I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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STAYte Of The Union **UPDATE**

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Well, hello everyone. It is I, TheUnfathomableTruth, here once again to talk about TAY.


Throughout the past month or so, I've noticed a slight change in the atmosphere here. I guess it's just that time of year. Some of us are returning to school, and real-life matters interfere with our ability to participate in the circle. But, although part of me knows I'm probably over-analyzing the situation, I couldn't help but feel this was a necessary thing in the very near future. I had originally planned to make this the topic for discussion for tomorrow, seeing I would be more readily available for discussion on a Friday afternoon, as I'm sure others might be too. But, given the circumstances, I've decided to just post it today. After all, nothing ever goes as planned.

I've talked to many of you throughout these past few days about your personal concerns regarding TAY, and I believe the situation is similar across the board: TAY seems different, and some of us are hesitant to jump in, right?

But what exactly is the problem?

Well, this post is meant for the exact purpose of talking things over, in a reasonable and appropriate manner about our concerns, thoughts on the situation, and hopefully reaching a compromise on the situation, across all of TAY. No voice is lesser than any other, so please feel free to contribute to our discussion.



To everyone who participated, I'd like to thank you for doing so. Even if things might've become a bit hairy, I still felt it was something that was needed to be done at some point, as opposed to continuing with everyone being dissatisfied. I am, unfortunately, awfully busy tonight, and tomorrow, and will try to reply to everyone as soon as possible. It might take a while to get through it all, seeing how I'll also have to host the OF tomorrow, and my inbox will be flooded. But do not worry, I definitely appreciate it, and will have a follow up post regarding possible changes to TAY to accommodate our new state. Again, I had intended to do this tomorrow, but oh well. Sorry everyone~

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