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I'm really feeling it!
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Static: The Resurrection

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ection… Resurrection… Resurrection… * It only now occurred to me that Overwatch doesn’t have a single player mode. As far as I know, the biggest criticism I ever saw given to Titanfall was its lack of a campaign. Nobody’s knocking on Overwatch for not having one, nor should they. * You’re gonna run the infinite warfare disc and you’re gonna like it! Till now i was under the impression that Infinite warfare and the modern warfare remaster were going to be on separate discs. I imagined two cases wrapped together in plastic, and most buyers opening it up, tossing Infinite warfare aside and sliding MW in. * Gravity Rush 2, delayed to January 20, 2017. E3 did exactly what it’s supposed to do by promoting upcoming games. I didn’t know about the Gravity Rush series before i saw E3 gameplay footage of the sequel. I was impressed. Why didn’t I hear about this? It looks so cool. Shame we gotta wait a little longer. But hey, the developers are asking for forgiveness in the form of free DLC! * Captain Trooooooollmaaaaaaaan!!! I think it’s fair to say that people aren’t exactly enthusiastic about YouTube Heroes. Woof, that’s a lot of dislikes. But can you blame them? On paper this sounds disastrous. Well at least they didn’t just drop this one us without any prior communication first… Oh wait. * Speaking of which: Communicate, communicate, communicate. Paid mods was an… interesting idea. Someone within Valve or Bethesda must have known that it’d also be highly controversial. Don’t just drop this on us and tell us to screw off. Is it really too much to ask for you to just be like: “Hey guys, we’re thinking about doing this. What do you think?” Microsoft had the idea of making the Xbox One always online. What we should have heard: “These are the reasons and features we can provide with an always online model.” What we got: “Deal with it.” An acceptable compromise may have been reached if you only talk to us. We’re more than willing to listen. The internet exists for more than just porn, day one patches, DLC, and more porn. * No Man’s Sky’s advertisement going under the microscope. I didn’t buy No Man’s Sky. Now hold on! That is not me patting myself on the back. I was excited to see how it would turn out too. I was just having a hard time figuring out what it was the player is actually working towards. But a lot of people are feeling bamboozled and the $60 price tag that Hello Games decided on didn’t help either. But now? I may be more hyped to see the conclusion of this investigation than i ever was for the game’s release. * I’m all for Valkyria: Azure Revolution, since i liked chronicles, but… Damn, look at the rack on her! You gotta love the Japanese. How every article i see pertaining to this game features an image of that character front and center though, does intrigue me. Hell, i’m tempted to use it for this piece too. Might lure in more readers. * And I’ll survive, I will survive, hey, h- *CTD*. Ever since writing this little piece concerning how I was playing the survival mode in Fallout 4, i began leaving my settlement comfort zone regularly. Things have gotten a lot more interesting ever since. Unfortunately my greatest fear is not mythic deathclaws, or ninja super mutant suiciders. Finishing 3 quests in the row, just to have the game crash is a bitter pill to swallow. Sid ShumanSid Shuman… Sid Shu...


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