I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Steam Backlog TAYthrough (Now as: SBLTAYthrough or SBLT)

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SBLT; Acronyms are GREAT

So my MMO idea seemed like a dud for people. All of you folks seemed to play the crap out of MMOs and don't need me to play them for you. Which is perfectly fine by me! SO, I've decided that I will be doing a Backlog TAYthrough of my Steam Library. Why? Because I have 193 games that I have not played and should, I paid for the dang things amirite?


So here's how this is going to work. I am going to play a new game every month; if I'm able to complete the game that month I will write a full review of the game. If I am unable to play through the whole game I will still write a review, however it will be fairly tentative. There will be games I do not like; why? Because TmfP said so. Well; that's not entirely true. What is true is that A LOT of these games came from Humble Bundles. While they are great games I'm sure, I may have bought them for one or two of those games, plus I like giving to charity.

If I start playing a game and I just can't beat it to completion I will write a shorter review, a TAY blip most likely about the game with some commentary about it and move onto the next one.


If I like the game I will do a full blog about it with hopefully screenshots and fingers crossed I get a camera for christmas some youtube commentary .. if I'm feeling froggy.

And since so many of these games were purchased via Humble Bundle I will be going alphabetically because otherwise I would play mainstream stuff way before I do some of the indie or classic games and they need their share of love too. So without further ado, the first game on TmfP does SBLT (TommyMFPickles does Steam Backlog TAYthrough)


A New Beginning - Final Cut

Wish me lucks! =)

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