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After years of rumors and speculations about a live action movie with Keanu Reeves, we’re instead gonna to get a Cowboy Bebop Netflix series, with John Cho as Spike Spiegel. I gotta say, he’s not what I expected. As is tradition, people started arguing again about the character’s ethnicity. The anime itself never elaborated on it. Their race never informed much, if anything, about their personalities. I wonder if they’re gonna bother getting the hair right. I’m also curious to see who’s gonna play Ed.


There are already rumbling of how the Cowboy Bebop show will differ from the anime. Early reports indicate that Ein will not be played by a welsh corgi. They have instead employed a husky. Fitting for Hollywood, as I understand that they are the divas of the canine world. The Variety article said that Vicious is “described as a man who thoroughly enjoys a good kill.” It’s more like he sees himself as a wolf in a world of sheep. And he’s pretty much a Nihilist. But as far as I’m concerned, Cowboy Bebop is the greatest anime ever made, and 50% of it was the soundtrack. Even if everything else is perfect, if they don’t nail that soundtrack, it won’t be Cowboy Bebop.

Kotaku published an exposé on the development of Bioware’s Anthem, and it’s a doozy. Minutes after it was published, Bioware dropped a response. Which was odd, since it took me over an hour to read it. So unless they have a speed reader on staff, they probably prepared for it when they were asked for a comment. I hope this has the intended effects, and this doesn’t turn into regular thing. Some high profile garbage is released and we all wait with bated breath for the Schreier report. The question everyone has now is whether or not this is enough for EA to take Bioware to Belize, if you know what I mean.

Throughout all the sadness and maddening aspects of the article, there was one humorous take away from it. Apparently one mandate from Anthem’s directors had been to make the game “unmemeable.” Obviously due to the fallout of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Bioware, listen to me. You are trying to stop one of the most unstoppable forces in human history. Even some of the greatest games of all time have memes. And after this article, if the game wasn’t memeable before, it certainly is now.


Two weeks ago, Steve Allison of Epic games, said that they will stop buying up exclusives eventually. Well eventually isn’t here yet, because Epic Boss, Tim Sweeny says: “Piss off.” Remember how Gearbox was dancing around which launcher Borderlands 3 would come to? Well at first there was a mistake tweet that said E.G.S. But it was on April fools, so people were kinda hoping against hope, and it was eventually confirmed. Apparently they didn’t want to announce it at the reveal, because they didn’t want to get boo’d. So they knew. They were self aware enough to realize that that’s what would happen. Oh well, it is what it is. The game’ll come to steam 6 months later. Still, could be worse. Like no crossplay between E.G.S and Steam, that would be ridiculous.

It is the month of April. Do yourself a favor and listen to the album: “April” by Sun Kil Moon. If you can, grab a rocking chair and listen to it on a porch. And once it’s July, listen to the song: “July” by Katatonia. When it’s September, and the summer is ending, listen to the song: “Streaming” by No-Man. If you’re on a plane, listen to “Cyberbird”. If it’s raining listen to “Only Rain”. You get the picture.


I’m telling you, if you don’t get the soundtrack right, the audience will not be pleased.

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