Plus an easter egg for Habboi and the Gang.

Since its Easter, I decided to give you some more tracks from my SPEED UP>>> series. (In case you still don't know what that is, read the description of the YouTube videos).

Today I've got a selection of mostly metal and fast-paced tracks. Two of them are from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, and the other two are from Apocalyptica, one of these games that have a rather nuts story and bad gameplay, but an insanely-good soundtrack. Seriously, listen to that main menu music - amazingly-beautiful!

As always, feedback is appreciated.

And here's a little something for all the A Hat in Time fans out there:

Granted, it doesn't sound any different or improved when speed up. But the fact that it sounds just as lovely at that speed speaks for the strong melody and instruments used for this song. The composer hereby receives my speed up approval! (which basically says that his compositions are unexpectedly flexible).


And really, isn't this version of Mafia Town a nice change of pace?

Happy Easter Everyone!