I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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...ay Jeff… Sunday Jeff… Sunday Jeff.

Chris Avellone said on Twitter that he just finished working on Respawn Entertainment’s, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You can clearly see, even from his LinkedIn profile that this man wrote KOTOR 2. Where he wrote: “Jedi are basically space monks who use telekinesis, mind control, and occasional bursts of lasersword VIOLENCE in order to impose THEIR values on the rest of the galaxy.” I mean, when you say it like that, yeah. I know, it’s an EA game, but it’s Chris fiddlesticking Avellone. I’m gonna support him, and cross my fingers that EA took the right lessons from Apex Legends. Which was: Stay the fiddlestick out of the way!


Speaking of EA, they’re adopting the Nintendo approach to E3 this year. Nintendo hasn’t had an E3 press conference since the WiiU reveal. Now Sony and EA are bowing out. Who’s left? Microsoft, Ubisoft, maybe Bethesda, and Maybe Square Enix. There’s also the PC gamer show, maybe they’ll bring that back for a third time. A lot of people think that the EA press conferences were the most cringy, but I honestly thought Ubisoft took the prize on that. Square Enix had cock to show last year. Now I really hope Bethesda gives this year a pass as well. After everything that’s happened, I think they might wanna stay on the DL for now.

But under that logic, EA would have to deny their own existence after what happened with Anthem. Good heavens! If you’re playing on PS4 there’s a slight chance it’ll shut that fiddlestick down? People thought their consoles were getting bricked. It’s one thing to make a bad game, but now they can be accused of destruction of property too? Apparently you can turn it back on, but there’s a trick to it. 


Esports dresses for female competitors exist. I suppose male competitors can also wear them, technically. But still, I didn’t know this. When I saw that post, I honestly thought it was a joke. Let’s be clear. Is this a big deal? Absolutely not. As it’s been pointed out, it is optional, and it’s nothing new. As you can see here, notable fighting games community figure, Sherry Jenix, has been seen sporting various female specific esports apparel. Which, from a PR perspective, is exactly how you wanna market that fiddlestick. But on Twitter? Terrrrible idea. It probably would have been better if they had just slipped it into their store and pretend like it was always there. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a raging fiddlestick I need to attend to. But I recommend you watch the video version of this below, because this did not translate as well as I’d hoped.


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