I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Here is the first on my list of steam games that i have not really played but wanted to write a bit about. These are not full reviews as i doubt i could ever fully beat everythig on my list. However the first game was easy enough.

It's called:

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That number is the score you must reach to obtain freedom. In order to do this you match tiles while racing against the clock all the while beating monsters and unlocking gates, treasure chests and complete additional objectives like:

Use a skeleton key, survive for X amount of time, collect X amount of resources, do so many double or triple matches.

Playing nets you gold, wood, stone and EXP! You use these things to upgrade your facilities to upgrade your shields, weapons, and learn skills that provide you with increased loot or bonuses.

Overall I liked the game I played about two hours worth of it and I doubt there is much more to the game other than the challenges becoming a bit more difficult.


If your in for a little match 3+ type tile puzzler game give it a shot its available on Steam PC/Mac/Linux, iOS devices, and android devices.

I will try and cover more games in the future lets cut down some back log!

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