I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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At long last, the third volume of SPEED UP >>> has arrived. You can find the YouTube playlist here, and the article for older volumes here and here.


This time around I did a garage sale of sorts: Every track I had in my "Maybe" folder has been added in this volume, as well as some other good and new maybe tracks.
I decided to experiment in all volumes with odd numbers (1,3) and provide only the very best in volumes with even numbers (2).
As a result, this volume once again contain tracks that may or may not be as awesome as one (me) might think. But don't worry, atrocities like Virtuous Mission will no longer be repeated. I also decided to break my "two tracks per game" rule just this once, as I wanted to release them at last.


This will be the last volume I'll do this year as I've covered almost all games I'm familiar with. I still haven't touched many of the Final Fantasy games, as well as some JRPG favorites like Final Fantasy X and Tales of Symphonia, and also some others.
I want to "unlock" these soundtracks first before I listen to them again. I've not touched these games for a while, so that when I replay them again, the music feels at least slightly fresh to me because I haven't heard it recently. I'll not go through every track just for the sake of finding out whether it fits for SPEED UP or not, so you guys will have to wait until I've played some more old and new games.

And now for some of this volume's highlights:

Hey, you've got some Tristram in my JRPG!
Who would've thought that Tales of the Abyss holds such a surprise in the form of a speed-up track that sounds similar like music from a WRPG! The biggest surprise in SPEED UP history by far.

Continuing with another JRPG, we got Snow's Theme which, just like the guy in question, absolutely kicks ass!

A hidden gem of the lesser-known spin-off for No One Lives Forever 2, the Italy Combat track became one of my favorites the first time I heard it. Speed-up, it's even better!

This is what qualifies as "slightly different experience" I guess. Even though I can hardly memorize the original track, speed-up I like it considerably more.


This is all for today. Feel free to post your opinion in the comments!

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