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*Disclaimer: I have played the beta version of this game and I'm a friend of the developer and I am not getting paid to write this.*

I don't play many mobile games, not because I think they're all bad, but mostly because my phone is kinda a piece of crap and loses about half of it's battery if I use it for too much at once. In any case, I'm writing this today because my friend, Shiny Yang, recently released a mobile game, Speedypups, to the Itunes and Google Play store and I finally got to play the full version of the game. I'm not here to say this game is great or not as I feel it would be unethical of me, but I do want to convince you to try the game.


Speedypups is a runner type game that takes inspiration from 2d platforming games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Rayman Legends, and Donkey Kong Country. The control scheme is simple. You tap your screen to jump and you can tap once more to double jump and you can hold the screen to slow your descent as well. Also, you can swipe your scene to spin through the air and break through certain obstacles and slightly aim your dog in the direction you swiped.

In the game, you will have to traverse carefully crafted 2D stages to get to the end of each stage. This is much easier said than done as each stage features a wide variety of obstacles such spikes, moving enemies, sections of the stage where you run on the wall or ceiling, and many other obstacles that can alter gameplay in different ways. Also, every time you boot up the game, the stages a remixed a bit. So each time you play a stage, you will have a different experience.


Like some other mobile games, Speedypups is initially free to download and has in app purchases, but the way these purchases are handled is well done. Essentially, you can pay to get the game ad free and you can pay real money to get in game currency (coins), which you can use continue your run if you get a gameover or to buy items that can help you in the free run mode or you can buy other dogs, which play differently from each other. Although you can buy coins, you can also earn them by playing the game: booting up the game each day, using bones that you collect in the main game mode to spin a roulette that can give coins, or completing challenges in the challenge mode. The many different ways you can earn coins is very friendly because it allows you to get in game content rather quickly if they are good at the game or if they are diligent enough to work for their coins.


Speedypups is a very solid game. It has a simple control that interacts well with the stages, which makes for deep gameplay. Also, the in game currency system is pretty user friendly. In all, I implore you to look at/download Speedypups as it is a fun game.

You can download Speedypups on IOS or Android today.


P.S. Don't smite me morie!!! DX

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