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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

Fleeing from the horrible monster assailing the Federation fleet, Shane took the Helix deep into the Void of warp space, back to where he and his crewmates first encountered the powerful Pokemon known as Giratina. In the heart of the Void, the crew of the Helix once again came face to face with Giratina. The Pokemon bent Space to its will, messing with the minds of the crew. The encounter resulted in Alex being exposed to the raw warp energy of the Helix’s warp drive. Shane quickly used the power Giratina had granted him in their previous encounter to rescue the girl and put himself in her place. Inside the Warp, Shane gained a new understanding: Giratina is the Warp, and Space itself. With this knowledge, he felt new power flowing through him, a power he used to launch the Helix out of the Void, and straight onto the surface of Alex’s homeworld, Vandia.


“What are we doing back here? And what the hell just happened?” Morgan asks.

“We’re here because it’s not where we were,” Shane explains to the crew, who had reconvened on the bridge. “It is very far away from where we were. I wanted to get us as far away from the fleet as possible, and there was no way I was going to take us into Romanov Space. So, that’s why we’re back here on Vandia.”

“That’s just great,” H complains. The cyborg is once again conscious and back to his normal self. “We’re back on this worthless planet.”

Hey,” Alex protests. “I grew up here you know!”

“Exactly,” H fires back.

“Moving on,” Shane interrupts their bickering. “As for what just happened… I got what I was looking for by going to see Giratina, so I decided we didn’t need to be there anymore.”


“So, it’s gone now?” Morgan asks, referring to Giratina.

“Yes. It stayed behind in the Void,” Shane tells her, but he doesn’t seem too sure of his answer.


“Are you sure?” Morgan asks. “Is it on the ship?

“This is going to sound like Sinai bullshit,” Shane warns. “But it is literally everywhere at once. Giratina and its power is Space itself. It has always been on this ship.”


“But is that thing going to mess up our ship?” Morgan asks.

“No,” Shane responds.

“That’s all I wanted to know.”

“Well, this is all really cool and all,” Alex speaks up. “But if we’re here, I want to go home and get my stuff since you didn’t let me take anything with me last time.”


“That’s because you snuck onto the ship and started breaking my stuff,” H berates her.

“I didn’t break anything!” Alex shouts back. “You’re just a stupid asshole!” With that, she storms off the bridge and departs from the ship.


“Hey, come back here! Don’t run off!” Morgan yells after her, but it’s too late; Alex is already well on her way.

“She’ll be fine,” Shane tells Morgan comfortingly.

“And that is precisely why we should leave this planet now,” H chimes in.

“No, H,” Morgan responds sternly. “She’s part of this crew now. We’re going to wait for her.”


Alex runs across the familiar plains of her home planet and soon finds herself standing outside the crashed half ship that she used to call home. Memories of all the time she spent alone here begin to pour out as she steps inside. It looks exactly how she left it two months ago when she left.


“It’s like I never left…” Alex says aloud as she looks around her room. She sighs, then begins to search for a box amongst all the scattered trinkets and Pokeball parts. “Where did I put that stupid crate? Aha, there!”


Alex runs over to the far corner of her room and pulls a large metal box out from underneath a pile of junk. She then begins to load it up with Pokeballs, Pokeball parts, and as many of her personal effects as she can.

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Alex pauses a moment as she picks up a holo-frame from her desk. The image springs onto the screen at her touch; it displays a picture of her with the girl who had once been the most important person in her life. “Naomi… I miss you,” she says as she looks at it. A flood of happy and sad memories runs through her mind. “If only you could see me now…”

Alex tosses the frame into the box and returns to packing. Once she has everything she wants in the box, she grabs a Pokeball modified for storage off her work table and presses the button against the side of the box. The ball pulls the box and its contents inside, then Alex places it in her bag.


The girl takes one last look around before leaving once again. As she walks down the corridor, Alex feels a strange throbbing sensation in the back of her mind. She shakes her head back and forth, trying to clear her thoughts, but it doesn’t help.

That Giratina thing must have messed with my head, she reasons, recalling the spatial distortions in the Void. I’m glad I’m back in a place where things make sense and this 9.38 meter hallway is actually 9.38 meters… “Why do I know that?” Alex asks herself aloud.


Confused, Alex exits the crashed ship and begins to head back to the Helix. On her way she’s plagued by precise numbers and measurements. The perpetual sunset of this part of Vandia casts long shadows across the ground. My shadow is 2.7615 meters long right now, Alex determines just by looking at it. That blade of grass is 13.2 centimeters long, and that one is 12.1, and that one is 10.6, and that tree is 9.18 meters tall, and that fence is 1.05 meters high.

“What’s happening to me?”

Back on the bridge of the Helix, the crew discusses their next course of action. However, they immediately stop when they see Alex return with a very confused look on her face.


“You okay, Alex?” Shane asks.

“I… don’t know,” the girl responds. “Like… I know how big everything is. It’s weird.”


“Alright, now you’re starting to confuse me,” Shane tells her. “What are you talking about?”

“Just by looking at things, I know their size,” Alex tries to explain. “Like, you’re 1.794 meters tall, and your eyes are 24.2 millimeters wide, and your shortest eyelash is 7.4 millimeters and your longest one is 7.9, and-”


“That’s creepy,” Shane cuts her off.

“But why do I know that?!” Alex asks.

“But how do we even know if that’s true?” Morgan asks incredulously.

“Why would I make this up?” Alex asks her back.

“Quickly, we must test this!” H shouts. He rapidly begins quizzing Alex on the dimensions of each of his augmentations, and every time she gets the measurements exactly correct. “Fascinating. Now, try this. Tell me where this would bounce to.” The cyborg pulls out a bouncy ball and hold its up.


“I don’t know,” Alex tells him. “I can’t tell how hard you’re throwing it.”

“Hmm, that’s an unfortunate limitation but… I know you have never said yes to this, but if I could give you a brain implant like the others, this could be an incredibly useful tool.”


“No way! You’re not getting anywhere near my brain!”

Morgan smacks H on the back of the head. “What was that for?” H asks. “This could be useful to us.”


“Whatever the hell is happening-” Shane starts to say.

“What’s happening is we could finally have a use for her,” H interrupts. This time Shane smacks H on the back of the head.


“As I was saying,” Shane continues. “Whatever is happening to you, I’m pretty sure I know why.” He summons a sphere of warp energy in his hand. “You were only in that warp reaction for a few seconds, but it must have affected you somehow.”

Before they can discuss things further, Minerva walks onto the bridge and plops herself into the pilot’s seat. “You derps have a missed call, by the way,” she says. She brings it up on the screen. “Huh, it’s the same callsign as before.”


“What do you mean ‘before?’” Morgan asks.

“This guy called during the conference. Said he needed to talk to you about something important.”


“Did he say what his name was?” Shane asks the pilot.

“Aarn something? Honda? Hondo? Something like that.”

“What did he want?” Morgan asks, recalling Aarn Hondo, the smuggler the crew had met on the Outer Rim world Erebus shortly after acquiring the Dunsparce.


“I don’t know,” Minerva responds. “You’ll have to listen to the message.”

Shane walks up to the console and starts the message. The face of Aarn Hondo appears on the viewscreen. “Hello, my name is Aarn Hondo, I gave you your warp drive, if you’ll recall. I have been trying to reach you for a while now. Gilgamesh asked me to speak with you. There are important things we must discuss. Meet me at these coordinates.” The message ends, displaying a set of coordinates back in Alliance space.


“I guess we’re going back to Alliance space,” Shane says. He places his marked hand on the console and blips the ship back into warp space.

“What do you even need me for anymore?” Minerva quips as Shane drops the Helix out of warp space at the coordinates provided by Hondo.


“Well, we still need someone to fly the ship when we’re not warping around,” Shane responds as he gazes out the front viewport at the large military station they just arrived at. The words “OmniGuard Industries” are displayed across its surface between the massive gun installations. The heavy cannons track the Helix as it approaches.

Image Credit - NovA29R

Shane hails the station and Hondo appears on the viewscreen. “Hello, my friends,” the smuggler greets them. “I’ve been trying to reach you.”

“Yeah, we just got your message,” Shane responds.

“I see. Well, you certainly wasted no… time in getting here.” A strange expression appears on his face at the mention of the word.


“Anyway,” Shane says. “In your message you mentioned that this was important.”

“Yes, yes,” Hondo replies. “Why don’t you dock? We should speak in-person.” The smuggler transmits docking instructions as he speaks.


Minerva flies the Helix toward the designated docking tube and connects with the station. The crew steps off the ship to find Hondo waiting for them. “Hello, my friends,” Hondo says to them, motioning them to come closer. “Welcome, welcome.”

“You spoke to Gilgamesh recently?” Dmitri asks. “How is he doing?”

The smuggler captain hangs his head a bit. “I’m afraid he didn’t make it.”

“What do you mean ‘he didn’t make it?’” Morgan asks. “Make it from where?”

“We… have a lot to talk about.”

“You let him die?!” Morgan screams at Hondo as she slams her fist down on the holotable. The smuggler captain had just briefed the crew of the Helix on his recent mission with Gilgamesh, one that had cost the Sinai monk his life. “Don’t you realize he’s the only one who knows anything about this?!”


“He seemed to believe that you knew about it as well,” Hondo replies calmly. The smuggler captain looks around the room at the crew. “Maybe even more than him. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know half of what went on in that man’s head, but… he seemed to regard you all as our last hope.”

“That’s certainly a compliment,” Shane offers.

“Regardless, did he at least die for something?” H asks.

The Alliance paramilitary commander who had introduced himself as Rodriguez steps up to the holotable. “He died so that we could escape,” he answers. “So that we could tell you.”


“Well, great job,” H replies sarcastically. “You didn’t even acquire the thing you went there to get.”

“No,” Rodriguez responds. “But we know where it is at least.”

“You know where it was,” H corrects him. He is not impressed.

The commander seems confused. “What do you mean?”

“How do you know it’s still there now?” Dmitri clarifies. The look on Rodriguez’s face makes it quite obvious that he had not even considered that possibility.


“So, in essence, you discovered a powerful artifact that could potentially solve the issue of the entire Galaxy being destroyed,” H berates the commander. “And then you decided to sacrifice one of the smartest men in the Galaxy, who knew how to use that resource, then said ‘welp, that sucks’ and left.”

“We didn’t really have any other options,” Rodriguez tells him.

“Well, you’re useless,” H responds. He raises his hands and prepares to fire a blast of electricity at the commander.


Without hesitation, both Rodriguez and Hondo aim their weapons at H. Shane quickly runs over to diffuse the situation and forces H’s arms down. “No, H, these are our friends,” he tells the cyborg coldy.

“How?” H asks angrily.

“They’re the only ones who know where that thing-” Morgan starts.

Used to be,” H interrupts, his rage growing.

“They still know more than we do,” Shane tells him.

“Fine,” H responds. “It’s better than no lead at all.”

H cuts the charge flowing to his weapons, but Rodriguez keeps his rifle firmly pointed right between the cyborg’s eyes. “Is there something you should tell us?” Shane asks the commander.


Rodriguez hesitates for a moment, then lowers his weapon. “Sorry,” he says. “We’ve all just been on edge. It’s been rough the past few weeks.”

“I’m sure accomplishing as much as you have has made it incredibly rough,” H grumbles sarcastically.


“Hey,” Rodriguez protests. He seems offended. “We’ve accomplished a lot, actually,” he tells the Helix crew. “We have intel feeds inside, so don’t tell me we’ve been doing nothing.”

“Inside what?” Alex asks.

“Well, we’ve been on the run from Mr. Silver for the past few weeks,” Hondo explains. “We’ve had numerous encounters.”


“You mean he’s after you right now?” Morgan interrupts.

“Yes,” the smuggler tells her. “But we’ve done what we could to turn it to our advantage.”


“You should have started with that!” Morgan yells at him. “This place was never safe!”

As if on cue, a very advanced looking cruiser drops out of warp space near the station. “Ah, it looks like our friends have arrived,” Hondo says jokingly. “Right on schedule.”

Image Credit - jamajurabaev

“I see they sent the big one this time,” Rodriguez comments as he gazes out the viewport. “Excellent.”


“I don’t see how this is excellent,” Morgan says dryly.

“We’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a week,” the commander explains. “That’s the main ship, the one that’s coordinating the search.”


“So, why not blow it up?” Alex asks.

“We have reason to believe there is vital information on board,” Rodriguez tells the girl. “And it is very likely that our missing operative is being held there as well.”


Suddenly, the ship hails the station. Morgan quickly accepts the call and Shane appears on the viewscreen. “Hey guys,” he says. “I got tired of waiting.”

Rodriguez and Hondo both look at where Shane had been standing moments ago, then back to the screen with the same confused expression. “That’s one way of... rapid tactical entry,” the commander mutters to himself.


“What are you doing?” Morgan asks Shane.

“I’m infiltrating their ship where they can’t defend it,” Shane replies. “What does it look like?”


“Perfect,” says Rodriguez. “Our plan was to send in a small infiltration team. It looks like that’s going to be you. We’ll draw their fire while you sneak aboard.”

“I can open the hangar from here,” Shane suggests. “And you can fly across in an escape pod.”


“We have just the thing,” Hondo speaks up.

“It’s a little cramped for four people, but you’ll manage,” Hondo says as he shows the Helix crew their method of entry: an escape pod he and Rodriguez had used to escape their previous mission.


“We’ll have to,” Morgan says as she climbs in. The rest of the Helix crew follows her, then Rodriguez closes the hatch behind them.

The commander, in true military fashion, raps on the hatch a few times, signaling the all clear, then Hondo gives it a good kick through the ray shield guarding the hangar from the vacuum of space.


“We should have left a bomb behind to kill those idiots,” H comments as the escape pod drifts toward its target.

“What is wrong with you?” Alex asks him.

“There’s no point in killing them,” Morgan adds. “Besides, we can still get some use out of them.”


“But that is exactly my point,” H counters. “They’re not going to be useful, so we should just kill them.”

No killing,” Morgan tells the cyborg harshly.

“Alright, guys, you should be all clear,” Shane says over the comms as the hangar begins to slide open. “I’ve caused a distraction on the opposite end of the ship, so the hangar should be empty.”


Laser fire flies around the escape pod as it nears the cruiser. The ship returns fire against the station, attempting to disable the heavy cannons. The pod narrowly avoids a missile just before it reaches the hangar.

“We’re in,” Morgan tells Shane over the comms as the pod grinds to a halt.

“Closing the door now,” Shane responds.

Once the hangar is sealed, the crew exits the escape pod and they take in their surroundings. The area appears to be devoid of any enemy presence, so they release their Pokemon and prepare to move to the next phase of the plan.


“Shane, send us the layout of the ship, then keep looking for the data we came here for,” Morgan says over the comms. “We’re headed for the brig first.”

“Got it,” Shane respons. “The system architecture is very secure, but I patched a map together for you using the security feeds. I’m uploading it to you now. I’ve marked the brig for you.”

Image Credit - Creative Assembly, 343 Industries, Microsoft; Image Source

The crew follows Shane’s map through a series of corridors until they come to an intersection of several hallways. “Hold on, I’m seeing someone with my x-ray vision,” H warns his crewmates.


“Where?” Dmitri asks.

“Third hallway on the right,” H answers.

“There’s no camera for that hall,” Shane informs the rest of the crew over the comms.


“No need,” H tells him. “We’ll just take him down. #1, go!” The cyborg fires a massive blast of electricity at his Rhyhorn, who then charges forward with sparks flying off him as he approaches the intersection.

A cybernetic man slowly walks around the corner, and collides with the charging Rhyhorn. He absorbs the electrical energy emanating from the Pokemon, and appears to increase in speed as he does so. He stylishly avoids the brunt of the attack, and stays standing. He brushes himself off then looks at the crew.


The resemblance is unmistakable. The sharp blue eyes and spiky blond hair. It’s H… but not. He speaks with an all too familiar voice, but the tone is different.

“Well, this is awkward.”

Session Notes: And that does it for the second chapter from the second session of Volume 3! To start us off, we get to deal with the fallout from that crazy Giratina business. And then we get to find out how Alex being exposed to the warp core effected her. My character can pretty much just look at anything and know it’s exact dimensions, as long as it’s within ten visual range. It’s actually a thing from the Legendaries expansion book. It’s what’s called a Legendary Gift. In this case, it’s the minor gift from Palkia, but in this setting it fits in with Giratina. Shane also got one of these this session, except he got a much better one from Palkia’s section of the book. As for what I got, in the book it’s limited to just within ten meters and only to the nearest centimeter, but I talked with DragonStorm and we worked out that in this game, Alex can apply this to anything within clear visual range, and to any decimal place. Over time, Alex will also get the ability to perceive angle measurements and, with practice, she will be able to do some math on the fly to ballpark how much force she would need to throw something, such as a Pokeball, to get it to bounce to a certain spot. This is so that this thing can actually be useful.


I also got to dig into Alex’s backstory here. The scene where she goes back home to get her stuff will have more meaning if you’ve read Alex’s three part Origin Story, especially the third part. You can read all three parts here, here, and here.

And then it was time to get to some major Volume 3 plot stuff. The plot of DragonStorm’s Spacemon mini-series Tempore Ex Machina has been revealed to the party! Be sure to read it if you somehow haven’t yet. You can find the three parts here, here, and here. The time skip in the chapter where it was explained to the party felt very natural since it would’ve just been recap. All of us had read Tempore Ex Machina so there was no point in RPing the recap, and then it didn’t make sense to write it here either.


We had to have a cliffhanger with no combat actually happening in the session since we were going to an event run by our school’s tabletop RPG club right after and couldn’t go really late like we used to. The next session in looking to be an awesome one! And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the second installment of my Red Suns mini-series starring my former character, Arlon Jett!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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