I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Between the podcast and the secret dungeon article, it’s fair to say that this week’s all about Final Fantasy XV. So I’ve figured that now would be a good time to showcase some SPEED UP versions of some of the game’s music tracks.
(For the uninitiated among you, see here for an explanation what SPEED UP is. The short version is: I play video game tracks at 50% increased speed and see whether it sounds good or not)

The first track (see above) is none other than the menu music theme, called “Crystalline Chill”. I could listen to it for days on end, speed-up or not.


Fair warning: You may not recognize the following three tracks, as they are of the subtle type and only play once or twice in the game. Be sure to check out the original version to refresh your memory (link in each video’s description on YouTube).

Ardyn has two themes in the game. His first theme captures his Kefkaesque nature better, but is underutilized. All the more reason for it to shine here!

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t even remember where “The Aggressors” first played in the game. This goes for a handful of tracks in XV’s soundtrack which are just a touch too subtle to stand out, but always deliver.


Upon going through the entire soundtrack, the composition of this track stood out to me, and its Speed Up version could double as a boss fight.

The last track “Wanderlust” (German for “feeling in the mood for some wandering/camping”), is all My Heart Will Go On at the beginning, but it starts properly at 0:55.


The Speed Up version gives me an airship theme vibe. Considering that you can’t listen to the real airhsip theme because the Regalia’s engines are too loud, this might as well be the real deal (seriously, the audio volume mix in this game is not ideal at times).

That’s it for today’s tracks. Be sure to check out the playlist on YouTube for more tracks that are being played at 50% increased speed!

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