I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

SPEED UP>>> - Some Preview Tracks (Again)

I thought it would take longer for me to find more suitable tracks, but apparently lightning struck twice this month. I present you two more SPEED UP tracks, this time from the tower defense game Sanctum 2.

As always, for the uninitiated, see here for an explanation what this is all about.


The two tracks are played during the preparation phase of the last battle in the main game, and in the last battle of the DLC respectively. They're very good mood enhancers when played at their original speed, but the 50% speed bonus gives them the finishing touch.

"The Titan Stirs" becomes a more active track and the 80's synthesizer effects become more prominent.


"Time and Time Again", on the other hand, turned into the ultimate hybrid of background and combat music. It could be played during both the build and combat phase like this.

And here are the two beauties:

As always, feedback is appreciated. Remember, you can find a link to the original tracks in each video's description so you can compare them.

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