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Spicing Up Your Backlog Slog

Welcome to the year 2016, people! Yes, another year behind us, and a bunch of games that we have left unfinished. Our backlogs can be massive, stretching back years as we get attracted to newer and flashier games. Looking at the game forecast, there is nothing on the horizon for a few months, so let’s use that time to clean up our backlogs a bit.

The Merriam-Websters dictionary defines the word Slog as the following:

  • to keep doing something even though it is difficult or boring : to work at something in a steady, determined way
  • : to walk slowly usually with heavy steps

Now I know what you must be thinking. These games are on our backlog for a reason. They grew boring, or something came up. Well here are some ideas to help get us interested in the games of the past and make our backlogs just that more fun to get through. So let’s start off with something simple.


Do a theme run:

Many games offer us multiple ways to beat the game. Some are more straightforward than others. The plan is to stick to a plan and stick with it for the entire playthrough of the game. For example, I’ve done a Conan the California Raisin build in Dark Souls. Limited myself to leggings and gauntlets, and the use of the Zwihander sword. It just so happens that my hollowed form was purple.

The idea is to give yourself a challenge. It will encourage you to put more time into a game you never have thought you would.

Play with a friend or loved one:

I’ll say this, back in the day, doing the original Halo campaign on Co-op is a blast. The plan is to get a friend, wife, or kid to play the game with you. Using the rules of the past, “I get next life”. Not only does this encourage a friendly competitive environment, but it also offers you a chance the do the thing you love with the people you love. Just whatever you do...don’t get to competitive, the consequences could be dire.


Make a Let’s Play/Stream:

Let’s play have just about ruled YouTube for the last few years, everyone is doing it, and now you can too.


The latest generation of console has made it easier than ever to record and even edit (to an extent) your gameplay. Not to mention the ability to add commentary, add video of yourself via Kinect or PS Camera and upload directly to YouTube. This not only encourages you to have fun while playing but allow you to share your moments with others.

The consoles also allow you to stream directly to Twitch, YouTube and even Ustream.


For those who prefer PC, OBS is a free open source streaming and recording program that easy to use.


That’s right people it’s not just for the bedroom... create funny backgrounds for your character, add silly voices, make a ton of jokes, the idea is to make yourself way more invested in the game you’re playing. There are some games more suitable for others than doing this, such as RPGS and more open world titles.


If your not too shy, you might as well combine this with making a Let’s Play or streaming to have a even a greater time than you can ever imagine.

It doesn’t take much to add another game to the long list you may have already accumulated. I can hope that these suggestions can help clean up that list a little faster. If you have any ideas on how to spice up the chore of backlogged games don’t be afraid to chime in with them in the comments below.


AlmightyDuke is an average gamer from the Great White North. He generally likes to play games, watch stuff and talk about them with a good bit of humor and silly voices tossed in. You can tweet him, @AlmightyDuke_NL .

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