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Hello everyone. Welcome to our first community assembly. Technically, it’s not our first time doing this, but this will be the first time we attempt to establish a more organized and efficient Talk Amongst Yourselves blog, and see if we can reach a consensus of what we want TAY to be, and how we’ll all attempt to reach that goal as a community. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate. And thus, without further ado, let us get on with business.

So, the whole purpose of this post is to detail the current state of things, and begin the process of re-accommodation towards a TAY that works effectively, and more importantly, everyone is satisfied with. Thus, I shall first elaborate on the way things are currently, and outline our system for your consideration. Once that is done, we can finally move onto taking suggestions and designing a new and improved system, voting on which of the many we’ll adopt, and finally, begin the transition process.


Main TAY: Status and function-

Main TAY was eventually adopted to become the more “formal” site on which to post our work. It was intended to be a place where people could write articles, set up columns, have a blog, or simply share their work and thoughts on a main page that everyone could see. It is more structured and has certain customs to follow, but is meant to be taken more seriously. As a result, it is here where posts are taken from when they are shared onto the main page. However, the actual effectiveness and frequency of this is questionable. Posts do have more visibility when shared onto the main page, though. And this applies not only to the general TAY audience, but Kotaku and the rest of the Gawker network, and anybody browsing by. However, not everybody can post on here, since authorship is required.

TAY Classic: Status and function-

TAY was originally intended to be a successor to Old TAY: A place where anybody could post their casual and unassuming posts and tidbits without major commitments or need to lavish their work for a broad audience. It is also a place where newcomers may “try out” so to speak, and post their initial work if they do not possess authorship yet. This type of interaction on TAY Classic seems to be the most frequent. However, authors from other Kinja sites and blogs may occasionally tag their posts with the “tayclassic” tag, but may not necessarily want authorship, or are committed to TAY aside from those occasional posts.


The division between Main TAY and TAY Classic-

There are noticeable differences between the two sites. For starters, we’d need to address what TAY Classic actually is, sinceTAY Classic isn’t really an established site. It’s really just a listing of posts on the Kinja system that just happen to share a common tag (tayclassic). Thus, posts done only on TAY Classic are really being posted to user’s personal blogs. This is a rather significant detail, since it means that those posts are out of an admin’s jurisdiction, and the author of that respective post is fully responsible for anything that happens within it (ie. They have to make sure to give people visibility outside of the grey box, and moderate their own posts by themselves). Furthermore, a major issue with TAY and TAY Classic is the seemingly lack of distinction between the two. This due to the encouragement authors constantly received to tag everything with “tayclassic”, leading both sites to have practically the same content. This arose due to the fact that it was discovered that there are various users who only use one of the two sites exclusively, and consequently, authors wanted to provide to both sides of the TAY coin.


Open Forums and Graveyards vs. TAY Classic-

Open Forums and their later-hour variants are very successful alternatives to TAY Classic. They are simple and provide an organized and public outlet for everybody in the community to participate in, day to day. They are used by a great majority of the community as a way to engage in casual conversation with each other, via simple threads that are easy to navigate. Although they may seem counterproductive to the TAY Classic cause, they compensate by being easy to find and organize, and do not affect the traffic in TAY Classic, since having an oversaturation of posts in TAY Classic means that each one has diminished visibility, and it wouldn’t necessarily be fair to authors.


Thus, each of these situations have their own benefits and flaws. Currently, it seems that the nature and use of TAY Classic is one of the primary issues to address, but if there's anything else I may've missed, or hasn't been brought up before, feel free to do so. As of right now, myself my fellow admins, Morie and Dyram, will be going around to host this post and tend to your needs.

I ask that everyone please exercise objectivity and be careful and attentive whilst reviewing the situation and thinking about the possible solutions. Obviously, some of these seem to be simple enough to be dealt with on the go, but it is best to be considerate of the future and others. There are no "right" and "wrong" answers, and there are no "sides" to take. So thus, let us discuss amongst ourselves, the future of TAY.

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