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Spiral Bound Adventure is a different sort of actual play podcast

If you were like me as a child, simple games of imagination weren’t enough. You needed structure, balance, conflict resolution. Rules to govern play. I wouldn’t learn what a tabletop roleplaying game was until years later, but that is exactly what I was creating when I made “paper games” to play with my friends.

These games were inspired by video games and TV shows. Some of them were 1-vs-1 fighting games where superpowered rivals would duke it out. Some were fantasy epics where an elf has to save a kingdom. Some were space strategy games where assigning power to different systems was the key to survival.


All of these paper games were recorded in spiral bound notebooks that I’ve kept with me for years. Recently, my wife and I had a thought. What would happen if we tried to play these games as adults? Would they still be fun? Would we find them simple and broken? Could they hold a candle to the tabletop RPGs we now love?

We decided to record this experiment as a podcast that we call Spiral Bound Adventure. We’ve released our first two episodes, which describe the game Elements and begin our adventure in a strange world of superpowered alien brawlers.

We hope you find listening to it as fun as we did recording it.

New episodes are released every other Friday on our website, iTunes, and everywhere else podcasts can be found.

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