I'm really feeling it!

Haven’t done one of these in a while!

Nintendo had Splatoon 2 (#Splat2n) available to play today at Gamestops across the US, and I got to play it at one of my local stores!


I was expecting a lot more people there when I went, but it was a very sparse crowd (I went a little before 2 pm my time). Also, the game & Switch were in a corner in the front of the store, along with a nice guy from Nintendo (I wish I got his name; I think it said Bill on his nametag?). On a table in front of the TV were the Switch itself, a Pro controller, an ipad playing Splatoon 2 coverage from Nintendo’s Treehouse stream at E3 this year, and several free items, aka swag. I picked up this cup, which is supposed to change colors, but they also had screen wipes, lanyards, and various Switch accessories.

I had seen Switch boxes in a Target, and a Switch belonging to my coworker, but I had never actually played the Switch before today. I tinkered around with it in handheld mode just to try it out. It felt pretty good. I can only imagine how good it would feel to play it on the go. I wanted to see how it felt with just the Joycons, but I could not figure out how to take them off of the Switch’s sides (feel free to facepalm).

I spent most of my time playing on the Pro controller, and OH MY GOODNESS! This controller:


This may be one of the most comfortable, natural controllers I’ve ever used! It even had motion control, unlike the Wii U’s Pro controller. It was a little disorienting when I picked it up, yet within seconds, it felt just like playing Splatoon 1 with the Wii U’s gamepad, minus the tablet, and the screen for maps/quick travel. I felt the rumble (HD Rumble!) in the more intense situations. I also tapped the Screenshot button (left of the home button) to get a random shot of Inkopolis. Kind of sucks that it’s so expensive ($70 + tax), but it felt so good that I may have to get it at some point! It also works as a PC controller!


I guess I should mention what I actually played in Splatoon, shouldn’t I? Unfortunately, I was only able to play the singleplayer campaign, due to no wifi in the store, and odd rules from Nintendo. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed what I played in the campaign. It felt very similar to Splatoon 1's campaign, but had new items, enemies, and powerups. I even got to beat the first boss: a giant toaster with monster bread slices. My favorite part was all the bread and baking puns (I wish I took a pic of that, but it’s available elsewhere online)!

Not a great pic, but I was trying to be conspicuous cause I didn’t know if I was allowed to take pics.

Finally, I want to brag on the Nintendo representative some more! I got to talk with him a bit, and he is a diehard..I hate to use this word...gamer. He told me he has basically every console, and he prefers to play on the Xbox. He was very easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and friendly to everyone that came in.

All in all, I considered it a success. I don’t know how it went for other stores, but for people that don’t have a Switch and/or Splatoon 2, I hope they were able to enjoy some of the game at their local store! I am excited to get my Splat on with a Switch at some point in the future!

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