I'm really feeling it!

Let's send out 2014 to the edge of outer space! 2014 like my last few years have kept me busy with creating artwork and testing out my abilities and getting practice in between. With Christmas next week and the New Years next, it's time to push out the last SeeBonnyDraw art and episode of the year!

Watch Chris Pratt in space outlaw mode come to life before your eyes in the video below!

This was a piece that took quite some time as far as other portraits went. About 8 hours on and off over 2 weeks while working on a whole bunch of other projects not including artwork but writing! That said, the jacket was the real enemy but the face and getting the likeness got in the way now and then too. Here's the work in full, be sure to expand:


What do you guys think!? Did Andy Dwyer Chris Pratt come out OK in this final hurrah!?

2015 will see more speed paintings and SeeBonnyDraw videos. To give you a hint at what's to come, the portraits usually release around the time when my favorite shows/movies/games come out...So expect characters like Archer, Frank Underwood, and Green Arrow to name a few!

Thanks guys for all your support and letting me share my art with you guys. Thanks to those who drop in to say hello and thanks to those who give me feedback and help me get better at what I try to do.

Have a most happy and joyous holiday season! Also, you guys ready to open TAY Secret Santa presents?!!/11/!!?!wun!/1!!!


Last time, on SeeBonnyDraw:


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