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Spacemon Vol. 3 - Chapter 7: Reunion

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Welcome to another exciting installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Previously on Spacemon…

The crew of the UAS Helix and the Red Suns pursued Meta across the Alliance megatropolis world of Harmonia! Meta escaped from the Helix after stealing the items requested by I and nearly killing Minerva. However, the crew managed to safely land the ship and, with help from the Red Suns, track the Romanov hacker down. After a fierce battle, they managed to apprehend Meta and learned that I had planted a bomb in her head and forced her to work for him against her will. Over several hours, H, Dr. Armstrong, and Kiril Zhukov worked to disarm the bomb and remove the explosives from Meta’s head. After a tense, but ultimately successful surgery, Meta was liberated from I’s control and officially joined the Helix’s crew. Unfortunately, Minerva still remains in critical condition and her chances of survival are looking very slim.


“She’s lucky to be alive.” The Helix crew waits anxiously outside Minerva’s room at the hospital as the nurse informs them of her status. “With her condition, the fact that she even survived the trip over here is a miracle.”

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“So, how is she doing now?” Morgan inquires.

“Her condition is still critical,” the nurse explains. “The good news is that she’s stable now. Unfortunately, we don’t know if she’s ever going to wake up. I do need to inquire about the billing though. If she doesn’t make it, we’ll need to be able to contact her next-of-kin to pay the bills. That’s not you, is it?”


“No,” Morgan answers. “We’re her employers.”

“You shouldn’t have to worry then,” the nurse tells her. Morgan just sighs. Alliance health care policies are baffling to her.


“Guys, no matter what happens, I really think we should pay for this,” Shane tells his crewmates after the nurse walks off. “I mean, it is kind of our fault she ended up like this.”

“I agree,” Morgan tells him.

“In the meantime, let us be productive,” H speaks up. “There’s no more use waiting around here.”


Back at the Red Suns’ base, the crew spends the next few days taking stock of supplies and puts together a list of things to buy while they’re on Harmonia, as the original reason they came to this planet was to pick up supplies. Together, they decide to purchase a holotable to set up in the security room, and convert it into a situation room, and a new, more powerful weapon for the Helix. Additionally, Dmitri makes a list of equipment he needs for his new lab.


Needing a bit of fresh air, Morgan steps off the Helix and looks around at the Red Suns milling around the base.

“How’s your pilot doing, luv?” she suddenly hears Arlon ask. She turns to see the Red Suns’ leader standing next to her. She’s a bit surprised at first as she had forgotten his uncanny ability to remain unseen, even by her.


“She’s… improving,” Morgan answers. “Of course, they’re planning to discharge her earlier than we would like and the bill is going to be massive.”

“Gotta love the Alliance health care system, am I right?” Arlon says, semi-jokingly. “Things are much better back home… Too bad the bloody Romanovs took over.”


“Don’t remind me,” Morgan tells him.

Before the conversation can continue, H walks off the Helix. “Arlon! Wonderful!” the cyborg shouts upon seeing the mercenary.


“Yes, mate?” Arlon asks. “How can I help you?”

“I must speak with your friend Zhukov at once!”

“He should be around here somewhere. What for, mate?”

“I wish to learn of his techniques with explosives, of course!”

“Well, he’s certainly the man for the job,” Arlon says with a laugh. “C’mon, mate, let’s go find him.”


Arlon brings H to the Corsair, then leads him to Kiril’s bomb workshop, where they find the Romanov demolitions expert tweaking an explosive device. He glances up at the two as they enter.

“Hello, comrades.” He stands up to greet them. “What can I do for you?”

“H here wants to learn about explosives, mate,” Arlon explains.

“Ah, the noble art of making things go boom,” Kiril says enthusiastically.

“Precisely,” H agrees, a grin appearing on his face.

“Da! I can help with that, comrade,” Kiril tells the cyborg. He walks over and places one of his large hands on H’s shoulder, then leads him into the room. “You see, making bomb is like making love to woman. In the end, the only thing that matters is the bang.”


Arlon shakes his head a bit and chuckles, then walks out of the room.

Once the crew is ready, they catch a skycab to the Mall of Harmonia, advertised as the largest mall in the entire sector. The first order of business is to acquire the holotable. Desiring only the best equipment, everyone pitches in to purchase the top of the line model, equipped with a quantum entangler and a tactical VI. Next up, the crew purchases a heavy photon repeater to round out the Helix’s arsenal. Finally, Dmitri purchases a dream machine for his lab, as well as some other equipment.

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As they begin to compile their large collection of purchases, the hospital calls and informs them that Minerva is being discharged.


“Already?” Morgan asks suspiciously. “I thought they said it would be a few more days.”

“They say she’s made a pretty much full recovery,” Shane tells her. “She just needs a bit more rest on the Helix. I assume you all have more shopping you’d like to do, so I’ll make sure all this stuff gets safely to the ship, then I’ll go pick her up.”


“Good idea,” Morgan agrees.

“Alright, I’ll see you guys back on the ship.”

“Need some help with all that stuff, mate?” Arlon asks when he sees Shane return to the base with a large stack of crates.


“Yeah, that’d be great,” Shane tells him.

Arlon waves over a few men and instructs them to carry the crates. “Need any help installing anything?” Arlon asks. “I can get some guys to get it all rigged up for you.”


“That would actually be helpful,” Shane replies. “I need to go pick our pilot up.”

“Need a ride?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Oy! Matt!” Arlon shouts as they walk by the pilot lounging against some crates. “How about you make yourself useful and give my friend here a ride to the hospital?!”


“But this crate is comfortable!” Matt shouts back. Shane gets the sense that the two are joking with each other more than anything.

“Oh, c’mon! It won’t take very long, mate! It might even be fun!”

“Alright, fine… ya jackass…”

“Don’t mind him, mate,” Arlon says, turning back to Shane. “The kid may be kind of a prick, but he’s a damn good pilot.”


“I’m sure,” Shane replies. “Well, thanks for the help.”

“Don’t mention it, mate. We’ll have all your gadgets hooked up by the time you get back.”


Back at the mall, the rest of the crew spreads out as they head off to pick up other items they want, and sell some of the things they’ve found on their journeys that they don’t need. Alex, in particular, decides to pick up some items for her Pokemon. The crew’s recent encounters with that abomination and with I had convinced her that her Pokemon need all the advantages they can get. The girl finds her way to a store specializing in Pokemon items. After a bit of browsing, she picks out several items for her main team and decides to buy them.


Satisfied with her purchases, Alex exits the store. Checking her credit balance on her Pokedex as she walks out, the girl walks right into someone. A flurry of green hair fills Alex’s vision.


“Hey, watch where you’re-” a girl’s voice starts to berate her, but then it cuts short. “Alex?” the girl asks, sounding bewildered. “Alex is that really you?”

It takes Alex a moment to realize who she just bumped into. Her hair is different, but that voice… those eyes… Her identity is unmistakable.


Naomi?!” Alex asks, caught completely by surprise. She anxiously tugs on her ponytail, unsure of what to do.

“Oh my God, it’s really you!” Naomi cries out as she pulls Alex into a tight hug. “I can’t believe it’s you.” Alex can feel tears on the other girl’s cheek as it presses against her own. “I’m sorry,” the green-haired girl whispers.


“No… I- I’m sorry,” Alex tells her. She too begins to cry as she places her hands on Naomi’s arms. “I… I fucked everything up before. I ruined everything!”

“You didn’t ruin anything,” Naomi responds. “I was the one who left… and… I… I’m so sorry. For everything. I really regret that decision. Every single day that I’ve been back here…” She sighs as she tries to find the words. “Nothing’s the same anymore. Everything I thought was true… Everyone I thought I knew… All of it turned out to be lies… Except for you…


“Well... I’m here now,” Alex tells her.

Naomi hugs Alex again, even tighter than before. Alex returns her embrace and feels herself overcome with tears of joy.


After several minutes, Naomi breaks from the hug and takes Alex’s hands in her own. The two girls smile as they gaze into each other’s eyes. “I saw you on TV at the Fighting Gym,” Naomi tells Alex. “That battle was amazing. You must have a bunch of crazy stories to tell.”

“You have no idea.”

“Wow, that’s incredible,” Naomi gasps.

She and Alex are seated next to each other on a bench, trading stories of their adventures since they last saw each other. Alex shares her journeys with the crew of the UAS Helix, while Naomi tells Alex of her own mission to reveal corruption in Alliance society, even in her own father’s company. They even find that they share a connection through the Red Suns, who helped Naomi steal files from under her father’s nose.


“My own story seems so silly compared to the things you’ve experienced,” Naomi continues.

“No,” Alex tells her. “Not at all. What you’re doing is awesome!

“Well, it’s all because of you, Alex. You changed my life forever… I just wish I realized it back on Vandia…”


“But now we have a second chance,” Alex responds. She hops up from the bench and stands in front of Naomi. “Our paths have led us both here for a reason. We were meant to find each other again.” Alex wraps her hands around Naomi’s. “Now you can come with me. We can travel the stars... together.”

Naomi looks up at Alex with a conflicted expression on her face. “I want to… I want to so much.” She stands up, then reaches her hand out to Alex’s face and sweeps the hair in front of her eyes back, behind her ear. “I would like nothing more, but… there are still things I need to do here.”


“Like what?”

“My father… I’m still working to expose him. I’m so close now… If I leave now, then all those months of work will have been for nothing.”


“But I can help you,” Alex tells her.

“How?” Naomi asks naively.

“Just trust me, okay?”

“Alright,” Naomi answers. “I trust you.” She leans in and kisses Alex on the lips.


Alex can feel her heart racing as their lips lock. She feels like a fire is burning inside her. In this moment, everything feels right. All the problems of the Galaxy fade away, leaving only Alex and Naomi in their passionate embrace.

“Naomi?” a man’s voice suddenly interrupts. Naomi freezes, then breaks away from Alex. She turns around to see her father standing behind her. “Naomi, who is this?” He casts a disapproving glance at Alex. It is clear that he does not remember her, but she remembers him.


Naomi nervously attempts to stammer out some sort of explanation but no real words come out. “D- dad? W- what are you doing here?” she finally manages to ask. She anxiously looks over at Alex for support. Alex grabs her hand reassuringly.

“Naomi, come here,” the man says. He motions for her to follow.

Naomi takes two steps toward her father, then stops. She looks desperately back at Alex. “Uhm… But…”


“Don’t go…” Alex pleads.

Naomi looks into Alex’s eyes and finds courage there. “No,” she says, turning back to her father.


What?” He asks harshly. “What did you say?”

“She said ‘no.’” Alex tells him. She tightens her grasp on Naomi’s hand.

Naomi’s father says nothing. He just stares coldly at Alex, filling her with fear.


“Excuse me, is there a problem here?” Morgan asks, walking up to the group. She stands resolutely next to Alex.

“This doesn’t concern you, miss,” Naomi’s father responds. He then turns back to Naomi. “My daughter and I were just leaving.”


“It doesn’t seem like she really wants to go with you,” Morgan observes.

“She’s my daughter,” Naomi’s father replies. “What she wants is not really the priority here.”


“She’s old enough to make her own decisions.”

“Which fool are we dealing with today?” H asks as he and Dmitri walk over from a nearby store. Naomi’s father looks at the cyborg with a very confused glance.


Alex steps back toward her crewmates and pulls Naomi along with her. Naomi’s father moves to step forward, but Dmitri blocks his way. “Sleeeep,” the Romanov says as he attempts to hypnotize the man. Unfortunately, he is unsuccessful.

“What the hell is this?” Naomi’s father asks. “Who the hell are you people, and what do you want with my daughter?”


“These are my friends!” Alex shouts at him as she and Naomi back further away. “They won’t let you keep me and Naomi apart!”

“Who are we?!” H asks. Storm clouds gather outside as he speaks. “We are the future saviors of the universe! Those who will rise to greatness! We are the ones who will save all of Humanity from doomsday! The most experienced experts in all of the Galaxy! Now, who, sir, are you?!” H points his finger right in the man’s face, nearly poking his nose. Lightning cracks the sky as he speaks the final word.


“I am Jonathan Pierce, CEO of ASI Consolidated, largest corporation in Alliance Space,” Naomi’s father declares as he backs up a bit. “I have the funds to sue you out of existence.”

“Suing won’t affect me,” H responds coldly. “But I have plenty of ways to affect you.”


“Oh, really?

“Really,” Dmitri cuts in. He steps up again, and this time successfully puts the man to sleep. As Naomi’s father falls to the floor, Dmitri uses his Darkrai powers to purge his recent memory.


Naomi walks over and kneels down next to her father. “What the hell did you do?” she asks, more curiously than anything.

“He’ll be fine, he’s just asleep,” Dmitri explains. “And he won’t remember the last fifteen minutes.”


“Why did we knock him out?” H asks. “Who is this guy? What is going on?”

Before anyone can answer, the ground begins to rumble. Looking outside, they can see the storm clouds growing unnaturally dense at an alarming rate. “Do you guys read me?” Arlon’s voice sounds on the crew’s commlinks.


“We hear you,” Dmitri responds.

“So, we’ve got a problem.” As if on cue, the burning outline of falling ships appear through the storm clouds. A familiar blue streak of light descends from the heavens. “That thing is back.”


The horrifying voice echoes through the minds of everyone on Harmonia. “Humans: pathetic vermin beneath my gaze. You know only anger and a lust for power which you can never have. You are unworthy of existence. Now, bear witness as I tear this world, the first of many, apart.

The quakes rapidly increase in intensity, and bits of buildings begin to collapse. “Everyone, back to base, NOW!” Arlon shouts over the comms, both to the Helix crew, and his men. “We are leaving!


“C’mon, let’s go!” Morgan shouts to her crewmates. She grabs Alex by the arm and begins pulling her and Naomi along as she runs. Dmitri follows close behind, while H takes the time to pick up Naomi’s father before following.

“Shane, what’s Minerva’s status?!” Morgan asks urgently over the comms.

“We’ve just picked her up!” Shane responds. “We’re headed back to the Helix now!”


Suddenly, rubble begins to fall from the ceiling. Alex releases Morgan’s hand to protect Naomi, and pulls the girl to safety just in time. The crew continues running, weaving through the panicked crowds until they reach the exit of the mall.

“There, that skycar!” Dmitri shouts, pointing to a nearby vehicle “Let’s hijack it!”


“Good idea!” Morgan agrees. She runs over, and hops into the driver’s seat. She rips open a panel and begins fiddling with the parts inside in an attempt to start the skycar. H, in the meantime, dumps Naomi’s father into the back.

As Alex and Naomi run to catch up, another quake rumbles the ground, knocking them away from each other. A large fissure begins to form, and splits the ground between them. “Alex!” Naomi screams as they drift further apart.


“Naomi!” Alex prepares to jump across, but just before she leaps, she realizes that, while she can easily make it across the gap, she’s not strong enough to pick Naomi up and jump back. What do I do?! she thinks desperately. “H!” Alex screams to her crewmate.

“What now?!” H shouts back.

Save her!!” Alex pleads.

Not sure why he is being asked to do this, H fully extends his legs and quickly strides across the gap and picks Naomi up. He steps back across the quickly growing gap just as it crumbles away, and places Naomi on the ground. The girl runs to Alex and hugs her tightly.


“Car’s ready!” Mogan shouts. “Everyone get in!” They all pile into the car and Morgan takes off.

Lightning bolts spark all around as Matt dodges the panicked sky traffic. All laws of the skylanes have been abandoned and chaos reigns supreme. While the Red Suns’ pilot’s maneuvers are technically very skillful, Minerva would definitely be making some kind of snarky remarks about his daredevil flying, if she were she feeling up to it.


“When Arlon said this would be fun, I didn’t think this was what he had in mind!” the young Alliance pilot shouts as he narrowly avoids smashing into a skycar flying the opposite direction. Hearing the anger in his voice, Shane looks over and is surprised to see Matt smiling.

“Are you actually enjoying this right now?!” Shane asks.

“Maybe a little!” the pilot responds. “But the other part of me is thinking that this isn’t quite challenging enough!”


“You’re crazy, you know that?!”

“I get that a lot!”

They break free of the main city area, and start making major progress as they rocket across the skies of Harmonia’s industrial zone. It doesn’t take long for them to arrive back at base. As they climb out of the skycar, they see Arlon barking out orders rapid fire.


“Good, you made it,” the Red Suns’ leader says upon seeing them. “Matt, get your ass on the Corsair and get her prepped for launch! Shane get your pilot situated!”

“There’s no way I’m flying in this mess!” Minerva shouts.

“I wasn’t going to ask you to, luv! I’ll fly the Helix myself! Now get on board!” The mercenary then reaches for his commlink. “Morgan, how’re things on your end?!”


“We’re almost there!” Morgan shouts over the comms. “We’re just-” A loud crack interrupts her as a bolt of lightning strikes the skycar. The systems start going haywire and the vehicle begins to descend.


“I didn’t catch that!” Arlon’s voice sounds over the comms.

“We got hit!” Morgan shouts. “We’re going down! I can pull out a landing but we’ll need to find another air-car!”


Shit! Make it as quick as possible, but stay safe!”

The skycar lurches violently as it collides with the ground, leaving everyone in the vehicle a bit battered and bruised, but otherwise okay. “What the hell is going on?!” Naomi’s father shouts. Having just been awoken by the crash, he is completely confused by the events unfolding around him.


“The end of the world!” H informs him as the ground rumbles violently with another quake.

Everyone climbs out of the skycar, and they desperately search for a replacement. After several minutes, Morgan spots one and waves everyone over. She quickly hacks into it, and soon they’re off again. Morgan pushes the accelerator as hard as she can, getting them back to the base rather quickly.


The Corsair’s engines roar as it lifts off, casting a shadow over the skycar as it approaches. They all clamber out of the vehicle and run to the Helix. As soon as they board, Arlon wastes no time in taking off. Before the boarding ramp even finishes closing, he lifts off and follows after the Corsair.

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From up here, everyone on the Helix can see the true extent of the damage. A massive fissure runs along the surface of Harmonia. Skyscrapers crumble and fall in as blasts of magma erupt outwards. “That thing is tearing the bloody planet in half!” Arlon shouts in disbelief.

As the two ships attempt to flee, the abomination turns to them and tosses a skyscraper in their direction as if it were a toy. Arlon quickly rolls the Helix out of the way, but the Corsair is not so lucky. Matt manages to avoid most of the impact, but the massive structure scrapes against the side of the frigate, smashing through the shields and breaking off a few pieces of the hull.


“Be careful with my ship!” Arlon shouts over the comms.

“I’m trying boss!” comes Matt’s reply. “But that thing threw a fucking building at me!”


“Just hold it together, mate!” Arlon tells him.

The two vessels break free of the rapidly escaping atmosphere as the abomination finally fully rips the halves of the world apart, exposing the molten core to the cold vacuum of space.

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“How the hell are you supposed to fight that!?” Matt yells over the comms.

“You don’t, mate,” Arlon responds. “You just run. See you at the rendezvous point.”


The Helix and the Corsair drop into warp space, leaving behind the horrific destruction wrought by the most powerful being in the entire Galaxy.

As the Helix flies through warp space, the crew and their new passengers stand around the holotable in the newly furbished situation room. All the galactic news networks broadcast the destruction and the abomination’s message across the stars.

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“I told them this would happen,” Arlon says angrily. “I told them this would happen, and no one bloody listened! Turn this shit off. It’s not going to show anything different.” His request goes unanswered. “If you need me, I’ll be on the bridge,” the mercenary says before briskly walking out of the room.


“Would someone like to explain to me who these people are, and why we saved them from the end of the world?” H finally asks after several more moments of silence. When no one answers, he singles out Alex, who he notices sticking close to Naomi. “Who are these people!?” He demands.

“Well, um… this is…” Alex attempts to explain. She looks back at Naomi as she tries to find the words. “She’s my, uh... girlfriend… I guess.”


“Well, okay,” H responds. “What can she do?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Alex tells him.

“It absolutely does matter.”

“No, it doesn’t,” Alex shoots back.

“How could it not? You just saw a planet explode; the end of the Universe is coming, and if everyone here isn’t doing the most that they can to stop it, more planets are going to explode!”


“H, sometimes you just have to save people,” Morgan tells the cyborg.


“Because Human life is worth something.”

“By definition, if it’s not useful, it isn’t worth anything.”

“You’re wrong!” Alex shouts.

“Then why?” H asks.

“All life inherently has value because everyone can be taught a skill that is useful,” Shane offers.


“Fine,” H tells him. “But we don’t have the time to teach people to be useful. We don’t have time to educate everyone on how to save the Universe. We pick the people who can do it, and the rest we have to just let go, otherwise they’re just going to cause more problems, and I doubt extra baggage is the thing you want to have when trying to save the Universe.” He then turns back to Alex. “Fine. If she’s useless, she’s useless, but don’t expect me to save her again anytime soon.” And with that, the cyborg storms out of the room.

Meta steps into H’s lab to find him tinkering around with what looks like some sort of explosives. He stops when he sees the young woman enter.


“I’d like to see the coordinates I provided you,” she tells the cyborg.

“Very well,” H replies. He pulls out his Pokedex and shows the coordinates to the hacker.


“Hmm, these are the same one he gave me,” Meta observes. “That must be where he is.”

“We know where we need to go. We know what we need to do. Time to get to work.”


Session Notes: Oh man, this was a freaking fantastic chapter to write! There was a lot of parts in session where there wasn’t any real RPing and very barebones descriptions of what was happening, so I had lots of room to just make shit up and make this chapter super exciting. I was in such a good mood after I finished writing this. Probably the most fun I’ve had writing a chapter in all of Volume 3.


Okay, onto plot stuff now! Alex and Naomi’s reunion was so touching. RPing it was a bit awkward, but we picked up as we went. Special thanks to The Other Guy for doing a good job RPing some of Naomi’s lines without knowing much about the character. Going back to write it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside though. After all the shit Alex has been through, as seen in her backstory (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and in the main story, it was nice for something to work out for her for once. Writing Seeing Red gave me a lot of creative freedom, which I used to sort of push them back together in the third part, and I’m glad DragonStorm allowed it to happen. Having her father show up was a very unexpected curveball though.

I did see the damn Mewtwo coming, though. That thing is freaking ridiculous! We’ve seen it destroy a whole fleet, but to tear a whole planet in half? That’s terrifying! At least everyone who matters made it out okay.


Be sure to give the fifth installment of Seeing Red a read if you haven’t yet!

Post-Chapter Challenge: It’s about damn time we’ve had one of these this volume, so damn it, I’m gonna write one! It’s not necessarily related to this chapter, but let’s talk theme songs! Leave a comment below with some songs you think fit in with the events of Spacemon we’ve seen so far. Maybe what you think might be a good theme song for a character, or the perfect score for that one epic scene you love so much.


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!

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