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...ored Core.... Armored core…. Armored core.

Randy Pitchford had an eventful week. Getting sued, misplacing a flash drive full of company secrets and getting his rocks off to nude Zatanna magic tricks. This lawyer who’s suing him though? Yeah, I don’t trust him. Why is he coming out and claiming all of this now? You’ve been working with him for years, but now that you’ve been fired, you got all kinds of things to say?


Randy Pitchford cannot compare with the likes of the EA’s and the Activision’s however. Think about this: Black Ops 4 is released, no microtransactions. It’s like a dutch coffee shop. Not a single cup of coffee in sight. But after all the reviews came out positive, boom, they’re selling dots for money. So now, we know, that they know. They know that it’s despised, and that’s it’s detrimental to the game.

Activision is also hiring a new CFO, and giving him a 15 million dollar bonus, while at the same time, telling the devs over at Blizzard to cut costs. So here’s the question I have for you all. Who is the biggest pimp of the game? I mean, think about it, they got their stable of developer hoes. EA got their bottom bitch, EA Sports, and the sugar daddy, FIFA. While Activision’s got three hoes turning the same trick year after year.

It’s been a topsy turvy week for Star Wars. The Amy Hennig led Star Wars game that was crapped on before and changed got canceled. They say they need something, anything, out by 2020. Do you think EA is brain-dead enough to turn it into a mobile game? No matter what it’s gonna be a sweatshop game.


Star Wars theory made a Darth Vader fan film. Disney told him he couldn’t crowdfund it and he couldn’t monetize it. He self funded it and didn’t place ads. But Disney and Warner Chappell still came along and altered the deal. But then to everyone’s surprise, Lucasfilm comes in and saves the day. Disney and Warner Chappell backed down.

Mortal Kombat 11 has been revealed and it is looking tight! But EVO 2019 is gonna have some sacrifices. People think that Street Fighter is really the only game that EVO has any respect for, so that’s getting in. But Tekken 7, Dragon Ball, Soul Calibur 6, Mortal Kombat 11, Dead or Alive 6, Smash Ultimate, Smash Melee, and maybe Guilty Gear and Blazeblue. But I think those two might have to be sacrificed to the side events purgatory. Mr. Wizard’s got some hard choices ahead of him.


YouTube released a video on the creator insider channel clarifying the use of profanity and monetization. If you want to see how I made a mockery of it and accepted a challenge from another YouTuber, watch the video below. But it’s a shame that YouTube has essentially morphed into regular television. A friend of mine suggested that YouTube should have played chicken with the advertisers during ad-pocalypse. Maybe they would have folded. I don’t know. Maybe. It’s certainly worth thinking about.

Punisher season 2… Punisher season 2… Punisher sea...

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