Yesterday was day 1 of this year's E3 and boy was it a good one for Sony and Microsoft. But today is Nintendo's day, and the fanboy in me is really thinking that Nintendo could easily walk away with the E3 crown this year.

To reiterate: Microsoft showed off 19 items, and most of them were games that if you keep up with gaming news at all, you already knew they existed. Sony had 32 items, and had the much better IPs. The only fault in their conference was talking about numbers and TV. Yet, that is alright with me as I am excited for Powers because it is an amazing comic, go read it.

If I had to rate the pressers this is how it would go for me:

Microsoft had the best message, "Games, Games, and Games" Phil Spencer literally said that before the conference started. They showed off two games that will be rebooted for the Xbox One. Phantom Dust was an interesting game for the Xbox, problem is I don't remember that much about it, and the CG trailer didn't really assist much in bringing back memories.


Ubisoft had the best presentation, minus the unnecessary cursing and the lack of professional clothing. But some of their IPs look outstanding! Rainbow 6: Siege is probably my biggest highlight of E3. Other than that, the scale of Assassin's Creed: Unity looked amazing, and the French Revolution is a great period to set the game in. More of The Division was also shown and it looks amazing. Here's hoping that TAY will have that game featured in Game Night sometime in the future. (As well as R6: Siege)


Sony had the best content and their confidence was contagious. Like I said, in my opinion Sony's only fault was that they didn't keep their message clear. And some of their gameplay demos (LBP3) dragged on for too long. Their re-branding of the Vita TV to PS TV really makes me think that the Vita is going to die. But they did mention that there are over 100 new games being made for the system. The problem was, I didn't see any of them. Sony had two new IPs to show Bloodborne, and Let It Die. Both of the games did not show what the gameplay was going to be like, but it definitely gave off vibes of how the game will be. If Sony shortened their presser, I think it would of been perfect. But regardless they showed off more of No Man's Sky, so that is a win in my book.

EA... Well I drifted in and out of interest after they opened with Battlefront 3, which had no gameplay shown. I appreciate the detail DICE is putting into the game but I REALLY wanted to see some gameplay.


Now Nintendo will present their digital event at 9:00 a.m. PT. I really think that if they show off some new games, and maybe a new IP they will run away with the trophy this year. For instance, they have X to show off, more SSB: Wii U characters to reveal, Zelda U, and of course they have all of their other IPs that they can show off. I really think a Metroid game would steal the show. Let alone that all the hype behind what SSB characters will be revealed has stolen my attention. (Here's hoping Meta Knight joins the brawl!) I think Nintendo also has a lot of gameplay that they can show off which is a huge deal. This is because the other of the Big 3 did not have much gameplay footage to show.

I think Nintendo also has a lot to prove this year, and they are in do or die mode. This is their chance to boost their Wii U sales which in turn will hopefully bring in 3rd part support. But who knows what Nintendo will do? I still remember their last E3 press conference and if their digital event follows suit then Nintendo may be into some big trouble.


My question to anyone reading is what Nintendo game would you like to see today? Also, are there any highlights from yesterday that stand out to you? Like I said before, for me it was Rainbow 6: Siege. What about you?