do not stray from escort. Doing so is act of war, da?”

“So be it,” the Grand Admiral agrees. “We shall bring our ships and await your arrival.”

“I will inform my subordinates.”

White severs the connection, and the council blips out of view. With the negotiations concluded, Cenov turns and heads for the door. The Supremacy leader stops as he passes by Shane, and grabs him firmly on the shoulder.


“If this goes badly, it’s on your head,” he warns.

“Well, we either win or we die,” Shane replies. “If it does go badly, then we’ll already be dead.”

Over the next several days, the Federation fleets begin to arrive at the Supremacy’s massive shipyard in the Železo system. Once the Red Suns’ Outer Rim fleet arrives, bringing with them the station containing the Eye of Aether, the artifact is transported to the factory now equipped to produce Shane’s warp bombs. With the Eye’s power, the factory begins cranking out the weapons.


While the fleets prepare for the coming battle, and equip their ships with the warp bombs as they are produced, so too does the Helix crew. Each in their own way, the members of the crew ready themselves.

Alex sits atop a crate in the ship’s cargo bay staring at the ball containing Leviathan, grasped firmly in her hand. Over the past few days, the girl had released all her other Pokemon from their original Pokeballs. She had relinquished her control over them, but they had all chosen to stay with her because of the bond she had formed with them. Leviathan, however, is different.

Image Credit - Bioware, EA


Even though the Pokemon had always listened to her, Alex had come to realize that the controlling properties of Pokeballs were probably the only reason why. While she does feel a strong connection to Leviathan, she fears that it is a one-sided connection. However, in the end, she knows that she can’t keep any of her Pokemon in traditional Pokeballs any longer.

Alex slides off the crate onto her feet, and heads to the upper deck. She then navigates the ship’s corridors until she arrives at Adám’s quarters. She presses her hand against the console, and enters through the now-open door.

Once again, Alex sees the ancient man seated on the floor, deep in meditation as his Pokemon companion floats around the room. “Hello, child,” he greets the girl. Adám looks up at her with a serene look on his face.


“Uh, hi, Adám,” Alex responds nervously. “I was, uh, wondering if you could, um, help me with something.”

“How may I be of assistance?”

“Well, I… I’ve been trying to give up power like you said,” Alex explains. “I’ve released all my Pokemon from the Pokeballs. Well, almost all of them anyway, but… there’s one I’m afraid to release. I don’t think he feels the same bond I share with all the others.”


“Not all partnerships are meant to be,” Adám tells her.

“I know that, but… he’s my strongest Pokemon. He’s ancient and powerful and I need his help to fight the Mewtwos, but if I release him, I don’t think he will listen to me. That’s why I’m asking you for help.”


“I, uh… I was wondering if you could, um, do that channeling thingy that you do and help me communicate with him in a way I’ve never been able to before. So that I can ask him for help.”


“Very well,” Adám agrees. He stands up and motions for Alex to lead on.

The young girl brings the ancient man back to the cargo bay, and pulls out the ball containing Leviathan once more. She presses the button, and releases the massive creature into the room. Storm clouds radiate out from the Pokemon as the girl walks up to it and strokes its underbelly.

Image Credit - GameFreak, Nintendo


“This is Leviathan,” Alex says, turning back to Adám.

The ancient man says nothing and simply holds out his hand to the giant Pokemon. After a brief moment, Leviathan turns its attention to Adám. Alex can tell that he has connected with it. Adám then extends his other hand toward the girl, and bridges the connection to her.

Alex feels an incredible rush of sensations flow through her, unlike anything she has felt before. She closes her eyes and takes it all in. It feels as if a storm is raging inside her and around her. Hey, Leviathan, the girl thinks.


Alex can feel a shift in the storm as the Pokemon turns its attention back to her. She opens her eyes and holds up Leviathan’s Pokeball. The girl feels a chaotic swirl of feelings and emotions. You know what this is, don’t you? Alex takes a deep breath. It’s time to let you go. She presses her finger to the button and holds it down, severing the ball’s hold on Leviathan.

Alex feels the storm swell both within and without. Its chaotic power is almost overwhelming I think of you as a friend, you know. I love you like I do any of my Pokemon. The girl feels the storm soothe for a moment, but then sensations of crashing waves and violent tides envelop her.

I understand… You want to return home. Alex thinks of the Mewtwos and the threat they pose to Galactic life. She steps toward Leviathan, and places her hand on the side of its head. Please… help me one last time, and I promise I’ll take you home.


The raging storm within subsides. It seems as if the Pokemon understands. Thank you. Alex takes out one of her new Pokeballs, and presses it against Leviathan. The ball pulls the Pokemon in, and falls still in the girl’s hands. A smile forms on her face even though she knows her time with Leviathan is coming to an end. She clutches the ball against her heart for a moment, then places it on her belt.

“Thank you, Adám,” Alex says, turning back to the ancient man. She bows in respect.

Adám responds with a gentle nod, then turns and walks out of the room.

Back on the station formerly containing the Eye of Aether, Morgan, Shane, and Dmitri oversee the Federation and Romanov soldiers and technicians stripping down the warp drives in the the Space wing to be used to produce more of Shane’s warp bombs. The three talk amongst themselves as they watch them work. Morgan occasionally looks down at a datapad, keeping track of the Station’s inventory.


Behind them, a screen suddenly comes to life, casting the room into a soft glow.

“What the hell?” Shane asks in a very confused tone of voice as he turns around. The other follow suit, and are equally surprised to see no one in the immediate vicinity.

The screen displays a stasis pod with flashing lights. They can just make out the faint outline of a figure inside. Suddenly, a piercing pair of robotic blue eyes flashes on. One by one, in rapid succession, every other screen on the station begins to display the same feed or a zoomed-in version. Everyone on the station, Federation and Romanov alike, stops what they’re doing to gaze at the nearest display.


The glass begins to crack, and steam billows out of the pod. The fracture lines creep along the surface of the glass, then stop. The screws holding the front of the pod in place slowly unscrew themselves and float away, along with the panel itself.

The figure begins to float forward, breaking through the veil of steam. As it comes into focus, the trio sees a new Mewtwo, this one augmented with plates of metallic armor and various other mechanical pieces. Something seems very familiar about it.

Morgan lets out a shocked gasp and the datapad slips from her fingers as the realization sets in. The device’s screen shatters as it collides with the ground. In the silence that follows, Morgan’s crewmates reach the same conclusion.


This Mewtwo is I.

You have something of mine. I want it back.

Image Credit - AbelVera


Session Notes: And there goes another hour-long chunk of this final session! We’re just over three hours into the session and have now wrapped up all the RP before the final battle began. That really tells you something about this battle when you keep in mind that this session is over eleven hours long!

But enough about that. Let’s focus on what we’ve got going on here. We arrived in Romanov space to parlay and had to deal with some bullshit. That first captain was easy to deal with, especially once H intimidated the crap out of him, but Admiral Kozlov was another matter entirely. The greedy bastard tried to shake us down. Shane’s player’s impulsive decision to send himself to the Romanov ship was definitely not the smartest idea, as H expressed in this chapter. Luckily our characters are pretty good at guile and managed to get away with not giving up all our money.


Then it was time to deal with Cenov himself! The way the Supremacy treats others really got some of us riled up and, by extension, our characters as well. They invaded other people’s territory, killed countless civilians, then executed POWs for “spilling the blood of the sons of Romanov,” when they were just freaking defending their homeland from a bunch of warmongering assholes. GRRRRR. Alex was sort of close to getting herself kicked out of the negotiations. At the very least, her grievances were just ignored. In the end, we were able to work out some kind of deal even if it was much less than ideal.

The scene with Alex and Leviathan was something I added for the write-up that didn’t happen in-game, but I felt it was a nice touch. After the whole idea of releasing her Pokemon came up a few chapters ago, I thought it made sense that Leviathan would be the one that wouldn’t stay with her, so in my own pre-finale headcanon, I saw a moment where she went back to Messina and released Leviathan back into the waters of its homeworld.

Then, to wrap up, we get our first glimpse at what I has become. We all had a pretty good idea what was coming, but I’m sure a few of you are surprised. Stay tuned for the final battle! Special thanks to The Other Guy for helping out with the writing of this chapter!


Post-Chapter Challenge: At this point, you’ve seen enough of the Romanov Supremacy to know how they operate (they’re jerks, aren’t they?). We also got to see into the inner workings of the Federation in the last two chapters. And over the course of the series you’ve had chances to see the other factions in action too. For today’s challenge, design your own faction in the Spacemon universe! Where did they come from? What are their goals? How do they operation? Who are their leaders? How to they fit into the Spacemon universe? It’s all up to you!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!