I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Welcome to StaTAYtics. TAY’s home for all things numbers. Since the beginning of June, I have been keeping track of the articles and authors on both TAY and her sister site AniTAY. This will be my second full report, you can find July’s here.


Each of these reports will be broken up into three sections: Articles, Authors and Viewers. I am continuing to refine my methodology, so expect some changes here and there.


Sorry for the delay, I had intended for this to go out sometime late last week, but...you know...life happened.


There were a total of 517 articles posted to TAY in the month of August. A 4% increase from July.

  • 61 articles were shared from personal Kinja blogs. A 61% increase from July.
  • 43 articles were shared from AniTAY. A 14% decrease.
  • 7 articles were shared from other Kinja community blogs. A 69% decrease.
  • 3 articles were shared from one of the main Kinja blogs or one of their immediate subblogs. A 50% increase.
  • 23 articles were shares from social media sites. This is a new sub-category so I did not keep track of this in July.
  • 380 articles were TAY originals. A 2% decrease.

161 Articles were shared in the Kotaku Daily Round-up from August. A 1% increase. The first was included in the round-up on August 7th and the last was included on September 7th.

  • 85 were TAY originals or 53%
  • 37 were AniTAY originals or 23%
  • 39 were shares from personal sites or 24%
  • There were 3 days with no round-up during August, the 14th, 15th and 21st
  • The number of articles include in each round-up ranged from 4 to 8, with the 12th and 19th having 4 and the 17th having 8. There were also 8 on September 2nd, all of which were posted in August.
  • The day with the most articles was the 12th with 28.
  • The day with the most TAY original articles was also the 12th with 20.
  • The days with the fewest articles were the 1st and 2nd with 5 each.
  • The days with the fewest TAY original articles were the 1st and 30th with 4 each.

Break-down of article types: (not included are the social media shares)

  • 80 articles were opinion pieces. A 34% decrease.
  • 119 articles were blips*. A 13% increase and this is despite including social media shares as blips in July and not in August.
  • 104 articles were forums**. An 18% increase.
  • 43 articles were news. A 17% decrease.
  • 68 articles were reviews. A 39% increase. (6 Anime, 2 Anime Movie, 7 Light Novel, 10 Manga, 23 Movie, 1 Program, 15 Video Game, 3 Visual Novel)
  • 17 articles were reports. New category.
  • 14 articles were stories. New category.
  • 5 articles were guides. New category.
  • 44 articles fell into a variety of other categories (Art, Music, Cosplay, etc.)

*I defined blips as any article that contained blip in the name, did not have a title or were about internal TAY news.


**Forums include the Open Forum, TAY Chat Time, the Graveyard Shift and any question focused articles.

I used this spreadsheet to keep track of articles and authors. As this was my first month doing this, the categories are a bit inconsistent. I am still refining my methodology.



106 authors contributed to TAY this month. 13 of those authors were guests*.

The authors who posted the most were:

  1. Nach with 45 (1 Opinion, 12 Forum, 10 Blip, 6 News, 15 SM, 1 Other)
  2. Aikage with 36 (3 Forum, 1 Review, 9 Report, 22 Blip, 1 Story)
  3. Willem Zissou with 31 (2 Opinion, 1 Forum, 23 Review, 1 Report, 3 Blip, 1 Story)

The authors that posted the most of each type of article:

  • Opinion - Both GeoStar and RyudanX had 5
  • Blip - Aikage with 22
  • Forum - Nach with 11
  • News - UI 2.0 with 7
  • Reviews - Willem Zissou with 23
  • Reports - Aikage with 9
  • Stories - axelchildofdestiny with 4
  • Guides - division-ten with 2
  • Social Media Shares - Nach with 15

Authors that gained TAY authorship in the month of August:

  • Zephyr’s Call
  • Willen Zissou
  • RyudanX

I know I probably missed some of the new authors, so if I missed you or you know of someone not on this list that was added to the TAY author list in August please leave a comment and I will add them.


*Guest are any authors that had an article shared to TAY and do not have authorship.


This following information was gathered from this site. If you are a numbers guy like me you will probably have a lot of fun poking around at all the different information they have on all of the kinja.com subdomains.

  • From August 2nd to August 31st, TAY was the 3rd most visited* of the kinja.com subdomains accounting for 7.8% of all traffic.
  • Global Numbers: 303,140 people visited the site 488,530 times for a total of 669,047 page views. Changes of -8%, -5% and -1% respectively.
  • US Numbers: 174,312 people visited the site 294,582 time for a total of 420,218 page views, the percentages are 58%, 60% and 63% respectively.
  • Top Countries other than the US by number of viewers: Canada - 22,218; UK - 16,668; Australia - 7,142; Germany - 6,093
  • Top States by number of Uniques (Cookies): California - 32,831; New York - 15,049; Texas - 14,558; Florida - 10,415; Illinois - 8,309; Washington - 7,661
  • Top Cities by number of Uniques: Singapore - 5,065; New York City - 4,134; Toronto - 3,731; Los Angeles - 3,072; Chicago - 2,896; My hometown of Seattle was 12th with 2,242.

August 1st to August 31st Numbers (Global):

  • Busiest** Day: August 7th had 40,865 people make 44,285 visits for 54,074 page views.
  • Least Busy Day: August 2nd had 7,371 people make 8,430 visits for 10,892 page views.

*By number of visitors

**Going by total page views.

Illustration for article titled StaTAYtics: August 2015

The above graph shows total number of TAY page views by day during the month of August.


  • Addicts, those that visit TAY more than 30 times a month, are less than 1% of viewers and provide 5% of traffic.
  • Regulars, those that visit TAY more than once a month, but fewer than 31 times, are 21% of viewers and provide 45% of traffic.
  • Passers-by, those that visit only once per month, are 79% of viewers and provide 50% of traffic.

Top 5 Sites Visited by TAY Viewers during this period:

  1. gawker-labs.com
  2. destructoid.com
  3. nintendolife.com
  4. polygon.com
  5. escapistmagazine.com

Well, that is everything that I felt like sharing for this month. If there is anything specific you would like me to keep track of in the future please leave a comment, other than that, see you in October.


**Header GIF created by Unimplied**

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