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Welcome to a spooky Halloween installment of Spacemon, the tale of a Pokemon TRPG campaign! It is a sci-fi space epic played using the Pokemon Tabletop United (PTU) system and GMed by fellow TAY author DragonStorm247. You can get caught up on our previous adventures here!

Long ago it was written
That once in every ten thousand years
The stars of the galaxies align
Blending our world... with theirs

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The UAS Helix flies through warp space, en route to the rendezvous point to meet up with Hondo and the rest of the Red Suns. It’s been two days since the ship escaped the destruction of Harmonia, and many of the ship’s passengers are still quite a bit shaken up from the ordeal.


Having mostly recovered from her injuries, Minerva sits in the pilot’s seat, once again manning the Helix’s controls. All seems to be running smoothly, until, suddenly, the Helix unexpectedly drops out of warp space.

“Shane, what did you do?” Dmitri immediately asks.

“I have no idea,” Shane tells him. “I don’t think it was me.” He attempts to bring the ship back into warp space, but finds himself unable. “I can’t get us back into warp space either.”


“The warp drive appears to be offline,” Morgan informs him.

“That’d do it,” Shane replies.

“I’m picking up some strange anomalies here,” Minerva continues. “You guys wanna check it out?”


Shane and Dmitri look out the main viewport, and see a strange looking planetoid floating nearby. “What is that?” Dmitri asks.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Shane answers. “It’s definitely not a ship or a station of any kind I recognize, and it’s not a planet either.” He reaches for the comms and broadcasts to the entire ship. “Hey guys, get up here.” Morgan, H, and Alex join them on the bridge shortly afterwards.

“What’s going on?” Morgan asks.

“See for yourself,” Minerva tells her, pointing at the mysterious object.

Morgan stares out the viewport, and she has a vision of a derelict ship. “Guys, I had another vision,” she informs the others. “I think a ship crashed on that thing.”


“Well, shall we check it out then?” Shane asks.

“Why not?” Alex answers. As she speaks, the engines suddenly blip offline.

“Well, I guess we are checking it out,” Minerva says as the object’s gravity begins dragging the Helix closer.


“What the hell is going on?” Alex asks as the lights begin flickering.

“I don’t know, but this is getting bad real fast!” Shane shouts.

“Brace for impact!” Minerva broadcasts over the comms.

Shane drops himself into warp space while the others strap themselves into the nearest seats they can find. The ship begins shaking violently, then everything goes black.


Shane reappears, but not on the Helix, nor in space either. Looking around at his surroundings, he spots Morgan, Dmitri, H, and Alex lying unconscious around him, surrounded by some light debris. He determines that they’re on a different ship, one that looks like it hasn’t flown in quite some time. A glance out the tiny viewport reveals a graveyard of derelict vessels. “What the hell is this place?” he asks himself.


As Shane speaks, Morgan and Dmitri slowly wake up. “This… isn’t our ship,” Morgan observes.

“Yeah, no shit,” Shane tells her. “The question is, how did we get here?”

“We have to figure that out,” Morgan replies. “As soon as possible. C’mon, let’s wake them up.” She walks over to Alex and gently shakes her awake while Shane goes over to H and gives him a kick.


“Huh?” Alex groans as her eyes slowly open. “Where are we?”

“I have no fucking idea,” Shane answers from across the room.

“Let’s just figure out how to get out of here,” Dmitri says.

“Yeah,” Alex agrees. “This place is freaking creepy.”

“It would help to know where we are first,” Shane says. He walks over to a nearby console, but, with no power, he can’t access anything. “If I had to guess, this is some kind of Genevan cruiser or destroyer, I think,” he informs his crewmates. “But, without power, I can’t get us a map. Anyone know anything about Genevan ships?”


“I do,” Morgan speaks up. “My father designs them.” She takes another cursory glance around the room. “I’m pretty sure this is one of his designs. We should try to find our way to the front of the ship. That will be our best chance at finding the others.”

“You think the others are here?” Alex asks. A very worried expression appears on her face. “We have to find them! They could be in trouble!”

“Alright then, where do we go from here?” Shane asks Morgan.

“We appear to be in some kind of maintenance area,” Morgan observes. “We’d need to go through the reactor room to get anywhere from here,” she continues, pointing toward a nearby door.


Image Credit - Filmauro, MGM

“I can sense faint thoughts from that direction,” Dmitri speaks up. “Three people, I think.”

“That could be Naomi!” Alex says urgently. “Let’s go!” She runs toward the door, with the others close behind.


Immediately upon entering the reactor room, the Helix crew sees a swarm of Gastlies swirling around a group of three people lying on the floor. The appearance of several more people seems to spook the ghost Pokemon off for the moment, and they all fade away into the shadows.

With their assailants gone, the three individuals pick themselves up. None of the crew recognize them. One is wearing a business suit, another seems to be some sort of engineer, and the third is an augmented man with bright red hair.


“Are you all okay?” Morgan asks. “Is this your ship?”

“No,” the man in the suit answers. “Our ship crashed here. We are the only survivors… Well, there were two more of us, but the ghosts got them.”

“Well, if this isn’t your ship, what the hell is going on?” Shane asks.

“We figured you’d know,” the man replies. “We crashed here and-”

“So did we,” H interrupts.

“Well, that’s just great.”

“So, who the heck are you people anyway?” Alex asks.

“I am Donald Maxwell, former Alliance senator,” the man in the suit introduces himself.


“My name is Aleksi,” the engineer introduces himself next. He appears to have a Romanov accent. “I am one of ship’s engineers. And that is Klayton,” he adds, looking over at the cybernetically augmented third individual. “He doesn’t say much.”

“Hello,” the red-haired man greets them.

“Wonderful!” H exclaims, seeing Klayton’s augmentations. “Finally, someone who understands! But now we must see what we can do with this reactor.”


“Reactor is leaking,” Aleksi warns him. “We should leave room.”

“Nonsense! We should repair it. It may be useful.”

“We should get out of here,” Morgan agrees with the engineer. “H, fixing the reactor isn’t worth being exposed to whatever’s in there.”


“I think everyone who isn’t a robot should get out of the room,” Maxwell suggests with a hint of prejudice, glancing over at H and Klayton. “They can turn it on, and, if it explodes, we’ll know it didn’t work.”

“Precisely!” H agrees. “If it explodes, I’ll be fine anyway.”

“It is worth trying,” Shane concurs. “We should at least try to restore the power.” H and Shane walk over to the reactor and begin examining it while everyone else moves as far away as possible. The two seal up the holes in the reactor with H’s sticky grenades, then prepare to turn it on.


“Guys, this won’t hold for long,” Shane tells the others. “Once the reactor’s on, we can maybe get a few minutes before we have to shut it down. I can maybe get us a map in that timespan. H, be ready to turn it on; I’ll jump into the computer as soon as you do.”

H waves his arms around, then blasts the reactor console full of power. The lights begin to flicker and explode as the power begins to come online. As soon as the computer terminal blips on, Shane pops inside and locates the map. He only glances at it for a second before a horrifying face appears and blocks it from his view. “What the fuck?!” Shane yells as the face unleashes a shrill scream. The terminal explodes, launching Shane out.

The sticky string covering the holes in the reactor burns off, and gas begins pouring out. The gas collects into clouds, which then begin breaking off from each other. Once it empties, the reactor shuts off once more. The smaller clouds condense themselves into four Gastles, while the rest of the gas forms into a Gengar.


“Not the Gengar again!” a frightened Aleksi shouts.

“Time to get out of here!” Maxwell shouts. The former senator runs to the nearest door and tries to open it. Unfortunately, the doors remains sealed tightly. He gives it a good kick, but does little more than hurt his toes.


“I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!” Alex shouts as she pulls out a Pokeball. “Lumiera, let’s do this! Use Minimize!” As the girl’s Chandelure springs from her Pokeball, the others reach for the own Pokeballs and release their Pokemon. The ghostly chandelier shrinks herself down, becoming a much harder target to hit.

The Gengar marks the nearby Rhydon as a major threat, and summons a ball of shadowy energy, which it then lobs at the Pokemon. #1 stands up to the hit and snarls at his ghostly attacker, spinning his drill. While the Rydon seems eager to keep fighting, H recalls his Pokemon, then runs to the corner of the room and magnetizes himself to the ceiling. “#9 it is your turn!” he shouts as he releases his Floatzel. “Use Rain Dance!” The newly released Pokemon summons up storm clouds and it begins to rain.


“Jean, use Electro Ball!” Morgan commands her Pikachu. The speedy yellow mouse runs forward at the Gastly Morgan is pointing at, then leaps into the air. Jean fires off a ball of electricity at the Gas Pokemon, instantly dispelling it.

“Haxorus, use Dragon Claw!” Klayton commands his own Pokemon. The dragon Pokemon charges at another Gastly and swipes at it with one of its sharp claws. Unfortunately, the ghostly Pokemon floats up, out of harm’s way. Aleksi, meanwhile, attempts to unlock the nearest door.

“Coral, use Shadow Ball!” Maxwell instructs his Clefable, pointing toward the Gastly Klayton’s Haxorus failed to hit. The Fairy Pokemon creates a ball of shadowy energy and lobs it at the Gastly, nearly taking it out. In response, the Gastly shoots out a wave a psychic energy back at the Clefable. Luckily, the attack misses and strikes the empty reactor, causing it to rupture even further. The Pokemon then turns itself invisible to avoid being hit again.


Shane runs up to the nearest Gastly and begins glitching out as he prepares a random attack. He quickly finds himself glitched right up into the Gas Pokemon’s face, attempting to Lick it. He immediately backs off, and is extremely grateful that he didn’t make contact. The Gastly floats away and fires off another wave of psychic energy at Maxwell’s Clefable. This time, the attack lands and deals a tiny bit of damage. Morgan then runs up to it and blasts the ghost with a surge of flames from her flamethrower. In response, the Gastly glares at Morgan’s weapon and causes it to short out.

“Wilhelm, use Hypnosis!” Dmitri commands his own Gengar. The Shadow Pokemon floats over to the nearest Gastly and puts it to sleep with his hypnotic gaze. Dmitri then casts out his aura to inflict a nightmare upon the sleeping ghost.


“Hey you!” Alex shouts at the Gengar attacking her friends. She runs by the ghostly assailant and starts waving her arms at it. “I’m not afraid of you!” she yells tauntingly. The momentary distraction seems to make it lower its guard.

“Heavy-G, use Rock Slide!” Aleksi orders his Aggron. The Iron Armor Pokemon blasts a surge of rocks at the Gastly floating nearby. The rocks collide with the ghost, and reduce it back to a cloud of gas.

“V.O.I.D., use Shadow Ball!” Shane commands his Cofagrigus. The Pokemon fades into view and creates a ball of shadowy energy which it lobs at the Gengar. However, the speedy ghost dodges out of the way, causing the blast to collide with the broken reactor. The Gengar responds with its own Shadow Ball attack, delivering a nasty blow to Shane’s Pokemon.


“#9, use Substitute!” H shouts. His Floatzel creates an illusory copy of herself to use as a shield. H then charges up electricity, powering himself up for a lethal attack.

“Lumiera, use Inferno!” Alex commands her Pokemon. “Burn that Gengar!” The Chandelure floats over and unleashes a torrent of flames at the Gengar, but the Shadow Pokemon proves to be a dodgy opponent and avoids the attack. “Damn it, stay still!” Alex yells in frustration.

“Jean, use Thunderbolt! Take out that Gastly!” Morgan yells to her Pikachu. The electric mouse sparks as he fires off electricity at one of the remaining Gastlies. Unfortunately, the Gas Pokemon floats out of the way at the last second.


“Haxorus, use Shadow Claw!” Klayton commands his Pokemon, pointing at the Gengar. The Haxorus charges at the Gengar, swiping at it with one of its claws as it runs past and delivering a powerful blow.

“Wilhelm, Dream Eater!” Dmitri commands his Genegar. Wilhelm floats up to the sleeping Gastly and drains away its dream energy. Dmitri then runs up and uses his Darkrai powers to do the same, taking the Gas Pokemon out.


“Coral, use Cosmic Power!” Maxwell orders his Clefable. The Fairy Pokemon waves its arms back and forth as it builds up cosmic energy. The invisible Gastly then reappears and inflicts a Curse upon the Clefable. However, the Fairy Pokemon does not appear to mind. Shane then recalls his Cofagrigus and drops into warp space.

“Alright, Heavy-G, take down this door!” Aleksi shouts to his Aggron, having been unable to open it. “Iron Tail!” The Aggron moves in and slams the door with its thick tail, putting a giant dent in it, and bending it back.


The Gengar, locks eyes with Maxwell’s Clefable and raises its arms. Its eyes flash for a second as it Hexes the Fairy Pokemon, instantly knocking it out. As Maxwell recalls his Clefable, one of the doors on a far side of the room slides open, revealing the vacuum of space. Maxwell is ripped off his feet and dragged out. The door slams shut behind him, leaving the others staring in shock.

“Lumiera, use Inferno!” Alex shouts, snapping back to the fight at hand. Her Chandelure unleashes another surge of flames, this time engulfing the Gengar and burning it.


H then holds his hands in the air, casting volts of electricity down from the ceiling. He condenses the energy down into a ball of electricity and throws it at the Gengar. The ball explodes, and dissipates the Gengar into strands of gas. Finally, Shane reappears from warp space and strikes the remaining Gastly with his marked hand, taking it out.

With the ghosts gone, everyone breathes a sigh of relief, and gathers their wits. “Okay, what the hell is going on here?!” Alex shouts, asking the question burning in everyone’s minds. Ghostly laughter echoes through the room in response to the girl’s words.

“That’s not supposed to happen,” H says firmly.

The mad cackling seems to subside at the cyborg’s words, but it continues on inside Alex’s head, even louder than before. The girl lets out a faint whimper. “Alex, it’s okay,” Morgan tells her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’s probably just more ghost Pokemon.”


“Let’s figure this out,” Shane says. He drops himself back into warp space and takes a look around. He notices that, strangely, the galaxies of the Universe seem to have aligned. He recalls an old legend about this so-called Galactic Alignment, a legend that states strange things are said to happen during this rare occurrence.

“Okay, guys,” Shane says as he returns from warp space. “This is going to sound a bit crazy, but-”

“I’m sure it’s not as crazy as fact that you can teleport around like that,” Aleksi interrupts. “Would somebody care to explain?”


“He’s got a magic tattoo!” Alex shouts. She points a finger at the glowing mark on Shane’s arm as he makes a rude gesture with it, and intensifies the glow.

“He doesn’t like to talk about it,” Morgan informs Aleksi. “But you don’t need to worry. He’s not going to hurt you.”

“So, as I was saying,” Shane continues. “There’s some strange shit going on here.”


“Yeah, no shit,” Alex tells him.

“Have any of you heard of the tale of Galactic Alignment?” Shane asks, ignoring her.

“Galactic what?” Alex asks, sounding confused.

“Galactic Alignment,” Dmitri tells her. “It’s an old legend. Based on the way the galaxies move through the Universe, they line up roughly every ten-thousand years or so. They say that’s when the physical world and the spirit world are closest.”


Image Credit - NASA

“I call bullshit,” Morgan tells him.

“That’s just what the legend says,” Dmitri replies. “No one even knows where the legend originates from anyway.”


“Well, the galaxies are aligned,” Shane says. “And, whatever the legends say about these kind of events, apparently they’re happening, and they’re happening here, right now.”

“Oh, wonderful,” Aleksi says sarcastically.

“So, we know this weird thing has been going on due to some mysterious celestial event,” H says. “And we have no detail on that, so that was completely useless. Can we move on now?”


“Let’s just get out of here,” Morgan suggests.

“I would recommend against it,” H tells her. “We’re kind of missing half our crew.”

“Well, then we’ll just have to look for them.”

“Then let us move on!” H declares. He looks over at the damaged doorway. Aleksi nods at his Aggron, and the Pokemon bashes the door open completely.


The group presses onward, deeper into the ship. Alex can hear the laughter growing louder inside her head as they go. It soon becomes too much for her to take.

Aaaaaahhhh!” the group hears Alex scream. “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” She places her hands over her ears, but the laughter just won’t stop.


“Is your friend alright?” Aleksi asks the others.

“She’ll be fine,” Morgan tells him. She then turns to Alex. “Alex?”

“They won’t stop laughing at me,” the girl whimpers as she clings desperately to her Chandelure.


“They will if you embrace the glory that is upgrading,” H tells her.

“H, shut up,” Morgan snaps at him. She then walks over to Alex. “Alex, it will be alright,” she says, putting an arm around her.

As the group progresses on, the ship begins to change. Morgan notices that the further they go, the ship seems less and less like a Genevan ship. “Something doesn’t seem right here,” Morgan says to the others. “The ship is changing. It looks different.”


Image Credit - Howard Schechtman

“You’re right,” Dmitri agrees. “It looks like a Romanov transport ship now. An older model by the looks of it,” he adds, taking a look around. The area the group now finds themselves in appears to be living quarters. The hallway is lined with four doors leading into rooms with beds and small desks.

Dmitri peers into one of the rooms and notes that it must be a child’s room as the floor is scattered with toys. “Creepy,” he mumbles before moving onto the next room. He finds a computer in there filled with corrupted files, but nothing of use other than a few credits.


“Let me take a look at that,” Shane says. He pops into the computer and takes a look around. Unfortunately, with all the corrupt files, he only finds out that it belonged to a family killed by Supremacist forces while attempting to flee from the Romanov civil war. “Not much of use here,” Shane tells Dmitri upon exiting the machine.

Meanwhile, Alex follows closely behind Morgan, who takes a look at one of the rooms on the other side of the corridor. Inside, the two see a body lying on the bed. Whoever it was appears to have died of space exposure. In fact, the body looks quite familiar. “Wait, isn’t this…” Morgan starts to say, recognizing the body as Senator Maxwell.

She’s interrupted by a loud crack as Maxwell’s body begins to move. All the bones crackle unnaturally as it slowly sits up. Alex lets out a shrill scream and bolts out of the room. Morgan follows close behind and quickly shuts the door as they exit.


“Oh, what are you screaming about now?” H asks Alex, sounding quite annoyed.

“There’s a zombie in there!” Alex shouts.

“I hate to say it, but I think Alex is right,” Morgan agrees.

“What’s all the screaming about?” Aleksi asks as he and Klayton run over.

“She’s screaming because she’s insane,” H answers.

“No, there’s a zombie in there!” Alex shouts, pointing at the door.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Aleksi tells her as he reaches for the door console.

No!” Alex screams as the door opens.

Image Credit - Visceral Games, EA


Inside, the corpse’s mouth opens as if to speak, but instead of air escaping from its lungs there is only darkened blood. The zombified Maxwell leaps out at the engineer and grabs onto him. Aleksi howls in pain as Maxwell bites a chunk out of his arm. The now-cursed Romanov throws the zombie off and runs away as fast as he can.

“Lumiera, kill it!” Alex screams. “Kill it with fire! Inferno!” The girl’s Chandelure unleashes a torrent of flames into the room, reducing Maxwell’s corpse to a pile of ashes. A Pokeball falls into the pile, and the corpse of Maxwell’s Clefable pops out. “No, not zombie Pokemon!” Alex cries in dismay at one of her greatest fears come to life. She turns to run, but a group of four Shuppets led by a Banette emerges from the shadows.


“Haxorus, use Outrage!” Klayton commands his Pokemon, pointing at the Banette. The Axe Jaw Pokemon charges at the ghostly entity and smashes it with its head, mauling it with its jaw blades. In response, the Banette waves its arms and inflicts a Curse upon the Haxorus and Alex’s Chandelure. Then, it vanishes.

“Jean, use Electro Ball!” Morgan instructs her Pikachu. The electric mouse jumps up and flings a ball of electricity at the zombified Clefable, knocking it back a bit.


“Lumiera, use Shadow Ball!” Alex cries. “Stop that monster!” Her Pokemon fires off a ball of energy at the zombie Pokemon, but the shot goes wide and bursts against the wall. Alex then immediately recalls Lumiera, and releases her Lucario.

Image Credit - UVERwolf

Dmitri then releases his Scizor and directs it over toward the others. “Gigan, Steel Wing!” he commands the newly released Pokemon. The Scizor flies up and slices the undead Clefable with her wing, cleaving one of its arms clean off.


Meanwhile, Shane throws out his Klefki, and directs it after the group of three Shuppets floating near him and Dmitri. “K.E.Y.S., use Metal Sound!” he commands the Pokemon. The Klefki jingles his keys at them, seemingly weakening their defenses. In response, the Shuppets blast K.E.Y.S. with ghostly energy, taking him down. Luckily, the Klefki manages to blast one with a wave of thunder before falling unconscious. The other Shuppet, floating over by the others, releases a burst of ghostly flame at Dmitri’s Scizor, then turns itself invisible.

H then pulls out his Pokeball cannon and loads it up with a pester ball. “Stand clear!” he shouts as he aims it at the group of Shuppets. Shane teleports Dmitri and himself out of harm’s way as the cyborg pulls the trigger. The ball explodes in the middle of the three Shuppets, burning them with the chemicals contained within.

The zombified Clefable creates a ball of shadowy energy and throws it at Morgan’s Pikachu. However, the speedy little Pokemon dodges out of the way. “Heavy-G, Iron Head!” Aleksi commands his Aggron in response. The Iron Armor Pokemon charges at the Clefable and takes it down with a swift bash of its skull. With the Clefable out of the way, Morgan runs over to the group of Shuppets and releases a tide of flames from her flamethrower at one of them.


“Haxorus, use Shadow Claw!” Klayton orders his Pokemon. Unfortunately, the Haxorus rages about in confusion and injures itself instead.

Meanwhile, H has his Floatzel hang back and keep bulking up. The Banette then reappears and releases a blast of ghostly energy at #9, leaving the Floatzel quite injured.


“Anubis, use Swords Dance!” Alex yells to her Lucario. Anubis crosses his arms. clanking his spikes together as he builds up power. However, the Banette floats over and envelopes the Aura Pokemon, draining away the power for itself. “No, you big jerk!” Alex whines. She makes a pouty face at the Banette, distracting it and preventing it from fully absorbing Anubis’s power.

“Jean, use Thunderbolt!” Morgan shouts, directing her Pikachu after one of the Shuppets. The electric mouse sparks off bolts of electricity from his cheeks, dispelling the ghostly entity.

Shane then throws out his Spiritomb near the Shuppets. The Pokemon emerges from his ball invisible, but makes his presence known to the enemy ghosts by the pressure it exerts. Next, Shane blips back into warp space to prepare another attack.


“Gigan, Pursuit!” Dmitri commands his Scizor. “Hit that Banette!” The Scizor flies up to the Marionette Pokemon and strikes it with her claws, whittling away its defenses. Dmitri then casts out a ray of energy with his psychic abilities, sending the Banette and one of the Shuppets into a state of confusion.


The Shuppets begin floating around in a circle, preparing to attack. The one Shane’s Klefki zapped, however, suddenly freezes in place and falls out of sync with the others. One of the remaining two begins to glow, while the third inflicts a Curse upon Morgan’s Pikachu.

“Heavy-G, Shadow Claw that Banette!” Aleksi commands his Aggron. The large metal Pokemon charges at the Banette and swipes at it with its sharp claws. However, the glowing Shuppet moves in to block the attack. The critical strike annihilates the Shuppet, but, before the ghost goes down, it bonds its destiny with the Aggron, taking the Iron Armor Pokemon down with it.

As the Pokemon go down, the engineer hears the creepy tones of a music box behind him. He turns just in time to see a giant shadowy hand spring out of a jack-in-the-box lying on ground. The apparition wraps its dark fingers around Aleksi and begins dragging him back toward the box. He cries out, clawing at the floor.


“Oh no you don’t,” Klayton reacts. “Haxorus, Shadow Claw!” Unfortunately, his Pokemon continues to rage about and hurts itself one again.

“#9, you have done your job!” H proclaims. He recalls his Floatzel, and then throws out another Pokeball. “#4, it is your time now!” He shouts as his Trevenant emerges. The cyborg then throws one of his custom plasma laser bots at the box the shadowy hand holding Aleksi originated from. The bot slices the box in half, and the hand dissipates, accompanied by a hellish scream. “You are useful, so you have been saved!” H declares.

“Let’s try this again!” Alex shouts. “Anubis, use Swords Dance!” The girl’s Lucario builds up his power once more, this time uninterrupted. “Now to pass it on to Ebony…” In one quick move, Alex recalls the Lucario, and releases her Umbreon. “Nyeeaaaahh!” Alex taunts the Banette as she sticks her tongue out at it. Once again, she distracts the Marionette Pokemon and leaves it vulnerable to attack.


Dmitri then raises his hand and blasts the Banette with ghostly energy, delivering a nasty blow. “Now, Gigan, use Pursuit on that Shuppet!” he commands. His Scizor flies over to one of the remaining Puppet Pokemon and swipes at it with her claws.

“Jean, use Electro Ball!” Morgan shouts to her Pikachu. “Take that Shuppet out!” Jean fires off another ball of electricity, which collides with the Shuppet and takes it out with an explosion of sparks. The remaining Shuppet blasts the Pikachu with ghostly energy, and finally takes the Pokemon out.


Shane then emerges from warp space, and strikes the Banette with his marked hand, further whittling it down. “T.O.M.B., use Feint Attack!” he then commands his Pokemon. The Spiritomb becomes visible and floats over to the Banette. T.O.M.B. casts out a shadowy hand to strike the enemy ghost, then vanishes once again.

Morgan recalls her fainted Pikachu and sends out her Samurott. “Herman, use Razor Shell!” Her Pokemon runs up to the Banette, and strikes it with his shell blade. Morgan follows up the attack with a burst from her flamethrower, but the Banette floats out of the way.

“Ebony, use Feint Attack!” Alex instructs her Umbreon. Ebony charges up to the Banette and strikes it from behind, causing it to flinch.


“Haxorus, use Shadow Claw!” Klayton commands, directing his Pokemon to attack the Banette. The Haxorus’s neck blades glow purple as it rushes the Marionette Pokemon. With one fell strike, it tears it right in two. As it fades away, the Banette unleashes a blast of ghostly energy, taking the Haxorus down with it.


As his Pokemon goes down, a small wind-up toy comes to life and flies over at Klayton, brandishing a wind-up key. As it gets close, Klayton manages to punt it away, knocking it into the wall. H then fires off a massive wave of electricity, taking out the remaining Shuppet and the toy assaulting Klayton.

As the group recalls their fainted Pokemon, Aleksi collapses to the ground, finally succumbing to the cursed bite wound the zombified Maxwell inflicted upon him. Dmitri walks over and checks his pulse, confirming that he has, in fact, died. He then pats down his fellow Romanov’s body and locates his Pokeball. He stands back up and sticks the ball in his pocket. “So it doesn’t come back to kill us later,” he explains when he sees the others giving him funny looks.

“A great idea!” H commends him. “We should also burn the body!”

“I agree,” Shane concurs. He pulls out a Pokeball and releases his Delphox. “G.W.Y.N., use Overheat,” he commands the Pokemon. The Delphox fires a blast of flames at Aleksi’s lifeless body, reducing him to ashes.


H immediately collects a sample of the ashes. “I must study these, because zombies don’t exist!”

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As the remainder of the group waits around, seeing to their Pokemon’s injuries and preparing for the possibility of another fight, they begin to get the feeling that they’re being watched. They turn, observing the silhouette of a little girl holding a doll standing in the doorway. She turns and walks around the corner, and the sound of faint giggling floats back down the hall into the room.

“Enough of this!” H shouts, blasting a wave of electricity out the door. More giggling floats into the room, as if to taunt him.

“H, you’re not actually hitting anything,” Shane tells him as he peeks his head around the corner. He spots the little girl fading into the darkness of the long hallway. “C’mon guys, let’s go,” he says, waving the others to follow.


The group proceeds down the long corridor, and, once again, the style of the ship begins to change, this time morphing to a design they’ve never seen before. To Alex, it starts to seem a bit familiar; it reminds her of the ruins back on Vandia. She hears the creepy giggling echoing in her mind as she draws the conclusion. Alex reaches out and tightly grips Morgan’s arm for comfort.

Eventually, the corridor opens up into a large chamber with some sort of statue in the center. “This place seems familiar,” Shane says. “This is like some sort of prayer room from the previous cycle. And that statue is definitely a Cofagrigus,” he adds, glancing over at his own Cofagrigus for confirmation.

“If that is the case, then we must do this right!” H declares. “We must attack it before it attacks us!” The group commands their Pokemon to attack the dormant Cofagrigus, landing several hits, both poisoning and burning it, and leaving it disoriented. Unfortunately, as many of them move into the room, they step on poisonous spikes littered across the floor, becoming poisoned themselves.


“Lumiera, use Hex!” Alex commands her Chandelure as the Cofagrigus wakes up. “You too, V.O.I.D.!” Shane commands his own Cofagrigus. The two ghost Pokemon, along with Dmitri, unleash a triple Hex attack on the enemy Cofagrigus, delivering a very nasty blow.

“Blaise, use Sunny Day!” Morgan commands her Charmeleon. The Flame Pokemon shoots a ball of fire up, into the center of the room, creating a miniature sun that illuminates the room. Morgan then sprays the Cofagrigus with her flamethrower, burning away more of its defensive outer shell.

“#4, use Growth!” H commands his Trevenant. Taking advantage of the sunlight, #4 builds up power quickly and increases in size. Meanwhile, Shane drops himself into warp space.


The Cofagrigus floats up into the air and prepares to attack, but it ends up flubbing its attack in its disoriented state. “Ha! You stupid ghost!” Alex taunts it. “Lumiera, use Shadow Ball!” Keeping her distance, Alex’s Chandelure fires off a ball of shadowy energy, which collides with the Cofagrigus and knocks several more pieces of its coffin shell away.

“Blaise, use Flame Burst!” Morgan instructs her Charmeleon. As her Pokemon spits out a burst of flames, Morgan immediately shoots off her own with her flamethrower. Unfortunately, the Cofagrigus floats out of the way of both hits.


“I will show you how it’s done!” H shouts. He fires off a giant bolt of electricity at the Cofagrigus, knocking it out and blasting open the front of the coffin, revealing the charred corpse of Aleksi. The burnt zombie lets out a disgusting gurgling noise as four Yamasks appear behind the group.

Shane immediately drops out of warp space and slams one of the Yamasks with his marked hand. “V.O.I.D., use Shadow Ball!” he then commands his Cofagrigus. The Coffin Pokemon blasts another of the Yamasks with a ball of ghostly energy.


The Yamasks ignore Shane and his Pokemon and all float over to #4. They all blast the Trevenant with ghostly energy. “Teleport out of there!” H commands his Pokemon. The first three Yamasks land their attacks, but #4 warps out of the way of the last, managing to keep himself from going down.

Meanwhile, the burnt zombie that was Aleksi shambles toward Klayton and grabs onto him. Klayton wrestles against his undead assailant, but neither gains the upper hand.


“Lumiera, use Hex!” Alex shouts to her Chandelure, directing it after one of the injured Yamasks. However, Lumiera is unable to land the hit.

“Blaise, use Flame Burst!” Morgan commands her Charmeleon, pointing to the same Yamask. This time, Blaise’s attack lands and takes the Pokemon out. Morgan then recalls the Charmeleon and releases her Binnacle.


“#4, use Phantom Force!” H commands his Trevenant. The ghostly tree vanishes from sight as it prepares to attack.

“V.O.I.D., use Ominous Wind!” Shane yells to his Cofagrigus. V.O.I.D. floats up to one of the Yamasks and opens her coffin lid, blasting out a gust of ghostly wind, which takes her target down.

“Lumiera, use Shadow Ball!” Alex commands her Pokemon. The Chandelure fires off a blast of ghostly energy at one of the two remaining Yamasks. The shot plows right through it and destroys it in an explosion of shadows. #4 then reappears behind the final Yamask and smashes it with one of his powerful limbs. The ghostly Pokemon collides with the ground and its mask shatters.


With the Yamasks taken care of, the crew looks over at Aleksi’s zombie slowly pulling Klayton toward the Cofagrigus coffin. Before anyone can do anything to help, the burnt corpse drags the cyborg down into the coffin and the lid slams shut.

“We are just amazing at saving people,” H says dryly. “Now, let us move on!”

Pressing onward, the crew eventually arrives at what appears to be the bridge of this ancient ship. A little girl, no more than six years of age, stands in the center of the room. She stares at the crew with her glowing red eyes, and an innocent, yet sinister, smile slowly spreads across her face.


“Hi,” she greets them in a cute, but incredibly unnerving, tone of voice. “Will you play with me?” The doors slam shut behind the crew as she asks the question.

Now that she can see her tormentor for what she really is, Alex feels her fear replaced with determination. A Chandelure, a Mismagius, and a Froslass appear around the little girl as she locks eyes with Alex.

The little girl points at the crew and her Froslass summons a massive blast a freezing air. The attack collides with Shane’s Cofagrigus and Morgan’s Charmeleon, and freezes both of them solid! Her Mismagius then fires a wave of psychic energy at Dmitri’s Gengar, dealing a powerful blow.


“Lumiera, use Minimize!” Alex commands her Chandelure. The ghostly chandelier shrinks herself down, becoming a smaller target. The little girl smiles creepily at Alex as her own Chandelure does the same.

“Wilhelm, Shadow Ball!” Dmitri instructs his Gengar as he points at the Mismagius that attacked him. The Shadow Pokemon creates a ball of shadowy energy and tosses it at the Mismagius, getting a bit of payback.


“#7, use Safeguard!” H commands his Swablu. The Cotton Bird Pokemon shrouds the crew and their Pokemon with a protective veil of energy as H pulls out his Pokeball cannon. The cyborg fires off a pester ball at the clump of ghost Pokemon which explodes into a cloud of noxious fumes, poisoning them.

Due to his hot internal body temperature, the ice surrounding Morgan’s Charmeleon melts away. “Blaise, use Sunny Day!” Morgan shouts as her Pokemon frees himself of his icy prison. The Charmeleon creates another miniature sun in the room that Morgan hopes will help defrost Shane’s Pokemon. She then blasts the Froslass with her flamethrower.


The Froslass ignores Morgan and casts a Hex upon Shane’s frozen Cofagrigus, delivering a nasty injury. Miraculously, the Coffin Pokemon manages to stay up. Just to be safe, Shane recalls his Pokemon and throws out his Spiritomb instead. Meanwhile, the Mismagius shoots a mystical blast of fire at Dmitri’s Gengar.

“Lumiera, use Inferno!” Alex yells to her Chandelure. Lumiera releases a torrent of flames at the Froslass, horribly burning it. Somehow, the frigid ghost manages to survive.

“Blaise, use Flame Burst!” Morgan commands her Charmeleon, directing it after the Froslass. Blaise spits out a burst of flames, and finishes it off.


“Yeah! Teamwork!” Alex shouts victoriously.

Rushing to its friend’s aid, the enemy Chandelure unleashes a massive tide of hellish flames at the Helix crew and their Pokemon, filling almost the entire hallway. Alex quickly leaps backwards, out of harm’s way, and H grapples himself onto the ceiling, also avoiding the attack. Meanwhile, Morgan uses her psionic abilities to avoid being hurt, and Shane uses his brand to swap his position with that of the Mismagius, causing it to be hit by the attack instead. The crew’s Pokemon are not so lucky; H’s Swablu, Dmitri’s Gengar, and Morgan’s Charmeleon are instantly brought down by the powerful attack.


“T.O.M.B., use Ominous Wind!” Shane commands his Spiritomb while the others switch out their Pokemon. T.O.M.B. blasts the enemy Chandelure with ghostly wind. After landing his attack, the Spiritomb turns invisible.

Back on the other end of the room, the Mismagius launches a ball of shadowy energy at Alex’s Chandelure, nearly taking her down. “Let’s see how you like it!” Alex shouts angrily, pointing her finger at the magical ghost. “Lumiera, use Inferno!” The ghostly chandelier blasts the Mismagius with a stream of fire, taking it down. However, the Mismagius drags Lumiera down with it with a final Curse.


“You’ll pay for that!” Alex responds as she recalls her fainted Pokemon. “Leviathan! Water Spout!” She yells as she releases her most powerful Pokemon. As it emerges, the Storm Leviathan floods the bridge with a massive burst of water. Unfortunately, the enemy Chandelure phases through a piece of the architecture and avoids getting hit.

“Use Feint Attack!” Both Shane and H command their Pokemon. The Spiritomb and the Trevenant rush the Chandelure and strike it with their shadowy attacks as it emerges from the other side of the column.

“Now, Razor Shell!” Morgan yells to her Samurott. Herman runs up the the ghostly chandelier and slashes at it with his shell blade, further whittling it down.


The Chandelure begins to glow, then casts out a massive blast of spectral energy at H’s Trevenant. “Teleport!” H commands the ghost tree just in time.

“Now, finish it with Water Pulse, Leviathan!” Alex yells. Her powerful Pokemon fires a blast of water at the Chandelure, and takes it down. “Yeah! Play with that, bitch!” Alex shouts triumphantly, pointing her finger at the creepy little girl.


The little girl giggles as she looks right at Alex. “That was fun,” she says. “Maybe we can play again sometime… after you die...” The words send a chill down Alex’s spine.

The little girl waves as she slowly fades away with her Pokemon, and the ship rumbles as if it’s about to jump. The crew begins to drift off, and everything fades to black...

(To the tune of “Land of the Dead” by Voltaire)

They wake up on the Helix
It seems no time has passed
They reach into their pockets and
Each finds that they now has


One anomaly badge
And six rare candies too
Minerva says they’re all insane
But hey what else is new?

Session Notes: I know this is coming out a bit late, but this was the special Halloween session of Spacemon we had on the actual date of Halloween this year! It was a very special session that was also part Halloween party, so we had a few guest players! A good friend of mine, plus two players from the PTU game that The Other Guy GMs participated and played the roles of Aleksi, Klayton, and Senator Maxwell. DragonStorm let them each build one Pokemon and gave them a general story of how they wound up on the spooky ghost ship. Their own backstories were theirs to bullshit. Although most of it didn’t make it into the write-up for the sake of narrative flow, I’ve gotta give real credit to the guy who came up with Senator Maxwell for giving us some good comic relief during the session!


DragonStorm put a ton of effort into this special session in the form of the equivalent of a spooky, scary Ghost Gym, and a seasonally appropriate bit of lore! He even came prepared with lots of great music, including a spectacular splicing of the intro to The Nightmare Before Christmas and the intro music to like every Pokemon movie. Plus he made some fantastic music choices for all the encounters. And, finally, he wrapped it up with the song “Land of the Dead” by Voltaire and surprised us all by singing his own custom final verse, seen above.

And, we just had to spice up the normal header and title images for this session! I placed a bunch of spooky pumpkin faces into the planets in the header, and TAY GIF master, Unimplied whipped up the special title card! DragonStorm came up with the concept of starting with The Nightmare Before Christmas opening scene, and putting the Pokeball on the Halloween door, and then Unimplied brought it to life!

This was a fun and unique session, but some of the fights seemed to drag on just a bit too long. Other than that, it was a great experience. Funnily enough, I kept rolling my lowest possible roll on the Focus skill, a straight up 1, for all the creepy laughter until the very end when I rolled my highest roll of 6. So, Alex had a very personal interaction with this “Gym.”


In the end, we all got crapload of EXP and six rare candies! So much leveling up! Our Pokemon were all pretty underleveled for where we were in the campaign, but not anymore!

Be sure to check out the sixth installment of Seeing Red, the miniseries starring my former character, Arlon Jett!

Post-Chapter Challenge: That certainly was an exciting Halloween special, now wasn’t it?! A spooky, scary, Ghost Gym spectacular! Today’s challenge is quite simple: come up with your own Spacemon holiday special! Pick any holiday you want, and share an idea for a chapter themed around that holiday. You can even come up with an alternative Halloween special if you like. Feel free to be as silly or as serious as you want with your ideas!


That does it for this chapter. As always the Spacemon gang and I will be monitoring the comments to foster discussion and answer any questions. Feel free to give feedback and critiques of the writing so I can improve it for the future, or just leave a comment with what you think about what went down in this chapter or what you think might happen next! You can also revisit past chapters, check out the Spacemon Appendix which is a repository of information on all the lore and characters of Spacemon, or like our Facebook page to stay updated on all things Spacemon! Click here for the next exciting installment of Spacemon!