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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The UAS Helix traveled to the Romanov capital world, Mir Zimoy, to enlist the aid of the Romanov Supremacy in the final fight against the Mewtwos. The crew met with Romanov Supreme Admiral Ivan Cenov and facilitated a meeting between him and the Federation war council. Together, they negotiated the terms of a temporary alliance in order to defeat the threat to the Galaxy. Now, the gathered fleets of the Galaxy prepare to make their final stand.

“I call it… Rasberri Flipple.”


The Helix crew stands gathered around the holotable, looking at H with confused expressions on their faces as he explains his latest scheme.


“Rasberri Flipple,” the cyborg repeats, pointing to the chemical breakdown of his new concoction displayed on the holotable. The name he has given it is displayed in large letters at the top of the projection.

“That’s not even how you spell raspberry,” Alex teases the cyborg, a slight smirk on her face.


“Oh, shush you,” H shoots back. “This shall give us an edge over the Mewtwos… Hopefully.”

“What… is it?” Dmitri asks.

“Well, you see, it is a highly volatile mixture of heroin and a Romanov drug known as Krookodile,” H explains.


“H, what the hell are you doing with heroin and desomorphine on this ship?” Morgan chastises him. “Don’t you know that stuff is dangerous?”

Precisely,” the cyborg responds. “I have installed a cannon on top of the Helix that will allow me to fire syringes full of Rasberri Flipple at the Mewtwos. I believe that the psychological effects of this cocktail will interfere with their psychic abilities.”


“Well, that’s… certainly something,” Shane comments.

“It’s definitely not his worst plan,” Meta points out. “You should see some of the ideas he tried to rope me into.”


“Wait, really?” Naomi asks incredulously.

“Uh huh,” Alex tells her, grabbing onto her arm. “I told you, he’s crazy.”

“You say crazy, I say superior,” H responds.

“Yeah… whatev-”

“Guys, we’ve got warp signatures incoming,” Minerva’s voice suddenly interrupts over the comms.


Shane presses a few buttons on the holotable, and the display shifts to show the lay of the soon-to-be battlefield. Many ship signatures rapidly appear, the table’s tactical VI identifying them as very small vessels of unknown design.

“Power levels do not match a ship of such small size,” the synthesized voice informs the crew.


“That’s got to be the Mewtwos,” Morgan says.

Humans… Your time is at an end,” the telekinetically projected voice of a Mewtwo echoes through the minds of the crew, confirming her suspicion.


“Marvelous!” H exclaims. “Let us show them the true path to perfection! To the Flipple cannon!” With that, the cyborg bolts out of the room in the direction of the airlock.

“Alright, Dmitri, you stay here and keep track of the battlefield from the holotable,” Shane instructs his crewmate. He then turns to the others. “Morgan, Alex, let’s man the guns.”


While Shane and Morgan make for the door, Alex holds Naomi close. “Please, stay here where it’s safe,” Alex tells her.

“I will, don’t worry,” Naomi assures her.

“Promise me you’ll stay out of danger.”

“I promise.” Naomi clings tightly to Alex. “But I need to know that you’ll be safe too.”


“I give you my word.” With a parting kiss, Alex turns and follows her crewmates out of the room.

The trio runs to the bridge, and each of them settle down into the seats for the gun controls. Looking through their targeting viewfinders, they can see the battle unfolding. Dozens of Mewtwos fly amongst the Romanov and Federation fleets as they converge on the attackers.


Your end represents a new beginning.

A pale pink Mewtwo that Morgan recognizes from her visions of the Eye of Aether blasts a beam of brilliant light straight through the length of a Romanov destroyer. Another, dark toned Mewtwo summons a black hole in the center of a squadron of Federation cruisers, sucking them all in. A burning red Mewtwo flies straight through one of the Red Suns’ frigates, reducing it to a molten mass of metal and slag as fire sprays out in all directions.


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“Minerva, patch us into the fleetwide comm network!” Shane shouts to the pilot.

“You got it, boss,” Minerva responds as she weaves through the laser fire. She presses a few buttons on the console, and, suddenly, the sound of comm chatter starts pouring through.


“Woo!” the crew makes out the voice of Matt Suzuki, the Red Suns’ ace pilot. “And I thought fighting one of these things was bad enough!”

“All ships, focus your fire, dammit!” they then hear Grand Admiral White shout. “Prioritize the biggest threats first!”


“That one with the black holes looks pretty dangerous,” Dmitri suggests.

“We’re on that one,” Shane responds, tracking the dark-colored Mewtwo with his viewfinder. “We could use some support from a few more ships!”


Minerva makes a strafing run past the Mewtwo, and the Helix crew opens fire. Alex manages to land a few hits with the ion cannon, but they just seem to deflect off its barriers. Morgan has a bit more luck punching a small hole through the barrier with a focused stream of fire using the photon repeater. Shane attempts to follow up with a pulse of the plasma beam, but the Mewtwo dodges out of the way. H then launches a syringe of Rasberri Flipple at it, but the Mewtwo simply raises a hand and stops it with a telekinetic burst.

Your tools are meaningless,” the menacing voice sounds in the cyborg’s head. The Mewtwo rotates the syringe around, and flings it back at H, narrowly missing him.


Heeding Shane’s call, a squadron of Federation cruisers falls in line, and unleashes a volley of fire at the Helix’s target, landing several more hits. Meanwhile, another Federation battlegroup focuses their fire on an icy blue Mewtwo, slamming it with several warp bombs and decimating its barriers. Unfortunately, a Mewtwo of a much deeper shade of blue directs a pulse of cosmic energy toward its injured brethren and rejuvenates its barriers.

“Damn!” a Federation officer shouts. “They just get right back up!”

“You’ve just gotta keep hitting them again and again!” Petra’s voice responds. “That’s how we killed one.” Her ship, the RUS Draken, slips between a group of cruisers, and makes a strafing run past the icy blue abomination, photon cannons spraying out a steady stream of fire.


“Easier said than done!” the officer responds.

Minerva brings the Helix around for another pass and forms up with the Federation ships following her lead. Alex fires first, causing the Mewtwo to dodge to the side, right into Morgan and Shane’s combined assault. The Federation ships then follow up with another barrage, popping the abomination’s barriers.


“Hit it hard while its barriers are down!” Shane commands the nearby ships.

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The Federation ships launch their warp bombs, but the Mewtwo generates another black hole to guard itself. The bombs are pulled into the gravity well before they can make contact.

Just then, the flaming Mewtwo rockets past, and unleashes a directed surge of flames at one of the Federation ships accompanying the Helix. The flames burn through its hull, and the ship explodes from the inside, causing massive globs of molten metal to fly out, badly damaging the surrounding ships.


Minerva cranks the engines up to maximum, launching the Helix away from the danger. The pale blue Mewtwo flies directly at the frigate to intercept it, but the pilot rolls the ship out of the way just in time. The icy abomination is so close that the front viewport begins to frost over as it glares at the crew with its fierce, cold, blue eyes.

“Talk about getting the cold shoulder,” Minerva quips.

The pilot continues to weave the ship through the chaos as the Mewtwos toss ships around like toys, banging and smashing them into each other. Keeping her distance from the black holes, she tries to line up a shot for the gunners.


“Zose black ‘oles are a problem!” Rena’s voice sounds over the comms. “Take zem out!” she commands the Outer Rim fleet.

A large group of frigates and buckets move in on the Mewtwo generating the black holes, and manages to get several warp bombs through. The resulting series of explosions leave it looking pretty injured.


“Now it’s our turn,” Alex says as she lines up a shot. She fires off a few bursts from the ion cannons, but the shots go wide. “Damn it! I’m no good at this!”

“Trust me, you’re at least better at this than Dmitri,” Shane tells her, recalling the Romanov’s attempts at being a gunner during the Battle of Solace Prime all those months ago. He then lines up his own shot and fires a pulse from the plasma beam.


The Mewtwo deflects the beam away, but gives Morgan the opening she needs. She unloads with the photon repeater, and tears through its flesh. The black holes dissipate as the Mewtwo falls still. “Yes!” Morgan shouts triumphantly. “Someone, finish it off!”

“If only…” Shane mutters. “Hey, H!” he then shouts over the comms. “Whatever you’re doing up there doesn’t seem to be very effective. We need you in here manning the warp bombs.”


“But I must man the Flipple cannon!” the cyborg responds.

“Damn it, H!” Shane shouts back. “The warp bombs are more important!”

“Alright, fine.”

H begins heading back for the airlock, but, suddenly, the whole ship rolls as Minerva attempts to dodge past the ice and fire Mewtwos converging on the Helix. It seems like the ship has made it through, but then it lurches violently, nearly slamming H against the side of the hull.


“They’ve grabbed us!” Minerva shouts as the ice Mewtwo throws the Helix at the waiting fire Mewtwo. The crew hears a loud explosion as the burning hot creature melts its way through the airlock. “It’s boarding us!”

Using his extendo-legs, H propels himself into the ship through the melted airlock. He then leaps at the Mewtwo, brandishing a pair of Syringes. Both needles find their mark, and the cyborg injects the abomination full of Rasberri Flipple.


I am far beyond your attacks.


The Mewtwo glares at the cyborg with its burning red eyes as it lifts him off his feet. With a mere flick of the wrist, the creature propels H across the open corridor just behind the bridge. Just before he lands, H deploys his belly-pogo, and bounces himself further along. He somersaults mid-air as he flies across the catwalks above the cargo bay, and lands on his feet down on the lower deck.

“I’m no use here!” Alex shouts to her crewmates on the bridge as she leaps out of her seat. “I’m going to help.” The girl pulls out a Pokeball as she heads for the door.


“Wait, take our Pokemon as backup,” Morgan tells her. She releases her Espeon, then looks over at Shane. He nods back and releases his Cofagrigus.

The two then turn their attention back to the battle raging outside. They both take aim at the icy Mewtwo still flying near the Helix and fire, driving it away for the time being. Suddenly, another warp signature blips on the scanners as a gigantic pink space Wailord drops out of warp space. Morgan and Shane instantly recognize the Pokemon belonging to Captain Benz that once swallowed the Helix.


With her friends’ Pokemon behind her, Alex steps out of the bridge and throws out her Pokeball, releasing Leviathan and blocking the fiery Mewtwo’s path as it advances. Meanwhile, Dmitri runs out from the situation room and throws out his Gyarados.

As Morgan’s Espeon prepares a psychic attack, Alex pulls out a water gem from her bag and tosses it up into the air. “Leviathan, take this!” she shouts. The massive sea beats zaps it with a bolt of electricity, and drains the energy contained within. “Now, Water Spout!” Leviathan roars, then floods the ship with a massive surge of water. The Mewtwo’s barriers shatter from the impact of the incredibly powerful attack and its fires fizzle as it is sent flying backward into a wall.


“Ness, Aqua Tail!” Dmitri then commands his Gyarados. The large sea serpent lunges at the Mewtwo as it lifts itself back into the air, and strikes it with his muscular tail. Despite the powerful hits, the abomination still stands strong.


...I will not be stopped by Humans.


The Mewtwo’s flames flare back up as it floats through the air toward the crew and their Pokemon. Its hands moves together as a ball of superheated energy materializes before it. With a lunge, the energy erupts outward in a beam, striking Ness, Yvonne, and Leviathan, and melting the catwalks. Yvonne’s eyes flash as the Espeon leaps away from the rapidly disappearing catwalk she stands upon and falls safely into H’s arms on the lower deck. The mass of molten metal suddenly halts, suspended in the air by Yvonne’s psychic energy, then it flies toward the airlock.


“Leviathan, blast it with water!” Alex shouts, pointing toward the floating blob of liquid metal. The massive Pokemon sprays out a stream of water at the molten mass as it passes through the airlock, causing it to cool, effectively sealing the breach caused by the Mewtwo.

Just as it seems they’ve gotten a stroke of luck, the Helix rumbles as its hull is pierced by a massive icicle. The pale blue Mewtwo breaks free from the tip, and floats into the open space above the cargo bay. It immediately directs a blast of supercooled air at Dmitri’s Gyarados. Luckily the sea serpent is able to push himself out of harm’s way.


“Great!” Minerva’s voice sounds over the ship’s comms. “Now there are two of them on the ship!”

“We shall deal with them all the same!” H declares, even though the pilot can’t hear him. Little pulses of electricity spark out from the cyborg as he charges up energy.


Meanwhile, Shane’s Cofagrigus moves in and lobs a ball of shadowy energy at the weakened Mewtwo. The flame-covered creature quickly blips itself into warp space for a second, allowing the attack to pass right through the space it once occupied. Upon reappearing, the Mewtwo raises its hands and forms a ball of fire between them. It throws it down at the floor beneath, and it detonates in a fiery explosion that swallows Yvonne, Ness, and Leviathan. When the flames clear, Morgan’s Espeon lies unconscious while the other two Pokemon remain standing.

The burning Mewtwo then looks upwards and flies straight at the ceiling. Air begins rushing out into the vacuum of space as the abomination melts its way through the hull. However, as the abomination flees the Helix, Benz’s Wailord rams right into it, completely knocking it out.


“We must do something about that hole!” H shouts. He presses a few buttons on his arm, and his giant cubic creation flies out of his lab. The hunk of metal wooshes past the cyborg, straight up to the hole in the ceiling, almost completely plugging it. H then launches several sticky grenades upward, sealing it entirely.

“That’s enough for you, Ness,” Dmitri says as he recalls his Gyarados. He then pulls out another Pokeball, and releases his Scizor. Next, the Romanov reaches for his commlink. “Morgan, your Espeon is down!” he shouts. “Send us another Pokemon!”


“Got it!” comes Morgan’s reply. Back on the bridge, she quickly releases her Charizard and directs it out the door. She then turns her attention back to the battle raging outside. Ships explode all around as the Mewtwos tear the gathered fleets apart. She and Shane focus in on the blue Mewtwo healing the others and unload their weapons at it, landing a few hits.

“Gigan, Steel Wing!” Dmitri commands his newly released Scizor. Gigan flies at the sole remaining Mewtwo on the ship, and strikes it with her razor sharp wings, putting a chink in its barrier.


Shane’s Cofagrigus follows up by launching a small ball of ghostly flame in an attempt to burn the icy being. Unfortunately, the Mewtwo easily floats itself out of the way. It pays the ghostly coffin no mind, instead focusing on Morgan’s Charizard as he rapidly flies down the corridor at it. The flame Pokemon spits out a stream of fire, but the Mewtwo simply raises its hand and telekinetically deflects the flames around itself. It then returns the favor by unleashing a blast of psychic energy. With strong instincts on his side, the Charizard dives down to the lower deck, avoiding the hit.


Your fleeting attempts change nothing,” the voice of the Mewtwo echoes throughout the ship. The icy abomination then turns its attention to Leviathan. “None shall stand against the forces of the Universe.” It brings its hands together, and the air surrounding Alex’s Pokemon begins to rapidly cool.

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The raindrops surrounding Leviathan freeze solid and clatter to the floor as ice begins to form over its skin. Faster and faster, the ice spreads, freezing the Pokemon solid. Alex looks on in horror as Leviathan falls from the air and smashes into the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces.

Noooooo!!” the girl screams in agony. She trembles with shock, but the feeling is soon replaced with that of pure rage. Alex glares at the Mewtwo who killed her Pokemon, hatred burning in her eyes. “YOU!” she shrieks as she steps forward and flings a Pokeball with all her might. Sparks fly out from the ball as her Chandelure emerges. “Lumiera, Inferno!!


The ghostly Chandelier unleashes a torrent of flame at the Mewtwo, but, unfortunately, the abomination deflects them away with a pulse of psychic energy. “You cannot stop our will.

DIE!” Alex screams back at the monster.

Morgan’s charizard flies in for another pass, and spits out another stream of fire at the icy Mewtwo. The flames eat away at its barriers, but the creature pays it no mind. A blast of snow and ice explodes outward from the Mewtwo, knocking the Charizard, as well as Alex’s Chandelure away, dealing a nasty blow to both.


Before the monster can make its next move, massive bolts of electricity begin flying up from the lower deck. H’s eyes and hair glow like a lightbulb as sparks discharge violently off the cyborg in all directions. “Don’t mess with my tools!” he bellows as his power overcharges. He claps his hands together and form the largest lightning bolt he has ever held. H looks upward as he takes aim, then slings the bolt through the air at the speed of light. It pierces right through the Mewtwo’s chest, launching it across the open space. The abomination falls right at Alex’s feet.


“You killed Leviathan!” the girl screams at the wounded monster lying before her. She glares down at it with a look of pure hatred and draws her plasma knife.

The fallen Mewtwo stares back, its cold blue eyes still faintly glowing. “You have no idea what you-” The abomination’s words are cut short as the girl drops to her knees, bringing the blade down right between its eyes.


Alex pulls the knife out and lifts it back into the air. “He was special!” she screams as she brings it down again. “He was one-of-a-kind!” And again. “He! Was! My! Friend!” With each word, Alex stabs the abomination again and again and again, spattering crimson blood across the floor and her body. Tears streaming down her face, Alex continues in a blind range, slashing and stabbing the Mewtwo as incoherent screams of pain and anger escape her mouth.

Hearing the girl’s screams, Morgan runs out from the bridge. Oh, no, she thinks, seeing Leviathan’s shattered remains. Then she sees Alex sitting there, stabbing the Mewtwo over and over, completely soaked in its blood. “Alex!” Morgan shouts. She runs up to the girl and pulls her away. “Alex, it’s okay,” she says, wrapping her arms around her and hugging her tightly. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry, but it’s okay. Please… just stop.”


The knife falls from Alex’s hand, and she curls up in Morgan’s arms as she breaks down into sobs. “I’m sorry,” Morgan says again, trying her hardest to comfort the girl. “I’m sorry.”

Eventually, Alex’s sobs begin to subside. “I promised I would take him back home,” she says in a faint, hoarse whisper. “Why did he have to die?”


“These things just happen sometimes,” Morgan tells her. “It’s terrible, I know, but you can’t give up now. You can mourn later, but right now we have a battle to win. Don’t let your Pokemon’s death be for nothing.” She stands up and pulls the girl to her feet. “Are you gonna be okay?”

Alex nods.

“Alright,” Morgan responds. “Let’s get back to the bridge.”

“I have to do something first.” Alex turns walks down the corridor to her room. She takes a deep breath, then steps inside.


First, she pulls off her blood-soaked top and casts it aside. Next to come off are her gloves, equally saturated with blood. Alex looks at the words tattooed on her arm, and clenches her fists in determination.

The girl then walks over to the box containing her other Pokeballs and fishes around until she finds the one she’s looking for; it contains Dynamo, the Eelektrik she caught as a Tynamo back on Messina, the same day she caught Leviathan. To her, it feels like a fitting way to honor her fallen companion.


Alex clips the ball on her belt where Leviathan’s used to be, then turns and exits the room. She then makes her way to the bridge and takes her position at the guns once more.

“Hold it together!” Admiral Graves’ voice sounds over the comms. “We cannot falter now!”


Despite her determination, things aren’t looking great. Only a few Mewtwos have been taken down, and many have begun regenerating, healing their wounded bodies. A large chunk of the combined Galactic fleet has been decimated, with most of the losses on the Federation side. The Romanovs use the Federation ships as shields, protecting their own hides from the Mewtwos’ onslaught.

With the Helix’s boarders dealt with, Minerva steers the ship back into the fray, lining up shots for the crew. The Mewtwo responsible for the destruction of Harmonia streaks by, and the gunners take aim. Alex once again misses, but Shane and Morgan find their mark and put some holes in its barriers.


“New warp signature coming in!” Dmitri broadcasts from the situation room.

Another Mewtwo drops in from warp space, this one covered in cybernetic armor plating. I. Benz’s Wailord, along with a group of nearby Romanov ships, moves in to intercept him. A massive bolt of lightning shoots out from the robotic Mewtwo, and strikes the Wailord head-on, instantly frying the spacefaring Pokemon alive. Alex turns away, unable to bear the sight of yet another Pokemon dying.


I then rockets away, leaving behind an explosion of electrical energy that rips through the surrounding Romanov ships. Like a streak of light, I moves across the battlefield, directly for Grand Admiral White’s command ship. The cyborg Mewtwo lifts she ship with his mind as if it were nothing. At the same time, another Mewtwo latches onto the nearby Halberd.

“Minerva, get us close!” Morgan shouts to the pilot. “We have to save them!” She can tell the Mewtwos are about to throw the two dreadnoughts at each other.


Once more manning his cannon atop the Helix, despite his crewmates protests, H takes aim at I as the ship gets within range. First he fires off an EMP grenade at the augmented Mewtwo, then immediately follows up with another syringe of Rasberri Flipple. The attack temporarily stuns I, causing him to let go of White’s ship. Unfortunately, the other Mewtwo lines up the Halberd, preparing to throw it like a javelin through the Federation capital ship.

“No you don’t!” Morgan shouts. She, along with Shane and Alex, opens fire on the abomination. Turning its attention to the new threat, the Mewtwo blocks the incoming fire with the Halberd instead of throwing it. Explosions ripple down the side of the dreadnought as it absorbs the full force of the Helix’s weapons. Morgan winces, but she knows the damage would have been far worse had the Mewtwo smashed the Halberd into the other dreadnought.


Humans, lay down your arms,” I’s voice sounds both within everyone’s minds and across the comm network. “Surrender the Eye of Aether to me and I may consider sparing your lives.

“Ah, go fuck yourself,” Matt responds over the comms.

Then you will die.” Another beam of light streaks across the battlefield as I makes a beeline for the factory containing the Eye.


“Follow him!” Shane shouts to Minerva.

“You got it, boss!” The pilot fires the engines to maximum, and the Helix shoots off in pursuit of the cybernetic Mewtwo.


Minerva rapidly closes the distance between them, and pulls the ship into dock just as I breaches through the station’s walls.

“We’re going after him,” Morgan tells the pilot. “Keep the ship safe.”

“You can count on it,” Minerva responds.

The crew forms up at the airlock, then boards the factory station. Following the map provided by Cenov, they run as fast as they can toward the Eye.


Stand aside,” I’s voice booms in their minds. “You will not stop me from perfecting the Universe.

“We will, or we’ll die trying,” Morgan shouts back over the comms.

Oh, but you will die trying.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Morgan asks. “Come out and face us.”

The station rumbles as I blasts through the wall in front of them. The station’s bright lights reflect off his metallic, armor-plated cybernetics. “As you wish.


Image Credit - Tomycase

Session Notes: The final battle has begun! This was about another two-hour chunk of the session, so we’re just under halfway through! The thing I like about combat is that it really condenses. Two hours of combat is way shorter than just one hour of RP in terms of writing. It’s quicker to go through the recording of the session, that’s for sure. I went through it pretty much non-stop, outlining the events and then went back and filled in all the details.


First, we start off with a fun little scene I added to explain H’s new crazy plan: shooting the Mewtwo’s up with drugs! Classic H. I felt like it was a nice way to open the chapter before we get into combat!

For the space combat bit, I tried to write it in a similar way to how I handled space battles in Seeing Red. That means action with dialogue interspersed throughout. I had to come up with most of the Mewtwo lines and comm chatter on my own since none of that kind of stuff happened in-game. I’m pretty happy with how that turned out.


Then we got boarded. The Other Guy had to step out for a few hours right around when the Mewtwos boarded the ship, so Clarissa ran his character for him while he was gone. It was still a fun fight. That fire Mewtwo was powerful, but it was a glass cannon. I finally got to hit something with Water Spout at full power, since it reduces in power the more damage you have and DragonStorm always targeted Leviathan first every time I used it, and I got to power it up with a water gem to boot! Additionally, both Water Spout and Eruption hit all spaces adjacent to the user, plus ten meters straight up. DragonStorm decided to bend this rule a bit for the Mewtwo and had it use Eruption in a straight ten meter line and had it drop lava hazards. Luckily, Morgan’s Espeon has Magic Bounce and bounced that hazard right out the airlock! I even got to seal up the breach with it by spraying water at it! And then H’s wacky creation, in true H invention fashion, ended up being little more than a glorified hole-plugger for the other hole!

Then there was that ice Mewtwo… Once again with the OHKO moves that are modified to be kill moves. I failed the roll for Leviathan to survive by like five… It sucked. RIP Leviathan. You will be missed. The only reason DragonStorm let me add that scene with Leviathan in the last chapter is because Leviathan died in this fight, because apparently it had too much of a “happy ending” for his tastes. So yeah, now you know what will happen if you kill Alex’s Pokemon. She went way more hardcore than Dmitri did that one time.


Then I showed up in his new Mewtwo form! Guess who we get to fight next chapter! Special thanks to The Other Guy and DragonStorm247 for assisting with the writing of this chapter!

Post-Chapter Challenge: Well, that battle was certainly intense, wasn’t it? So many Mewtwos of different types! Here we caught a glimpse the original psychic one that was revealed at the end of Volume 2, but the real stars were the dark one making black holes, the fairy one shooting things with light, the water one healing things, the ice and fire ones that boarded the Helix, and, of course, the electric-typed I.


Now it’s your turn to design a Mewtwo! While all the Mewtwos are made from H clones, they all have their own distinctive personalities, both innately and influenced by their typing. So what type is your Mewtwo, what’s its personality like, and, most importantly, how does it go about wrecking fleets and planets? These are the most powerful beings in the Universe, so go wild!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!