I'm really feeling it!

Hey TAY. I’m late to this and October trudges on. A reminder that we’re in the middle of the Spooky Month and I’m here to gauge interest in some appropriate activities.

Usually in October, I’ll ask that if anyone’s carving up a Jack o’ Lantern if they’d be willing to share pictures of it. I’m here to do that again this year but I’d also like to extend the focus.


If anyone’s been up to some awesome fall activities—taking pictures, crafting, cooking up some good old Autumn meals, playing some spooky games—if you’d like to share pics, recipes or stories on any of those things, please feel free to do so! Think of it as a big old Photography Club/Pumpkin Carving/Creative Blast of Energy event.

As always, participation is not mandatory but if you did have things to share: either drop them in this post which I’ll periodically bump and highlight the responses, or make a blog post of your own! Even if it’s a picture with a caption. I’d like to see what everyone’s up to if you’re willing to share.

For the annual TAY Pumpkin carving: if I get enough interest and submissions, I’ll make the post on the evening of Halloween right when all the creepy crawlies go haunting the night.

Have a good weekend, all!

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