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“Star-Studded” Launch Parties: Please Don’t Let This Become a Trend

Few things will elicit and instant eye-roll from me like a gigantic, “star-studded” video game launch party such as the one thrown for Fallout 4. It’s hard to articulate just why I find these things to be so obnoxious; I fully realize that it’s not an entirely rational or worthwhile thing to get annoyed about. And on some level I totally get it - you spend millions of dollars developing your game so your’re going to promote it as hard as you can. Makes sense. I’m just not sure that huge parties populated by D-list celebrities and featuring performances by Calvin Harris, Walk the Moon and Bloc Party (yeah, no comment on the music selection) are actually promoting anything other than an array of Instagram accounts.

Take this quote from the Variety article covering the party:

Attendees, including Halle Berry, Kaley Cuoco, January Jones, Chrissy Teigen, Lynda Carter and ZeniMax Media’s Robert A. Altman, Scott Porter and Robbie Amell, braced for the coming apocalypse of “Fallout 4”


This pretty much sums up why I dislike these events - they’re all about the attendees, not the game. Are we really supposed to believe that the majority of celebrities in attendance gave half a damn about Fallout, let alone intend to play? Do you think January Jones had any idea what a “Fallout 4” even was? For all the effort they put into these events I have to wonder what the point is, given that they don’t seem to be at all aimed toward the people who would potentially be buying and playing the game. I would be absolutely floored if there was a single gamer out there who was unaware of the release of Fallout 4 until the launch party. Maybe they’re just trying to up the “cool” factor of the game by having Chrissy Teigen take pictures with the logo in the background?

Look, Bethesda clearly doesn’t need my publicity advice since the game sold twelve million units in the first twenty four hours. And again, I realize that on the grand scale of dislikes this one is pretty trivial. But I can’t help it, these things make me cringe.

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