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Rumor has it, Disney is looking into producing a KOTOR TV series for their streaming service. I suspect the usual mix of people being excited and worried. Worst case scenario: It sucks and we pretend like it never happened. But the time period alone isn’t gonna be enough to satisfy people. They want Revan, and the Revan we know and love only exists because of KOTOR 2, which means Kreia. A character that’s going to be misunderstood either by accident or intentionally, so they can simplify her into something unrecognizable. If their bottom line is money, they can’t have people going: Apathy is what? Who is that? Where am I? Maybe a better idea would be to tell a different story or even multiple stories, Black Mirror style. That can take place, leading up to, during, and the aftermath of the Mandalorian wars.


Halo the Master Chief Collection is coming to steam, and exclusively to steam from what I’ve been led to believe. Some have theorized that this is Steam’s response to the Epic Games Store AKA EGS. Gabe Newell used to work for Microsoft, you know? I like to imagine that after a few pats on the back, and a couple of handshakes later, boom, Halo on steam. First of all: Thanks Phil. Second of all: Remember how Halo 2 came to PC as an exclusive to Windows Vista? The bad old days.

There was another rumor floating around about Sony looking into buying Take-Two Interactive. I immediately called bull-fiddlesticks on that one. And it turned out I was right. There’s not a snowball’s chance in Timbuktu that Sony has that kind of bank. You know how much money GTA 5 made all by itself? But also, I for one, would not have wanted to see their entire catalogue become Playstation exclusives.

Speaking of which, Borderlands 3 is about to be announced, and I think it could really use some of that sweet sweet cross play. I had Borderlands 2 on PC and my brother had it on Xbox One. We did grow bored with the game, however. A long ass time ago I wrote an article about what I think the game needs. It’s as good a time as any to update it and turn it into a video.

Thursday night saw the birth of a new esports league by D. O Double G, ladies and gentleman. Esports is turning into a big business. But I’m all for this idea. Because it’s not like he’s hurting for money, he’s just doing this for the giggles. And there will be giggles because the league explicitly stated that it quote: “will most definitely allow the use of cannabis.” Presumably before, during, and/or after the competition as players and fans see fit. Ooh wee! Put it in the air!


We got the details for the Tekken World tour 2019. Ladies and gentlemen, it truly is the best time to be a Tekken fan. World champion goes home with 100 grand this time. They added events in Cape Town, Athens, Dubai, and now two events in South America. Might not seem like a lot, but they brought an idea that sounds brilliant. Any event that isn’t part of the tour can become part of it as a Dojo event, as long as they have at least 16 or more entrants. It encourages more people to show up and get some points, and if more people come to your event and you put on a fun and well run tournament, boom, you grow your event, Thanks to Tekken. Thanks, Harada.

Battletech got an update this week and it’s a doozy. For the longest time the pirate run black market showed a 10000% price increase if you were loathed by the pirates. But the prices were still tied to the reputation of whatever planet you were on. This was quote/unquote “fixed”. So now? Good heavens, a Panther is going for 361 million C-Bills. If you play the game than you know that the faction stores are worthless. The black market is the only store where you have a chance of finding Lostech. At this point in my game, finding pirate missions are extremely few and far between, even against planetary governments. So the great houses can hate me if they want but it’s time to get a pegleg and an eyepatch.


Pirates of dark water… Pirates of dark water… Pirates of da...

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