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I’m not personally a Star Fox fan. I played the original one on my Super Nintendo and then... nothing. I actually own a digital copy of Star Fox 64 3D on my 3DS that I’ve never played (thanks Club Nintendo). So you could say that I wasn’t at all excited about Star Fox Zero.

Well, that all changed just now after I watched this clip from the Japanese Star Fox Zero webpage. It’s not cutscenes. It’s not silly looking animal pilots jibbering back and forth. It’s just gameplay.


It’s just gameplay!

I mean, the simplest thing in the world. Have a game you want people to play? Show them what it looks like when you play it! And, amazingly, this game went from something that looked boring and sounded like it had bad controls to something that I’m interested in playing and that I hope has good controls (because now I’d actually like to play it!).

More of this, Nintendo! You don’t have to give us story trailers (lol) or cutesy puppet videos—just show us raw footage of the gameplay if it looks this damn good!

(And maybe throw in an amiibo bundle because jeez, that seems to get just about anything to sell. I’m looking at you Chibi-Robo Zip-Lash/Animal Crossing amiibo Festival/Twilight Princess.)

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