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Static - Blow it All Up

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...rld Blues… Old World Blues… Old World Blues

Netflix finishes the Marvel purge by cancelling Jessica Jones and The Punisher. Some have said that they didn’t really end at all, and this is all an elaborate way of migrating the shows over the Disney’s own streaming service. I had hoped that it’s true. I’m not gonna pay for it… But I still hope it’s true. Unfortunately, according to screenrant, it’s over.


People were freaking out about Will Smith in blue face. But really, what the fiddlestick were you expecting? Of course this was gonna happen. But maybe now people will realize that, at least in the departments of animation and CGI usage, Disney and Pixar are one trick ponies. Even if an ambitious individual comes along and proposes a new and creative art style, they won’t let him do it. It’s a risk, and corporations do not like taking risks. I don’t know about you guys, but despite how well written Pixar movies are, I’m tired of the animation style.

Nintendo Of America President, Reggie “my body is ready” Fils-Aime is retiring. It’s been 15 years ladies and gentlemen. Due to repeated wear and tear, the body can’t stay ready forever. He will be replaced by a “man” known as “Doug Bowser”. I gotta give’em credit, he’s got a pretty good disguise. He successfully infiltrated Nintendo, despite leaving some rather obvious signs.


Anthem was released last week, or at least I think it did, and I completely forgot. In fact, I had to reset my windows installation and as I was about to reinstall Origin, I realized I hadn’t been playing anything from it. But since the game was announced, my assessment was: The game will launch, it’ll fail, and Bioware will be summarily executed. But I was hoping to be wrong. Now, even people on EA’s payroll can’t bring themselves to give it a good review. So now?

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A little while ago I was thinking: “Whatever happened to that hololense thing Microsoft had going?” Oh! Well if you wanna get technical than perhaps what they’re saying isn’t quite accurate. Maybe it should be something like: “We didn’t sign up to help people better kill other people.” This practice isn’t unusual for the American military, but this might be one of the few instances where the creators might actually be able to get a say in how their invention is used.


Does anybody remember the village idiot idea? I used to see it in cartoons and such as a kid, but not anymore. It’s the idea that once the leader of the village dies; if there’s no one willing to take their place, then they would find the dumbest, most inappropriate person they can, and make them the leader. That way, once everything starts going to fiddlesticks, it motivates people into wanting to become leader.

Speaking of individuals with the intelligence of a racoon’s anus, YouTube adpocalypse 2.0 may be upon us. I’m gonna try and lay out what happened to the best of my abilities. Here goes:

  • An individual called Matt Watson started a crusade finding videos that pederasts were “using” with the help of timestamps in the comments section.
  • Instead of alerting YouTube, he alerted advertisers who are on YouTube. Using the hashtag #WakeupYouTube
  • Corporations like Disney, and Nestle started pulling their ads from YouTube
  • Keemstar investigated Matt Watson, and his findings indicate that Matt is a fraud and has a vendetta against YouTube.
  • The damage was done, so YouTube’s response was to crackdown, hard.
  • Jessica Ballinger, who produces videos chronicling moments in the lives of her family, particularly her young children, ends up getting her videos demonetized. She was pissed.
  • Philip Defranco makes a video talking about the issue and YouTube commented on his video that they’ve killed 400 channels, comments on tens of millions of videos, and reported illegal comments to the authorities. They only commented this on his video, there was no blog post, or a creator insider video explaining any of this.
  • As @TeamYouTube was responding to Jessica Ballinger on Twitter, they said the following: “Even if your video is suitable for advertisers, inappropriate comments could result in your video receiving limited or no ads”
  • Philip Defranco has been in communication with YouTube and apparently: “1. It sounds like this isn’t policy for every video on YT and 2. It’s likely comment disabling will be preferred over demonetization.”
  • YouTube made a post that indicates that the key issue is having young children feature in the video.

And that’s as far as we’ve gotten. Are there any children in the video? You might get hit. If you don’t get hit, then you might want to consider disabling the comments section of the video. Because if you don’t, and we think someone’s down there is spankin’ the monkey, you’re gonna get hit.

Now, this could prove problematic. I’m gearing up to monetize my YouTube channel, so I’m taking care of videos that have copyright notices on them. I just published the updated version of my video, Kreia’s Conundrums - Charity, and as you may know, there are children in it. It’s only still images, but you never know. I’m crossing my fingers. Even if I am approved, Adpocalypse 2.0 is apparently upon us. And the person responsible can only be described in a way that would end up getting me demonetized.


Dragon Age 2… Dragon Age 2… Drago…

Papito Qinn is into the whole YouTube thing, is the winner of the 2016 SpookTAYcular Scary Story Contest, and atwitter incompetent. “I really hope I can get this new project going by the start of next year.”

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