I'm really feeling it!

Special Thanks to GranArcanum, My Secret SanTAY

Living in the Great White North has it's drawbacks, and shipping to it from another country is one of them. GBD had given me the heads up that my Secret SanTAY had been having difficulties trying to send my gift to Canada.

So while all you TAY member were thanking your Secret SanTAY in the reveal thread, I waited patiently for USPS and Canada Post to sort their stuff out and deliver a mysterious package to me.


Yesterday I got a package in the mail with two nicely wrapped gifts inside (see image above). All I can say is, wow. Thank you so much Gran! Since I couldn't thank you in the reveal thread, you get your own post, full of thanks!

FFXIII-2 has arrived at the perfect time. I've been trying to keep one new console game going for me at all times, and I just finished up Wind Waker a couple weeks ago. This will keep me occupied for a while.

And Bakuman is easily one (if not, my most) favourite manga series. I read a lot of manga online, but this is the only series that I've actually fully supported by buying the physical copies. It will be read several times.

Thank you again GranArcanum. I hope your holidays were filled with cheer, and that this new year will be a great one!

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