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I'm really feeling it!
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With the introduction of Steam’s new refund policy, I thought that it would be a good idea to test out the system using two games that I had recently bought that simply don’t work for me. These two games fit into two separate scenarios based on how likely they would be accepted for a refund.


Just to recap, the two scenarios were as follows:

Scenario 1

Purchase date of “Phantasmal” is outside of Steam’s new refund window. Attempting to refund based on the grounds that the game doesn’t perform adequately, Steam’s refund page states that “Refunds are not normally processed for transactions over 14 days old.” I have only played the game for a total of 59 minutes (most of which were spent on menus and settings), so I’m hoping that I have a little bit of leverage there.

I am still allowed to submit the refund request despite only meeting 1 of 2 requirements. I am told that I will be contacted via my registered email address when my refund has finished being considered.

Interesting to note is that, whilst researching how far back the lenient window of return could be, Brutal Legend is completely non-refundable. It was bought back in 2013 but is still under the 2 hour limit. I can’t submit a request at all.

Scenario 2

Purchase date of Lego Worlds is well within the 14 day refund window. Refund is based on the fact that, like above, the game performance is sub-par based on the hardware that I’m currently using when compared to other games. I have only played the game for 80 minutes so I should get this refund with no questions asked.

Again, I’m told that the refund needs to be considered by a member of the support team, who will be in contact.


Today I awoke to two emails from Steam support notifying me that both my Lego: Worlds and Phantasmal refunds had been accepted. This is fantastic news! It also demonstrates the leniency and the fairness behind Steam’s new policy. Both games have been removed from my library and I will receive the refund direct to my bank within 7 working days.

Based on my experience here and to put it briefly, if you have a game that isn’t working and hasn’t been played much, you may still be able to submit it for a successful refund. It seems that playtime is a more important factor than the purchase date, as long as you have a valid technical reason for doing so. I don’t have the cajones to submit a refund for a game over 14 days old simply because I didn’t like it.


Happy gaming guys! It’s good to feel as though an online marketplace finally has my back in my time of need.

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