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Square Enix Tokyo Game Show - JRPG Heaven

I’ve long said Tokyo Game Show is my favorite video game trade show due to my undying love for the Land of the Rising Suns roleplaying games. This year will certainly be no exception as Square Enix ruling king of the mountain is planning on a massive showing this year. What can we expect in two weeks time, plenty apparently.

According to a new (Japanese release) some big names and surprising entries will be gracing Squares stage at TGS. Not surprising, the recently pushed back Final Fantasy XV as well as the recently revealed Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for the Playstation 4 will be making big appearances on stage. Which is of course good news for fans of the series. Along with these two heavy hitters will be NieR: Automata a cult favorite being developed by Platinum Games, considering its lineage of Drakengard and NieR itself this will be a weird one.


Some smaller games and a bit of surprise is that SaGa: Scarlet Grace will be up on stage too. Considering the fact I can’t find anything about this game since its announcement and its a Vita title to boot, count me surprised by this addition to Squares lineup. Also you MMO fans won’t be let out in the cold either as Square is coming with new information regarding Final Fantasy XIV - could a new expansion be in store? I think its a likely proposition.

Finally the adorable looking and my “why do I want this so bad” game of the moment, World of Final Fantasy will also have a stage presence. It might be weird for North Americans to see so many Vita games but Japan hasn’t forgotten our favorite little handheld that could.


Other games will be present as well just not on the big stage. One notable missing game though is Kingdom Hearts 3, with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 relegated to supporting status off stage, Kingdom Hearts 3 arguably Squares second most hyped title absence is noticeable. Or perhaps they’re pulling a fast one?

All around it looks like a strong showing for the venerable Japanese developer. Hitting pretty much every base for its audience, even bringing in some Edios stuff. I’m looking forward to what they have to offer.


Via Siliconera

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