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Screenshot: Dark Souls Wikidot

Note: turns out memories from decades ago can be a bit hazy, so the stories may not actually reflect actual game mechanics.


Diablo 2 (2000)

Place: Chaos Sanctuary

Scenario: mobbed town portal

It was a bright and sunny day (I think) outside and I was playing D2. Was rolling a sorceress with a couple of random players; we were on our way to take down Diablo, the final boss.

We make our way to the Chaos Sanctuary and proceed to break the seals. See, you summon Diablo, you have to break 5 seals (because pentagram reasons). 3 of the seals will unleash a mob of monsters + 1 unique monster (mini boss) at the seal location. Furthermore, town portals can be used indefinitely so long as the person who made it doesn’t step back through (so if I made a portal back to town, any player can use it as often as they want but if I step into it to go to town and then step back, the portal closes).

So it was like this, but totally wasn’t.
Screenshot: Diablo Wiki

We break a seal and the mobs show up immediately. However, due to lag, I quickly die. Someone else puts up a town portal and returns. The issue is that the town portal is right in the middle of the mob. I do not know this, so I warp through.

Do you know what happens to a character that warps in the middle of a mob, unarmed, and with lag?


The same thing that happens to a toad struck by lightning. It dies.

So what do we do? Well, someone (me) goes to the nearest warp point and walks alllllll the way back to the Chaos Sanctuary, passing all the corpses (mobs do not respawn, thankfully), making a new portal and enabling the party to come in, spells/swords a-swinging. We took down Diablo after a few more deaths due to the firehose of lightning.


Demon’s Souls (2009)

Place: Tower of Latria

Scenario: a timely save

The Tower of Latria is creepy as shit. It also has an enemy type that still sends shivers down my spine; the mind flayer.


They’re basically walking squid heads. They can shoot Soul Arrow magic, as well as something that looks like a circular explosion at their center. The worst thing is when they shoot a ball of lightning at you that paralyzes. Once you get hit by this, the Mind Flayer will rush you, lift you up with magic, and then stab you with their tentacles. 

These assholes.
Screenshot: Demon’s Souls Wikidot

Stab you. With. their Tentacles.

If you don’t have enough life, it will kill you (though I’ve never seen any vids of a person surviving it, I assume you can). Basically, they’re basicallythe equivalent of Brainsuckers from Bloodborne.


Unlike in newer games where you can (apparently) break free of an enemy grab, as far as I know, Mind Flayer grabs are a death sentence...which is what makes the story so great.

I was a white phantom for a ghost, rocking more magic than physical weapons. We were traveling the tower when we heard the Mind Flayer bell. Before I know it, I see the host get paralyzed by the ball and is slowly being lifted up, the Mind Flayer ready to stab him.


I already have a Fireball spell loaded up, so I switch to my wand/Catalyst and whipped a flaming ball of doom at the Mind Flayer. It catches on fire, the host getting released and landing on his feet. We took out the Flayer and then danced (as you do). It was awesome.

We died a few moments later when we got invaded.

Borderlands 2 (2012)

It says a lot that I don’t remember who I played as.
Image: 2K Games

Place: everywhere

Scenario: everything

I was playing with my friend overseas and...we shot a lot of things with many guns. Some guns were toxic, some guns shot lightning, some guns shot bullets! Many enemy mobs died. It was glorious.


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