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I'm really feeling it!
 Original Image Credit - Funerium
Original Image Credit - Funerium

Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!


Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix returned to Alliance space after receiving a call from Aarn Hondo informing them that Gilgamesh had requested he speak to them regarding something important. Upon meeting with him, the crew learned that Hondo had been working with Gilgamesh to acquire a powerful artifact known as the Eye of Aether, an item that Gilgamesh had regretfully helped Mr. Silver obtain. Unfortunately, Gilgamesh was killed during the mission. Shortly thereafter, the station they were meeting on was attacked by Mr. Silver’s forces. The Helix crew boarded the main ship to obtain vital intel and rescue one of Hondo’s teammates who was captured on the mission. On the ship the crew encountered the man known as I, who, like H, is another clone from Armstrong’s project. Unlike H, however, I is an agent of Mr. Silver and has access to far greater technology. After defeating I’s Rhyperior, the crew rescued the Romanov super-hacker known as Meta, the missing member of Hondo’s team. With her help, they were able to acquire the intel and escape back to the Helix.



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Safely back aboard their ship, the crew of the UAS Helix and their new passenger slowly pull themselves out of the escape pod. It takes a while, but, eventually, they manage to get out.


Now that there is enough room, Shane jumps out of Morgan’s Pokedex and rematerializes. Meta looks at him with a very confused, but intrigued, expression on her face. “Weren’t there only five of us in there?” she asks.

“Nobody said we were the most normal batch of rescuers,” H tells her.

“This might come as a shock, but I’m able to go inside computers,” Shane explains.


Meta gives him a look that can only be described as envious. “And how do you do this?” the hacker asks.

“You see, it’s kind of hard to explain,” Shane tells her. “Partly, because I’m an AI.”


Really?” Meta asks. She seems very interested now. “Fascinating. And you can go inside machines?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Any computer?”

“So far, that I’ve encountered, yes.”

“Pokedex,” Meta continues. She seems to be thinking out loud more than asking Shane about his capabilities. “Ship mainframes. Cybernetic augmentations.”


“Haven’t tried that,” Shane interrupts. “And, honestly, there’s nobody here that I would be willing to try that with.”

“Alright. You’re not into that. I get it. Are you even into that sort of thing?”

“Honestly, I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” Shane tells her.


Meta just shrugs and looks around. “Nice ship you’ve got here,” she says. “Who wants to give me the tour?” Her eyes fall back on Shane.

“I’ll do it,” Morgan volunteers.

“So, here’s the bridge,” Morgan says as she walks up behind Minerva with Meta in tow. “And this is our pilot.”


“Hi, I’m Meta,” the hacker introduces herself.

“Minerva,” the pilot responds.

“Hey, Minerva, after we drop out of warp space, take us to a civilized planet,” Morgan instructs Minerva. “We need to purchase some supplies.”


“Well, we are in Alliance space,” she replies. “That shouldn’t be very hard. All I need to do is jump to the nearest system.”

Morgan turns to leave, but Meta plops herself down in the co-pilot’s seat and begins chatting with Minerva. Morgan waits by the door, but listens in on the conversation. Meta seems quite interested in Minerva’s piloting skills, so the two end up talking for a long while. Eventually, Minerva’s condition comes up, and Meta once again seems very interested.


After several more minutes, Meta finally gets up and heads for the door. “Shall we continue?” she asks Morgan, briefly glancing in her tour guide’s direction.

“Alright,” Morgan answers.

From the bridge, Morgan leads Meta to the living quarters. Meta pokes her head into the various rooms, but she seems rather bored. “So, what about the labs?” she asks. “I’m sure they’re much more interesting.”

Image Credit - Patrick O’Keefe
Image Credit - Patrick O’Keefe

“I guess we can go there next,” Morgan tells her.

The pair heads down to the lower level of the Helix and Morgan shows Meta to some of the labs. They first pass the Pokeball workshop and Armstrong’s lab before winding up back in the cargo hold.


“That area over there is all H’s lab space,” Morgan says, pointing to a hallway on the starboard side of the ship. “So, we’re not going to go there.”

“I see,” Meta responds. “And what’s over there?” she asks, eyeing the matching hallway on the port side.


“Just Shane’s warp lab,” Morgan tells her. “And an empty room Dmitri wants to use for… something.”

Without being prompted, Meta starts heading in that direction. Morgan follows her a few steps behind. The hacker walks into the empty room adjacent to the warp lab and looks around. “Is this room in use?” she asks.


“No,” Morgan tells her.

“And, it’s right next to the warp lab, you say?”

“Well, yeah, but-”

“Great!” Meta says enthusiastically as she drops her bag on the floor.

“We were planning on using this room for something,” Morgan finishes her sentence with a hint of annoyance.


“Like what?” Meta asks.

“Like a training room.”

Meta peers at Morgan with a look of suspicion in her eyes. “A larger room would be a more appropriate choice for a training room, don’t you think?” she asks. “Is that really what this is all about?”


“It’s not really any of your business,” Morgan tells her.

“Whatever,” Meta responds. “But my point still stands. This would make a horrible training room. So, can I have it or not?”


“Well, I really didn’t think you’d be staying,” Morgan tells her. “I assumed you’d be rejoining Hondo and Rodriguez.”

“The rendezvous isn’t for another week,” Meta points out. “And I’m not gonna sleep in a hallway.”


“We have extra beds in the crew quarters,” Morgan says sternly.

Having heard the two women arguing through the wall, Shane teleports himself from the warp lab into the room. Meta doesn’t seem to be phased at all by his sudden appearance. “There’s also my old room,” Shane tells her. “I spend all my time in the warp lab, so it’s practically empty, except for the bed.”


“And that’s a room upstairs?” Meta asks him.

“Yeah,” Shane answers. “Right next to Morgan’s”

“Oh, joy,” the hacker says sarcastically as she looks over at Morgan. “Well, I like being around labs and tech, personally.”


“Well, this is our ship,” Morgan tells her. “And, as a member of this crew, I am telling you to stay in the living quarters.”

“I have to agree with Morgan on this,” Shane adds.

Fine,” Meta resigns. “But, in the meantime, shall we continue the tour?”

“I suppose I can show you the warp lab,” Shane tells her.

He leads them next door and Meta looks around. She seems quite interested. “Oooh, fancy,” she says as Shane activates the small warp drive in the center of the room. “Genevan model?”


“Yup,” Shane tells her as he reaches out his marked hand to the newly created warp sphere. The mark begins to glow and the sphere begins moving around the room.

“This is fascinating,” Meta reacts. “I’d love to get some data on this,” she continues as she pulls out her Pokedex. “Do you mind?”


“Might I ask what sort of data you’re looking for?” Shane asks her warily.

“I’ve just never seen a warp drive this small,” Meta explains. “I’d love to understand how it works. Especially since you don’t normally see warp drives doing non-ship-related activities. I don’t think one’s ever been pushed in quite this way, at least, not that I’m aware of.”


“Right, I did have to customize it a bit after we got it,” Shane tells her. “To be quite honest, I’m not really sure what I did. I just sort of took it apart and put it back together.”

“I could help with that.” Meta motions to her Pokedex with her eyes. “May I?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Shane continues to play around with the Warp while Meta records data from the drive. Occasionally, the hacker comments on some of the readings. She looks on with interest as Shane creates a stable portal using his recently acquired knowledge. Shane throws a Pokeball through one end, and it flies out another.


Fascinating,” Meta comments as she pokes her finger through the portal. “Can you put one on the ceiling and one on the floor and create infinite acceleration?”

“I can try,” Shane tells her. He aligns the portals, then throws the Pokeball in again. The ball falls through the portals repeatedly, gaining momentum until it reaches terminal velocity.


“If you drained the air from the room, it could accelerate infinitely,” Meta comments. “And then you could try to find a way to power the drive with this. Infinite energy.”

Shane relocates one of the portals, deliberately causing the Pokeball to fly out and smash into Meta’s face. “Ow!” Meta shouts. “What the hell?!” She puts a hand up to her now-bleeding brow. “What the hell?! The last I checked, infinite energy was a good thing.”


“It may not actually be infinite,” Shane tells her. “It takes a lot of energy, both from the warp drive and myself, to maintain something like that.”

“Well, you didn’t need to hit me in the face. You guys are mean. I’m gonna go tour with someone else.”


In the cargo bay, Alex and her Lucario train together using the Sinai method she had learned during her time in the monastery back on Vandia. The two move together in unison, like flowing water. Usually it was a calming, if exhausting, experience, but not today. Today she was training more ferociously than ever. Because of I. And H.


They just have to be connected, she thinks. If I is evil, that means H is too. That’s why he tried to kill me. I could be controlling him somehow, like a hivemind or something. And he was snooping around in the med bay before. What if he’s trying to kill us?

“Hey,” a voice sounds behind her, but she doesn’t hear. Alex turns and extends her arm and narrowly misses striking Meta in the face with her open palm. “Woah, watch it,” the hacker responds, taking a step back.


“Uh, hi,” Alex greets her. She lowers her arm, then wipes the sweat from her forehead. “What do you want?”

“Well, some people here are very mean,” Meta tells her. “I’m hoping you’re not.”

Alex notices a cryo-bandage on the girl’s forehead. “You mean H?” she asks her. “He’s a jerk. He did that to you, right?”


“Actually, your friend Shane thought it would be a good idea to launch a Pokeball out of a portal at my face,” meta tells her. Alex snorts out a laugh.

“Oh, come on, that’s not fair,” Meta responds. “What if H did that to you?”

“I would punch him in the face,” Alex tells her.

As if on cue, H emerges from his lab and begins walking through the cargo bay. Alex gives him a death stare as he passed. “Yes?” he asks, noticing the girl’s expression.


“What do you want, Murderface?” Alex asks in return.

“To know why you have a murderface,” H tells her.

“What? You’re the Murderface! Not me!” Alex shouts.”You just want to kill everyone!”



Meta just rolls her eyes.

“But, why?

“So that we can attain ascension. You either move forward, or get left behind.”

“You’re just as bad as the other you!”

“Well, I’m a lot like I in many ways,” H responds. “But, at the same time, he tried to kill you and I haven’t.”


But you did!” Alex shouts even louder. “Anubis, get him!” Her Lucario runs up and attempts to punch H in the face, but the cyborg quickly maneuvers out of the way.

“Woah, woah, woah!” H shouts. “Use your words! We don’t need to tear apart half the ship!”


“You think he’s in league with I?” Meta asks. “Like a spy or something?”

“Yeah!” Alex responds. “He came from the same place as I! I could be controlling him through a clone hivemind!”


Okay… I’m just gonna go now,” Meta says awkwardly. She slowly backs away and exits through one of the doors. “You two have fun…”

“You should at least know what you’re talking about before you try to discriminate,” H tells Alex. “I at least did my research.” His lab coat swishes as he turns and walks out of the room.


Dmitri sits on the floor of the empty room he intends to use to study his connection to Darkrai, contemplating his abilities. While he doesn’t have the necessary equipment to fully study his powers, the Romanov researcher realizes that he can still mess around with them to see if he can gain a better understanding of them.


He casts out his aura and feels it radiate outwards. However, over time, it slowly begins to decay and shrink back into him. After several tries yielding the same result, he comes to a realization. What if that’s what it’s supposed to do? he asks himself. It must be connected to decay somehow.

Dmitri continues to experiment with his abilities, and slowly begins to understand them. Through various tests, he is able to determine that Darkrai is somehow linked with the forces of Entropy. The Romanov recalls that Shane said that Giratina is Space itself, and suspects that Darkrai might be something similar.


Whatever connection that had been forged between himself and Darkrai during their dream battle had granted Dmitri the ability to apply this Entropy on a psychic level. With this understanding, Dmitri now feels that he can better apply his power, and not wind up in another situation similar to his attempted interrogation of Dr. Jeremiah on the station where Shane was created.

Upstairs on the bridge, Shane walks in and plops himself down in the co-pilot’s seat. “So, where’re we headed?” he asks Minerva.


“Harmonia, home to a bunch of shady corporations and one of the largest malls in all of Alliance Space,” the pilot responds.

“Need any help getting there?” Shane asks.

“Sure, why not? All yours.”

Shane glances at the navchart, then places his hand on the console and blips the ship quickly through warp space into orbit around Harmonia. “Just leave the ship in orbit for now,” he tells Minerva. “We’ll land when the crew is ready.”


“You got it, boss.”

Back in the cargo bay, Alex struggles with training, distracted by her confrontation with H earlier. Something about the way H has been acting since they escaped I’s ship has been bothering her. The thought that H might be collaborating with I continues to eat away at her.


I wonder if Doc knows anything, she thinks. She recalls her Lucario, then heads off to Armstrong’s lab.

On her way, Alex passes H, who gives her an annoyed glance. Alex tries to ignore him and proceeds on to Armstrong’s lab.


“Hey, Doc,” Alex says as she walks into the room. She sees the man sitting in a chair, holding a bottle of whisky. She had seen enough movies to know that he is clearly a bit drunk. He starts babbling about something, but she can’t really tell what he’s talking about.

“Hey, listen,” She tells the scientist, and he snaps to some sort of attention.

“Yes, what is it?” Armstrong asks.

“Do you think I could be controlling H somehow? Like, a clone hivemind or something?”


“Hiveminds… Hmm… Interesting.” Armstrong begins rambling semi-coherently, theorizing a potential hivemind society.

No! No! No!” Alex whines. “That’s not what I want to know!”

“Then… I’m sorry, what… were we talking about, again?”

“Is it possible that I is controlling H with, like, some clone mind power thing?” Alex asks.


“I wouldn’t say there’s any sort of link of control involved,” Armstrong tells her, this time sounding very coherent. “That probably couldn’t happen. But they are similar. They were all cut from the same cloth. Who knows? I have no idea what kind of tech I has put inside his head since the last time I saw him. I cannot say for sure. Good luck!” He takes a large swig from the bottle, then waves Alex out of the room so that he can drink in peace.

Alex walks away with new determination. Armstrong’s words have all but confirmed her fears. In her mind, it is all too likely that I somehow has control over H. I have to do something, she tells herself.


Looking around the hallway, Alex spots a metal bar lying on the ground. It appears to be a piece of the ship that must have been knocked loose by a battle, or maybe the time it crashed on Vandia. This ends now, Alex thinks as she picks the bar up. She continues down the hallway in the direction she saw H going earlier.

Morgan steps into the med bay to tend to her Pokemon. Now that she is done giving Meta the tour, she finally has the time to do it. While waiting for the machine to heal her injured Pokemon, Morgan notices that someone had recently accessed the medical computer. Curious, she walks over to investigate.

Image Credit - Nathan Schroeder
Image Credit - Nathan Schroeder

After sifting through the computer system, Morgan finds that someone had accessed and downloaded the medical records of every member of the Helix’s crew. “That’s odd,” she says to herself. Bothered by her discovery, Morgan collects her fully restored Pokemon and sets off for the security room on the upper deck.


It’s a good thing the Red Suns installed those security cameras, Morgan thinks as she enters the security room. She accesses the terminal and pulls up the feed for the med bay. Morgan rewinds the footage until she spots Meta accessing the medical computer.

Already distrustful of Meta, Morgan suspects that the hacker is the one who downloaded the medical records and plays the recording. However, the footage reveals nothing incriminating; Meta walks into the med bay, accesses the computer, then immediately walks to a cabinet, pulls out a cryo-bandage and proceeds to apply it to her injured forehead. The hacker then spends a few moments fiddling around on her Pokedex before walking out of the room.


Realizing that Meta is not the one who downloaded the medical records, Morgan rewinds the footage further until she sees someone else access the computer; this time, it’s H. Morgan hits the play button, then watches as H approaches the computer and looks up the medical records while occasionally glancing at Dmitri and Alex, who are also in the room.

What is he up to? Morgan thinks. She brings up the security feeds for the entire ship so she can locate H. Once she spots him walking through the cargo hold, Morgan exits the room and quickly descends to the lower deck.


“H!” Morgan shouts across the room once she spots the cyborg.

H stops and turns around to face her. “Yes?” he asks as she approaches.

“What the hell are you doing?” Morgan asks him forcefully.

“What do you mean?” H asks the young woman accosting him.

“Why did you download the medical records of the entire crew?”

“I have a perfectly reasonable explanation.”

“I’m listening.”

“Holy shit, H, you can’t just do shit like that!” Morgan shouts after hearing the cyborg’s long, and complicated explanation.


“Why not?”

“First of all, that Kadabra doesn’t belong to you,” Morgan tells him.

“Yes, and I never said I would take it.”

“But you said I wanted it.”

“But I never said that I would. If someone tells you to shoot a pedestrian, that doesn’t mean you shot a pedestrian.”


“Well, then you are not guilty on that count, but you did take our navigation records, and the medical records of everyone on this ship, and you’re just going to give them to him?”

“Yes. Well, falsified records. But I can’t do that without the actual records.”

Before she gets the chance to respond, Morgan spots Alex running up behind H, carrying something in her hand, but she can’t quite tell what it is. “Alex, stop!” Morgan shouts, but the girl ignores her.


H quickly turns around to see a metal bar flying at his face. The cyborg is knocked right to the floor as his forehead explodes in pain from the impact. Alex lifts the bar to swing it again, but it is at this moment that Shane runs into the room and teleports her out of range. Dmitri is not far behind, having also been attracted by the commotion.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Shane demands of his crewmates.

“He’s gonna kill us!” Alex screams wildly as she runs at H again. “He needs to die or he’ll kill us all!” This time, Shane teleports Alex to himself and restrains her with his arms.


“Alex, stop!” Morgan shouts at the girl. “Just stop! We’re talking. We’re just talking.”

“But he’s trying to kill us!” Alex cries desperately as she struggles against Shane.


“He’s not an idiot,” Morgan responds. “He told me the truth. He said he was gathering some data, because I asked him to, but… I never thought I’d say this, but I trust him. I don’t think he’s plotting against us.”

“You did what, now?” Shane asks.

“Uuuuuuh,” H groans as he brings himself to his feet. “Look, after we met, I decided to reach out to him. Surprise, surprise, I wanted to know if the only other person who had survived from the lab actually wanted to do something. I don’t know what he’s up to, and I know everyone here’s not the best of friends with me, but I figured, when it comes to an apocalypse, having someone like you is helpful when trying to combat it, so I did what anyone would do when encountering the last of their kind: I reached out to him, and we talked. He doesn’t trust me, which makes sense. I haven’t trusted all of you for the longest time; I’m still working on it. But, hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere. So, I figured I’d follow up on what he’s doing, give him everything that would make it so that he would help us, without actually hurting anybody... for once.”


“What exactly did you send him?” Shane asks.

“I’m getting to that,” H tells him. “He wanted four things: our nav computer, our psychic navigator, all our medical records, and, lastly, he asked for all our research records for everything we have done up to this point. Do you really think I would give that to some random guy we just met, regardless of who he might be?! No. So, I decided the best plan was the falsify the records, maybe take Kadabra out for a spin. But I wouldn’t do that without consulting Dmitri first, since he’s the only one on this ship who actually trusts me. I figured we give it over to him, and see if we can get him on out side. So, stop freaking out, and could you please use your words for once, Alex? Ugh, but nice shot.”


Shane cautiously lets go of Alex and grabs the metal bar out of her hand. He then walks over to H. “May I see your Pokedex?” he asks. H readily hands it over. Shane finds the medical records and looks them over. He looks specifically for basic metrics, then turns to Alex. “How tall is Morgan?” he asks the girl.

Alex looks at Morgan, and quickly determines her exact height. “1.6764 meters,” she tells Shane. It is the same value shown on H’s Dex.


“This information is correct,” Shane says.

“That’s because I haven’t falsified it yet,” H points out.

Shane sighs and hands the Pokedex back. “For the love of God, please do that before you send it.”


“It’s not like I’m sending him our private emails saying ‘hey, here’s all our sensitive data,’” H responds. “That’s idiotic and- Meta I know you’re listening!” he cuts himself off. Meta steps out from the hallway, having been in the other room speaking with Diane, the move tutor the crew recently hired. “From what I’ve heard, you’d be able to get in in a heartbeat,” H says to her.

“Did he ask you to send it, or deliver it?” Meta asks.

“Deliver it,” H tells her.

“Right, because a simple electronic transfer wouldn’t be secure.”

Exactly. There’s no way I’m sending my research via any sort of transfer like that.”


“Did he say where to deliver it?”

“Yeah, but at the moment… Well, I guess we have to go there anyway. I’ve got the coordinates if anyone is willing to follow me there. The only problem: if he sees anyone, he’s going to flip.”


“So, the real question is: do you believe him?” Meta asks. “And, do you believe that I won’t see through falsified records?”

“They have to be just true enough,” Morgan answers.

“Which is why I needed the true data in the first place,” H adds.

“If you don’t mind,” Shane speaks up. “When you make the exchange, I’d like to be there. If not in person.”


“I might see that coming,” H tells him. “But if he would see that coming… that begs the question: why does he want our medical records? To know what our weaknesses are, perhaps.”

“I’m not so sure,” Meta chimes in. “You should always ask: ‘what do you know, and why do you think you know it?’ It sounds to me like he already knows a lot about you.”


“Then, why need the medical records at all?” Morgan asks.

“It’s a trust issue,” H offers.

“Can I see them?” Meta asks.

“No,” Morgan tells her firmly.

“Alright, then, I have no input.”

“I’ll let you see mine,” H tells her

“Okay,” Meta says as she takes H’s Pokedex and begins looking over his medical records. “It looks to me like the most interesting thing here would be your most recent augmentations.” She highlights the technorganic modifications that Armstrong provided. “That’s something he might be interested in. That’s what I would be interested in if I were him.”


“So, you’re saying he doesn’t really need all of our records,” Morgan says.

“He probably just wants access to our more… abnormal data,” Shane offers, holding up his marked hand.


“Right, so now we just need to go about falsifying this information,” H says.

“How do we know telling us isn’t part of his plan?” Meta asks, glancing over at H.


“All we need to do is make sure that the information is falsified,” Morgan tells her.

“But he still has the real information,” Meta points out.

“Then, we’ll just take it from him.”

“But, if I were him, my main concern would be: how do I get off this ship with all this stuff, without you noticing? I would try covering myself with a false false plan.”


“But, if we make sure H doesn’t leave the ship with the real information, then his plan—if that is his plan—fails,” Morgan tells her.

“If you trust your ability to ensure that doesn’t happen,” Meta counters.

“I do,” Morgan assures her.

“Well, I don’t,” Alex speaks up. “And I don’t think we can trust H either!”

“We can just take the information from him, and make sure he has no further hand in falsifying it,” Morgan offers.


“That’s not good enough!” Alex shouts. “You should have just let me kill him!”

“We don’t even know if he was going to betray us,” Morgan tells her.

“Of course he was!” Alex shoots back.

“Just calm down,” Morgan warns her.

“Killing him is the best way to ensure I doesn’t get that data,” Meta points out.


“But, he’s probably our best chance at defeating I,” Dmitri counters.

“Well, that’s the conundrum, isn’t it?” Meta pauses for a moment to think. “Alright, we have two hypotheses,” she continues. “One is that H here is indeed our friend-”


“No he isn’t,” Alex cuts her off.

“Let me finish,” Meta tells the girl, sounding a bit irritated. “As I was saying, the first hypothesis is that H is telling the truth. The second is that he’s not. If that is true, then the reason that he is telling us anything at all is most likely part of his plan. He has what he needs and just needs to find a way out. Can we all agree that that is the likely scenario?”


“Yes,” Morgan speaks for the group.

“Well, in that case, we have a way to test this,” Meta says. “He says he wants to get the psychic navigator… How do we know he doesn’t already have it? He could be trying to make his escape right now.”


“We can go to the drive, and see that it’s there, and that I don’t have it,” H tells her. “But that’s beside the point, because, if I have a secret objective, then I haven’t told you what it is yet. The Kadabra’s presence would prove nothing because my actual tasks may already be complete.”

“I still want to know if it’s there or not,” Morgan tells him.

“Let’s go then,” Meta says.

The group moves on to the warp drive only to find that Dmitri’s Kadabra is missing. “Where is it?!” Alex demands of H.

Image Credit - Jeremy Love; Image Source
Image Credit - Jeremy Love; Image Source

“I have no idea,” H says defensively. “But we know it was here recently.”

“What did you do with it?!”

“I do not have it,” H tells her. “Feel free to search me.”

“Very well,” Morgan says, walking over to the cyborg.

“Be very careful with the lab coat,” H warns her. “It contains a lot of volatile explosives.”


“I will be careful.” Morgan thoroughly pats H down, but she finds nothing incriminating. “He doesn’t have it,” she announces.

“Let me try reading him,” Dmitri offers. He raises his hand and casts out his mind. The Romanov begins to sift through H’s thoughts and determines that the cyborg does not have his Kadabra on his person.


“He’s not lying,” Dmitri announces.

Knowing that Dmitri cares for the wellbeing of his Pokemon, Morgan feels inclined to believe him. “Well, if he doesn’t have it, than who does?” she asks.


Alex quickly looks around at everyone and realizes someone is missing. “Wait… where’s Meta?” she asks.

Before anyone gets a chance to answer, Alex quickly runs back to the cargo bay to see Meta inside the escape pod, firing up the engines. “No!” she screams as she reaches for a Pokeball.


The rest of the crew run into the cargo bay just in time to see the hacker wave tauntingly at them through the escape pod’s viewport. They all hear their Pokedexes beep, and pull them out to see a message from Meta.

What do you know, and why do you think you know it?

As the cargo bay doors begin to slide open, Alex throws out her Pokeball. “Leviathan! Stop her! Use Thunder!” The massive Pokemon casts out a blast of lightning at the pod as it slides toward the doors. Sparks fly across the pod and the crew can hear a faint scream of pain within. Unfortunately, it is not enough; with several engines still intact, the pod flies into space and begins descending to the planet below.


Session Notes: This session occurred over three weeks ago and finally I have the final chapter from it posted. What a crazy few weeks it’s been. I had a ton of stuff to work on which pushed this way back. We’ve actually met twice since! Not only did I not have a whole lot of time, but this chapter just took so long to write because of all the secret plotting!


Basically, DragonStorm worked with a bunch of us to come up with secret plots. Basically how things developed before the session, the whole point of this session was to create a moment where we would have to decide who was the spy which had likely outcomes of either H’s player staying as H, or H being outed as a spy and he would then take over as Meta to change the party up a bit. So, both were spies and whoever we outed as the spy would leave and the other would end up with the party and no longer trying to betray us. In the end, Meta was the one who escaped with our information and left us with this cliffhanger! Additionally, DragonStorm attempted to set Morgan after Meta by having Meta flirt with Shane a bit to make her jealous, and he and I also planned to have Alex go after H. Shane and Dmitri were just there to sow confusion! To top it all off, DragonStorm was communicating with us in secret chat messages.

So, you can see how this would be difficult to write, as I had to compile the secret messages where necessary and then rearrange a bunch of stuff to make it all flow nicely. At least the session was fun. I particularly liked the part where I whacked H in the face with a metal bar and rolled a crit to hit him. DragonStorm let me just treat it like I rolled as high as I possibly could, including the crit modifier. That brought H down to 1 HP from maximum. I was seriously trying to kill him, but I think Alex is better off not going through killing someone like that.


Thanks to DragonStorm for assisting with some of the writing for this chapter!

That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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